Dur Nazaj

Kal El



Average height

1.9 meters

Eye color



Reptillian Humanoid

Average lifespan

100+ years

The Dur Nazaj also called Nazaj for short lived west of the Orian Arm. They were large, bipedal reptilian humanoids from the planet Kal El. They had sensitive eyes and the ability to regenerate, although very slowly, and were anatomically built heavier and stronger than most humanoids, including Humans. Unlike another race of reptilian humanoids, the Extraxi Vir , the Rutilus Lacerta , and the Kigyo Verseny , Dur Nazaj had tails. The Dur Nazaj were a warlike species who allied early with the Szemek Empire, taking Okavan Lopta as slaves. A notable Dur Nazaj was Dosk, who was a longtime enemy of Ben Summers, and Jugo Blitz.

As a species, they were renowned across the galaxy for great strength. This is evidenced by several members of other species boasting physical prowess and power by having defeated a Dur Nazaj, either in battle or in a contest of strength.

Behind the Scenes

Dur Nazaj means "hard back" in some language. maybe it was Hungarian ?