Drake is the Main Character of The Eternals, He have to find all the Eternals to fight Magnabomb

Drake Onman (Dragonman)
Biographical information



Human birth (Human), Creation of the universe (Dragon)

Physical description

Human, Eternal



Hair color

Brown (Human), None (Dragon)

Eye color

Blue (Human), Multiple (Dragon)

Chronological and political information

The Eternals


The Eternals

Alternate mode
Cyber Key power class="infoboxcell" style=";

" |

Stealth Force Mode

The Eternals

Irk Saga

A mysterious man comes to inform Drake about that he is the one who have to beat Magnabomb. Drake hazitates, but goes. Drake first finds a mysterious glowing orb (Solara). The man takes him to an altar, the place where the man came from, and disappears. He sees 2 dragonsstatues and a bowl. He lays the orb on the bowl and sees the orb and the statues changing. He now possesses the air and earth dragons and has met the first eternal: Solara. Shortley after this to creatures appear: Dark Fire and Plantium. A fight follows, but he wins with the help of the dragons and Solara. After this the mysterious man returns, and explains that he is the Eternal Zed. He need to activate Zed's orb to return his powers. But he is stopped by Irk's army of Undermen, and led by The Captain.

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