This the twelfth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode brings forth the first main battle with Sean and the secondary antagonist, Gargantia, and the first battlizer of the series, which is only temporary, and will lead to a bigger plot point in future episodes.


March 17, 2010 ~ Sydney DocksEdit

It was at Sidney docks, boats were being flung out of the water and smashing into buildings. A lone man stood against a tall building, holding a microphone. "And here we have it! Something is throwing boats at the city. No one knows what though!" Someone screams in the background. "RUSSIANS!" The reporter sighs and slowly face-palms while a cruise ship flies over, crashing into a tall skyscraper, bending it over to collapse on itself. The attacks at Sidney had stopped and the military deemed it to be a tsunami. Meanwhile, a lone cruise ship sails across the Bermuda. The captain sighs. "Let's hope we don't run into trouble today." He spoke too soon.

Large Tentacles reached up from under the water and wrapped around the boat, putting an immense amount of force on it. A huge skyscraper sized creature emerges from the water, it's presence causing a whirlpool to form around it. You humans! Idiotic beasts that killed my master, I shall kill all and everyone of you... At this moment the tentacles crushed the boat and dispersed, watching the people on board drown under the wreckage. A voice boomed in the Kraken's head. "KRAKEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Njord? What is it that you want? "I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE KILLING HUMANS?!" They killed Fenrir. "So? Thank God that demon beast is dead." You will burn in the Trenches of- "I can't burn underwater. In fact, I'm the God of the seas, I think if anyone would burn underwater, it would be you." May I just exact my vengeance? Without you nagging? "Why don't you crush his friends?" Why? "Well if you think of it this way, if they were faster with their 'quest' Fenrir would be alive, wouldn't he?" You're actually right for once. "I told you, jee- EXCUSE ME?!?!"

As the Kraken swam to the ranger base he brushed past several nuclear submarines. They exploded with nuclear energy and the Kraken paused. Those blasts poisoned me, I should rest a while. He slowly descended. At the base, the base alarm went off showing a tidal wave that's about to hit the base. "Joe, can you stop that thing?" Sean asked. "I don't know," said Joe. "But I'll try. Time to see how much I'm back in control." He stretched out his arm and summoned the Genesis Blade. He then held it up with both hands and spoke through the blade. Liopleurodon zord, a massive wave is approaching the base. It along with much of the city will be destroyed. You must stop it now.

The Blade glowed, not as brightly as it could as if another command was expected, and the Lio zord took action. It quickly swam out of the base and made some strange movement, as if its nature told it to do something else, yet was not powerful enough to still do it. Its eyes then glowed gold, along with the blade and then the Jormundgar zords eyes also glowed gold as if the Lio zord had communicated to it for assistance. The two massive beasts burst from the water about 500 yards apart from each other. They then both fired 2 massive energy blasts at a 45 degree angle out to sea. When the blasts collided they made a massive explosion which created an equally massive wave in the opposite direction. The two waves collided and canceled each other out. A mist of sea water rained down for miles due to the collision. "Hm, strange," said Joe. "It seemed like the Lio zord originally had something different planed. Oh well, plan B was pretty awesome." "Good job, Joe. Good idea of using the Genesis Blade. I'm going out. Any you guys want something while I'm gone?" "I'm good," said Kent. "I just got a new power and faced one of my most difficult enemies ever. I think that's enough." Joe laughed and said, "Yeah, you definitely deserve one buddy. I've got a feeling I've got a lot to understand about this Blade. I'm gonna go talk with the Lio zord to see if it can tell me anything. For that matter I should also ask Zedren if he knows anything. But I think I'm really gonna have to talk to Caoimhin again to really figure things out." A few minutes later, Joe walked in with a beach bag, swim trunks, and sunglasses on. "Hey guys, whats going on?"

Maybe I should just relax, Sean thought after he had left. Meanwhile, Gargantia believes that he should use his Gargantian Strikers to get rid of Sean. Back on earth, Sean sensed something bad was about to happen. So he hid, morphed, and waited for that "something" to happen. After a minute, 5 Gargantian Strikers surrounded Sean. He spin kicked one back. It landed on the floor and turned to sand.

Meanwhile, Joe and Iza were at the beach along with Andros and Ashley. After what happened last time, they figured double dating in public was safer. Just then a buzzer sounded on Ashley, Andros, and Joe's watches. "I think someone's phone is ringing," said Iza. Ashley laughed. "I guess we all got the same phones," she said. She picks up. Then hangs up and says something to Andros. She then turns and says, "Hey I've got a great idea. I hear there this really great new restaurant in town. How bout Izabel and I go shopping and get some stuff and then you two can make reservations and we'll meet up later." "Sure, sounds good," said Andros. "Sounds like a plan," said Joe. "Awesome, you guys can hang out while we get some stuff done." Iza laughed. They walk off and Andros ad Joe look at each other and nod. Andros quickly fills Joe in and they head to help Sean. Joe and Andros make it there and see these new strikers. One immediately lunges at them and they are able to combo it down. However, they realize these are a lot more resilient then usual strikers.

