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Gamington Greets
Emperor Charles Gamington
Biographical information
Home city

Washington D.C.

Date of birth

October 2713

Date of death

May 2760

Physical description
Hair color

Black/Dark Grey

Eye color


Personal information



Eugene Green

Chronological and political information




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Gamington Opera

The Emperor enjoying the opera


Loss of his parents

Born son of Jonathan and Mary Gamington,both bodyguards of the president who died at the attack on the white house in 2720. He was only 7 years old then. Charles was raised in the Smith Diplomatic Orphanage or S.D.O, it was called after the president who was killed in the attack. He and the son of president Smith, William, were both send to this orphanage. They were there together with other children from which the parents had died for their country.

Becoming an adult

Filled with hate of the people who had done this, Charles joined the army in 2732 at the age of 19, and was quickly ranked because of his history with the U.S.A. He first became a Luitenant-Colonel. Under general Lead who was already 60 then.


5 years later, Lead wanted to retire and made Charles the new general. Charles became the general at the age of 25, that's very young. General Gamington was a very good general, and he won the war against the 3 C's (China, Cuba and Colombia) in 2742. Charles had radical ideas for the future, and wanted to take a chance to take the power.

Confrontation with Green

In 2749 80% of all coutrys wanted to have one singel gouverment. But just when the signes were said. General Gamington took over the new house (the new white house) with 50 men, and shot everyone in. Gaminton personaly shot green through the head when he said he was not willing to surrender.
Green Final Moments

Green's Final Moments

Taking over

In 2750 the empire was started, he visited all parts of the world and chose good leaders.

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