Dread 1Edit

Kelly and her brother go to the cementry.However,An zombie then attacks them and Kelly escapes to the farm house.However,She is saved by an couple of survivors.They spend the night there but the zombies overpower them.Will anyone survive.


Kelly and brother Jimmy are late for their sister's funeral.When they arrive,Jimmy taunts Kelly of the undead.Then an zombie apears and bites Jimmy.Jimmy quickly turns and stalks Kelly to their car.Kelly manages to escape but crashes into an tree and runs to the farmhouse.She hides in there and grabs an knife.

She then meets an woman and her husband.They are Frank and Michelle.They say they have an daughter downstair and an young couple are getting guns from near the farm.They names are Garry and Vera.They return with an man named Harry and his wife Liz.They all baricade the house but Kelly go's into shock.

Michelle turns on the tv and learn that an outbreak starting at an goverment's warehouse.The outbreak then spreaded around the town.An zombie manages to come in and Vera shoots it in the head.Harry tells them that there ia an truck that is outside in the woods.If three of them can get their,They can drive the truck back to the house and get the others.

Garry,Liz and Harry are going outside to get their.We then learn Frank is an coward as he locks the door and beats up Michelle for not going to her daughter.Michelle go's down and see her daughter who is Fiona.However,Fiona is an zombie and Vera comes down and sees this.Michelle says no to Vera but she shoots Fiona in the head.

Meanwhile,Garry is bitten and he does not tell the others.When they get to the truck,He turns into an zombie and grabs Harry and bites him.Liz drives away and crashes the truck into the farm house which makes a good barricade.Frank is then seen beating up Michelle.Kelly snaps out of shock and stabs Frank in the leg.More zombies smash in and the others try to barricae the doors.

Frank turns into an zombie and chases Liz to the basement.It is revealed that Fiona was not shot in the head and she gets Liz.Liz screams which startles Kelly which makes her zombie sister and brother grab onto her and eat her.

Vera is shocked as it is only her and Michelle.They runs to the basement and is horrifired when she sees an exit where they never saw it.Vera go's out and finds an car which could have escaped.However,It turns out that Vera helped the people that created the virus.She was involved in a series of incindents in the mansion inanother forest in the mountains.Garry was her fake husband.

Vera then sees Michelle going in the car to escape from Vera.Vera screams that she respects Michelle for what she is going through.Then multipul zombies smash through the doors and grab her.They eat her and Vera screams out in midair.

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