Meanwhile, Gargantia looked down, sensing his Striker's defeat. So the rangers aren't as pitiful as I thought. Not that that's saying much. He held up a small little bundle of dark energy. But I suppose it's almost time I had a chat with that frisky feline enemy of mine...

March 17, 2010 ~ Island of Creation: Ancient CityEdit

Caoimhin was laying on the roof of one a the buildings of the island's ancient city, which was a glorious city but was for some reason deserted. He was looking at his medallion that he has worn for most of his life. "Will I actually do what Cronus foretold or will I choose a different path?" he asked himself. He paused for a moment. "I guess your right. Those Earthlings may be the ones that help me decide."

Meanwhile, Vile was still sitting on his throne, wondering what plan he should set into motion. "Hm, those rangers just keeping getting stronger as we go on," he began. "I should give my monsters a bit of a push..." He gazed at the Earth, and he suddenly was filled with inspiration. "Yes of course. I could freeze the earth. That would definitely bring it to my mercy." He laughed very evilly. He scanned Angel Bay, looking for an appropriate object. "Ah, here we go! An ancient artifact such as this would make a nice monster!" He pointed his staff towards the earth and said, "By the darkest depths of evil, I summon thee, Blizzbass!" A small beam of blue and yellow blasted forth and hit an old tiki mask on the Angel Bay Surf Shack. The mask flipped off and spun round and round. It eventually became a sort of human-like monster and stopped.

"Oh, it's way way too HOT!" said the monster. He disappeared and reappeared in front of Vile. Vile stared at him. "Silence!" Blizzbass went quiet. "Now then, when I say so, you shall freeze the earth completely. Is that understood?" He nodded reverently. "Yes yes Master. Course course I understand." Vile gave him an apprehensive look. "Good."

5 minutes later...Edit

Vile was taking glances at the earth. "Curses!" he began. "That Gargantia will spoil my plan if he is anywhere near. I should separate them, in case." He waved his staff and chanted, "Oh Dark Dimensions, thy Master has deemed thee to be of evilest heart. Trap thou Rangers inside thyself and separate their power, where unity has crumbled." The space around the beach was distorted and Sean, Joe, and Andros were pulled into a colorless equal to the beach. It was quiet and completely void of sound. Finally, a big whoosh blew Joe and Andros apart several miles, leaving Sean alone on the solemn, moving beach. Back in his lair, Vile grew more excited. "Gargantia will most likely than not go after that outrageous Orange ranger. Thus leaving me alone to finish!" He pointed to the waiting Blizzbass. "Go and cause destruction! Freeze the world where it stands!" With a flash of light, the monster appeared on the actual beach. "HOT!!!!!" he yelled as he held up it's eye-like arm. It shot out a concentrated blast of icy wind. The entire beach and the ocean was coated in snow and ice. "Much much better." He sighed.

Meanwhile, Caoimhin was at the island's temple monitoring the Earth through an ability he learned many years ago. "So there maybe an ice age sooner than expected," he told himself. "Well I'm not going to help for now, I'll just see if the rangers can handle it for now." Back at the ranger base, the alarm started to rush about. Star looked at it and then rushed to the screen. A monster with a mask-like face and coat-like skin was running about. She turned on her communicator. "Joe, Sean, there's a monster in your area..." But their was dead air. "Joe? Sean? Guys?" She bit her lip. "Where could they be?" She wondered. But Zedren laid a hand on her shoulder. "Right now, you should concentrate on stopping our frosty friend," said Zedren. She nodded. "Right. Send Kent over immediately." She looked up. Flicking her wrist, her morpher shined. "Omega Star Power: Shine!" She morphed and teleported to the beach. The monster Blizzbass saw her and started to chatter his teeth. "Hello-hello power ranger," he began, feeling like he is freezing. "But-but why is there only one?" He looked around. "Oh-oh well, I guess your gonna be a very lonely Popsicle!" He blasted at her, but Star jumped and kicked him back, making him stagger a few feet. "What-what?" He looked at her and ran towards her again.

