Donald and Douglas, the Scottish Twins from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, have worked on Sodor for many years, but one day, some guy comes and tells them that because they never went to school, (Even though trains don't go to school) they're no longer working on the North-Western (Sodor) Railway. That is until Sir Topham Hatt tells the guy that they're a valuable asset to the railway and that they once helped Henry when he got stuck in the snow. Therefore, they have to remain, but still must go to school for one year. Luckily, the best school for them is Wayside School. Join the Scottish Twins as they experience the wackiness of this school.

Main Characters

Donald and Douglas

Donald and Douglas

: The Scottish Twins from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Due to having no schooling, they join Wayside school for only Season 3.

More to come later

Episode 1: The black students with wheels

Note: Although it's the start of a new season with new characters, this episode still uses the original opening titles instead of the new opening which was first seen in episode two. A possible reason for this and the episode's title is because they wanted to keep the new characters a surprise.

Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines have worked on Sodor for many, many years after being bought from Scotland by Sir Topham Hatt many years ago. But one day, a man comes and reveals to Donald and Douglas that because they never went to school, (Oddly enough, trains don't go to school.) they no longer work for the North-Western Railway. (North-Western Railway is the true name of the Sodor Railway.) This leaves the twins shocked. Then, Sir Topham Hatt arrives and tells the man that they're a valuable asset to the railway and once helped Henry out of a snow drift. Reluctantly, the man agrees to let them stay... but they still must go to school for one year. For a few seconds, the twins are worried, until the man reveals that they will be going to Wayside School, much to their relief.

The next day is their first day at Wayside. Sir Topham Hatt had given them a special device called a teleporter, which would allow them to teleport to anywhere they wanted to. The other engines whistle and honk their goodbyes and the twins teleport over to Wayside.

When they arrive, the first thing they see is Maurecia and Todd. Curious as to what's going on, the twins approach quietly. As usual, Maurecia is trying to get Todd to love to the point where, as usual, she tries to punch him. But this time, Donald stops her before her fist can hit Todd, saying "Whoa, girl!!!! That's not nice!!!" At this point, Maurecia gets shocked and asks "Why not? I really love him." "Well, punching him is no way to get a boy to return your love, Maurecia!!!" Maurecia gasps. "How do you know my name?" she asks, confused. At this point, Donald gets shocked and asks his twin, "Douggie, how did I know this girl's name?" "I don't know," Douglas replied, "technically, it's impossible, since this is our first day here and we never met her before!" The still-confused Donald tells Maurecia "Uh, it was a lucky guess?" (He actually said it like it was a question, as he had no idea.) After that, Maurecia asks why punching her love never wins his heart, and Donald replies by telling her 10 reasons:

1. When you punch someone, they tend to misunderstand you.

2. Punching can get someone injured and nobody wants to be in love with somebody that injures people. Douglas uses Devious Diesel as an example.

3. Even one punch can make somebody fear you, though this isn't always the case.

4. Punching doesn't work, but neither does following the one you love around all the time. Douglas interrupts and point out that Rosie the Pink Tank Engine had a really huge crush on Thomas the Tank Engine when she first arrived on Sodor, but the blue E2 rejected her advances because he found her annoying, only taking a liking to her after she helped him deliver presents to Alice the girl living at High Farm when the blue tank engine got stuck in a landslide.

5. Not all boys are interested in girls. When Maurecia asks what it has to do with punching, Donald replies, "Uh, nothing. Just had to point it out."

Although Donald said he would give 10 reasons, he ended up running out of ideas and stopped. Soon after, Fluffy the Porcupine pops out of Maurecia's backpack and growls at Todd, to which Donald replies, "Och, and I shoulda warn ye: when an animal growls at the person you love, like that porcupine in yon backpack, it means they dinna (don't) like that person. It can also make that person feel really threatened and scared." Maurecia, upon hearing this, punches Fluffy's nose and scolds him, telling him that he should never threaten people. She also tells him to deal with things the way they are, even if he doesn't like Todd. Angered, Fluffy attacks Maurecia.

