Eden Havok were an influential New York thrash metal band from 1985-1999, with their most known line-up consisting of Mike "Buffalo" DeSano on vocals, Dave Kildare on lead guitar, Ed Vee "Doctor Darko" on bass and Ritchie P.D on drums. The band played their final show in New York on March 18th 1999.


The DeSano Years (1985-1993)

In 1983, a year after moving, Mike joined local band Divide and Conquer. The band consisted of Mike on vocals, Julio and Angelo Gambetti on guitar and bass, as well as Ritchie P.D on drums. The band broke up in 1985 after yielding only a demo and Mike formed Eden Havok in the same year with Ritchie P.D on drums, as well as Dave Kildare on lead guitar and Ed Vee on bass. The band dropped their debut album mid-1985, Fire In The Hole, which has gone on to become a classic of the genre. Eden Havok toured across America in support of the album, and by 1987 had released their second album Modern American Pirates, which was more-so well received than its predecessor, and established the band properly.

The following year saw the hugely successful Aggression In The 20th Century. Between 1990 and 1992 the band released the two American Aggresothology albums, American Aggresothology in 1990 and American Aggresothology II in 1992. Aggresothology II would be the final album to feature Mike on vocals, after he was replaced by Keith Wilson in 1993, departing along with bassist Ed Vee.

Keith Wilson and Don Vincent era (1993-1999)

After Mike DeSano departed Eden Havok in 1993 needing a break, and Ed Vee followed suit; the remaining members of Eden Havok (Dave Kildare and Ritchie P.D) were on the hunt for a new singer and bass player. They found a singer in Keith Wilson, a local musician who had fronted many of New York's minor thrash bands in the 80s. When Mike DeSano was interviewed on the matter in mid 1993, he said: "I'm sure Keith's a great guy, and I don't doubt his vocal chops, but trying to continue Havok without me and Ed is pretty harsh. I don't hold any hate, but I wish the other guys would have waited". Bass player Don Vincent joined soon after, and the band entered the studio with their line-up to record a follow-up to 1992's American Aggresothology II. They released A New Wave of Brutality in late '93, and although the album sold well critics and fans agreed Mike DeSano was the face of Eden Havok. The band toured in support of the album, but trouble arouse at a local show when punters called Keith Wilson a "wannabe" and "fake-ass shit". Wilson reportedly responded by saying he wasn't Mike DeSano, but it was still Eden Havok. Despite the so-so response to the new line-up, the band were opted for another album with Keith.

Reunion and final album (1999)

Former members

Final line-up

  • Mike "Buffalo" DeSano - vocals (1985-1993, 1996-1999)
  • David "Dave" Kildare - lead guitar (1985-1999)
  • Ed "Doctor Darko" Vee - bass (1985-1993, 1996-1999)
  • Ritchie P.D - drums (1985-1999)

First line-up (1985-1993)

  • Mike "Buffalo" DeSano - vocals
  • David "Dave" Kildare - lead guitar
  • Ed "Doctor Darko" Vee - bass
  • Ritchie P.D - drums

Second line-up (1993-1996)

  • Keith Wilson - vocals
  • David "Dave" Kildare - lead guitar
  • Don Vincent - bass
  • Ritchie P.D - drums


  • Fire In The Hole - 1985
  • Modern American Pirates - 1987
  • Aggression In The 20th Century - 1988
  • American Aggresotholgy - 1990
  • American Aggresothology II - 1992
  • A New Wave of Brutality - 1993
  • The Warriors of Havok - 1994
  • The Final Fight - 1997

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