Dragon Empire
Political information
Type of government

absolute monarchy

De facto leader

Dragon Lord

Societal information


Historical information
Formed from

Dragon Kingdom

Date of establishment

1775 DCE

Date of dissolution

1885 DCE



The Dragon Empire also known as the Dragon Nation, the Old Dragon Empire, or simply The Empire, was the absolute and imperialistic government established by Dragon King Minato who replace the Dragon Kingdom in 1775 DCE.

The Dragon Kingdom, which had lasted for almost 5,000 years, ended following a period of intense political turmoil and the devastation of the Dragon Civil War . After General Sakumo was defeated at the Battle of Kyo, and shortly after the leaders of the Naga Confederation surrendered, Minato declared himself emperor of Aisa and reorganized the Dragon Kingdom into the first Dragon Empire. following the generations Dragon Lord Victor started having delusions of grandeur to be Dragon Lord not only of the Dragon Empire, but of the entire world. Victor, however delayed his plans to await the coming of a comet that would bring his armies near-unlimited power thus starting the Great War in 1829 DCE.

The Empire

the Dragon Empire (color in red) before the Great War


Members of the Dragon Empire have black or amber/gold eyes, and pale skin. The men in older years sport beards and mustaches. Members of the army wear gold and black uniforms that may have red touches to them. Civilians wear red and white or red tinted outfits. Nobles and politicians wear a long white coats with red trims, and the Dragon Lord wears a gold flame crown piece. Members of Madara's bloodline, When activated their special ability their eyes turn red and have a slit pupil resembling that of a dragon.

National Emblem



The Dragon Empire is ruled with an iron fist by the latest in a long line of Minato's descendents, with the most recent leader being Dragon Lord Ozu. The Dragon Empire's political system is an absolute monarchy that has been waging a 50-year long imperialist war against the other three nations of the world; the stated goal of which is to create a planetwide empire. They are not above employing genocide to accomplish this goal, having already wiping out the Northern Tribe and bringing the Flaklands people to the brink of extinction.

However, the Dragon Empire was not always the tyrannical, militaristic embodiment it is today. Millenia's ago, in its earliest years, a Dragon King led the Dragon Kingdom who, among several other national interests, were heavily invested in philosophy and spirituality, much like that of their ancestors. The Dragon King was known as the "Tenno" due to his high level of techniques as well. Over the years, Dragon King Minato declared himself as Dragon Lord of the Dragon Empire after the end of the Dragon Civil War.




The Dragon Empire is extremely influenced by ancient China and Japan in terms of combat,martial arts, architecture, clothing, and hairstyle. This is exemplified where mourners are shown wearing white at a cremation funeral, which is both the color of mourning in Chinese tradition and Shintoism and the colour of death in Japan.