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Eärendur Súrion in battle

Eärendur Súrion, more widely known as Oburen Kainda, or simply Obi, is an Elven King as well as an Avatar of Water Magic and a skilled Battlemage.

Eärendur, referred to by simply Eru by his childhood friend and first lover, Asiya, was born heir to the throne of the Elven Kingdom of Vaardenvale, one of the highest and most powerful Elven Kingdoms in all of Gaia. At an early age, Eru was gifted in the art of Magic, as all Elves, especially ones of Noble blood, were. However, he despised it for its destructive and uncontrollable nature. However, Asiya taught him how to control his power and they eventually formed a relationship that lasted into Eru's early Kingship at age four-hundred.

At age six-hundred, Eru assumed the identity of Oburen "Obi" Kainda, a goofy, comedic young human who befriends another by the name of Cailean though generally known as "Cide". His true identity is revealed when a splinter faction of Elven terrorists assault the two friends' school, where Obi dawns his true personage to bring the assailants in line. It is also in this time that Cide discovers his inherent skills in combat and the world learns the truth about Gaia. Eru himself meets with world leaders and reveals to Earth the well-guarded secret that has lasted since Earth's rebirth after the last Armageddon.

Oburen "Obi" Kainda

Sadow and Furi, Eru's lifetime bodyguards in the Noble Yatsumaru family, also accompany him in Earth as he lives continuously as Obi. He encourages Cide in his blossoming relationship with the Einserg heiress, Kaira, and forms an alliance with her father, Troy, to defeat the latter's long-time nemesis, the enigmatic Gentleman, who dispatches the immortal Lycan, Bane, to root out and kill their new "Inquisitor" group. Naturally, a long fight ensues in which, upon stepping in, Troy easily seals the Lycan away in a puzzle box and locks the artifact away deep in his underground base.

Soon after, the Inquisitors learn of a secret Cult rising in terrorist operations throughout Earth. They investigate through various missions and discover that the Cult leader, Abroxia, is an elderly Neraphirim, a Fay from Gaia's ancient past that created the first of the Elves' technology but was banished due to insane ideas of reaching godhood. Abroxia assaults a Pyramid in Egypt housing a large concentration of Sin Energy in a tomb for a High priest of the Demon-God Bael. Abroxia's Cult is defeated but he manages to unlock the power hidden within the sarcophagus and materialize it into a red crystal that he embeds at the top of his staff.

The crystal gives him immense power and enhances his Demonic Magic. However, the combined efforts of the Inquisitors manages to bring him down. In desperation, Abroxia ingests the gem and is imbued with its power, becoming a Demonic abomination. With each defeat he suffers at the hands of the Inquisitors' in combat, he transforms into a more powerful being. Finally, his level increases to the point that Oburen must unleash his Sephiroth for the second time in his life, becoming a being so powerful he manages to rival Abroxia in power and, literally, tear out the Soul Gem from his body and destroy it.

However, the effects of the Sephiroth transformation are only temporary and Eru is left in a state of unconciousness as Abroxia bitterly prepares to destroy him. Before he can, however, Troy and his son, Troy II, join the battle. The son manages to fight on equal par with the half-beaten abomination and destroy him, sending his wretched soul into the depths of Hell. As the world celebrates their triumph and Obi recuperates for a week, the Gentleman takes note that these are his enemies.

Soon after, a man by the name of Daniel White and his wife, Marie Maddeson, assault a library-Clocktower to find a group of enhanced Nazis raiding it of it's archives, finding Demonic lore powerful enough to enhance their leaders' abilities. The leaders kill the two agents and make off with a new Soul Gem. Troy briefs the Inquisitors on this and, upon the Inquisitors' confrontation with the Nazis, discover that they are enhanced via cybernetics and are true Nazis dating back from WWII. Their two leaders are revealed to be the mysterious, silent Krieg Hund and the equally enigmatic brother to the senior Troy, Roa Eisenberg.

As promised, Roa slices the Soul Gem in half, equally splitting it between him and Krieg Hund. While Krieg Hund enhances his gun with it, Roa does the same as Abroxia and imbues it within himself, transforming him into a Demonic abomination similar to Abroxia.

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