When Maurecia asks Donald "Why is he attacking me!!!!????" Donald replies, "I think he's attacking in self-defense: you yelled at him and made him angry, because you probably never yelled at him before!!!! I think you better put him in some mud, porcupine's love mud!!!! In fact, that's how they get cleaned in the wild; they roll around in mud like a pig!!!" Hearing this, Maurecia quickly roller skates over to a puddle of mud and puts fluffy in it, telling him that all porcupines love mud, and if he was not in her care, he would clean himself by rolling around in mud like a pig. Then she returns to Todd, Donald, and Douglas. When she looks back, she sees Fluffy eying her angrily. She asks Donald, "Is he still mad?" "I'm afraid so," said Donald, "it might take several days for the wee porcupine to calm down. Ye best leave him there for the time being!!!"

Maurecia decides to do as Donald said, fearing that Fluffy will attack her if she approaches him while he's angry. She also stays away from Todd, fearing that she'll punch him if she approaches him. At that point, the bell rings, and the two students and the twins go inside, where the twins meet Louis. After a brief introduction and learning about the school's history, Donald and Douglas attempt to reach the top quickly without using the stairs, thinking that it will take them way too long, since they don't have feet. However, the first attempt only gets them to the seconds floor, Douglas crying out, "But that was a good, long climb!!!!" The decide to try again. But all other attempts fail, with the last one causing Douglas to run out of water on the 21st floor, meaning that Donald has to fill him up. Feeling exhausted after three more floors, the two engine collapse and go unconscious.

But at that point, Dana walks by and asks "Hello, are you two new?" This causes them to freak out and run around, until once again, they run out of breath, but this time, they don't collapse to the ground. Donald, seeing Dana, replies, "Yes, we are." Donald doesn't continue because of the incident of him somehow knowing Maurecia's name even though they just met, and he was worried that the same would happen here.

Dana asks what Donald is worried about and Donald tells her everything, including how he somehow knew Maurecia's name despite the fact that they had just met. Dana could understand how it's confusing, as it's unusual. Dana then gives them a copy of the Wayside Binder book. Douglas then notices Myron passing by, and asks Dana, "Who's that kid?" Dana responds, "That's Myron, my best friend. He's always trying to be class President of Mrs. Jewels' class, but only got the position once. He also dreams of being more popular. And he looks up to our principal, but our principal rarely notices. But he's really self-centered and cries alot."

Hearing this, Douglas shouts out to Myron, "STUUUUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!" Hearing this, Myron approaches Douglas and says, "Hey, new kid, what makes you call the future class president of Mrs. Jewels' class stupid?" Douglas, taking offense, replies, "First of all, I'm not a kid: I'm just here because me and my twin here never went to Elementary School!!! And second, who's really self-centered, a crybaby, and looks up to the principal, but the principal doesn't know!!!???" Hearing this, Myron feels humiliated and runs away crying.

Dana, feeling concerned, stares an angry look at Douglas. "What? I was only telling him the truth." Douglas replied. Dana looses her angry look and introduces herself, then ask the twins what their names are. "Donal' and Douggie." they reply. Dana's puzzled. "Donal' and Douggie? What kinds of names are those?" she asks. After sharing an awkward staring moment with Douglas, Donald replies, "Och, me and my twin are from Scotland, Dana." Dana then sees their nameplates and asks why their names are written on them. Hearing this, Donald and Douglas share a look with each other, realizing that she doesn't know their backstory. So they hand her a copy of their Railway Series book debut "The Twin Engines."

The Twin Engines

Dana had great interest in the book and compliments on it. Douglas replies, "But the TV show the Railway Series got turned into kinda exagerated our history a little!!!" Dana eventually reveals that they were late to class, so the twins attempt to follow her, but Douglas can't go further. Donald says to Dana, "Dana, will you please tell the teacher that we'll be running late?" Dana agrees to do so and heads off.

