This is the tenth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode acts as a 1-hour episode and explains the return of a ranger along with a new weapon obtained and a new character involved in the story, mainly Norse Mythology, a new zord, and much more.


As the rangers recover from the crushing betrayal from Vent, large pulsations shuddered and shook the world. Star, nearly falling over stumbled to a machine. "Okay, the source of these tremors seems to be..." She stopped, slightly frightened. "Oh my...the Island." She knew the only island that would be relevant of course would be Island of Creation. "I know that the ever recent evil-ranger scheme has left a bad imprint on our hearts, but we should head to the Island. I have a feeling the infamous Blade of Genesis is the source of all this confusion. So, be prepared, we leave at dawn." Then, BOOM. Rocks are sent flying away and a shaken Dominic steps out. "Man, what the heck was that?!" he yelled, obviously angry. Sean was demorphed, unconscious, and under a giant pile of rocks. While unconscious, he groaned a lot, getting everyone's, who are awake, attention.

Ecliptor and Diabolico helped Sean and Dominic out of the rubble. "Let's get you guys fixed up," said Ecliptor. "There's apparently weird stuff happening on the Island of Creation. You guys are leaving in the morning." While at base Zedren told them of what he knew. He looked solemn. "It appears that Gargantia has returned," said Zedren. Joe, confused, asked, "Who's that?" "Gargantia was an ancient creature that lived eons ago. I'm sure you've been all catching up with the past rangers and learning about old enemies right. Well, have you heard of Ivan Ooze? Well, even Ooze was afraid of this thing. Because it has no allegiance. Not to good, not to evil. Only to itself. Even if you try to reason with it, or even devote yourself as a follower, it will always have its own interests at heart. And there is no reasoning with its victims cause he tempts them with power, and if there is even a shred of jealousy in you, he will pray on that. Rangers, tonight you must meditate, clear the air of anything...fears, hatred, anything. Only then can you be sure not to fall under the spell of Gargantia."

Joe knew what he had to do. He went to visit Izabel. He apologized for making her worry and for constantly missing their dates. "Don't make excuses," she began, annoyed. "Somethings different about you. I know you're not seeing someone else..." She smiles. "...You're not that stupid. But I feel that when you're ready to tell me, you'll tell me. I tend to think it has something to do with these monster attacks. It seems like since then you've been 'busy'. Just know that I trust you, but whatever it is you're doing, just promise me you'll be safe." Joe smirked. "Of course I will, thanks." They kissed and then Joe left to return to the base.

"I know this sounds silly, but I am deathly afraid of arachnids of all kinds," Kent began. "Scorpions, spiders, you name it. I am also afraid of getting hurt, so I was reluctant to join this. Now I'm in it to win it!" Meanwhile, Sean meditates while using his panther instincts to try to communicate with Gargantia. Gargantia, where are you? Well, well, well, began Gargantia. What do we have here? It seems to be the fool who released me. I will not stop until you are destroyed. I don't care about the others, or Vile. The panther sealed you up before, and I will do the same. Everyone was confused on what Sean is talking about. He opened his eyes and explained. "I was talking to Gargantia. He will pay for what he has done!" "I always heard that Gargantia never specified anyone as the target of his wrath, just life and existence itself," began Zedren. "However, you released him and wield the panther spirit, thus it's easy to see why, if anyone, he'd want to come after you." "What is everyone else afraid of or hiding?" asked Kent. "We need to clear the air before fighting Gargantia..."

Joe walked back into the base around the same time Kent asked his question to everyone. "Well, I just handled mine," Joe replied to Kent. "I'm a little nervous because I'm heading to the island without my powers. I have to get the blade before Vile or anyone else does, so I'm a little nervous. But just a little." He smirks sarcastically. "So anyone else want to clear the air? Kent, Sean, did you two resolve whatever conflicts or secrets you might have had? How about you Dominic, if I remember correctly you were afraid of a certain fish, and how bout you Star?" Dominic eyed Joe. "DO NOT EVEN MENTION THE WORD!!" he yelled. "Well I got mine out," replied Kent. "To repeat, I am deathly afraid of arachnids of all kinds. Scorpions, spiders, you name it. I am also afraid of getting hurt." Joe pats Kent on the back. "You sure this was the right line of business for you? Well if you need any confidence just remember, I've got no powers and I'm going to an island death trap. So, who's shoes would you rather be in?" Joe then laughed. Kent laughed, too. "You should have been here. I already said I was reluctant to join." "Well I think we should all get some sleep," said Joe. "Something tells me we're gonna need it. Night." "Night," said Kent as he walked off to bed.

March 16, 2010 ~ Neo-Omega BaseEdit

The Rangers all packed their things and got ready. "So how are we getting there?" asked Joe. "We could go in the megazord, since it can fly, but, to convenience Star, we could go in the megazord and she could stay here," said Kent. "That is, if she wants to..." "I got an idea," said Sean. "Which one of you guys have a zord that can swim, if the island is surrounded by water?" "Well the island of creation is one the furthest reaches of the galaxy, but..." began Zedren as he stopped to look at what is going on. "Wait, whats this?" he then sees something out of random. "Rangers, a worm hole opened in, known as the Marianis Trench. Sean's right. We can get to it by aquatic zord." "Well I think the Lio zord is the only one that can swim," began Joe. "And its certainly large enough to accommodate everyone. But I'm afraid what happened last time will happen again. You know with Vile and everything." "Right. Let's go, rangers!" Meanwhile, in space, Gargantia has a stunning decision. Maybe I should mess with the Orange Ranger's mind. Of course, he does so. Sean's head began to hurt and he talked very random. "Get out my head, beast! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" The others are wondering what's going on with Sean.

"But what if Vile can take control of the Lio zord again?" began Joe. "Or what if Gargantia can take control of you Sean? He's gotten into your head twice now." Meanwhile in Gargantia's hideout, he finds out something astonishing. "So, they're heading to the Island of Creation," he began. "I bet they're going after the Genesis Blade. I wonder if Vile knows about this. That gives me an idea." He created a dimensional opening with his claws and spoke to Vile. Meanwhile Vile was pondering how to deal with Gargantia's arrival. "What the heck am I supposed to do now?" he began. "I wasn't ready, not yet. I need the gold ranger powers first. And where's Loki? Perhaps this should be the proper time to unleash my new monster, or maybe Valon. Maybe..." He was then interrupted by an opened dimensional portal that was just big enough for a head to fit through. Greetings Vile, said Gargantia. "That's Master Vile to you!" he then saw who it was. "Oh, Gargantia. Um, how are you? Um, it's good to see you. I must say I'm a fan." Well then, allow me to give some advice to a fan. You've heard of the legendary Genesis Blade, right? "Of course. It is said to control the Lio and gold ranger powers, along with a few other abilities. Why do you ask?" The rangers are going there to try to stop you from taking the gold ranger powers. "Those fools really think they can do that. Well, they've got another thing coming." Good. A portal has apparently, opened within the Marianis trench that leads to the island. "Well you certainly haven't met the grandeur of Master Vile. I don't need some portal. I can make my own way." Well you certainly are a Master then, good luck my friend. And one last thought to leave you with. If you don't need a portal, how come you've waited so long to go there? Gargantia then laughed and the portal closed. "Oh, that annoying walking beast of bones! He saw through my bluff. Fine I'll go to the island and give the rangers a run for their money, that is, unless the temple guards don't kill them before me. But who to take? Let me ponder."

