Ends In Line is a 2012 American Comedy Drama film written by James Watkins & Marc Webb and directed by Marc Webb.

It features an ensemble cast of Emma Roberts, Shailene Woodley, Devon Werkheiser, Max-Lloyd Jones, Mitchel Musso, Daniel Tay, Sarah Bolger, Christa B. Allen, Jordan Hinson, Devon Bostick, Skandar Keynes, Erin Sanders, Carter Jenkins, Roshon Fegan, Thomas Mann and Samantha Jo leading up the teenage cast of the film.

To go in colloboration with an all star teen cast comes an adult cast of Greg Kinnear, Johnny Depp, Dave Foley, Vanessa Williams, Elisabeth Shue, Robert Downey Jr. and Affleck Brothers: Ben and Casey.


A bunch of interlinking stories: Summer 2012 comes with heartbreak and love, peace and chaos, promotion and downgrading.

It all comes to the small town of Andowwa, Missouri and the summer party of a lifetime: not just for adults.

Find yourself within one night and lose yourself to pure destruction within one night.

The adult stories are lead by Greg Kinnear, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and Dave Foley whom are a group of moderate job unhappy suburbanite parents determined to rewrite their fates at the ultimate summer party held by Andowwa's richest teen.

Greg Kinnear bears a son looking for a love he has over the internet whom is to meet him at the party and he himself is on the look for the woman he had once truly loved as a teenager whom is coming from out of town as a party crasher, Dave Foley is the loser looking for redemption and Robert and Depp are brothers and the brother of a teen boy all dealing with the loss of a brother.


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