The Elite Guard, also known as, His Royal Highness Elite Guard, were a collection of the most powerful and skillful vassals of the Lori Regime. Each protectorate nation of the Lori Regime would send forth their most powerful and skilled soldier, which would be determined in a tournament, who would be sent to Triunlnd where they would become a part of the Grand Proctor's personal security detail. After a predetermined time, the soldiers service would be deemed finished and they would be allowed to return to their respective country. Most former Elite Guard who finished their services returned to their countries and trained their replacement. If a soldier was deemed skilled enough by the Grand Proctor, they would be named the Supreme Knight of the Lori, or the Proctors personal aide and main bodyguard. Lord Erin joined the Elite Guard at the age of 20 to represent the Kerrari Empire, and subsequently become the Supreme Knight of the Lori.

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