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Sir Drake Dragonmuster is the main protagonist of Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek. Drake is the orphan of Cedric Dragonmuster and an unnamed women, raised by King Annab of Jadea.

Appearance and personality

Drake appears as a young man wearing dark blue armour and helmet. Drake has light blue eyes, and black hair, although his hair is never seen in the game.

During Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek, Drake is introduced as a sturdy and powerful Dragon Knight, like his father before him. He starts of wielding a standard Blue Sword, but later on aquires the powerful Devilslayer. He is usually quiet, only speaking when necessary or if dipslaying opposition to someone or something. He is at first unsure about taking the mystic Sophia along with him, but throughout the course of the game they develop a close relationship.


At the beginning of Dark Chronicles: Wrath of Remek, Drake returns to Jadea Castle after a supposed training session. He is called in by Jorn, King Annab's right-hand man to see the king. When Drake enters he bows, and instantly stands ready to accept the task. Annab tells him that around 100 years ago, a powerful man named Remek terrorised Jadea and that he was only stopped by the Dragon Knights. He confirms that only Drake can defeat him, as he has resurfaced. Before he can go on the head mystic, Tyrelia, bursts in and demands Annab send out a search party for her daughter Sophia, who has been missing for a few hours. Drake volunteers to rescue her, and Annab approves, sending him to Barrow Cave in the wilderness of Jadea. While there Drake is confronted by Succubus and Incubus enemies, before facing the boss and leader, the Sincubus, who has captured Sophia. Drake defeats the Sincubus, who is banished, and rescues Sophia. The player has the option to search for more chests for items, and then Sophia teleports the two back to Jadea Castle. Tyrelia is relieved to see her daughter safe, and thanks Drake and Annab. The king then appraises Sophia's fortitude, and ask if she may join Drake on his quest. She approves, eager for adventure, but Drake seems unsure. Annab sends them off the next day, in course to the underwater kingdom of Aquala.

Meanwhile, Remek learns of their quest, and sends him minion Badabon to kill King Annab.

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