Meanwhile Gargantia spoke to himself, Excellent! While Vile goes on a wild goose chase and probably gets himself killed, I'll do some remodeling. I'll create a illusionary disturbance to think something powerful is around and he'll be too busy to react properly, so he'll send a hoard of Strikers. Then, I'll take control of them myself and make them my own, with a few changes of course. He laughs. It's been said that in the beginning there was Chaos, and I say, forevermore, that in the end, there will ONLY be Chaos. He then laughs again, even harder than before.

Meanwhile, back at the base, Star smiled. "Don't worry about it," she began. "I think you all be interested who came to me during last night. Though he nearly gave me a heart attack." She held up her morpher, and the Starlight inside shone brightly. The light made a sort of Bridge to the sky. A loud sound, which resembled singing, was followed by a majestic beast. "This my friends, is the Pegasus zord. And the best part is, his purity barrier is compatible with the base's, so Gargantia and Vile can't take control of anything that's near it." As she said it, the Pegasus Zord shrank to horse size. "Useful ability also. His barrier is tangible, so I can follow you on him."

Dom scratched his head. "I don't think my Zords it..." he said as the Fenrir and Jormundgar Zords stared at the beast with hate. "Maybe it's because they used to be evil?" asked Kent. "Wait!" yelled Sean, in a stunning aspect. "I feel something!" After a minute passes, Sean gets a vision on the entrance. It shows the island is heavily guarded. And they all have the symbol of Zordon, as the same as Sean. Everyone is amazed to realize that in a short amount of time. "Okay guys, let's go," said Joe as he turned to Sean. "Sean the Lio zord is under your control. Now you go do your thing." Everyone boarded the Lio zord, including the Pegasus. And they set off for the Marianis Trench. The crushing pressure of the depths were like home for the Lio zord. As the rangers went down they saw various wrecks and beasts unknown to man. A giant squid grabbed a hold of the Lio zord, but eventually detached itself and went on its way. The rangers made it through the portal, got to the planet and found it to be one giant ocean. The island was a 2 hour journey away.

Meanwhile in Vile's Lair, Vile is too prepared for the journey himself. "So the rangers have left for the island, and so shall we," he began. "So, are you ready Valon to show them true power?" A figure walks out from the shadows. He is muscular and very athletically built. He has some vicious looking slash marks on his pants and across his shirt, as if something had mauled him. He nodded his head without saying a word and followed after Vile. Just as Vile was about to step into the portal, he sensed something. "Wait, what's this? There's a strange reading I'm sensing. Could it be...Ninjor? He's left the temple, finally. I wonder what he could be doing. I hope not bringing the rangers any reinforcements. I would send Loki, but he's never around when I need him. And if anything I'd ask him to come with me. I know! I'll send an entire army of Strikers. 200 to be exact. Go Strikers, capture Ninjor and then bring him here. I'll be back shortly." Vile then laughed, stepped through the portal and left.

Meanwhile, in Angel Bay Park, Ninjor was walking around with no apparent purpose in mind. Then the entire army of Strikers surrounded him. One of the strikers managed to speak in a shrill, raspy voice. "...You are to be taken to Master Vile." Ninjor responds, "So, you think you can stand up to the power of Ninjor? Well, my friends, that could be possible." He then grabbed his chest and his voice suddenly changed and became deeper. But luckily I'm not Ninjor. His armor then shattered and morphed around him. Long spines appeared on his head. Blades shot out of his back along with wing-like projections. His fingers grew claws. His body was now encased in a bone-like armor while underneath was a skin that appeared to be writhing and teeming with dead souls and shadows. Its ribcage encased a heart like appendage, which looked as hard as diamond. And it was uncertain whether its eyes were behind the visor, were the visor, where the two things above the visor, or if they were all his eyes. It was both and neither physical and/nor nonphysical. It was chaos incarnate. It...was Gargantia.

So Vile actually fell for it, he began. He's a bigger bone head than I thought. He then laughed. Now then, you're all coming with me. Just then hundreds of vines came out of Gargantia's black body and impaled each Striker through the chest, then wrapped around the bodies, and then shot down their throats. As this happened their bodies became to change and warp. Their blades were no longer rusted, but were complete. Their bodies materialized armor. All the while Gargantia was laughing sadistically as these creatures were being empowered at the same time as being tortured. The Strikers' souls where then absorbed into Gargantia. You are my army now. And I'll release each of you when I feel like it. He laughed again. He then disappeared. But yet his laughter remained for 5 seconds after.

Meanwhile, after the battle outside the Ranger Base, Vent trained intensely with Gargantia. He also improved his seed suit. Gargantia left Vent in charge of a Special Unit of his most brutal pawns. Gargantia then laughed. Foolish Rangers! exclaimed Gargantia. They're all falling for my trap! "Indeed master," added Vent, "It's a good thing you taught me that technique with that piece of seed left behind outside the Ranger Base. Soon they shall all praise your name." Little did Vent know of Gargantia's true plan, though.

March 16, 2010 ~ Island of Creation: EntranceEdit

The Island of Creation loomed over the horizon. The entire island was surround by sharp vertical bluff that rose almost 1,500 ft into the sky. Every segment of these bluffs, which were about 300 feet long, had large engravings along them each depicting various monumental events that have transpired and have yet to transpire. One engraving depicted the Great War between the Olympians and the Titans, another depicted Ragnarok, another showed a massive ark upon a great endless ocean, another showed three travelers following a star, and there were countless others. The rangers eventually came upon a small beach about 20 feet across. The rangers continued to circle the island, but it appeared to be the only entrance. The rangers exited the Lio zord and tried to contact Zedren. "Rang…….I…… bar…….hear you. Trying...fig…..out……send …..zords… you…… Be…..areful ….. Many……dangers……..impartial……..May……power……otect you." "Look's like we’re on our own," said Joe.

The rangers managed to find a narrow path that led up the cliff face. It was covered by high walls and dense vegetation on each side. "Keep your eyes open guys. This is a bad place to be ambushed." As the rangers continued up the pathway, they started to notice bodies littering the trail. All dead. Each on from various different times, places, species, and size. Some were so old they were already turning to ash, while others looked almost like mummies, still maintaining things like hair attached to their bones. They had various injuries, some where crushed, others had tomahawks sticking out of them, some had spear wounds, others were bitten in half, some were incinerated or slashed in half. It was a massacre. As the rangers made it to the top of the hill, they found a large sign that was written in countless languages. It said:

Welcome to the Island of Creation. This is sacred ground. It commemorates the various triumphs of many cultures throughout time and space. Those you have seen on the trail coming here are those who came here with impure intent for they followed the path of power. Only those on the path of virtue can survive the island trials. Anyone seeking what this island’s main sanctum offers must be pure of heart, utmost intentions, as well as purpose dire. If these are not fulfilled, then your death sentence has already been signed.