As Ashley and Iza were shopping they felt a definite drop in the temperature start. "Did it just get colder?" Iza asked. "I think so," Ashley replied. "This is weird weather lately." "Well it seems like whenever something weird goes on a monster attack is to blame. And it also seems that whenever that happens Joe goes MIA." "I think its nothing to worry about. Just coincidence." Ashley meanwhile thinks to herself, This could be bad.

Meanwhile Joe and Andros were stuck in the dark dimension, and found it very difficult to discern which was where. Just then a group of monsters appeared before them. The first was fish like and twirled fish-like nun-chicks. It laughed. "Not so fast past and present rangers!" he began. "The name's PiranhaHead and it looks like you just been left out in the cold." The second one banged its arms together and assumed a martial arts pose. "Allow me to introduce myself," it began. "I am known as the Jaws of Destruction!" The third had a purplish cloak and wings and claws and spoke in a whisper malevolent sort of voice. "Ah, Rangers so nice of you to pay us a visit," it began. "Allow me to introduce my species. I, am a Vampyris." The fourth one howled in a metallic voice and then pounded the ground with its arms. "The name is WolfBane Rangers!" it said. It howled again. "Great, looks like a fun day at the beach is definitely over now," said Joe. Joe and Andros stood back to back while the monsters surrounded them. "Yo Andros, I know you don't have your powers anymore, but do you think you can handle this?" Andros smirks and says, "You serious? I'm always ready." They then began to engage the monsters.

Meanwhile, Sean looked around and wondered where he is. Sean talked on his communicator. "Joe, Andros, Star, Zedren, Tommy, anyone, come in!" But there was no answer. Just then more Gargantian Strikers surrounded him again. "Why is this happening to me?" Not feeling particularly satisfied with his Strikers, Gargantia peered towards Sean. He waved his arms in one motion, disintegrating his surroundings. He was now standing on top of the sandy barren beach with Sean. He made the Strikers disappear. Well my feline friend, it has been a while since we last met no? he asked. He stifled a smile. I think you should consider looking for a decent casket for your funeral. He beat his mighty wings and whipped up a sandstorm, locking Sean's visibility. Sean took out his Panther Spear, jumped in the air, did a whirlwind attack and made the sandstorm fade away. He safely landed. "Is that all you got?" Gargantia looked vicious. Oh dear child, you haven't seen what I can do. He launched himself into the air and extended his hands. Large, black fireballs materialized. Let's play a little game shall we? He threw the balls of fire straight in Sean's direction. Sean dodged all of the fireballs and began to laugh. "Come on. You can do better that that. Besides, the panther sealed you eons ago and it shall happen once more." However, the balls landed on the sand, disintegrating the dimension behind Sean. Oh I assure you. I can do much better. Shooting forward at high speeds, he dug his claw into Sean's armor, near his chest. After Gargantia removes his grip from Sean and turns away, he says, You see? It doesn't matter what you do, I will stand victorious! While Sean was on the ground, unexpectedly, he trips Gargantia and jumps back up.

Meanwhile, Caoimhin was watching everything happening to Joseph and Andros. "I can't help them yet, not until they call for my help," he began. "I made to many mistakes in the past by rushing into things and I have learned from them." He just waited for any signs of them succeeding in escaping from their little predicament.

Meanwhile, Joe and Andros were trying to hold their own against the monsters but were getting tossed around pretty badly. Joe and Andros were thrown to the sandy ground. "OK, enough with the warm up!" Joe yelled. "Andros, this may be a stupid question, but do you still have your powers?" "Yeah, but i didn't expect this so my morpher is still locked up in the Delta Megaship," said Andros. "Great, looks like I'll take it from here. I better hold nothing back. Omega Force: Gold Ranger Power!!" Joe then morphed and was encased in his black suit and gold armor. WolfBane howled again. "Another gold ranger," he began. "The last one was a pain in the gears. Time to get some color revenge." "Better not toy around with this. Time to make Caoimhin proud. GENESIS BLADE!!" Joe extends his arm and a large black blade with golden highlights and Draconian face on the hilt that is encrusted with amber gems appeared. "OK, let's see what this thing can do. You up for a round two Andros?" "Hmph, sounds good to me." While Joe and Andros was fighting the monsters, due to the dimension shattering bursts from Gargantia, the dimension waves slightly momentarily opened and Andros's communicator started to momentarily work. "Andros...Joe....Sean....Come in.....Trouble ...Ice monster.....freezing everything." Then it went dead again. "Joe, I've got a bad feeling. We've gotta speed this up and find a way out of here." "Easier said than done."

