This is an series of episodes of the Doctor and his new companion.It will see the truth of why he is still alive and how he regenerates.

List of episodes

Tick Tock The Doctor and Vera meet for the first time.However,Cybermen have took control of the building they are in.Will they save the world beforu time runs out.

World war 5 In the future,The Doctor and Vera are horrified that the Salems have took control of Earth.

Sun Vera is trapped in an ship heading to the sun while the Doctor is throwen back to the past

Sun part two Vera manages to save The Doctor from the past and has to escape from the ship.

Without the Lord Vera is showen into an world without the Doctor.

Army of Darkness The Doctor learns that The daleks are taking over Earth.Vera fights for her life as the Tardis is throwen into space.

No way out The daleks have won and have captured the Doctor and his old companion Rose.However,Vera is Man's only hope.

This be fire Vera learns she is no human.The Doctor has an choice.Rose or the world.

Doctor Vera Vera tries to destroy the Daleks once and for all.The Doctor is no way to be seen.

This time,It's nothing personal The cybermen come and fight with the Daleks thanks to Vera.The Doctor helps Vera.

Goodbye,Vera Vera is in an death position and the Doctor can't have another loss.