Dominic sighed. "I feel so screwed right now," he told himself as he looked around remembered something. "Wait! Didn't we see an engraving of Ragnarok?! I might be able to..." Dominic rushed down back to the beach. As Dom was running down towards the beach he found the Ragnarok engraving, since it was parallel to the beach shore on the left. He saw a slight inscription under it. It was hard to make out and written in a strange language. Only the Fenrir spirit within him could understand. It said:

The tide of Ragnarok shall be shifted. Demons and heroes must unite, for an enemy of an enemy shall always more be a friend. Redemption lies in unification.The tide of Ragnarok shall be shifted. Demons and heroes must unite, for an enemy of an enemy shall always more be a friend. Redemption lies in unification.

These words don't mean much to Dominic at the moment, but they strike him as a omen, or rather, a decree of Fate. Dominic stored the words away inside him. A small portal opened from the engraving and a golden dragon head popped out. The Nidhog hovered outside and looked at Dominic. Meanwhile, as Kent walked along the shore line, he noticed something washed up on the beach. Strange, as this is on a completely different planet. It was a large sea shell. As Kent looked inside a claw came out and he dropped it. There was a weird crab-like creature in it that crawled out and went into the sea. Kent then saw something sticking out of the shell. It was a piece of bark that had some writting on it. It said:

I've searched the entire island and there is no way to the sanctum without going through the ruined city. I lost my entire squad in there. Those creatures just keep coming. I am writing this so that someone may learn. The city is full of traps. As well as 2 types of guardians. But they aren't the real problem. In order to get to the treasure, one must face the pits of Tartarus and...

The rest of the letter has burn marks and is unreadable from there. Meanwhile, Vile finally made it to the island. "Ah, so this is the legendary Island of Creation," began Vile. "Quite impressive. I could get quite a few monster ideas from this place. Valon, let's make it towards the ancient city. And to the blade. Either way the rangers won't know what hit them, perhaps we should greet them." He then laughed as Vile and Valon continued towards the ancient city. "So more warriors have accepted the challenge then," said a figure to himself in the ancient city. "I wonder if they'll meet the same fate as the rest?"

As the rangers walked along the path, they came to a multiple pathway, 7 to be exact. Joesph felt a feeling. As if someone was leading him. But what? Sense of duty, God, the power within, love, fate...perhaps a bit of everything. He couldn't explain it. He knew what he had to do. "Guys, I can't explain it, but we must choose the second path on the right," Joe explained. "But be careful. I feel there could be traps and surprises ahead." Dominic walks back to Joseph, with the Nidhog behind him. As Kent and Dominic were walking along the path they tripped over something. As they did a bunch of chains in the tree rang. "Looks like we set off an alarm." Just then there were strange grunts coming from the forest all around. Then, out of nowhere, 6 strange looking creatures ran out of the bush.

The first 3 were 6 feet tall and extremely skinny. They were wearing kilts made of palm branches and their faces appeared to be skulls protruding with eerily strange jaws. They carried strange rusted a twisted long daggers.

The 3 others were 4 feet tall, stubby and carried tomahawks. Their bodies were covered in white hair, or cobwebs. Either way they looked extremely ancient. They wore elaborate tunics and hand much more armor than the others. They had strange hook like things sticking out of their back, which the rangers all hope are merely for decoration and wish they don't have a real purpose.

Kent kick-flipped into one of the 4-footers. The monster flew into the tree and the spines on his back got impaled into him. The beast struggled and then disappeared into a burst of white light. Joseph dodged one of the 6 foot ones. The dagger barely missed Joe's head and sliced off a few hairs. He tried to trip it, but it was extremely nimble and kept flipping around his moves. Kent was unable to land another hit and got hit himself. One of the 4 foot monsters ripped one of the spears hooks out of its back and threw it a Kent. It pierced him in the chest. The blade was attached to a chain in his hand. As he started to pull the chain Kent felt strange he kept looking and noticed that a ghostly version of himself was being ripped out. The hook was ripping his soul out of his body. Just as it was about to be ripped completely from him, Joseph drop kicked the 4 foot monster, and then dived out of the way as the 6 foot one Joe was previously was fighting stabbed the 4 foot one and destroyed him. The soul then returned to Kent and the dagger disappeared. There was no blood, but he still felt slightly sore. "What in the world?" asked Kent, slightly relieved. "What happened? What is wrong with this place? Well, 2 down, 4 to go. Ow!" "Yeah, now we have more of a reason to avoid those things." Dominic was in the sky, aboard the Nidhog. He watched the fight below.

Just then a silver streak sliced through two of the six foot monsters, and stood there. "Aw, I was expecting a challenge for this being the Island of Creation," said the figure with his back turned on the rangers. The figure turned around, wearing white ranger armor. It was actually silver. Just as Dominic was flying the trees shot a barrage of needles from their branches up at him. As soon as the needles were airborne, they disintegrated. The golden radiance of the Nidhog was strong enough to keep them at bay, for a while. Then Joseph saw this new figure. It was Valon, the Silver Lycan Ranger.

"Who are you?" asked Joe. "I didn't expect any more rangers. Did Zedren send you?" "Zedren?" asked Valon. "No no no no no! I was sent master, Vile. My name is Valon." Valon disappeared, and soon reappeared in front of Joseph and struck him to the chest. Without his powers, Joseph could do much to avoid it. He flew back and hit the tree. He stood up. "Great, so Vile can't do his own dirty work can he?" Just then they all heard a familiar voice. "Well, what do you know?" asked Vile behind the rangers. "The gold ranger still got spunk. Still refuse to morph I see." Just then, he notices that Sean has a golden aura to him "Wait, you gave your powers away? Oh please, you could of just given them to me and saved the use of a middle man. Valon take care of these inferiors. They displease your master and insult your honor. I'll head towards the inner sanctum." He walked off and turned intangible so as the monsters couldn't touch him.

"Right!" said Valon. "Gold Ranger or Ex-Gold Ranger, it's time to die!" Valon got ready to leap at Joseph, but before he could, something from the tree behind him grabbed him. "You dare try to sneak up on me!?!" Valon spin kicked the tree and it crumbled. Beyond it he saw a one of the remaining monsters. He dashed towards it and struck it with one of his claws. The monster then vanished into a white light. "Great, we don't need this. Guys, do you think you can handle this while I go on ahead? Sean, you're coming with me." "NO!" yelled Valon. "The one with the Gold Ranger powers is going to stay with me!" Valon started walking towards Joseph and Sean.

"Hey Dom, you mind helping here?" Joe asked upward towards Dominic. Just then another group of monsters jump down. Another six foot one tries to attack Joe from behind, but he flips him and throws him at Valon. "Whenever you're ready guys!" Joe was being sarcastic and losing patience. Before the Monster came in contact with Valon, he slashed at it with his claw and destroyed it. "You'll have to do better than that to beat me!" "Fine," said Dom as he jumps down, and without morphing, halts Valon. "Oh no, you're not going anywhere!" "Thanks buddy. Let's go Sean!" Joe and Sean start to head towards the city and calls back, "We'll be back soon guys!"

