This is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This is the episode which leads to the season finale, which takes place after this episode. There plans to be a Lost Episode to explain the beginning of this episode. It also explains Star's origins and an introduction of a new ranger who has been a ranger before anyone of the team was born.


March 13, 3900 ~ Unknown Beach

The landscape wasn't exactly pleasant. Jagged rocks and spikes shot outwards from the barren land and deep craters were encrusted in the ground. Debris were scattered of several building remnants. The sky was a dull brown from air borne waste in the atmosphere. Perched on the beach, the unknown pair of rangers looked out on to the horizon and watching the sunset. They had no idea that several rangers from the past had appeared nearby. The Twilight Ranger slumped against the rock. "I wish it was always like this," he said. He turned to his left at another ranger named Damien. "I feel on edge. Where has Brandon got off to?" "God knows," said Damien. He then went looking around. "Hey, there's someone over there! Lets check it out." He then, somehow, runs toward Star. It seems after the rangers had defeated Flayer, a time portal appeared before all the rangers and brought them to when they are now. Unfortunately Star was separated from the other rangers and was unconscious at the time being. Also, Caoimhin somehow became transported to the same location.

"Oh great, I thought this was my day off," said the Twilight Ranger. He then kicks the sand before running up the hill looking for Damien. "Do I have to?" "Come on!" yelled Damien. "Royal Millipede Power Activate!" Damien morphs and continues to head towards Star. The twilight ranger hides behind a tree, even though its sunset and no one is around. "Twilight ranger power!" The Twilight ranger comes out fully morphed and looks at the person on the floor, which was Star. Damien pressed a button o"So this was your home, how sad to see such a beautiful world become a desolate planet like thisn his belt. "Activate G.P.S. system!" His black visor slides up, and a green one slides down. "Access data of the nearby ranger!" The computer then begins to process data. Processing...Processing... "Come on!" Ranger Found - Coordinates 5.7.8094612/8.8.7952808. Ranger Star, Lavender Pegasus Ranger. Damien was relieved to get an answer and looked down. "Star...are you OK?" Star began to come to. She looked at the two staring at her. She ignored the two and stood up. "This home," she said as she brushed her hair.

Meanwhile the other rangers start to stir in random parts of this strange new world. Then they saw Star and ran towards her. Star saw them and asked, ""Shocking what the future can hold isn't it?" Dom coughed hoarsely. He held his stomach in pain. "I hate the future!" he said, getting up finally and stumbling, nearly falling. Ignoring how he ended up with the rangers, Caoimhin said, "So this was your home, how sad to see such a beautiful world become a desolate planet like this." For some reason, though, he said it in a depressed manner. The dust kept blowing around and getting in Joe's eyes so he took out his sunglasses and put them on so he could see through the dust. "How in the world did this happen?" he asked. "Was Vile responsible for this. Or is this whats its going to be no matter what happens?" "That is something only time will tell unfortunately, that's if we do get back to our time, young Joseph," stated Caoimhin. "Before we go wandering off, maybe we should ask the expert, after all Star, this is your time. Can you fill us in?" "Do you think her judgment would not be affected by her emotions?" "Well we at least have to know what we're dealing with." "Fine, but we at least need some shelter."

Meanwhile, a boy named Brandon skated through the city as he noticed the debris and destruction. He began to grind on rails to get away from the craters. He had been looking all around the city for Damien and Kai, the Twilight Ranger, for at least 2 hours and still couldn't find them. He started getting frustrated, but still continued to look. "Where could those two be?" he asked. "They never tell me where they are going at all. I always wonder why though."

Meanwhile, "Okay, I suppose I should 'fill you in' on the minor details," said Star as she wandered around, looking under rocks and such, but still talking. "The future as you know it or the 'Good' future I should say, was blocked off by a careless reanimation experiment. The perpetrator is long gone, not like that will make any difference." She spat on the ground. "In any case, Vile being re-created altered the future and directed it towards this path. And I won't lie, it isn't pleasant..." She gulped. " be in the middle of two potential futures. One tries to overpower the other. The very laws of physics were broken." She spread her hands. "The result is this uninhabitable desert." She wiped a tear quickly from her eye before continuing. "And our 'friends', the Kamen, they were spawned from that chaos. They are the anti-existence of whatever was in front of them. Jesterix was the classic anti-existence of human emotion and ambition. Chronodox is more obvious, he represents Time." She threw a rock over and motioned them forward. "And here is where the 'ranger base' of the future used to be. Time Force was wiped out by the Kamen in one full invasion. Now only small group hiding spots like this one exist." She opened the metallic hatch with a code. "Come in, they can't track us in here..." "Don't worry Star, I predict that everything will return to normal," Caoimhin confidently but calmly stated as he walked into the 'base'.

