Eko, the master of the dark ooze

(pronounced E-ko) was once one of the three sons of

Leinad until he became the embodiment of the dark ooze.

Eko shares his name with the main antoganist of the anime series Karas.


Eko was the youngest of the three and the most ignored. He like Syrus was jealus of how strong Haul was. His jealousy led to him being compelled to kill Syrus and Haul. Failed at killing Syrus, Eko had fallen into a vat of black toxic fluid known as the black ooze. It changed him into the most horrifying creature ever known by many.


  • He can shift his body into that of anything in the world.


  • Due to him being of toxic liquid, the only substance that could paralyze(not kill) him would be H2O(water).


He is sometimes cruel but sometimes he can be nice but that only happens on rare occasions. The one thing you should know is that he is heavily focused on his objective.

Even though Eko is technically evil and wants to kill Haul and Syrus. Sometimes he will be willing to forge a truce, depending on the situation(example: some dude's tryin' to take down Haul or some really tough guy/monster is basically unstopable and only both Syrus, Haul, and he are able to stop it)



Syrus and Eko are technically Protoganist and Antoganist, respectively. Both get in eachother's way and often Shadorex wins and Eko rarely(depending on whether or not Syrus is exhausted or in poor condition to fight) wins.


Haul barely gets the chance to fight Eko. Due to Haul fighting other guys like other rivals or a deffinit threat, he has had only one battle with Eko.

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