Dominic sighed and rolled his eyes. "So, uh, I guess you won't be moving from that spot huh?" asked Dom at Valon. Valon looks at Dom. "Hey I know you," began Valon. "You're the one that Master Vile told me about. The one who BETRAYED HIM!!" Valon's claw glowed white and he struck Dom. Dominic looked down and smirked. "That WAS supposed to hurt right?" Valon gave a smile. "No, it was supposed to distract you." Suddenly the light from Valon's claw started to wrap around Dom. "Interesting, I suppose. So, uh, what's it suppose to do?" Dominic could easily brake it off, it didn't feel so strong.

Meanwhile Vile had already made it to the sanctum. It was up a large temple on top of a stairwell of 1000 stairs. At top there was a large temple with various columns and carvings. Each column had an engraving of an ancient zord. Vile stepped into the large temple room. There was a massive doorway to one side and torches on the surrounding walls. "So where is this Blade I've heard so much about?" he asked himself. Valon started laughing. "It's my Moon Claw," began Valon. "You see it may feel flimsy and weak, but it's like a rubber band that gets smaller, and smaller, and smaller, over time, and if you break it, well I'll let you find out." Dominic smirked. He bulged his arm just a little, and it broke. "Now what?"

A bright white light flashed and blinded Dom. As this happened Valon lunged forward, and laid a blow to his head. "If you couldn't tell, when my Moon Claw breaks, a bright light blinds my enemy." Dominic staggered back, but used that to an advantage and caught the hand as it hit. "Interesting, now, let's try something else." He sidestepped and smashed Valon into the ground, creating a large crater. "Hm, that was a" As Valon was on the ground, he started to chuckle. Valon soon snapped back up to his feet. "Master Vile was right. My powers are very close to yours. We are nearly identical, but my powers are far more superior." Valon disappeared, and reappeared on a tree branch. "My powers were made to counteract every other Ranger, and your powers are no different." Valon started disappearing and reappearing everywhere and soon looked like he was everywhere at once. "This is a little trick I like to call my Wolf Illusion. You might be able to keep up with me, but I'm never in place for long."

"You forget, I am backed by a wolf demon. Now, master, will you show this fool his incompetence?" Fenrir appeared from Dominic's shadow and chuckled. "This is his power?" asked Fenrir. "Employing the moon? Sad." Dominic's shadow extended into smaller Fenris, and each lunged at Valon. Meanwhile, Joe and Sean continued on their way. All of the shadows phased through Valon, as if he wasn't really there. He laughed. "Didn't I tell you, I'm never in the same place for long," he began. "No matter how fast or many attacks you throw at me, it won't touch me, unfortunately I can't hurt you when I do this, but I can show you this." Valon disappeared, and reappeared in a tree. "You only have the powers of a wolf demon, while I AM a wolf demon! Take this, MOON BLAZE!" Both of Valon's claws glowed white, and shot a large white fire ball at Dom. The haze erupted through Dom and he continued to stand where he was. "I'd check yourself," began Dom. "Those Fenris weren't suppose to do physical damage." Under Valon's suit a wolf like tattoo that starts to spread across his body, causing immense pain. Valon started to smile. "I guess I should tell you, Master Vile took away all my Pain Nerves. Pain is now a memory to me." He then laughs.

Valon kept standing, but started to wobble as if dizzy, and soon fell. "Whats happened!?" he yelled as he started to breathe heavier. "I can't feel pain, why can't I stand up!?" Suddenly Valon gave out a scream, and the wind blew fiercely. Suddenly the wind stopped, and Valon stood up. "I forgot, I don't feel pain, but my body still reacts as if in pain." Valon looked up at Dom. "It's sad. Such a strong warrior left Master Vile. Too bad I can't influence you to go back to Vile's side." Dom waved his hand dismissively. "That curse is strong enough to kill a god. It's been my destiny to do this." He sighed. "I now await the triumphant..." "Strong enough to kill a god? Strong enough to kill a starving rat, but not a god, like me." He laughs. "You have seen nothing yet." A large spike in energy came from Valon, and the marks were removed from his body. "You won't be triumphant, Dominic. Your powers are only a fraction compared to me." Valon's Visor turned red, and suddenly he gave an extremely loud Ear-splitting howl. "You really are foolish. That mark is still there." "W-What!?" Valon looked down and realized they were still there! "Th-thats impossible! That spike of energy should have removed them! Well it looks like your powers are a little greater than I expected, but my body can still hold a little more."

Valon got ready for an attack, but stopped. "WHAT!!!" yelled Valon while he waits as if he was being talked to. "Well I guess this ends in a draw, Dominic. Master Vile has more important plans for me." Valon then disappeared. Dominic shrugged. "Suit yourself," he said.

While Joe and Sean continued walking, Sean accidentally and unexpectedly sets off another alarm. "Sorry about that," he tells Joe. Then 4 more monsters came out of nowhere. "I can handle this." Sean morphed and began to fight the crazy creatures. "Panther Punch!" Sean knocks back one of the monsters and bursts into a great white light. "So someone has made it to the sanctum," said the same figure from before. "Interesting but I'll wait for more to arrive. I need a challenge." "Thanks Sean," said Joe. "I'm gonna go on ahead." Joe ran on ahead. As he was running a portion of the ground underneath him began to shift. He dived forward and avoided a pit fall opening up. He finally made it to the temple stairwell. As he ran up he found Vile in the sanctum. "Stop right there Vile!" "So, you made it," began Vile. "Though since you are no longer a ranger, I don't think you should be here. Why don't you go back and hang out with your little friend Izabel? Or relax on the beach?"

Then, out of nowhere, the torches in the room started to glow blue and blazed violently. The doors to the opposite side of the temple opened and a man with long dark brown hair dressed in black, ancient cloth clothing with gold embroided patterns entered the room. It was the figure from before. "So two people have made it to the sanctum," he began. "State your name and purpose for being here then we'll see who shall face the final challenge for the Genesis Blade. My name is Caoimhin and I decide who has the right to possess the Genesis Blade." He put on a bronze vambrace on his right arm, which has some patterns on it, then he walked closer to the two. "So you better answer my questions!"

"Ah, you must be the sacred guardian of this temple," began Vile. "I am Master Vile. I used to be the terror of the universe as you have maybe heard, but I've changed my ways. I was brought back from the future for a purpose to save. I wish to accept the blade, but I must say it is an utmost honor just to stand in your presence." "Don't listen to him, he's lying," began Joe. "My name is Joseph and I was chosen to be the Gold Ranger, but then Vile started stealing my powers. He wants the blade to fully take control of these powers and use them for evil." "Ha! An entertaining story, but surely a guardian as great as you know that powers are usually taken once that someone proves to be unworthy. The powers were being transferred to me because they deemed me more worthy than him." "What? This is ridiculous!"

