Down the Drain is a 1997 American Drama film written by William Monohan and directed by Neil Gordon.

It stars Casey Affleck, Chris Evans, Jenny Wade, Malin Akerman, Edi Gathegi, Jordana Brewster, Joan Allen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ernie Hudson, Vivica A. Fox, Ashley Judd, Bob Hoskins and Shawn Ashmore.


Four boys discover a body in a drain at a mining site in 1981.

The body is that of a boy their age from their town who went missing as a result of abduction from a gay prostitution trafficking cartel.

The boy had tried to flee from the organization and had been murdered as a result.

The killers catch wind of the boys discovery of the body and then henceforth pay the four bestfriend boys a visit.

They sexually abuse and brutalize all four boys and then abandon them threatening should they tell what happened they will end up like the boy they consequently discovered.

The boys grow and end up extremely damaged.

They meddle with drugs and fighting and eventually formulate a four plan to gain vengeance on the paedophile rapists murderers of the boy and defilers of them.

They get their vengeance and murder all responsebile as well as torture kill the leader of the small child prosititution organization behind everything.

As a result all four end up in separate Juvenile Detention Centres for many months before a mysterious woman emerges and post bails them out on the condition they work for her.

The boys learn she runs a gay prostitution business of her own for profit and offers the boys immense money in return.

The boys after learning the disgrace their families have taken take the job and end up working as gay prostitutes on the streets of Manhattan.

The boys fight for a way out but find themselves stuck knowing that their ever so lovely female boss will not let them leave by her hand and should they try and she finds out they will all be placed in prison.

Salvation comes however with a homosexual suitor with millions and the work of one of the boys lawyor sister.

One of the boys however takes too fondly to the horrible occupations they have taken with and taken routine to and threatens to bring down all the boys which leads to a violent dramatic climax at the accursed mining site where they had discovered the body of a boy which left them in a lifeset of trouble.

Apart from the central trouble is the trouble of two boys falling in love with each other before reverting to an orientation they had once formerly possessed which was destroyed on the account of a group of sick evil child defiling men.


  • Casey Affleck as Daniel Egans
  • Chris Evans as Matthew Charter
  • Edi Gathegi as Lucas Wainwright
  • Shawn Ashmore as Justin Heavon
  • Jenny Wade as Elizabeth Charter
  • Malin Akerman as Jackie Charter
  • Jordana Brewster as Wendy Charter
  • Campbell Scott as Marvin Egans
  • Tobey Maguire as Melvin Egans
  • Johnny Depp as Sir Walton Avenue
  • Thandie Newton as Samantha Teavin
  • Ashley Judd as Cassandra Canchun
  • Ann Magnuson as Florence Charter
  • Bryan Cranston as Ethan Egans
  • Rita Wilson as Jennifer Egans
  • Bo Derek as Kerry Heavon
  • Loretta Devine as Imelda Wainwright
  • Regina Hall as Umberling Wainwright
  • Regina King as Um Wainwright
  • Tommy Hinkley as Barry Lankhart The Baseball Card Shop Occupant/ Customer - Matthew Charter
  • Simon Yam as Wing-Chun Kokoban/ Customer - Lucas Wainwright
  • Samantha Futerman as Ling-Chung Kokoban
  • Ernie Hudson as Maxwell Harper/ Customer - Daniel Egans
  • Vivica A. Fox as Lena Harper
  • Bob Hoskins as Fat Frederick Lancaster The Trying Opera Singer/ Customer - Justin Heavon
  • Joan Allen as Jacqueline Chestnut Rogers/ Boss of the boys and Kenkleman Gay Prostitution Services Owner
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman as Roger Hartman/ Lead Rapist and Lead of the THorn Gay Prostitution Services (Appears recurring through hallucinations and flashbacks.)

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