It takes several hours for Donald to get Douglas to the 30th floor. By then, it's Donald's turn to run out of water, so Douglas fills Donald up. Once they enter the room, the twin engines are so weak snd exhausted from their journey up the stairs, they collapse and pass out. They don't recover until nighttime. When Donald sees the moon and the stars, they realize how long they were unconscious, freak out and run around the room screaming like maniacs. That is, until the sun comes up. At first, the twins are excited to finally get introduced to the whole entire class, but before anyone else gets there, they fall asleep, due to having none last night. As a result, they sleep throughout the entire day, not even Dana wakes them up. They only wake up once night comes. They freak out once again and the same thing that happened yesterday, also happens the next day.

This continues for two weeks. Finally at the end of the second Saturday, Donald and Douglas can't stand it anymore, and they decide to get some sleep, only to realize that it's the weekend. They go to sleep anyway. On Sunday morning, neither of them are sure what to do; they think they're locked in. Realizing that they don't have much to help them survive, they find some water bottles and put the water in their tenders for a drink.

When Sunday night comes, they go to sleep, and when morning ocmes, they finally wake up on the right time. They realize that they can now properly introduce themselves. When the class enters, Doanld and Douglas properly introduce themselves and tell them all about what was going on during the last 2 weeks. They even tell them why they came. Douglas decides to hand everyone copies of "The twin Engines," but passes out from all the running around he did in the last few nights until Saturday night. The episode ends with Donald replying, "Some engines jsut have toruble sleeping." And with that, everyone laughs.

Episode 2: A problem with love

Donald and Douglas are enjoying their time at Wayside. As for Maurecia, well, she learned to control her temper and no longer punches Todd, neither does she try to flirt with him all the time. And Fluffy no longer growls at Todd. But one day, a new kid, who likes rollerskating just like Maurecia, arrives. His name is Daniel, a 12 year old boy 2 years older than Maurecia, and when he sees Maurecia, he immediately falls in love with her and asks Mrs. Jewels if he can sit by her.

But Douglas, sensing something terrible, yells out, "NO!!!! NO YOU CAN'T!!!!" When Mrs. Jewels asks him why not, Donald, in an attempt to cover up for him, puts a troublesome truck by Maurecia. Douglas asks his twin why he brought it, and Donald, ina whisper, replies, "It was for a game me, Todd, Maurecia, Dana, and Myron were going to play, but I decided to use it for this instead." Then he replies, "Because somebody's already sitting there!!" Obviously, he's referring to the truck.

The truck replies, "I guess I'm a student now!!!" At that point, Donald whispers to the truck, "Actually, Douglas seems to sense something bad with that boy. But if you promise to play along with the fact that you're a new student, I'll let you give me trouble for one whole week, and I mean it!" The truck agrees, because he loves to cause trouble. Thus, Daniel must sit next to Todd.

When recess comes, Daniel tries to flirt with her, but Douglas prevents that by telling him, "She's with someone else." As a result, Daniel can't flirt with Maurecia, making him disappointed. At lunch, he tries to sit next to her, but when he asks if someone's sitting at the unoccupied seat next to Maurecia, Donald puts the truck there and says, "Yes, yeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!" Thus, Daniel goes somewhere else. When the truck asks why the engines are preventing Daniel from sitting next to Maurecia, Douglas waits until everyone else except him, Donald, and the truck, leaves the room, then tells the truck and Donald that he thinks that Daniel is in love with Maurecia.

The truck and Donald gasp. Neither Donald, nor the truck, know how having a crush on Maurecia, when she's no longer punching people, can be bad, but Douglas senses something that Daniel has up his sleeve. At Sodor, Donald keeps his promise and the truck breaks a coupling. That night, Donald tells Duck, but all Duck can think about is being Great Western, which annoys Donald and causes him to tell Duck, "Shut up and let me sleep!!!" This leaves Duck surprised.


Donald gets annoyed with Duck.


Duck is shocked.

The next day, Douglas tells Maurecia, who decides to punch him, remembering what Donald said about punching. When Maurecia meets Daniel, she tells him everything Douglas told her and that it wouldn't work, then, she attempts to punch him with her left hand, but before she makes impact, Daniel grabs her wrist with his right hand. So she tries with the other hand, but finds that she can't move her right arm. It turns out that Daniel wrapped her other arm around with his left arm, meaning she can't punch him. Realizing that she's helpless, Maurecia attempts to back away with her rollerskates, but he too has rollerskates, so it doesn't work.