"Although that some powers are transferred to others because the one who possesses them is deemed unworthy..." Caoimhin started as he walked to Master Vile. "Do you really think I would be fooled by an imbecile like you, Master Vile?" "Great guardian, please. I know it seems strange but in the future I became good and I came back to this time to avert a disaster." "I have watched the battles you've had with the rangers and you do not fit the requirements." The torches burned even more wildly then a loud roar was heard in the distance forcing the flames to stream together and create a small vortex behind Vile. "Now return to where you came from!" Caoimhin then did a open palm strike straight into Vile's chest propelling him into the vortex and the vortex disintegrated into the air. Vile was then shot out onto the outskirts of the island. "Ouch! That miserable guardian. I'll make him pay. But first, Valon, your master commands you to destroy the other rangers and this island. Summon you zord!!!"

Meanwhile, Caoimhin then turned to the other challenger. "So, Joseph was it?" he asked. "You're coming with me." Blue flames then engulfed them and after they disappeared they were in a cavern. "Are you ready for the final challenge?" Joseph looked around the massive cavern. It was huge. The cave looked like an ancient sacrificial room. He had a bad feeling. He saw markings in the floor that looks like glyphs, but were in pairs that made them look more like claws. He swallowed hard, then shook of the fear. "I'm ready," he said. "I'm glad you said that but i sense that you fell uneasy." Caoimhin walked over to one side of the cavern. A massive head, shaped like a dog, then appeared in the shadows and dropped two swords into Caoimhin's hands. Then he turned around facing Joseph. "Well you should be as I'm your final challenge." Caoimhin then threw the sword in his left hand at Joseph. Joseph caught the sword. It had a very elaborate hilt where the handle ended in a dog head and each side of the horizontal hilt ended in dog heads as well. "So, we're gonna fight? Is that the only test, or should I worry about one thing at a time?" "This is the only test left but..." Caoimhin then ran towards Joseph at a blinding pace and stopped right in front of him. "'s not going to be easy!"

Joseph rolled to the side and tried to sweep kick the floor and knock Caoimhin over. Caoimhin got back on his feet. "Well your reflexes are quicker than I thought, but you still aren't that good enough to defeat me," Caoimhin said as he then rushed to Joseph and did an open palm strike into Joseph's chest which knocked him a few feet away. Joseph flew back a few feet and got up with his clothes covered in dirt. "Hmph, not bad." Just then the dog head that dropped the swords then lunged its mouth at Joe since he had gotten too close. He dived away. "Whoa, that was close. Okay Joe, time to pull it together." He ran at Caoimhin, blocked the sword attack then knocked the sword hand to the side and then roundhouse kicked Caoimhin in the neck. Caoimhin was not even distracted with that last hit. "Lets see if you like the same move, Joseph." He instantly roundhouse kicked Joseph in the neck. Joseph fell sideways, but turned it into a roll. He then jumped at Caoimhin. and slashed at him with his blade. But Caoimhin was too fast and Joe only managed to cut a small slice in his robe.

"Hmph, so you wanna use the swords then, fine with me," said Caoimhin as he dragged his Falcata along the ground as he ran towards Joseph then did an upwards slash at him but Joseph blocked it just before the blade made contact with his face. "Show me all of your strength, desire and purpose for being here or you won't defeat me." The two then locked swords. Joseph used his furry and struck at Caoimhin, but he blocked and then knocked the sword out of Joe's hands. Caoimhin put his sword next to Joseph's neck so close that even a simple twitch will cause the main artery in his neck to be severed. "Luckily for you, this fight isn't over yet." Caoimhin lowered his blade then went and picked up the sword Joseph dropped. "You're still not showing your potential." He then throws the sword back to Joseph.

Joseph was sweating a lot. He had to think to himself. Okay Joe get a grip. You can do this. Even though this guy is stronger, faster, more skilled, and had years of experience. Not to mention I don't have my powers at all. But wait. There's one thing I have that he doesn't. I have a purpose. Everyone is counting on me. Izabel, Sean, Kent, Star, Dom, Zedren. Everyone is counting on me to get this Blade. I have to, I must! Joseph ran towards Caoimhin and engaged him in a fierce sword battle. The clanging of steel was ferocious. Joseph then grabbed Caoimhin's blade and then roundhouse kicked him backwards. As Caoimhin got up Joseph put both blades around his neck like a scissor. Joe smiled. Then removed the blades, took five steps back and threw one of the swords where Caoimhin laid. "Looks like we're tied now. Best two out of three?"

Meanwhile, The Nidhog had taken Dominic towards Joseph, and he watched the fight amusingly. "If a megazord gets summoned up, I'll do the fighting!" he said. "Maybe another time," said Caoimhin. "You've finally shown all the requirements needed to go and get the Genesis Blade but now you've just got to get the Blade from Tartarus. Don't worry though it'll be easy." He then opened the doors to Tartarus. "Just so you know you've only seen 30% of my potential." Then he disappeared in a pillar of blue flames. Joseph tried to call after him. "Mind if I keep this sword for protection for the moment?" He was already gone, though. Joseph walked into the large gateway and looked around. The doors immediately slammed behind him. He would of tried to open them but there was no lock or handle, and they were over 100 feet high. "Looks like I'm on my own from here."

He started to walk through the area. I certainly hope this is just a matter of me finding my way and not fighting anything, he thought. He spent 3 minutes climbing over a large rounded wall. As he got over it he noticed strange grooves in the wall. "Wait a second, this isn't a hill!" he yelled. "Oh my God. This is a finger." He started to move away and run down the path. He then came to a large bridge that wasn't a bridge at all, but a large chain over 6 feet wide that spanned at least a 500 foot pit. As he looked around in this open area he could see large Giants the size of mountains chained to the walls. He knew of mythology, especially Greek. He found it interesting. "These must be the Titans. I had heard they were condemned to Tartarus, but I thought it was just a legend. But then again, nothing surprises me anymore. I better continue on." Little did Joseph know that he was being watched by someone, or rather, something. "What's taking Joe so long?" asked Sean. "I'll go check on him." Sean rushed inside and saw nothing. "Joe, where are you?" As Sean began to leave the sanctum, the door closed in front of him. "What the-?" Just then, another monster came out of nowhere and began to attack Sean. Sean morphed and punched the monster against the wall, and it bursts into a bright light.

The door opened again and Sean decided to run out in fear of having to fight another monster. He did so only to see the rangers fighting another group of monsters, 5 to be exact. The door behind him had closed and he saw nowhere to go except into the fight. A blue pillar of fire appeared near the entrance to the sanctum then Caoimhin walked out of it. "Leave these people at once, protectors of the island!" commanded Caoimhin and the monsters began to walk away into the dense forest on the island. "You no longer need to worry about them but you do need to fight that zord over there." He then pointed to them the direction of where the zord was coming from. Meanwhile, Vile, growing impatient, screamed inside Valon's head. "Where are you?" he asked. "I told you to destroy the entire island with your zord. Now summon him." "Yes Master Vile," said Valon as he teleported the rangers out of the sanctum. Valon then raised his hand to the sky. The sky parted and revealed the moon. A large blue beam from the moon shot down at the ground on the ground where Valon stood. A portal from the light opened up, and the Werewolf Megazord rose from it. The Werewolf Megazord towered over the island, and gave out a howl. The island began to shake, and trees began to crumble.

