Drawn Out is an upcoming 2011 2D animated film from Studio Ghibli (In Japanese Distribution) and Walt Disney Pictures (In English Distribution). It is written and directed by master filmaker Hayao Miyazaki and features the English Voice Talents Of Gene Wilder, Chloe Moretz, Seamus-Davey Flitzpatrick, Robert Carlysle, Adam G. Sevani, Lisa Foiles, Elle Fanning, Carly Schroeder, Martin Landau and Jared Padalecki


In the colonial town of Underville there are four powerful races of magic practioners: The Smokers, The Sliders, The Invisibles and the Callers. There also once was five raves the fifth being the painters which have been believed to have all gone extinct until now.

It is revealed that an Illustrator propieting an old Illustrator's workshop in Underville is the last of the Painters and must help the deemed strongest four children of the other four races from the evil also revealed co-existing surviving painter Mayor Riyzu.

Riyzi has dominion over an army of those of the other four races and wishes to seize the four marked most powerful of these races (who all are inevitably children).

The Illustrator must then use his rare enormously powerful magical abilities to prevent four young girls whom are the deemed four strongest from falling into the clutches of the evil Painter mayor Riyzu.

Riyzu has however sent out his four armies of the four races to proclaim the four girls.


English Voice Actors

  • Gene Wilder as Tambun The Illustator/ One of two remaining Painters
  • Chloe Moretz as Nal/ One of the four marked ones whom is the most powerful Caller
  • Seamus Davey-Flitzpatrick as Hal/ Nal's twin brother whom is a caller and accompanies Tambun, his sister and the other marked ones on their journey to get away from Underville and the ultimatley the clutches of Mayor Riyzu
  • Robert Carlysle as Naven/ Hal and Nal's father whom is killed at the start of the film as the Mayor Riyzu's four races armies swarm the streets upon hearing of another Painter
  • Adam G. Sevani as Greegen/ Tambun's shop assistant and wannabe artist. He discovers later he is a caller and ends up the love interest of Nal whilest accompanying them on their journey
  • Lisa Foiles as Wal/ One of the four marked ones whom is the most powerful Smoker
  • Elle Fanning as Jal/ One of the four marked ones whom is the most powerful Slider
  • Carly Schroeder as Cal/ One of the four marked ones whom is the most powerful Invisible
  • Martin Landau as Mayor Riyzu/ One of two surviving Painters and the primary antagonist of the film
  • Jared Padalecki as the Mysterious Stranger/ a Strange man of whom only Nal can see he is later revealed to be Nal and Hal's would be older brother who died at birth. He would of been the most powerful Caller and his form is that of what he would of liked at the age he would be now

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