Drive-Away is a 2001 American Action Thriller film written by Jake Wade Wall and directed by Jonathen Liebsman

It's storyline concept later became the main storyline inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse film Death Proof.

Drive-Away stars Sean Bean, Sean Penn, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Erika Eleniak, Alison Lohman, Courtney Ford, Balthazar Getty, Bridget Moynahan, Mena Suvari, Nikki Aycox, Jessica Biel, Lizzy Caplan, Ashley C. Williams, Elisha Cuthbert and Lyndsy Fonscea.


The film begins in Pasadena California where a group of four girls from Pasadena High are planning to drive out to their annual spring break party in the Hamptons.

They also invited new girl at their school Sandra (Elisha Cuthbert) to join them.

However Sandra is picked up by a menacing man (Sean Penn) named Osiris who then kills her by causing a car accident which blows out the side-windows hers spirals the glass shards right at the side of her face killing her.

He then kills the group of four girls driving to the Spring break party by ramming them off the Harting Bridge.

The film then jumps a year later to the leader of the four girl's father (Sean Bean) who has begun a relentless search for the killer.

He finds the killer to have selected another group of girls he wishes to kill in Connecticut who are planning a long drive to a Mexican Ferstival.

He along the way fails to save two hitchhiking girls and a protesting woman whom are murdered with his car.

He however saves the main group of girls from Connecticut and kills the killer by causing him to spiral off a cliff.


  • Sean Penn as Osiris Vanderguild
  • Sean Bean as Anthony Jennford

First Group

  • Elisha Cuthbert as Sandra Nicholson
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kelli Jennford
  • Erika Eleniak as Helena Morianis
  • Alison Lohman as Herena Macquille
  • Courtney Ford as Maria Antenoilles

Second Group

  • Bridget Moynahan as Tammy Caston/ A Strong beautiful former boxer who has just came out a string of bad relationships and has a passion for music, younger black sheep sister of Isabella
  • Mean Suvari as Nina Armstrong/ Pierced College Philosophy Student with a great field in hacking
  • Nicki Aycox as Leslie Libb/ Shoulder Length Oklahoma Blonde whom is always preserved and cautious
  • Jessica Biel as Isabella Caston/ Older sister of Tammy and the leader of the group of friends headed for the Mexican Music Festival
  • Lizzy Caplan as Regina Nixon/ Strong shoulder length black curly haired beauty with a feisty attitude she is the bestfriend of Tammy
  • Ashley C. Williams as Constance Bishop/ Former best friend of Isabelle's who slept with her fiance and broke them apart. She is planning to hitchhike to the Mexican Festival and begin a long needed apology to Isabelle. She however takes a ride with Osiris after meeting with him at the Wyoming Bar Tulo
  • Lyndsy Fonscea as Henrietta/ Just turned 15 year old step sister of Leslie. She hitches a ride with Osiris at the same time as Constance and is killed marking her alongside Constance the only victims from group 2


  1. Obli Di Obla Da- Beatles (Song Played whilest the Spring Brek car bound girls are driving before death)
  2. One Bad Apple- Osmonds
  3. Me and Bobby McGree- Janis Joplin
  4. Seasons In The Sun- Terry Jacks (Song Played at the girl's funeral)
  5. Creep- Radiohead
  6. Dark Lady- Cher
  7. Stay- Shakespeare Sister (Song heard as the scene following the girl's car murder leads onto the cemetary overseeing their altogether funeral)
  8. I Get Around- Beach Boys (Song heard in introduction of Osiris
  9. Have You Ever Been Mellow- Olivia Newton John
  10. Lollipop by the Chordettes
  11. Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega
  12. Blue (Da Ba De) by Eiffel 65
  13. For the Longest by Billy Joel
  14. You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates (End Credits Song)

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