Donald saw everything, and decides to tell the principle. When Principal Kidswatter hears about this, he decides to put matter into his own hands. He scolds Daniel and tells him that if he tries to flirt with Maurecia one more time, he'll be expelled, making him finally let go of her and leave. But Kidswatter knows that Daniel will do it again when he's not looking, so he hires Donald and Douglas to be spies. The twins accept, but know that they will need help. So using the teleporting devices, they return to Sodor, then come back to Wayside with Thomas, Duck, Edward, James, Oliver, and Percy. Douglas replies, "With a team of spies, we'll have a better chance of keeping an eye on him." Then Donald realizes that they'll need lots of help, so he returns to Sodor and comes back with Gordon, Henry, Toby, Emily, (Which makes Duck mad) and Rosie, along with Mavis. Kidswatter is impressed and orders the 14 engines to work together to keep an eye on Daniel.

At first, it works out just fine. Then, Douglas smells something he thinks is good and ends up invading Miss Mush's kitchen. He find the Mushroom Surprise and has a bite of some. Douglas finds it really delicious and wonders what it is, because he never saw something like mushroom surprise before. At that point, Miss mush, having heard and seen everything, comes in and tells him all about the mushroom surprise.

Meanwhile, the other engines are still following Daniel.

More to come later...

Episode 3: Brothers and Sisters

Once again, brother and sister day comes to Wayside. But upon hearing this, Thomas, who signed up for Wayside just for fun, has sad memories, because his siblings, the LB&SCR (London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway) Billington E2 tank engines, were scrapped from 1961 to 1963, with only him surviving into preservation.

As a result, he's unwilling to do a report and Percy, who also signed up for class, doesn't know what a sibling is. As a result of a loss of brothers and sisters for Thomas and a lack of knowledge of brothers and sisters for Percy, these two engines have problems up their wheels...

Episode 4: The Second Dance Rematch

When Ivil Keseau hears about the Sodor engines going to Wayside, she challenges Kidswatter to another rematch in a dance competition, just to see how well the trains can dance. Thomas, Percy, and Duck, who also signed up for Wayside, agree to be judges with their friends Stepney from the Bluebell Railway and Harvey the Crane Engine. But Harvey quits after he puts up a Batman symbol as a rating, only to be told that it's not allowed. And Stepney gets sick at some point in the contest, meaning that he can no longer participate in being a judge. What will happen now?

Episode 5: The Bull returns

Donald and Douglas learn about La Boca Loca the bull, and that "La Boca Loca Day" was the saddest day of Kidswatter's life until the principal found out that the bull was all a fake. But they feel suspicious. And just as well, because when they go to South America, the twins find out that the bull actually is real and still alive. This makes everyone else surprised when they bring the bull to school while Kidswatter is giving a speech about his worries about a defeat over a "fake" bull. Kidswatter is shocked. And then he sees James, who also signed up for Wayside, sitting on a bench and because he's red, attempts to use him, much to the red engine's shock.

But the bull doesn't move at all. At that point, Donald shouts out, "Mr. Kidswatter, bulls are red-green color-blind!!!! It's the movement of a cape that causes them to react!!!!" Hearing this, Kidswatter is shocked, and replies, "All this time, the bull was only provoked to attack... by the movements of my cape!!!!????" Kidswatter is surprised, and realizes that he doesn't have his cape anymore. Then, Duck throws a whip at him, telling him, "Kidswatter, tame that rampaging bull with this!!!" Kidswatter, remembering reading about lion tamers, whips the bull, causing La Boca Loca to cry in pain. Mr. Kidswatter feels upset and heals the bull without assistance.

Soon after, he starts an educational program about bulls revealing to others that bulls are red-green color blind and that they're only provoked to attack because of the cape's movements. Then he waves his red cape causing the bull to react, but La Boca Loca misses and hits a wall. The episode ends with Edward the Blue Engine, who was visiting, saying, "I bet I could tackle that amount of bull!!!!" and laughs.

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