Embers of Destruction is an upcoming video game.


In the prologue, a Russian sailor by the name of ? is stationed on an aircraft carrier in the Bering Strait. They are there to help monitor trade routes and keep the peace in the area. However, bombers attempt to destroy the carrier. While it sinks, the sailors are trying to be evacuated, but the aircraft trying to do that is destroyed by fighter jets. Soon, American soldiers are clashing with the Russians on the sinking freighter. ? is one of the last remaining Russians alive, and he holds out for as long as he can before succumbing to blood loss. The carrier sinks right after. It is later revealed that the Americans accidentally identified the carrier firing missiles at an American research station in Alaska.

In 2020, the situation in Central Asia is critical. Volunteers from all over the world are going to the area just to fight in the war. Up to this point, it has mostly been Turkmenistan against Uzbekistan,. US President George Newman decides to authorize a joint operation of Delta Force and Spetsnaz to secure valuable intel in the occupied Russian embassies in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Kazakhstan provides the base for this operation. Lt. Daniel Adams is the Delta Force operative who is player-controlled. He is under the command of Cpt. Colin Young.

Adams is a part of the team that is tasked with infiltrating Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, the operation goes perfect, with the data and entire team being extracted in great shape. Adams and the squad get into the embassy with no trouble. However, when they get inside the room with the data, they realize that it had been destroyed. They had to fight their way out, losing many men in the process. They did not have time to take their dead bodies with them, so they flew away on helicopter, leaving the bodies behind. The Uzbek government immediately releases a video online showing the bodies, sparking a public outrage.

The reaction of Russian civilians is especially hostile. They thought they were betrayed by the government, as they were not told or asked about any sort of intervention in Central Asia publicly. Also, the population still held a grudge against the US for the Bering Strait incident. This fuels hard-line Soviets to launch a coup d'état against the Russian government. It is successful, and ends with the killing of the, at the time current, Russian leader, in front of the captive player-controlled character, who is then slit in the throat. The men who took power in the coup mobilize the military. They ultimately want to claim all land they believe would fit the intentions of a new Soviet state. They wish to do this in the form of annexation by force. As a result, just hours after the coup, the Russian military begins to mobilize and move into other countries' land. The resistance is mostly minimal. More developments also occurred, as the communist countries of East Asia invaded multiple countries and installed Communist governments in place of their previous ones by using the Russian crisis as a distraction.

Now back in Kazakhstan, the Americans and Russian Spetsnaz only spend a few hours peacefully in the military base before they are asked to surrender by the new authorities, as Russia has invaded and taken over the Kazakh government. The team holds out long enough for a helicopter to lift them away.

Before 2020, a successful independence referendum was held to create the Republic of the Caucasus out of Azerbaijani and Georgian territory. Russia viewed this country as extra vulnerable - In Australia, a civil war was raged between the government and rebels. Lt. Terence Lange, a soldier serving the 1st Commando Regiment, is the playable character. His regiment was attacked by the Insurgency in the regiment HQ in Sydney. They manage to fight their way out, but they suffer heavy casualties, not to mention the destroyed HQ. They then join the Australian Army in the battle for Sydney. They end up losing too many men, and the commandos decide to retreat to Melbourne. Sydney falls into insurgent hands.

In South Sudan, the Delta Force-Spetsnaz op try to fly to the Democratic Republic of the Congo via helicopter, as the UN had a peacekeeping mission in that country. Their fuel runs dangerously low, however, and they are forced to make an emergency landing near Raga, South Sudan. After heavy fighting with the EAF, they manage to find jeeps, which they attempt to drive to the CAR. Enemy tanks and bombers try to stop them, but are unsuccessful. In the CAR, the men manage to get a flight to Washington D.C. Upon arrival, President Newman instructs the soldiers to prepare for a venture to Mexico, as the insurgents there posed a serious threat to American sovereignty.

In Melbourne, Australia, Terence Lange's squad went on the offensive, storming an office building they believed contained insurgents. As a matter of fact, the place only had insurgents, and it was their main base. They cleared it out and gathered as much intel as they could before the Australian Air Force leveled the building.

