Edward is a fanimated Wayside student who may join wayside in season 3 or 4 (if teletoon ever finds out about him). Edward is of Jewish descent, due to his mother hailing from Israel, and his Father hailing from Flushing, Queens. Due to the fact that Edward is Jewish, he does not celebrate Christmas, but he mentioned in the second wayside christmas special that he "got the coolest stuff for Channukah"


  • Edard wears rollerskates all the time, just like Mauriecia (only Edwards skates are light blue)
  • Edward is of Jewish descent
  • Edwad and his family are filthy rich, there is a giveaway hint to his wealth, such as getting picked up by a limousine after his 1st day back at wayside after vacationing in Israel
  • Edward is the youngest of 15 siblings (7 older brothers, 7 older sisters)
  • There are hints that Edward is jewish, such as the star of David being on his helmet, and him mentioning when he brings in his family tree (literally, his family was actually sitting in the tree) that his mother is from Israel and his father is from Queens
  • The Yom Kippur episode plot is similar to the plot in the arthur episode, "Is That Kosher"
  • Edward has a pet skunk named Spunky

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