Unbeknown to them, a cyborg-like figure of female stature stared at them. She smiled. "Time travelers..." she began. "How!" She giggled madly and flew off into the dust filled sky. Brandon continued looking for Kai and Damien. He noticed something in the distance. He stopped and looked at the figure. He then skated slowly to the other side of the buildings to get a better look. "What could that figure possibly be?" he asked himself as he moved slowly. Then quickly, Star turned and saw Brandon. "Oh my, what a cute guy you are," she said. She smiled and brought out a small blaster. It was like a ramp and she loaded it with a cartridge. "Striker Soul. Set and Fire!" She aimed at the ground, and with a bang, Shadow Strikers, though a bit different in appearance, because of heavier metallic armor, appeared from the rocks. "Let's play okay?" She withdrew her blaster and once again, flew away into the sky. Brandon's eye started to twitch as he looked at the Shadow Strikers. "Great, a bad time for me to have skates." He got to a fighting stance, but he was a bit wobbly because of the skates. He looked at the Striker in the middle, then at the others. He moved his hand up a bit. "Let's dance."

A Shadow Striker rushed at Brandon head on and punched him in the face. As Brandon fell to the ground, he tripped the Striker and it fell to the ground with a loud thump. 2 more Strikers then ran to Brandon. He just kicked the first one in the face while the second one ducked before the foot collided with its face. He skated around it, to try to keep it guessing. He then tackled the Shadow Striker to the ground and punched it in the face. As he got up, some Shadow Strikers were walking closer to him. "Oh man!" he said to himself. "Gotta do the next best thing." He then skated away from the Shadow Striker, but surprisingly, they were following him. "This really isn't good." Dom shivered. "Great, now we're stuck here," he said. "I won't be any use here anyways." Damien then saw and ran over to him. "Where were you?" he asked. "I thought you were dead!" A Shadow Striker rushed toward him. "Whoa!" He somersaults, climbs and and jumps everywhere still kicking butts. "Millipede Ion Ray GO!" He takes out an ion blaster, and it charges up. Suddenly, a giant laser ball comes out of it and blows away around 4 of them. "Loving it!"

Meanwhile, Kai looks around the tattered landscape before noticing Cody has ran off. "Hey Cody!" he yelled. "Where are you going!?" Idiot, why do I bother? thought Kai. He ran off after Cody and saw the strikers. He grinned under his helmet and pulled out the fox blade. He proceeded to run at the shadow strikers and saw how many there was. "Aw, does little babies want to play?" Kai leaped at a striker and punched its face in, then thrusting the fox blade into its chest. Brandon looked at Cody. "Where was I?" he asked. "Where were you? I spent most of my day looking for you and Kai. Then some woman came and brought these Shadow Strikers out of thin air. I've been trying to get away from them." He punched a Shadow Striker and then was kicked in the face by another one. "Man. I'm getting tired of this." He skated towards the Striker and pushed him off the crater into the depths below. Brandon looked around and noticed one Shadow Striker. He punched the Striker in the face as it fell to the floor. He looked at the striker and noticed that it quickly going got up. "Well thats kind of strange. It's either this thing is weaker than I thought, or I'm stronger than I thought I was." Kai pulls his fox blade out of the Shadow Striker and runs after Brandon, but a striker blocks the path and Kai throws his blade but misses, skidding along the floor to Brandon. "Stupid blade!" The twilight ranger gets ready to fight the striker when two more sneak up on him, impossible to notice normally. Kai spins around and kicks the pair over into a rock. Brandon skated towards a Striker as he tried to punch it in the face. The Striker dodged the the punch with ease and charged at him. "This isn't good. By this rate, I won't have the time to morph to my ranger form. Well I'll have to keep fighting normally if I have no other choice."

"One more," said Kai. "Take this!"The Twilight ranger rolls forward, grabs his fox blade and plunges it at the final striker's face, smashing its head in. "Where you been?" Brandon looked at Kai. "I've been looking for you and Damien all day," he replied. "Apparently, as I was looking for you, a woman came and sent these Shadow Strikers. All in all, I finally found you, but I don't know where Damien is." He looked around at the city and noticed all of the destruction and debris. "Welcome to our once peaceful town." "Nothing special about these guys," said Caoimhin as he smirked after watching them fight. Brandon looked around. He had the feeling he was being watched. "Could it be that girl from before? No it couldn't be. Shadow Strikers would already be here by now." He looked at the sky. The smog from the destroyed city clouded the air around most of the county. "Who would cause all of this destruction?" "Neither are they that bright if they don't even know who caused all of this," said Caoimhin. Brandon looked at the sky as a blade was falling towards him. He quickly shifed to the side and got up to see two more Shadow Strikers. "Oh great. Thought we finished you guys off. Oh well." He butterfly kicked one Shadow Striker directly in the face. It knelt to the ground as it rushed at Brandon again. "Well then. Bring it on." Brandon dug into his bag and found what he was looking for, a spray paint can he skated towards the Shadow Striker and jumped into the air. He sprayed it in the eyes and face, blinding it and gave it big kick to it's neck. As the Striker fell to the ground, Brandon's foot started to hurt. Apparently, he hit the metal part of its neck.