Gargantia didn't land on the ground, but he used his wings to push him back up. You can't defeat me with cheap stunts like that, he said as he grumbled. Now then, how about we continue the game? He pointed to the sky. A large dark hole appeared exactly above them. There was a whoosh and an explosion. Afterward, fireballs rained down on the entire dimension. This dimension won't survive, but you'll be trapped in the nothingness. He used his wings to fly upwards. If you fall into the void of dimensions, nothing will ever reach you. As he said this, the beach-like surrounding gave a large shudder with all of the impact from the fireballs. Large distorted spots in space developed.

Meanwhile, as Joe and Andros continued their fight they also felt the fireball barrage, as well as the monsters. "Andros, this is getting really bad," he began. "Where's Sean? We have to get out of here." "As you said Joe, easier said than done," replied Andros.

Meanwhile, on earth, Blizzbass was still firing shots of frosty wind all over, still missing Star by inches. However, the city was covered with a blanket of ice by now. It was growing irritated. "Stay-stay still you jitterbug!" he yelled as he fired a large snowball from his arm. Star jumped up and spun in the air, landing in a kick in the monster's head. He staggered. Star was panting. "I can't keep this up forever," she said to herself.

Farther up, in the sky. The stars shone brightly. No matter how hard they shone, they could never be seen. Day or night. A constellation of a wolf stared down to Earth, and the mind embodying it sighed. Okay, I died, and now I'm here. Great. I can't believe demons and gods get sent up here when they die. What am I supposed to do now? A voice echoed through his mind. It was Dominic. "You could bless someone," said another voice. Huh? "You know, grant a special someone a bit of your power?" You're losing me. The voice sighed. "MAYBE YOU COULD HELP OUT THAT GIRL DOWN THERE?!" Hm? I can? Better yet, should I? Do I even know her? "What you forgot already? Oh no..."

Meanwhile, Caoimhin looked at his vambrace he wears on his right arm. "I should probably practice using this before they need my help, after all I haven't done this in a while," he told himself. His vambrace started to glow and Caoimhin punched the ground, chains wrapped around his wrists and ankles then flames started to engulf his body with Caoimhin screaming in pain.

"That's it!" yelled Joe. "This has gone on long enough. Time to see what this blade can really do." The monsters were surrounding Joseph after Andros was tossed ten feet away. Joe then held up the blade, dodged ans slashed each of them multiple times. Each slash left a glowing gold aura to the wound that pulsated. After delivering about 5 cuts to each of them, Joe spun the sword around and then made it disappear. Then turned his back and walked towards Andros. As he did, the gold auras each erupted with a ferocious electromagnetic pulse to each monster, they all fell backwards silently and exploded. As Joe demorphed he felt a surge within him, radiating from his spiritual connection with the Genesis Blade. "Joe, are you okay?" "Yeah, the Blade just sensed a massive power spike. Something ancient." He looked towards the direction to where he and Andros came from when they left Sean. "I certainly hope Sean was the cause of that and isn't on the receiving end of that."

"I have had it with you!" yelled Sean with rage. "Time to end this!" Sean demorphed, and closed his eyes. As he was concentrating all of his energy into something new, he began to float and formed an orange aura. As he opened his eyes, they began to glow white. He then roared like a panther. "Super Panther Mode!" As said, the panther zord appeared, and was shrunken down to ranger size. Sean then remorphed and the panther Zord began to separate and combine with Sean. What was left is a Ranger-Zord Hybrid Battlizer. "Now you see what true power is." Impossible! yelled Gargantia. How were you able to release the inner powers of the panther? "The panther spirit guided me to the time when I was ready to finish you off!" It matters not. You will perish one way or another! "Not this time. It will be decided that you shall be permanently eliminated!" Gargantia covered himself in a black flame and launched himself forward. It is time to be destroyed you insolent Panther-clad brat! He threw his arm towards Sean.

Meanwhile, Caoimhin, after an intensive training, laid on the ground of the temple panting heavily. "I haven't...used this...much a...long time. He then managed to stand up, with his whole body aching, and walk slowly to his chamber to rest and regain his strength.

So, lemme get this straight, I know her? asked Dom, having no memory whatsoever. "Bingo," said the other voice. What have you been smoking? "Look, you do whether you like it or not." I, of all people, should know if I know her or not. "You lost your memory." Blasphemy!

