Eastenders The Fox Murders is an special episode on the soap Eastenders.It features Lucas taking his family hostage as they find out he killed Trina and Owen.It ignores the event of the e20 crew finding Owen but the whole Fox family finding it.


Denise thinks that Lucas is ignoring her,So she dresses up so Lucas might start looking at her.However,Instead he gets the wrong image and rapes Denise.Denise,Two days later,Finds out she is pregnant.

Libby and Adam look at the sky and Libby has an idea.They dig up Trina's tree,And then put in an new tree.They tell the family without Lucas and they do this.Denise uncovers the body and they all freak out.

Chelsea,Who is at work,Hears the screams and finds them all.The next week,Liz and Libby find out it is Owen and the two cry.Behind Libby's back,Liz phones the police and tell them that Denise killed Owen.

Denise is taken into questioning while Liz and Libby fight.Whe Libby storms off in disgust,Lucas kills Liz.Lucas hides Liz in Dot's cuboard.He kills Jim and stores him up the attic.He then stores up there an tied up Dot.

Chelsea and Patrick take matters into their own hands and find out Denise was never near Owen in the wedding day,So it has to be someone else.Lucas steels an gun from Peggy's bag.(See Eastenders The Vic Explosion)He then takes the two hostage and shortyly Libby.It is revealed that Jordon is dead as he has just killed him.Libby asks if he has got any heart,But Lucas ties them up and put them in the bedroom and go's to pick Denise up.

He takes her to the canal and then mumbles about God.Denise is then strangled by Lucas but manages to drive the car into the canal.Denise escapes and then sees Jade's house nearby and heads there.

Jade answers the door and Denise says to Jade she is freeing her.However,Lucas apears and knocks out Denise and kills Jade.He puts them in the boot of the car and drives back to the johnson -Fox house.

He stores them there.However,He puts them in each individual room.Lucas hears an explosion coming from the vic but ignores it and tortures Chelsea.Chelsea manages to escape and runs to Libby's room.She unties Libby but is then killed by Lucas.Libby runs downstairs but trips over and killed.

Patrick hears Denise screaming for help and manages to untie himself.He knocks out Lucas and frees Denise.Lucas cornors them both and kills Patrick.Denise steals the gun and starts shooting at Lucas.

The aftermath is Denise flees but crashes into an truck.She dies and the ploice blame it on Denise.Meanwhile,Stacey enters Dot's house and hears crying up the attic.She lets Dot out who runs outside in horror.She is then killed by Janine who was driveing her car fast.

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