Brandon looked at the last Shadow Striker. "Come on then!" he yelled. As the Striker charged at Brandon, he back flip kicked him in the chin. As Brandon landed, he slipped to the ground with a loud thump due to his skates. "Ow, that hurts." Caoimhin started to sense a strange but oddly familiar presence so he decided to leave the others and went to find the source of this. "Wow!" yelled Kai. "VERY good fighting." The twilight ranger walked forward and thumped Brandon on the back. He then looked around the wreck of a landscape that used to be home. He then walked up to one of the piles of metal and picked up a shard. "This is too easy." Kai threw the shard over his shoulder. "Power down." Kai demorphed. "When can we have a challenge? Hang on. Where did Damien go?" Kai looked around one more time before walking up to Brandon.

After searching for some time and being quite far away from the others, Caoimhin soon found the presence that was emitting the aura he felt before. It was a Cloaked figure who had their back turned to Caoimhin. "Who are you?" shouted Caoimhin. "Can't you tell who i am?" the cloaked figure said as he turned around. "It can't be..." He gasped. "It's me?!" Star didn't seem to notice or care about the second Caoimhin. "Don't be surprised," she began. "You're close to immortal, so you did survive over the centuries Caoimhin." She flicked a switch and revealed a setting much like the OMEGA base, only much smaller. She sat at the screen and punched a few keys. "Let's see, there are 3 ranger signals in this time zone." Odd. I thought Time Force was wiped out. she thought for a moment. "Maybe its the project that he was working on..." She typed a few more things in and three rangers schematics popped up. "I thought so. Project SIGMA. Damien's little project no less. I'm impressed he made it that far..." She turned. "Well, if we want to get out of here and back to the past or your time, we need to defeat Chronodox." "So wait, there's 3 rangers out there?" asked Joe? "Even though I'm kinda dizzy right now with all the new rangers popping up, we could use the help. Star, do you know where to find them?" "Of course. Sad to say there aren't many life signals in this 'futuristic nightmare', so tracing three people WITH ranger biometrics isn't exactly hard." She typed and a map came up. "We're in luck. They're right above us, a couple of meters away." She pulled up there files. "Subject, Damien. Subject, Brandon. Subject, Kai." She read them off. She smirked. "Funny. But I guess more rangers would be a good thing." She got up. "Let's go find them then..." She tossed a mechanical key of sorts at them. "That can find nearly anyone. It's set right now on Damien and company."

Meanwhile, Chronodox was floating over a large black mass of energy. He spoke. "Of my lord Deos, it is a pleasure to see you." The swirling mass echoed as it spoke. "As you Chronodox. But enlighten me, why have you returned so abruptly?" He bowed. "It is the fault of my negligence and underestimation of the rangers from the past." The mass chortled. "Ah yes, the Power Rangers. Well, they didn't prove a threat when I dismantled the morphing grid piece by piece if you can recall Chronodox." "But my lord, apparently it has been repaired. There are a trio of new rangers, not that it is a problem for they are but children." "Do not make the same mistake twice. Finish them all off. In my current condition, I am not yet able to take care of them myself." Chronodox gave one final bow. "Of course my lord." With that, he disappeared.

"So why have you exactly come here Future me?" questioned Caoimhin. "It is so i can warn you about me making the wrong decision," replied Future Caoimhin. "But i need to speak to you alone." "Fine we shall go somewhere else." Then the 2 went outside and off into the distant horizon.

Meanwhile Kai paced up and down occasionally looking at Brandon. "What seems to have got these riled up all of a sudden?" he asked. The twilight ranger stopped and looked out onto the sunset, waiting for nightfall, and waved at Brandon to come closer. Kai then made a insulting comment, grinning as he said it. "I think we need a hedgehog tunnel for you, so you don't get hurt while crossing the road."

