The Drones or Taurians hail from the Taurus Contellation and possess many Primate attributes.


The Drones evolved about 3 Million years after the birth of Earth. Their homeplanet was Cenis, in a system somewhere in the Taurus constellation. The Drones observed humanity with the Arians and became one of their closest allies in the coming war. Most Drones have a high sense of personal honor, and thus they do not find it honorable to go into battle weilding big guns and thick armor, so they are very easily dispatched on the battle field, but Drones are insanely powerful, and prone to acts of berserker violence, often becoming enraged at the death of their allies. They are however followers, so they are not often seen giving orders.

Physical Appearance

Drones are the shortest race in the Zodiac, barely breaching 4 and a half feet, yet they weigh over 200 pounds, on average more than a grown man, which is on average around 150 to 160 lbs. They are also very strong, making up for it in what they lack in intelligence, able to lift over 10 tons, while not as strong as a Titan or Purist, this is much stronger than an average human. They can also run very fast on 4 limbs, they generally gallop like a Gorrilla would, on their 2 massive front arms, and short stubby legs. They have no tail, and a hunched back, but their face is like that of a frog, and they also have 2 small horns protruding from the side of their head, and a long point sprouting from the top. Their eyes are small and pale, and they have crude teeth, useful for ripping meat, afterall they are strictly carnivores.


  • The Drones are inspired off of The Brutes from the Halo saga, but also have some principles of Grunts aswell. They have simian characteristics, aswell as frog-like and reptilian qualities and some bear as well.

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