Don't Go In The Woods or Don't Go In The Woods..Alone is a 2011 American Horror film remake of the original 1980 B-Grade Slasher film of the same name directed by James Bryan. The remake is written by Glenn Ficara and Ethan Lawrence and directed by Robert Kurtzman.

It stars Kelly Albanese, Amy Allen, Sasha Alexander, Devon Allan, Michelle Rodriquez, Gregory Smith and Morris Chestnut.

It is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Platnum Dunes.

It is rated R for Sadistic horror violence and gore, sexuality, strong language and drug use


The film begins with a young 20-year old couple in the Velvetine Woods making out.

The woman however want's to spice up their illicit activity by having the boyfriend chase and catch her.

As she begins running someone takes sight of them and pursues also.

Eventually the woman runs into the killer who trips her into a rock covered creek.

She hits her head hard on and drowns as she is unable to get to her feet and the water rises above her.

The boyfriend then takes sight of her body and is stabbed in an unseen spot by a risen up Butcher's Knife.

The scene then goes to five hikers going up the Mountain Interface of the Velvetine Woods to set up camp for an idyllic weekend of study and inspiration.

They however one night after reaching their set down destination discover a strange cabin filled with strange things.

Thousands of objects that had belonged to the many victims of the killer of the woods.

The arty girl of the group Ingrid is then killed while painting along with a Hiker they had met who was searching for his missing sister.

The protagonist girl of the group Reece had come back from the cabin before the others just in time to witness the killer kill the Hiker brother.

She becomes pursued by the killer and makes a daring leap from the same rock covered creek the Hiker's sister had been killed on.

There upon awakening at the bottom sees his sister's smashed up corpse.

Reece flees into the woods with her still in-tact supplies.

The other's then begin a search for her and are killed one by one.

First Joanie and then Peter leaving only Craig and the found naked captive girl of the cabin Maria.

Maria is soon killed and then Craig.

Meanwhile Reece finds her long-missing believed dead brother in the woods stuck in a mossy cover near a tree.

He had apparently been attacked along with his College roommates in the woods by the killer and had out of injury stumbled into the tree which eventually hid him in its fast growing moss.

Reece with her brother then end up almost making out of the Velvetine woods and almost are picked up by a hippoe girl passing through on her jeep.

The hippie girl is however killed and Reece and her brother are rendered unconscious.

When they awake they are in the cabin about to be killed.

Reece has her face cut and her brother is then tortured unseeingly afterwards.

They both break free of their cabin bindings and confront the killer who is revealed to be a man who had traversed into the woods years ago with his brother and vanished.

He reveals his brother to have been sleeping with his teenage girlfriend.

He reveals he killed his brother and then later his girlfriend.

He then since had developed a murderous compulsive obsession with killing Women and siblings in these woods to re-enact the event.

He then lunges for Reece's brother but is stopped as Reece tackles with him.

The two then spiral out the cabin and down a hill cliff leading onto the rock covered river.

The killer lands badly and is washed off the creek to his death.


  • Morris Chestnut as Craig
  • Kelly Albanese as Reece Leevel
  • Amy Allen as Joanie
  • Sasha Alexander as Ingrid
  • Devon Allan as Peter
  • Michelle Rodriquez as Whitney Collins/ The Running Girlfriend/ Beginning Victim #1
  • Gregory Smith as Timothy Tranton/ Whitney's Boyfriend/ Beginning Victim #2

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