Dread is a series of films about the living dead.The living are hideing but one by one turn into the undead.The first Dread was released in 2008 and Dread 2 in 2009.Dread 3 was released in 2012.

Dread 1 The old LadyEdit

An woman hides with survivors in an qurantined building of where the infected are.Will anyone get out,Alive.

Dread 2 No way outEdit

The infected manage to get outside and the town is infected with a small group of survivors hideing out in a house.

Dread 3 Infection is the last thing on their mind'sEdit

America is infected and spreads to Asia.Meanwhile,Tourist's in Japan's airport hide from the infected and try to find an cure befour the whole world is infected.


Dread 1 The old Lady

Dread 2 No way out

Dread 3 Infection is the last thing on their mind's


Dread 1 had great reviews in it's release.When it was released on dvd,It became out of stock.

Dread 2 had a few great reviews.It was not good as the first.

Dread 3 was not so great.

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