Upon arriving in Villa del Prado, Adams found several artillery sites, which the President instructed to destroy. The group did with relative ease.

With the Insurgent threat temporarily controlled, the Commandos were assigned a new task. Australia suspected New Caledonia of setting up nuclear launch sites. Their dictator, Vincent Smith, had come to power in 2016, when the country became independent. His hatred for socialism prompted the US to become allied with him, and fearing a socialist takeover of Australia, the Americans supplied him with nuclear weapons. Along with the Commandos were Army soldiers. The Commandos were in the front lines on the beach landing. They advanced, wiping out opposition, and secured the silo that was there. - While Dan Adams was in Villa del Prado, Michael Soderwall become the 46th president of the US, as he previously beat George Newman via election. Soderwall then contacted Adams' team, explaining that his strategy is completely different from Newman's. Soderwall believes that America needs to combat the socialist threat head-on. He ordered a naval blockade of all socialist countries, pulled the US out of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and directly threatened the USE. America was on DEFCON 2, and ground troops were sent to European and Asian states to help resist the occupation. Soderwall arranged for the Deltas and Spetsnaz to be picked up via helicopter at an LZ. The men fought their way there, and were taken on the helicopter to the site of their next mission, in Azerbaijan.

The Commandos then stormed Noumea, looking for Vincent Smith. They cleared the alleys and streets, reaching his palace. When they breach, it explodes, as he set explosives to kill himself and any intruders. Most of the Commandos survive.

In response to the American hostility, the socialist countries formed the Podgorica Pact, a structure very similar to the old Warsaw Pact. Dan Adams and his squad went into Nakhichivan, Azerbaijan, to go behind enemy lines and secure a USE communications tower. Then they tapped into their communications and told the USE troops to retreat from Azerbaijan.

The Australian forces agreed to help NATO in their intervention in the Baltic, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. NATO-led forces made a landing in Lithuania to cut off USE supply routes to Kaliningrad.

The Delta Force team believed to have tracked THE LEADER OF THE USE to Djibouti, where a peace treaty was to be signed by the EAF and IAR. Delta Force, the Spetsnaz, and Commandos each took a part in the assassination attempt. The Americans and Russians snuck into the building where it was being signed, and when Adams was reloading his sniper, THE SPETSNAZ LEADER shoots THE LEADER OF THE USE in the head, killing him. Then, with massive EAF and IAR forces surrounding them, THE SPETSNAZ LEADER takes point and Adams is the caboose in the escape effort. When the Commandos land, the Spetsnaz arrive before Delta Force. THE SPETSNAZ LEADER and a couple other Russians then gun down the Commandos. THE SPETSNAZ LEADER actually believes he can seize control of the USE now that THE LEADER OF THE USE is dead. That is also why he was so stubborn in the killing of USE soldiers in the past. The Americans, meanwhile, are being shot at by not only IAR and EAF soldiers, but now Spestnaz. Luckily, they manage to eliminate the IAR and EAF soldiers in the immediate area, so they can turn their attention to the traitorous Russians. The Delta Force was hiding in a house, so a Russian threw a grenade in there to scatter them out. The only American alive after the explosion was Adams. He killed the remaining Spetsnaz besides THE SPETSNAZ LEADER. He was using a light machine gun to try gunning Adams down. Adams, while hiding behind the helicopter, threw a grenade at THE SPETSNAZ LEADER'S position. It crippled him, or so it seemed. Adams believed this, and he saw THE AUSTRALIAN LEADER still barely alive on the ground. He went to help him, and when he put his gun down, THE SPETSNAZ LEADER emerged from behind the chopper with a knife. Just when he lunged at the two, Terence Lange, with the little strength that he had left, tackled THE SPETSNAZ LEADER. THE SPETSNAZ LEADER wrestled with a weakened Lange. Using this distraction as an opportunity, Adams picked up his rifle, and made use of his remaining 3 rounds on THE SPETSNAZ LEADER. Only Adams and THE AUSTRALIAN LEADER survived, as the shot also killed Lange.


  • Aircraft Carrier in the Bering Strait
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Military Base, Kazakhstan

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