Dread 1 The old Lady is the first of the Dread series.A woman named Michelle is an tv reporter and is trapped in an qurantined building.The undead then take over the building and she and survivors struggle to survive.


Michelle and her camara man Jeff are going in the building.Michelle meets with Karen and Mike,Who are married.They say that an little girl just died.Michelle reports to the world by talking to them.Then the girl awakes and she bites Karen.Karen then becomes and zombie and eats Jeff.Michelle runs away leaving Mike to get eaten.Michelle then runs into a man named Harry who is running away from his girlfreind who is infected.She is Fiona.Fiona apears and chases them to the hall.They get to the exit and learn that the building has been qurantined.Fiona is shot by a woman named Becca.She has an daughter named Sally.An man named Jimmy comes with his girlfreind Vera.Vera is pregnant.An cop is also there.His name is Frank.Frank says that an old woman attacked him upstairs.

Michelle interviews them all.She tells Becca that she is doing this so she can get an promotion.Becca,Disgusted,Tells her that their lives are at stake.Then an couple of zombies burst in and Vera is bitten.Michelle gets Becca,Frank,Harry and Sally away from there.They all hide in an room.Frank opens an window but is shot by the millitary outside.Michelle tells Harry that she saw Sally getting bit.Sally comes infected and eats Becca.The other two run outside and find survivors Noel,Linda,Wanda and Manny who are hideing in Wanda's room.She has an dog named Puppies.Puppies is infected and Wanda is bitten and Noel kills them both.

Michelle turns on the tv and learns that the millitary have lied that the uninfected are outside.Then the door opens and a zombie Vera comes inside.Michelle kills her and they learn there is something different about her than the other infected.They barricade the door and see that the baby is still alive insdie her.Then the zombie baby bursts through and crawls on the walls and evreything.The baby kills Noel and Michelle gets the others outside.Then all the infected chase them upstairs to the attic.

Michelle then learns that Manny fell down and was eaten.Then an bigger zombie attacks them.Michelle hides in an cuboard while the other two are hideing behind the fridge.Michelle makes an noise and the infected finds Harry and Linda and gets Harry.Linda runs outside the room but is attacked by more infected.She manages to get back in finds herself fighting for life from the infected.Michelle grabs an shotgun and shoots the infected's head.Linda admits she was infected two weeks ago but is still not one of them.Michelle thinks she is an demon and shoots her.Michelle then hears an tape saying that it was Linda who did make the first zombie[The big one] and was bitten by it.Michelle then understands that Linda was an old lady who lured her 'boyfreind's' to the zombie.Michelle does not know that Linda is an zombie and she gets Michelle.

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