This is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode introduces a new monster and a new weapon for Kent, which destroys the monster.


March 17, 2010 ~ Master Vile's LairEdit

Vile shakes his fist into the air, then finally speaking, "Curse them! Curse those multicolored power brats. They cost me my birthright and furthermore they stole the blade from right under me!" He shot a beam, which broke down several walls. "And then there's that bumbling ranger of mine Valon! You would think his zord would be powerful enough, BUT NO! It was nearly beaten!" He started to fume. "Good help is so hard to find these days!" He paced around his little space and started to again. "You would think that these utter children would be easy to defeat, and yet they give me an everlasting headache. I should go down there myself and-" Before he finished, a Striker appeared before him. "WHAT IS IT?! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M RANTING!" The Striker cowered and spoke in an incomprehensible language. Vile looked thoughtful, the anger somewhat draining. "Ah, so Dominic is gone. And by Loki's hand no less! I should really thank him properly next time." He looked at the earth with a sinister grin. "It's time to get more monsters! We shall launch our most ferocious attacks yet!' He laughed, his vengeance towards the rangers still fuming.

Vile sat in his throne, thinking and scheming of many ways to get to the rangers. "Hm, I need something especially nasty," he began. "Something horrible. Something like..." He paused. "Hm, I seem to recall a certain presence on that Island." He waved his hand and the Island was in view. "Ah yes, the almighty Gorgon. A powerfully horrid monster such as that would give the rangers a run for their money." He shifted his attention towards the temple. "I'll need to keep that ridiculous guardian occupied though." He banged his staff. "Strikers! Go and play with our little friend!"

March 17, 2010 ~ Island of Creation: Inner SanctumEdit

15 Strikers appeared around Caoimhin. "Now this is entertainment!" he yelled with excitement. He started to teleport the Gorgon, which was taking some time due to it's power. "Soon rangers. Soon." Why does Vile want to attack me? Caoimhin thought as he became surrounded by Strikers. One Striker came at him ready to attack but Caoimhin unsheathed his Falcata and did an upwards slash cutting the Striker in half. Five more Strikers attacked Caoimhin at once but he just smiled and spun round in a circle slicing their throats then did a dragon tail kick knocking the Striker's heads clean off. Caoimhin charged at the Strikers and thrusted his blade into one of his foe's abdomen then pull it out of the body and kicked the Striker into the others. Three of them came at him still but he just chanted something and fire in the torches of the temple streamed through the air and incinerated them with it's heat.

March 17, 2010 ~ Neo-Omega BaseEdit

The alarm sounded and Star looked at the computer. "Nothing on Earth, and nothing in our Solar System..." She paused. "Zedren, does the Scanner pick up universal signals?" Zedren looked at her thoughtfully. "Honestly I never tried," he replied as they both started hitting keys, unable to determine where the signal was coming from.

Meanwhile, the Gorgon was nearly transferred to Vile. Only a couple of seconds until..."YES!" he yells as the Gorgon reappeared in front of Vile. "Ah, my lovely creature, let's make you a tad more presentable..." He raised his staff and the Gorgon grew and shifted. A woman stood in its place. "Ah, the mighty Medusa. How nice to see you again. It's been what, about 4000 years since you and I last wreaked havoc?" The woman nodded. "It's been about that, yes," said Medusa. "I have been a tad, preoccupied with being sealed inside that shell you know." She spat at the ground. "So Vile, what exactly did you want from me?" Vile chuckled. "My dear, I just need you to destroy the Power Rangers. I know they may seem like nothing, but they are indeed troublesome." The wicked woman laughed. "Children giving you trouble? You must be slipping Vile." She gave him one last look and was gone, waiting for her prey.

Back at the base, Kent was somehow having a bad dream that could possibly be reality. "Well, if you guys don't mind, I'm gonna go spend the day with Izabel," he told the others. "She's probably been worried sick." "Wait Joe," began Ecliptor. "Just wondering but where's the blade? Shouldn't it be kept in a safe place?" "Definitely, thats why its staying with me." "With you? Where are you gonna hide it? It's not exactly small." "Like this..." He extends his hand and the blade immediately appears in it. "Nice huh. Zedren told me its controlled by will. And according to Iza I'm the most hardheaded person she knows." He laughs. "So I guess the blade is in God's hands. See ya later Ecliptor." Joe then leaves and meets up with Iza. They plan on going shopping, dinner, then sitting at home and watching a movie.

Back at the Island of Creation, Caoimhin struck his sword at one of the remaining Strikers then walked over to the three thats left and sheathed his sword. One on the right attacked and managed to rip the sleeve of his cloth shirt, Caoimhin just punched it in the face breaking it's skull then he did a side kick at another one sending him through the temple doors and crashing down on the stairway leading up to the temple. The last remaining Striker was left standing in the temple, Caoimhin just walked up to it and grabbed it's neck. "You better explain to me why you attacked this temple again," he told the Striker. The Striker disappeared and Vile spoke directly to Caoimhin. He laughs. "You pitiful excuse for a guardian!" he began, "I sent those bothersome bumbling nitwits to keep you from ruining my lovely plan. But for now, I suppose its time to raise some mayhem on Earth." He faded out while still laughing. Caoimhin just calmly walked to the center of the temple and created a small wormhole and walked into it. When he exited the other side of the wormhole he saw the man he needed to see. "I hope you are Zedren?" Caoimhin asked.

