This is the Prologue episode to the fanmade 2010 season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Omega Force. It might be short, but it explains what happens in Episodes 1-3.


It is the year 2027(2 years after SPD thwarted the Troobian invasion) and Broodwing has escaped from prison, causing SPD to launch a massive search. He manages to make it to his secret underground stock where he kept many of his most valuable merchandise.

He finds a canister full of ashes and looks at it and says to himself, "Grumm was a fool for not respecting me. I could have successfully conquered SPD. I just needed a sufficient army. And this should do it." He places the canister into some machine and turns it on. "This canister is contains the remains of the Putties, Tengu Warriors, Cogs, and Piranhatrons all destroyed by the shockwave from the shattering of the legendary Zordon's containment tube. With these being brought back, I shall control them, and order them to take over the city and then the entire planet".

The machine starts to shake violently and then explodes. A cloud of ash is thrown throughout the warehouse. Broodwing coughs as the smoke clears and notices a single figure standing. He immediately recognizes the figure as one of the most evil figures in all of history...the great Master Vile.

Broodwing thinks to himself that the fool he brought the canister from must of had the wrong ashes. Broodwing realizes his chances of ruling the planet are once again pushed aside with Vile here, .... unless .... he can deceive Vile like he tried to Gruumm. Its worth a shot. Vile speaks "Where in the universe am I?" Broodwing responds "Not where my lord, but when?"

"And just who might you be my batty-aquarium friend?" asked Vile.

"I am Broodwing, here to help you with all your needs and to acclimate you to life in 2027!" replied Broodwing.

"Well, I most certainly have been gone a while."

"It's true sir, but count on me. I will help you with everything."

"Oh, I'm sure you will. In show of my gratitude, allow me to give you this gem. It's one of my most prized possessions.

Broodwing greedily takes the gems and suddenly he notices a small spark comes from one of them and then his entire body is engulfed in electrical binds. Vile then laughs and says, "You seriously thought you could try and trick me like you did Grumm? I may of been a pile of ash for almost 30 years, but I was still conscious. You can never be rid of Master Vile."

Broodwing tries to respond but then he is sucked into the gem. Master Vile then picks it up and puts it back into his cloak. "I might have a use for you later." said Vile. Vile looks around at the warehouse and says, "SPD is no fun, and I'm feeling homesick. But how to get back....ah!" He notices a bunch of charts that map out where and when a wormhole would open as well as where and when they will lead. He finds one for Earth in the year 2010.

"Ahh, marvelous! It's not the exact time but I'm certain those old goody-goody Power Rangers are still alive, but probably without their powers. I'll exact my vengeance on them, and luckily I won't have to worry about any more goodness waves from Zordon's chamber. Once was quite enough!" He continues to look around the warehouse and finds some other remains and monsters. He can use these, but doesn't need any high-tech machine, he can do it the old fashion way. He then sets off and finds the wormhole and travels back to 2010. Some time passes.

Meanwhile back in the 2027, the time line fluctuates violently and a new reality is being created, but unlike 25 years ago, this one even is even more nightmarish than it can ever be imagined to be.

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