EARTH 2034 is an alternate reality of current history where a group of 6 humans called the Immortals took control of earth through a complex plan and now rule over the planet with iron fists.


The Immortals started there plan for world domination in the year 2056. They hired many scientists of the world to invent a machine that would take a group of objects back through time. They also asked for a device that could regress their bodies back to a certain age but keep there current minds intact. Finally they ordered the construction of a large army of automated soldiers 5000000000 (Five Billion) in number. By the year 2089 all projects were completed and the next stage of their plan was put into effect...

The Immortals then bade their team farewell, for now, and transported them and their army back in time to medeival times and hid a fraction of their army in each continent of the globe. They then transported themselves forward in time to their first year of secondary school and replaced their younger selves with their current selves with their bodies de-aged but their minds intact. They then waited for a time when the world was weakest due to political disputes...

The 6 then activated their army and swiftly captured most capital cities of the world.

Their next move involved a worldwide communication saying that the governments of the world had been disolved and that they were in control now. They then each took control of a respective continent and other assorted countries and spent the next 2 years hunting down resistance and shattering it.

Strangely, after the initial shock of the event had passed, most citizens approved of the new leadership, due to their simple removal of anything thought to be inadiquate.

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