Meanwhile, Medusa, curious about some of the Rangers, waited for Vile. Upon his arrival, she spoke, "I have an excellent idea Vile. Why not send me into that ranger's dreams? I'll ensure he'll never awaken!" Vile looked thoughtfully at her, then saw who she was talking about. "Ah! Young Kent. Wonderful idea my malice infused maiden." Vile paced around. "But we must prepare you." He began chanting in an ancient language, only few of which knew.

Back on Earth, Kent thrashed about, having a horrible dream. Or was it? The dream became increasingly clear and a voice called out to Kent. Bravest of heart, you are going to face the most perilous of all your previous trials. The voice trailed away, leaving a Stairway of light opening to Kent, at least in his dream, not in real life. Kent decided to follow the stairway, only to find an amazing sight. There was a beautiful woman to his left and a Metallic shield to his right. Kent guessed, correctly, that he had to pick between the two. The woman Kent looked at had long brown hair covering most of her face. She wore a long white silk dress that went from just below her shoulders down past her feet and sprawled out on the floor around her. Around her waist where some golden strands of chains for ornamentation. She wore a gold necklace with a snake charm with emerald green eyes around her neck.

Suspended around them was a warped temple structure. The walls were lined with moss and metal and the space around some places were glowing. The floor opened at the stairs to reveal a swirling vortex. It was clear the wrong choice would leave you in peril. The woman gestured Kent forward, giving a seductive smile to him. All the while, the shield shone brighter. The woman ignored this and kept looking at Kent. Kent was mesmerized by both the woman and the shield and walked toward the woman, but the shield grew too bright and the woman's true form was revealed.

As Kent approached he noticed that the woman's skin seemed to melt off. He hair went from very shiny and smooth, to having numerous split ends and looked like it had a mind or minds of its own. Her nails began to elongate and become jagged. The shield's radiance burned into her and her dress became ripped and elongated. One of her eyes became severely scarred and the pupil on her other eye became very dilated. Her mouth began to swell and revealed a second layer of jaws that could elongate and dislocate her jaw and jagged teeth. Her shoulder became dislocated and only showed veins and taunt flesh.

Completely disgusted and blinded by the shield's glare, Kent turned his head around and, approached the shield. He picked it up and it felt as if it was made for him. He realized that the shield hurt the woman/creature so he turned it around charring the woman. The thing still managed to survive and lunged at Kent and held him down to the ground. The shield was still glaring and blinded Kent and burning the woman. The woman was losing her grip and Kent took the chance to release himself and grab the shield, burning the woman even more intensely. After a few minutes, the woman was a pile of ash and Kent woke up. "Wow," he began. "What a strange dream. But, if it was a dream, how did this get here?" Kent looked beside his bed in Base and saw the very shield he dreamed about. He also felt a bit more powerful.

It turns out that Medusa only turned to ash in Kent's dream when it turns out Vile made Medusa fall asleep and think of the one who she wanted to enter dreams into. Medusa screamed and awoke in Vile's lair. "VILE!" Her shriek was intense. Vile came around, with a grin on his face. "Not so easy is it then my reptilian friend?" She hissed at him. "That ranger has that cursed shield! How am I supposed to destroy him now?!" Vile chuckled. "Oh don't look at me." He couldn't help himself. "I lost my touch remember?" She started screaming again. "OH FORGET IT! I'LL FIND A WAY MYSELF!" She slithered out, fuming. She appeared on the outskirts of the city and screamed, "COME OUT YOU WRETCHED BRAT!" Vile looked down. "Ah, her temper will be her downfall. I suppose I should keep the other rangers busy." He turned towards the city. "Strikers, cause as much destruction as possible!" The Strikers nodded and the next moment, 20 Strikers ran rampant downtown.

Back at the base, Zedren just nodded in response to Caoimhin's question. "You should know that I was just attacked by some of Vile's pathetic Strikers but for what reason I do not know but I think it will eventually involve the rangers," warned Caoimhin then he just walked back into the wormhole and it closed itself behind him.

Meanwhile Joe and Iza were enjoying their day together. Joe was happy to have a rest from all the madness. He had a strange feeling things were gonna get worse. And he should get in all the relaxation he could at the moment.

The alarm sounded with only Kent at base. "Man, I just got a nap in," said Kent, yawning. "Oh well." He teleported down to the city, fully morphed and saw the woman he had seen in his dreamed and stared at her in terror. He stumbled in place and the shield, which he left at base, appeared in his hand as if by magic. "I love being a ranger!" He charged at her with the shield which did nothing and somehow her gaze alone harmed him. "Who are you?!" asked Kent. "Isn't it obvious?" "No." Medusa sighed. "Maybe you need to know more Greek mythology. I am Medusa." "Who?" "Forget it!" Kids today have no will to learn, she thought. Kent drop kicked Medusa. She got back up and ran toward Kent who, as if he had a spider sense or something, turned and elbowed her to the ground. "You think that you can take me?" She gave a cold laugh. "You are about a millenia or two out of your league boy." She whipped around, and Kent was thrown backwards. Kent ran from the ever-powerful Medusa and after he was far enough, he charged at her but she was so quick she dodged Kent and he fell behind her. She laughed evermore. "See. Now you and that pathetic shield will be erased from existence!" She picked him up with her tail and was about to strike. Sensing the moment, Kent drop-kicked her in the face, making her stumble back.

