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Dr. Kingston Fez is a fictional character and the main antagonist of James Bond and the world. He is portrayed by Vernon Dobtcheff. Dr.Fez is a brilliant scientist with delusions of grandeur, a self described buff suave son of a French prostitute and a Zimbabwean man. He later became the treasurer of the Darachoni crime family. He then escaped to the U.S.A with $36,594,225. He specializes in toxic chemicals which cause him to lose his hands they are replaced by metal hooks which greatly improve his strength [He can crush a Rock into powder]. But they lack dexterity which leads to his demise. He offered his skills to President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and President Hugo Chávez but is rejected. Vowing Vengeance he starts the terrorist organization brotherhood of untold power and relocates to a dungeon located in Laos. When Bond is sent to investigate a poisoning of British angent Lee Maldrave and any possible connections of terroirsts attacks Fez orders several hits on his life. He is particularly displeased with his henchman Cody Rebbel's Failures. He kills him by spiking his soda with hot sauce. [Cody is highly allergic to hot sauce] Fez captures Bond and Echina Marceau trespassing and tortures them. But he loses his footng and falls to his death where he is impaled on a spike.

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