As Gargantia threw his arm towards Sean, Sean grabbed it and launches Gargantia in the air. "Super Panther Strike!" Sean then took out his Super Panther Spear, jumped into the air, and slashes Gargantia upward while falling. Sean then safely landed on the ground and watched as that attack finishes off Gargantia. After a few seconds, Gargantia lands on the ground, but stands up once again. But how? "Never underestimate the panther spirit!" You may have been lucky this time, but I'll be back! Gargantia laughed. He then vanished into thin air. Sean then realized that with this new power he can destroy this dimension and return to Angel Bay. Joe and Andros saw the massive strike and could now see where Sean was, but it was still very far off. "Hm, my Lio zord was able to communicate to the panther zord and vice-versa numerous times," said Joe. "Perhaps with the blade, I can enhance that and try to contact Sean." Joe then activated his communicator. It was towards Sean. "Sean, you there? What's going on?" Sean began to hear Joe on his communicator. "Is that you, Joe? Where are you?" "Andros and I got blasted away and got acquainted with some friends of past rangers. I'll explain later. Look I have an idea. Was that energy spike you? We might be able to combine the energy of your new state and the genesis blade. And by bouncing the energy back and forth it can act like a buzz saw and slice through the dimensions. What do you think?" "Maybe. Let's try it!" Joe remorphed and immediately summoned the Blade. And he held it in the air and sent a beam of energy a distance away towards Sean. A beam of similar size radiated from Sean and meet Joe's blast. The massive combination of energy created a rip in the universal bounds and was able to teleport everyone out of the dark dimension. "Awesome, we're back!" Then Joe felt the cold that came over Angel Bay. "Brr. Either we were trapped in that place for like 6 months, or Vile's up to something new."

The monster turned around quickly, forgetting Star for a moment. "Yes-yes, more rangers!" yelled Blizzbass. He ran at them, aiming his arm at them. Star quickly jumped and kicked him back. She said quickly and annoyed, "Took you guys long enough." Meanwhile, "Yes, waist your precious energy!" yelled Vent. "You will need it when the time comes!" He laughed and yelled, "Shadow Transform!" Vent's armor was surrounded with a pink aura. Then Vent came out with better-than-ever armor and weaponry. "Phase 1 on Standby. Prepare for Invasion." Vent marched with a group of Strikers serving Gargantia to the Ranger Base and hid. Vent turned around and saw the piece of his armor he left behind. He equipped it to his armor as spikes that appeared on his shoulder blades. As Blizzbass stumbled, Joe quickly materialized the Genesis Blade and slashed him across the chest. Another energy burst followed from the wound quickly after. The blast knocked him back about 15 feet. His chest was singed and burned from the burst, but since it was only a quick attack, he was still ready for a fight.

Meanwhile, Caoimhin didn't get any rest at all. He just lay on his bed in his chamber when he suddenly felt something was going on at Earth. He waved his hand to his side and created an image of the Earth the worked to pin-point the exact location on this and saw Joseph, Sean and Andros escape the other dimension and fighting. "I knew he was worthy of the blade," he told himself. Then he sensed a slight disturbance on the Earth still but it wasn't the one who froze the area as he could clearly see that thing fighting the rangers. He searched for the source of the disturbance and noticed a group of Strikers and another person. Caoimhin could tell he is a ranger and one of those that has took the wrong path. They were near the rangers' base. "This is not good for the rangers. I wish I could harness my powers like I used to but right now I can't. I might still be of some help though."

Star held out her hand, where the bow of wings appeared. "Dreamer's Arrow!" she yelled as a light-weight energy beam shot out and hit Blizzbass, throwing him several feet back. He got up and said, "Ow-ow pain..." Vent waited and watched the rangers' battle. He studied all their moves and their weakpoints. This is too easy, he thought.

Meanwhile, Zedren went to wake up Kent who was napping. "Kent you have to get down there before the whole city freezes," he told Kent. Kent understood, morphed and teleported. Eventually, Kent joined the scene. "What's up guys?" asked Kent. "You could handle this on your own. You had to ruin my very important nap." Joe laughed. "Nice to see you haven't changed," said Joe. "What do you say we finish this?" "Sounds good." Both of them stretch out there arms and their weapons materialize. They put them lateral to their bodies, then they start glowing and they both blast an energy wave at Blizzbass, slicing a cross of energy into him and cutting him into fourths. The monster exploded in a thousand different pieces and the rangers demorphed. Star nodded appreciatively. "Good, now that everyone is back, I can finally get some rest. You guys are are going to give me a heart attack someday. Suddenly disappearing, I ask you..." She headed away with the others laughing. After Blizzbass was destroyed, the entire city thawed out. Sean was relieved that everything is back to normal. The rangers teleported back to the base and Sean showed everyone his new power. "I stopped Gargantia, for now," he began. "Whatever he has up his sleeve, we'll be ready!" Meanwhile, in Gargantia's lair, Gargantia listened to Sean's words. I don't think so boy. Next time you won't be so lucky!

To Be Continued...

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