Meanwhile, even in the deep reaches of Tartarus, Joseph could feel the earth move and shake around him. "This isn't good," he told himself. "I better hurry up and find this blade." He continued forward. Still unaware of what was going on outside, as well as what was ever presently getting closer to him. Caoimhin watched the Werewolf Megazord very cautiously. "Hope the others can handle this Megazord and I hope he doesn't cause any real damage to this island," he said to himself. Another howl shook the island as the Fenrir Zord stood on a tall mountain, akin to the werewolf zord. "Shall we end this?" Dominic asked politely inside the Fenrir zord. Caoimhin chanted in an ancient language causing ancient monuments and the city to get swallowed into the ground then he walked down the staircase as the temple was moving into the mountain behind it. "Now they can fight," Caoimhin calmly stated. "This is no fun at all," said Vile. "Are we gonna have a staring contest? Let's make things more interesting." He captured one of the 4 foot island guardians and corrupted it and made it grow in size.

"I can't believe Vile would do such a thing to one of the guardians," said Caoimhin as he clenched his fists in anger but then calmed down. "I'll have to leave it to the rangers to take care of the problem." Sean then summoned, and entered the Lio zord, then began to wait until the corrupted guardian gets closer to the waters. "Guys, I need you to get that thing into the waters!" he yells through the com link. Sean waited patiently for the others to start fighting. Star, finally deciding to see for herself the racket that was booming throughout the island, came running to the zords. She looked in horror at the zord and called to Sean, "Call off your Panther! I have an idea!" She morphed and called out, "Pegasus! Serpent Dragon! OMEGA Zord Power!" The Pegasus zord grew to its full size and the Serpent Dragon transported itself to the island as well. "I need Panther for this to work..." She whispered to herself. The guardian ripped out two chain blades ad wrapped themm around Fenrir's legs he then swung him around 3 times and then slammed him into the cliff side.

Sean called off the panther zord and waited patiently for what Star has in hand for the Pegasus and Serpent Dragon zords. "It's all yours Star," he told her. Star nodded to Sean. She looked up and shouted, "Angelus Purity Megazord!" The Panther, Pegasus and Serpent Dragon zords all flew into the sky. With several switching and rearranging, a new zord stood in their place.

So thats the Angelus Purity Megazord, the amused Caoimhin thought. Lets see how it fights the possessed guardian then. Star, now piloting the megazord, flew into the air. It swiftly glided towards the guardian and swung both swords at it. They missed, but caused it to lose balance. "Go Star!" yelled Sean. "You can do it. Finish that crazy thing off!" The guardian threw its chain blades at the Angelus megazord and tried to pull it back onto the ground. But the Angelus megazord was far too strong, and one of the guardians blades snapped off. After breaking the blade, Star made the Megazord spin around, causing the whip to wrap around the guardian. She then gave a mighty swing of the sickle, which crashed hard on it. The mighty sickle embedded itself deep into the guardians flesh. Its arm then slumped down. However, the ancient rags it wore clung tight and managed to keep the arm in place, though not for long. The threads were becoming weak and couldn't last that long. Releasing the possessed guardian, Star landed on the ground. She filled the whip with power. She slashed it across the guardian. However, it moved a little backwards and ended up with a shallow cut on the chest.

"I should be the one to destroy the guardian seeing as though they were under my command," said Caoimhin as he then chanted some ancient language again. Multiple loud roars shook the very core of the island then a large portal appeared from nowhere. Then 3 large blue fireballs soared through the air and spiraled together to create the most immense fireball then went straight into the guardian. The body was burnt to nothingness by the intense heat of the fireball. Just then Vile saw this immense show of power as well as the new megazord. "I don't like this one bit," he began. "Valon, conserve your strength for the next fight. Allow me to show these Rangers how its done." The Lycan Zord's eyes glowed bright red, it let out a loud roar that shook the island. The zord the leaped into the air, grabbed a hold of the Angelus megazord and threw it into the Fenrir zord. "Thank you master," said Valon as he then lowered his head, and when into a state of unconsciousness.

After the thrashing, Star got up and shook off the damage. "Uh guys, a little help?" she asked. She flew the Angelus megazord up into the sky and aerial dived with the sickle in front. It hit the Werewolf zord squarely in the chest, making it fall back. The werewolf zord was tossed backwards by the ferocity of the blow. However, it quickly jumped back up on its feet. It gave a loud howl, then dug its claws into the ground and blasted a fire ball at the Angelus. It collided into the animus with a huge burst. Luckily the new megazord could take quite a beating. Caoimhin chanted again and caused a fireball to directly hit the Werewolf Megazord. "Vile leave this island now or face the beast that guards the island!" yells Caoimhin. Vile laughed. "'Beast that guards the island'," he began. "That's rich. You would do well to not underestimate the power of Master Vile my tunic clad friend." Caoimhin rushed over to Vile and put his Falcata against Vile's neck. "Don't underestimate my power Vile. Not even I know what my true potential is." Vile laughed again. "My dear boy. You're quite impulsive for a follower of Zordon. What happened with patience?" "I have a lot of patience, I just want this fight over and done with before any more damage is caused to this island." "You see there we are agreed upon my friend. I want this pointless fight to be over with as well." Just then Sean felt strange, and his armor started to vanish.

"I know what you were thinking as well as what Joseph probably thought," Vile began. "By having the Pegasus here you could prevent me from corrupting the Lio zord. And well that is true you forget, there's more than one way to skin a cat. So, thanks to Sean being so Gung-Ho with his powers, he never stopped to realize that I was still stealing the Gold Ranger powers. So it doesn't matter if I can't corrupt the Lio zord, I know own the Lio zord and the powers. So there is no need to corrupt it, since its mine. And now, Lio zord, Primevil Megazord formation." The Lio zord shot out of the water and formed the Primevil megazord. It also manages to summon the raptor, and sabertooth zords and corrupt them as well. The Stego zord was still safe for now. Caoimhin kept his Falcata's blade next to Vile's neck. I'm sorry guys that I can't do anything to stop the zords, and I hope you can fend them off till young Joseph gets back, he prayed in his mind.

