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C&C King


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Matrix on Evil Dark Lords world

Endgame is the final episode where Optimus Prime uses the Matrix of Leadership to destroy Darth Grievous, prevent the Dark Future event, end the Transformers Wars and restore the Golden age of both the Transformers and the Star Wars Universes.

Episode summary

The huge space fleets of Autobot Venator Star Destroyers lead by the Ark and the huge space fleets of Darth Grievous's Sith Legion lead by the Invisible Hand II clashed in the Skies of Korriban. Acclamators were landing the Autobot Cars on Korriban for the land battle, Venators destroyed the Corsair II and the Autobots Planes are winning a Dogfight with enemy Sith Fighters. Breakaway had found the Matrix of Leadership but was injured recovering it. The Autobot Ratchet and Wheeljack insert the Matrix into Primes chest and it help heal Optimus Primes wounds and Optimus Prime got the strength to help his fellow Autobots and Jedi win the war. After the Defeat of the sith fleet, the demise of Darth Darkblade and the destruction of the second Sith Star the Venator Star Destroyers and the Acclamators penetrated the airspace of Korriban and the Autobots launched an all out attack against Darth Grievous's Korriban Sith Fortress. The Autobot Cars and the Galactic Alliance Guardian and Mammoth Tanks were trying to stop the Stunticons, Combaticons, Giant Sombrero Droids and the Constructicons on the inside of the fortress while the Autobot Jets fight the Seekers outside of the Temple. Springer, Ultra Magnus and Blurr manage to win a lightsaber fight with the Sith Troopers and Breakaway was able to assist Prime into taking down the door that leads to Darth Grievous's Throneroom where Optimus Prime pull out his lightsaber to challenge the Dark Lord in an ultimate battle to the finish. Gigatron was killed by Jetfire when he severed his arm and his head and crushed his head with his legs and the Coneheads were killed by the Aerialbots while the last remains of Darth Grievous's Sith Legion made their last stand including Tal Merrik, Pre Vizsla, Blackout, Gigatron, Ivan Korshunov and Gibbs but the Jedi working with the Autobots were able to crush them. Soundwave was killed by loud music from Blaster, Arcee killed the 3 evilleros when they are in their Super Evillero form, cliffjumper and bumblebee worked together against some demon generals, Starscream got into a lightsaber fight with Silverbolt while Thundercracker and Skywarp tries to team up with Starscream to defeat the Aerialbots but the three ended up defeated by the Aerialbot leader. Meanwhile in the throneroom Optimus Prime faces Darth Grievous who hatched from his Chrysalis and being covered by a black Aura with his cape blowing in the wind and a reborned Nemesis Prime and got injured by Darth Grievous's Dark side of the Force and the evil dark lord mega evolves into Mega Darth Greivous and used his destructive powers to prevent the other Autobots from helping their leader by injuring all of the Autobots, separated Optimus from his sonic wing mode, killed 90 Jedi, killed the Dinobots, separated the combined Aerialbots, destroyed almost all Autobot Venator Star Destroyers and rip out Trailbreakers spark and crushed it. The injured Autobots were later evacuated from the planet by Jetfire, Evac, Jetstorm and Skyfire. Optimus Prime kepts getting up to fight Darth Grievous despite how many times he got zapped by the sith Lightning and threw objects at Darth Grievous but the demon sith lord used his cape to teleport behind Optimus Prime and punched him very hard. Optimus Prime was then picked up by the Demon Dark Lords hands and was about to sufficate Prime until Optimus's chest opens up and Optimus Prime pulls out his Matrix of Leadership to light the Transformers and Jedis darkest hour. The Touch music was played while the Matrix of Leaderships energy has killed all the Sith Lords in the Galaxy, closed the black holes made by Darth Grievous, restore the Golden age of both Cybertron and the Star Wars Galaxy and the bodies of Nemesis Prime and Darth Grievous's starts to get destroyed by the Matrixs energy. The Sith Fortress explodes slowly while all the remaining Autobots and the Jedi escaped. Back on Cybertron and Coruscant the Autobots and the Jedi were hailed as heros at the end of the Transformers Wars with a huge celebration with fireworks and cheering. The Aerialbots, Jazz, Prowl, Springer, Bluestreak, Smokescreen, Hot Rod, Red Alert, Kup, Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were seen celebrating their Victories on Cybertron with a race while Breakaway, Powerglide, Tracks, Jetfire and Skyfire were seen on Coruscant doing an air show in the skies of Coruscant. Optimus Prime was seen with Ultra Magnus, Jetstorm and Preceptor standing next to him and was declaring the end of the great Transformers Wars on the News across many planets. The Autobots now decided to connect all the worlds of the Transformers and the Star Wars worlds with a new space bridge project while hunting down the last evil thing throught the universe.

The Autobots go across the Galaxy rounding up all of their dead fellow Autobots bodies including Gears, the Dinobots, Huffers, Brawns, Sideswipes, Sunstreakers, Hounds, Mirages, Windchargers and Trailbreakers dead bodies and put them in a new Autobot Mausoleum and morn the loss of all of the Dead Autobots that died in the Transformers Wars. Wing Saber went on to a solo adventure through the cosmos.

The Seekers including Starscream, Sunstorm and Acid Storm went into exile, the Armies of the Sith Legion becomes scattered, the Kaleesh were punished very badly, the Magnaguards and giant sombrero droids were annihilated to the last droid, the Death Trooper project was destroyed, all of the members of the 20 Great Demon Generals were killed and on Korriban under the ruins of Darth Grievous's fortress Darth Grievous as a cape wearing ghost said "We shall rise......... again!" while his ghostly ruby eyes shine red and his dark purple sombrero shines purple. Also at an unknown planet the Seekers are trying to rebuild their once proud seeker plane Empire to later take over the galaxy.

The Episodes end with the Credits rolling and singing the New divide song.

Featured Characters

Autobot and Jedi Darth Grievous's Sith Legion

Optimus Prime
Ultra Magnus
Hot Rod
Air Raid
Omega Supreme
Wing Saber

Darth Grievous
Nemesis Prime
Ivan Korshunov
Tal Merrik
Pre Vizzla
Death Trooper
3 Evilleros
Darth Darkblade

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