"Hm..." said Vile as he was overlooking the battle. "That little pest is actually holding his own against one of the most frightening monsters in existence." He paced around. "That incompetent son-in-law of mine actually did something right, how irritating." He sat at his throne. Shaking his staff, he muttered a few incantations. "Now Medusa, unleash your full force!" Back on Earth, Medusa started to glow a sickly shade of green. "Yes, Master Vile." She lunged at Kent, which knocked him a few inches off the ground, but he gained his footing and was grappling with her. Meanwhile Joe and Iza were still enjoying their date. "I hope the others are okay," he told himself. Kent responded to the attack by jumping in the air and doing a diving kick, which Medusa dodged and caused Kent to fall to the floor. Medusa sharpened her claws, which were seeped in poison. She shrieked and slashed at Kent. He ducked and she hit the ground. The surrounding flowers bent over and turned to dust in seconds.

Meanwhile, Caoimhin appeared on the roof of a building some distance away from the battle and watched the fight. "So that's what Vile wanted," he told himself. "It also seems like Cronus is predicting right about the future events it seems." Caoimhin just keep low to watch the fight for a bit. While Joe and Iza were hanging out, they decided to NOT watch any TV or turn on any Radios, or go on the computers. They have no way of knowing this is occurring right now. They were just watching DVD after DVD and playing cards.

Back at the base, Star scanned the globe, unable to find any distress. "You now, it sort of worries me that our sensors can't detect anything happening near the Bermuda Triangle," she said as she scanned it, but turned up nothing. "I'll have to try something different, maybe use Eric's quantum power to break through the force that's blocking it." She was already out of hearing range. Zedren chuckled. "That area always annoys her," he told himself. Katherine walked from behind him. "True, but she does seem motivated," she said as she smiled.

Elsewhere Medusa slithered toward Kent. "Your friends can't sense where we are." As she spoke, her glowing grew in size and engulfed both of them. "Now, be DESTROYED!" She lunged at him with high speed, pinning him on the floor. She then laughed.

Meanwhile, Vent was with Gargantia in his lair after days of rigorous training. Vent, it is time, said Gargantia. "You mean-" Yes. It's time to take down the Ranger Base. We attack tomorrow. Get ready. Vent prepared for the plot to overthrow his former allies. He made sure nothing would go wrong.

Kent, in a fit of rage screamed, "GET OFF ME!" He then kicked Medusa into the air with a most powerful kick, then ran to where his shield dropped. His dream told him he had to use it to defeat her and ran, full speed into her with the shield as she landed. The only things that actually landed were ashes from all the burns she had suffered. She is now ash, so she won't ever be seen again. Kent then saw 15 Strikers. He called the rangers for help with the strikers. "Guys. We have a Striker, I wouldn't say problem, but something. I want to show you something, so hurry." Joe and Iza decided to order a pizza, when he got the call. "Um, Iza, I just got a little something to take care of," he told her. "I'll be back in a hurry. I promise." "Okay, just hurry back," she replied. Joe then ran to where Kent was and morphed in mid run. "Hey buddy, whats up? Hope I didn't miss much." "Nope. You didn't miss anything." Star, glad to hear from Kent, nodded to Zedren, who smiled. "I'll keep looking, you go help him," said Zedren. Star morphed and arrived to the scene right behind Joe. "Hm, lone Strikers?" she asked herself. "I thought Vile would be sending a monster our way..."

Meanwhile, Caoimhin still watching everything some distance away, "Well done young ranger," he began. "I hope you can keep up to that standard and even progress more in all of your abilities in your future battles ahead." He then continued to analyze the others as they was about to fight some Strikers.

Kent, using the new-found power of the Stego Shield, destroyed 10 strikers at once with no problem. "I would of taken them all out, but you guy deserve some fun after a long day," he told them. Then Sean's teleportation mist came before Kent made that attack and appeared to see what Kent did. "Impressive," said Sean. "Let me take care of some of these things, Kent." Sean morphed and ran to the Strikers. "Spirit of the Panther!" The attack destroyed 3 strikers without Sean ever breaking a sweat. "Easy. You can handle the rest Star." "Sweet weapon," said Joe. "Kent, you get to have all the fun. I was gonna try out the Genesis Blade, but 2 Strikers don't deserve it." With a hurling kick she knocked the Strikers to the ground, causing them to evaporate. "Hm, Kent," she began. "That was pretty cool..." She looked at the smoking ashes and the withered remains. "Maybe you should tell us the whole story, over dinner maybe?" The rangers teleported to the base, and Kent told the entire story, about Medusa and such.

To Be Continued...

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