Meanwhile, as Joseph looked around and continued on in Tartarus he heard a booming voice. "So, I have a visitor," said a voice. "Who's there?" asked Joe. Just then one of the cliff walls moved a bit and Joseph realized it was a leg. He looked up and a massive 4 armed giant looked down at him. "Oh, I'm sorry, I almost stepped on you," said the giant. "Hold on a second. I'll be right down." The massive giant shrunk down to Joseph's size. "Sorry, this is the smallest I can go. So, state your name and purpose." "My name is Joseph. And I'm here to find the Genesis Blade. I already beat the guardian Caoimhin and now I must find my way through here." "Well, it's certainly been a long time since someone tried. I'm surprised you made it this far. Most people either can't survive the physical trials or get killed. By the way, allow me to introduce myself. I am Atlas." "Atlas?!? So I was right. The Titans and Olympians did exist, I mean do. And those things on the walls are titans as well. I always thought you were supposed to hold up the world or something." "You have many questions my friend. Yes, those are my titan brethren. I'm glad you called them Olympians and not Gods. For they weren't. They were not immortal, nor so virtuous. As far as me holding the earth, well I was condemned to be trapped and chained down here between the crushing pressure. But a great man by the name of Zordon returned a portion of my magic and freed me. As long as I protect this blade." "So you know where the blade is?" "Oh, the blade is here. Don't get me wrong, but you must do that on yourself. All I can tell you is that in the darkest hour, light will always shine. And the power will always protect you." "And that is supposed to mean...?" "Who knows. But Zordon told me to tell anyone who made it this far that, in return, I get my freedom. I'm still in Tartarus, but at least I'm not chained under the crushing pressure. By the way, the one you faced above. He has the powers of Hades within him. And um, don't tell him that Zordon set me free down here. Since it was Hades who actually was partially responsible for my death or rather taking my soul. Each one of the mini guardians have a portion of the power he had to steal souls. Allow me to show you." Atlas then projected his memories into Joseph's head. "I had saved my brother Cronus only to fall victim to the same attack. He ripped my soul from my body and Zeus transported my lifeless corpse here. And I awoke in this torment. So please do not tell anyone of my presence here. Go on Joseph, and finish your mission. I shall be with you in spirit if you should ever need." And Atlas departed.

"Come on Stego!" yelled Kent as the Stego Zord smashed the boulder that always seemed to come back into place with its large tail. "Now, let's take him down!" Then Kent, piloting the Stego, rushed the werewolf zord and, at max speed with the thrusters, knocked him down. Dom paused. "This makes no sense anymore," he said. "Who should I be attacking? Who's my friend? My enemy?" He held his head in annoyance when he felt something calling to him in the ocean. Marks appeared across his skin and he demorphed. The Fenrir zord disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Dom started to feel pain from all over his body and he dropped to his knees, gasping for air. He crawled towards the ocean, but before he could make it he dropped on the beach lifeless. Loki opened a portal from the Ragnarok monument on the island and stepped to Dominic. He lifted him up by the collar of his neck. "Do you know who I am?" Loki asked. Dominic paused. "A murderer!" "No. I am Loki." "So?!" "You murder countless gods! You're Fenrir's father!" "No," said Fenrir. "What?!" "I AM your father." Dominic's mouth gaped for a moment. He felt like he died and gone to hell and back.

Star, suddenly finding herself outmatched looked thunderstruck. "Bad enough I have to deal with the Werewolf, but now the Primevil zord?" she asked. She looked around apprehensively. "Well, let's try something new then." She flew into the sky and emitted a warm light. "Luminous Purity!" The light enveloped both Werewolf and Primevil megazords, temporarily blinding their senses. The Primevil Megazord and the Werewolf zord struggled to regain sight. They both tried to attack. The Primevil Megazord tried to swing its drill tail at the Angelus megazord but missed. The Lycan zord tried to grab the Stego zord, but missed and got slapped by the Stego tail. Dominic struggled, near to tears. "You're lying!" he yelled. "You killed my father." Loki dropped him and dismounted Fenrir. "No, I am not lying," says Loki as he pulls out a large crescent blade from his gauntlet. "Come, my son, we shall duel here, to decide who is the last one standing." "No, I-I can't." "Yes you can my son, you can." "I'm not your son! Fenrir is your son!" "You ARE Fenrir..."

Taking advantage of the slight chance, Star detached the Panther's head from the megazord's shoulder and placed it in front of the sickle. She then pulled the whip like a string, causing a large mass of energy to fill the empty space. "Luminous Arrow Cannon!" Several small arrows blasted at high speeds towards the two. The Primevil zord was hit several times, but still standing strong. The Werewolf zord crouched down, avoiding it all together.

Meanwhile as Joseph continued onwards, he saw the blade up ahead on an altar in the arm of a statue. He looked at the statue. It was amazingly detailed. The sword in its arm had to be the blade. He grasped for it. And it shattered. "What?" he asked himself. The stone statue then crumbled as well. He look on the altar and saw there was some writing on it, it was very ancient, but luckily Joe had taken ancient languages in college. It said:

I am all that remains. This is all a cruel trick.

As Joseph read this he looked down at the statue and saw the piece in his hand and then realized, it wasn't a statue. It was... Just then something wrapped around him and flung him across the room. As he stood up he heard a hissing noise. As he looked he saw a decayed mummified snake like creature coming towards him. It had a serpentine body, protruding ribs from its chest and a triangular head with snakes all over it. "What in all of God's that a...a Gorgon?" It then looked at Joseph and its eyes started to glow green. Joseph dived out of the way as the creature shot a green fog light blast at him, as Joseph recovered he noticed the creature was still following him with that same vision attack, he kept rolling and moving, all the while feeling his body become hard and rigid. The creature finally stopped and Joseph felt his body go back to normal. It then lunged at him with both claws and slashed him across the chest. "Ahhhh!" The creature then wrapped its coils around him and hit him at point blank range with the blast. Joseph was now a statue.

Meanwhile, the Primevil Megazord recovered and then stood very still. It's head on its chest then roared loudly shaking the island. It then opened its mouth and it started gathering energy. Draining it from the very island itself, as well as all present zords. Vile then laughed. "That's it my beast!" he yells. Use the same attack you used to destroy planets." Dom grabbed sand and threw it at Loki to distract him, but he simply kept on, arching the sword back. "Show your true self!" Loki yelled. "No!" Dom roared back, feeling the anger well up inside him. "Oh? Why? Do you fear hurting the one you love?" "SHUT UP!" Dom continued to stumble back. Loki brought the butt of the blade to Dom's head and he fell grabbing his head in pain. "You failed me son. I gave you a chance." "WHAT CHANCE?!" Dom roared back. "The chance to live, to live your life." "I never had a chance, especially with you!" Loki paused, and held his blade upright. It grew flames. "We shall see who cares about you then."

While Joseph was frozen in stone, he could still sense the world around him and see through a murky film. He thought to himself, I can't believe it ends like this. All this for nothing. I should of never help Star and Andros back then. Maybe I should of joined Vile and kept my powers. At least I'd be able to hold something back against the rangers. Wait. What the heck am I saying. I have to get out of here. If that thing attacks me like this I'm done for. I have to break free, for the others, for Izabel, for everyone. I have to!!!!!!!! Just then a gold light shone from the cracks starting to form in the Joseph statue. The Gorgon slinked back in disgust. Joseph then broke out of the stone with a gold aura around him. He simply smirked at the hideous creature. "You know, I'm probably gonna have this stiff neck for a week. You're gonna pay for that." The creature then started its gorgon's gaze attack again, but this time Joseph rolled towards it and drop kicked its head upwards onto one of the steel chains suspended across the ceilings holding the titans. The chain became very frail and snapped, which caused one end to snap into the ceiling and hit a stalactite and cause it to fall. Joseph then rolled backward as the massive stalactite impaled the gorgon. Green blood oozed out. Joseph smirked. Just then as the green blood touched the shattered blade a green light appeared which then turned blue. And a face appeared. It was left of the spirit of Zordon. "You have proven yourself worthy Joseph," said Zordon. "Take the Genesis Blade and stop Vile. We shall speak again. May the Power Protect you." A portal opened and Joseph picked up the blade. As he did it changed in his hand to the most amazing weapon he'd ever seen. His gold ranger armor then returned to him at full power. He laughed. "Good to be back. Hold on guys, I'm coming. I hope I'm not too late."

