The Down Special Move, (also commonly referred to as Down B in iterations prior to Super Smash Bros. Brawl) is a special move performed by pressing the special move button while holding down on the control stick (or control pad on the Wii Remote). These moves are often gimmick moves, like reflectors or absorbers, or moves with unique properties when used in different ways, like how a falcon kick sends him downwards when used in the air, or Meta Knight can teleport and choose to attack if he wishes. They also usually include minimal character movement.

List of Down Special Moves

Character Down Special Move
Alex Mercer MuscleMass
Amingo Fruit Plant
Anakin Skywalker Fury Explosion
Banjo & Kazooie Egg Bomb
Blaze Flaming Tornado
Boba Fett Mines
Bowser Bowser Bomb
Captain Falcon Falcon Kick
Cloud Strife Meteorain
Dante Volcano
Darth CheerCheer Fingernail Lasers
Darth Raiden Force Rage
Darth Vader Force Repulse
Diddy Kong Banana Peel
Donald Duck ???
Donkey Kong Hand Slap
Fox Reflector
Ganondorf Wizard's Foot (SSBM, SSBB)
Blade Slam (SSBSW)
General Grievous Four Lightsabers
Goofy ???
Han Solo Quick Toss
Ice Climbers Blizzard
Ike Counter
Jigglypuff Rest
King Dedede Jet Hammer
Kirby Stone
Knuckle Joe ???
Knuckles Pound
Kratos Cronos' Rage
Krystal Ground Pound
Link Bomb
Little Mac Double Hand Attack
Lucario Double Team
Lucas PSI Magnet
Luigi Luigi Cyclone
Lyn Counter
Mario Mario Tornado (SSB, SSBM)
Marth Counter
Master Chief Bubble Shield
Mecha Mario Fire Stomp
Mecha Sonic Spin Charge
Mega Man X Mega Ball
Meta Knight Dimensional Cape
Mewtwo Disable
Mickey Mouse ???
Mitsurugi ???
Mr. Game & Watch Oil Panic
Nero Ignition
Ness PSI Magnet
Nightmare Dark Charge
Obi-Wan Kenobi Force Wave
Olimar Pikmin Order
Palpatine Lightning Palm
Peach Vegetable
Pikachu Thunder
Pit Mirror Shield
Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Change
R.O.B. Gyro
Ratchet and Clank Plasma Whip Trip
Riku Dark Shield
Ryu Counter Guard
Samus Morph Ball Bomb
Shadow Chaos Shield
Siegfried ???
Silver Psi Teleport
Snake C4
Sonic Spin Charge
Sora Magic Shuffle
SPARTAN-984 Shield Flare
Spider-Man Web Dome
Starkiller Force Repulse
Toon Link Bomb (SSBB)
Iron Boots (SSBSW)
Venom ???
Waluigi Potted Piranha
Wario Wario Waft
WereSonic Earthshaker
Wolf Reflector
Yoda Force Wave
Yoshi Yoshi Bomb
Zant Spin Attack
Zelda/Sheik Transform
Zero ???
Zero Suit Samus Flip Jump

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