Meanwhile in a further reach of the cavern, Zordon spoke to Atlas. "Atlas, you have served your purpose. You are completely free. I undo the sentence that Zeus placed on you. You may leave this wretched place when you see fit."

Meanwhile back where Joseph had exited another hissing sound was heard. Another gorgon like creature slithered up to her fallen spawn. This one was larger, more muscular and even more grotesque than the last. It lifted the fallen ones hand and saw that it was limp and noticed the blood all around. Her eyes glowed red with that same misty vision. She shrieked loudly and then saw the portal Joseph had left from, and then quickly slithered into it before it closed.

The Stego zord hit the Primevil megazord with its tremendous tail and it fell to the ground and created a boom that sounded like several thousand thunder clouds going off at once. The Primevil megazord rose up with still a partial charge in its mouth and fired it at the Stego and Angelus megazord. The blast was so strong it discharge the systems and the zords flew apart. Kent, Star and Sean were all blasted out of their zords and laid on the ground. "I'm sure Zedren gave you the same rules Zordon always gave," he began. "'Never escalate a fight', meaning, never use a zord against a small foe. Well, I have no such prohibition." Vile then laughed again. "Primevil megazord, crush them." The megazord was about to smash the rangers when the foot stopped, just a few feet above their heads. "I told you to crush them. Do it now!" It began to raise its leg once more and then turned around and swung its tail at the Lycan zord, slamming it into the mountain. "What's wrong with you? Who dares defy Master Vile?"

"Well sunshine, that would be me, said a voice from behind Vile. Up on top of one of the cliff faces of the mountain, Joe stood in his Gold Ranger outfit with his powers fully restored. "How is this possible?" asked Vile. "I stole your power after you gave them to Sean. How?" Joe then held up the blade. "With a little help from this," said Joe as he then charged the blade and sent a blade of pure energy at the Primevil megazord and destroyed Vile's insignia once and for all. The zord then regain its natural color. However, the head didn't retract and the tail was still active. "Super Primal Megazord, Activate!!" The eyes glowed gold and took its stance. Joe then jumped down to the others and helped them up. "Sorry I'm late guys. What do you say we finish the job?" "Let's do this!" yelled Sean as he remorphed and entered the megazord before the transformation.

Star looked up. "That's simply...incredible," she said, astonished. "I didn't know the blade had the power to do that..." She was still dumbfounded. "Oh well..." She straightened up. "Back to action!" She morphed and caused the Pegasus zord to once again glide over battle. The Serpent dragon zord laid it's head on the Pegasus zord and both opened their mouths. Star shouted from the Pegasus zord, "Shining Crescent Blaster!" Both of them shot out a heavy beam of light, which blew the Werewolf zord off its feet and knocked it back several miles. All in one swift motion, Loki brought the blade down and then sheathed it. "That settles that, now for the genesis blade." He mounted Sleipnir once more and trotted away, leaving his son dead. "Nice shot Star! Let's finish this beast off. Primal Force Cannon." The mouth started to glow and gather energy, but this time it was more controlled. But just then... "We'll finish this another time," said Vile. The Lycan zord howled and then shot off in a beam of light. "Let's head home guys. I'm sure you got a lot of questions. But first I have to go see someone."

The vegetation and buildings returned since the fight had ended. Joseph then again climbed his way back up to the temple with everyone else. As the guardians popped out along the way, Joseph held up the blade and they all backed off. They finally got to the temple. Joseph stepped forward into the empty room and called out, "Caoimhin, thanks for all your help, but I fear things can always get worse. We need the help of someone like you. Are you here? Can you hear us?" Caoimhin appeared in a pillar of flames in front of them then threw a wooden flute at Joseph. "You did well Joseph," said Caoimhin. "If you need me just get someone to play this flute, and I will answer to the call." "Thank you so much. So, you will stay on this island for now? You don't want to live at the base with the others?" "Maybe another time but first I need to restore the island to it's former glory." "Very well then. Thanks again." They then departed. As the rangers headed back down the shore line then climbed up, they found Dominic's lifeless body and they rushed over.

Joseph knelt down by Dom and saw the blade wound. "It must of been Loki," he began. Who else has a blade like that? Even though him and I started off badly, he was a good guy." Sean knelt down in front of Dom and sighed of sadness. "You fought well, Dominic," he said. "If only you were still alive, I would be by your side when I can." Sean stood up again and turned his back. Kent was choking up and to hide the fact, he stayed absolutely silent. The only sounds in the entire area was the crashing of the waves in the background. Star stared at the body, not registering what she's seeing. She slowly knelt towards it and then, in a rasp of emotion, grabbed him by his shirt. "WHY?!" she screamed. Star was crying by now. "WHY MUST YOU CONSTANTLY LEAVE?!" She bent over as if in pain and sobbed over his chest. Joe stood up. "Loki's gonna pay for this. Let's head home everyone. Let's take Dom with us. He deserves a proper burial." Caoimhin, at a distance, looked at them all seeing Dom dead. "Looks like what Cronus foretold is happening," he told himself. "That means that..." He sighed to himself. Before Sean left the shoreline, he sensed Caoimhin's presence, but ignored it and entered the Pegasus zord. Unwillingly, she helped move Dominic's body into the Pegasus zord. "I just... want him near... for now." She let the Serpent Dragon teleport back to the base. The Pegasus gave a shuddering moan, as if in connection with her owner. It flew off, next to the Lio zord, towards home. The rangers traveled back to base and and informed the rest what happened.They gave Dom a proper burial and continued on.

March 16, 2010 ~ Neo-Omega BaseEdit

Zedren told Joseph that the Genesis Blade is connected to consciousness and will. Meaning that as long as Joseph wills it, the blade cannot be taken. If Joseph should ever drop the blade, it will disappear. And then reappear once called. He supposed that the blade may as well return the Lio zord into its original form The current Lio zord is its dormant form, the true form, and the one Vile and him fought over, and based Serpentera on, was much stronger and larger, but that knowledge will be revealed in time. He also didn't like the idea of this new Lycan ranger, and with Vile angry about losing the blade, there's no telling what he may do next.

Meanwhile, in another unknown location, Loki chuckled. "Oh those emotions," he spoke to himself. "Little do they know what they are doing..." The sea rumbled. A cluster of tentacles flew and whipped at anything in the air. "WHERE IS MY MASTER?!" yelled a voice, possibly from the tentacle figure in the water. "LOKI, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Loki laughed. "Why do you ask when what has already happened is what you had been viewing the whole time. I killed Dominic, but it was because he denied being my son." "I SHALL RETURN WITH A VENGEANCE!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THE DEATH OF HOST!!" Then the tentacles returned to the depths. Loki chuckled again, but slowly became a hard laugh. "One down, 3 handfuls to go!" Loki laughed harder than ever before.

To Be Continued...

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