A few miles away from them, Chronodox materialized from a opaque white circle. A soaring figure landed besides him. She smiled. "Hello Master Chronodox," she said. He bore a look at her, face unchanging. "You shouldn't be playing around," began Chronodox. "Things can get a bit odd, especially with our guests..." She stuck out her tounge. "Oh boo you stick in the mud." She crossed her arms. He shook his head. "Come then, I shall teach you the meaning of the word 'erased'." He laughed. Both of them flew over the new rangers, as well as the OMEGA rangers, who now were exiting the base. Star pointed at Chronodox. There you are you twisted clock freak!" she yelled as she morphed and shot an arrow towards him, but the metallic girl blocked it. "Nice try." Chronodox laughed. "Why don't you introduce yourself my apprentice?" She smiled and bowed. "25th Generation of Vile DNA Bot. Putria Repulsa at your fatal service." He pointed. "Eliminate them my dear." "Right." She spread her small robotic wings and dashed forward, claws outstretched. "Gold Ranger Power!!!" Joe yelled as he morphed immediately with Genesis Blade in hand. "I'm tired of all this madness and dodging. You want me fine." Joe stood his ground and when Putria got close enough he unleashed a huge burst of energy from the blade directly at Putria. Kent saw the beast that will be Putria, and quickly summoned his Stego-Staff and pole-vaulted away from her. "Looks like you are having fun there guys," Caoimhin said rather too calmly considering the enemies the others were fighting.

Brandon skated towards Kai and noticed some smoke in the distance. "Well that could be something," he said. "I'm gonna take a look at it. I'll be back as soon as I can." He skated towards the sign of the smoke. There was something shining in the distance as well. "Wonder what that could be?" Putria let out a groan from Joe's attack. Putria pointed at Joe. "You, shiny power loser!" she yelled. "You don't mess with me." She stuck out her hand, and a skeletal sword appeared. "My ancestor, Rito's sword. Let me try it on your face!" She dashed forward and slashed hard on the ground, creating a shock-wave, knocking everyone back. Star got up, staggering. She then looked around wildly. "Oh yeah, somewhere..." she said as she held out her hand and shouted, "Operation System Start, Nova 7 Activate!" A small robot assembled itself near her. It nodded and said, "Star! It's been eons since I last saw you." She smiled at the robotic atomoton. "We can catch up later, right now, I need your weapons coding." He nodded. "Of course!" He turned to face Putria. Star grinned and said, "All right. Constellation Crusher, Blaster Mode!" The small robot named Nova flipped and turned into a skinny, almost light-weight blaster. She flipped the switch. A mechanical voice rang out, "3, 2, 1 FIRE! Supernova Burst!" The blast sent Putria flying backwards. Joe turned to Star. "Nice shot." He then saw where Putria fell, ran towards her, jumped in the air and dived down and tried to impale one of her shoulders with the blade.

Brandon skated to the side of the building, hoping that he wouldn't be seen. He watched the battle from far away as he recognized some of the rangers. "So these are the Omega Rangers from the past?" he asked himself. "Why are they here of all times?" He dug in his pocket to find his morpher.

Caoimhin got up and dusted himself off. "Well if your going to be like that then, I guess I should show you what true power is," he said as his vambrace started to glow. "FLAMES OF HADES, RELEASE!!!" Caoimhin slammed his right fist into the ground and caused steel chains to appear from the ground and started wrapping around his body like a metallic cocoon. Then flame shot through the chains straight to Caoimhin and in a burst of flames the steel cocoon shattered to hundreds of pieces revealing the Hades Ranger.

Caoimhin then controlled the shards of steel chains to attack Putria like pieces of shrapnel from a grenade. Some hit her but the others missed but this was no problem for Caoimhin as he charged in between shards and punched Putria with both his hands. The rings around his arms slid to his fists causing an intense percussion force straight into Putria chest causing her severe damage and sent her crashing to the ground a few meters away. Putria was dug deep into the ground by the onslaught. She struggled to get free. Chronodox laughed openly. "See my dear, you get over-hyped," he began. "You need something like this." He twirled his staff and Putria got up. She glowed a bright yellow and opened her eyes. Putria laughed. "I forgot you could do that Master Chronodox!" she yelled as she picked up her sword. "Now it's time for some payback!" She glowed and grew to a humongous size. She mocked them by saying, "Hello, up here power pests!" She laughed. "You guys sort out big and ugly," he shouted. "I'll fight that Chronodox person!" He ran at Chronodox. He jumped up into the air and went to punch Chronodox but Chronodox shifted to the side causing Caoimhin to miss and leave himself open for an attack. Chronodox sighed. "Your nearly as old as I am and yet you fail to see the futility in fighting me? I am much stronger than that fool Jesterix the rangers defeated." He fired a large blast from his hand, which rebounded off Caoimhin. "Let that be a warning shot." "How is that possible? How have you lived for so long without me sensing any of your activities? How far into the future is this place?" "Whoa, Caoimhin's ranger form is awesome!" yelled Joe. "Let's do it guys. Looks like I can show off my Lio zords full powers. Liopleurodon zord. Break the binds of power and resume your original state. May the powers of Zordon flow through you once more and show these wretched monstrosities what all have tried to imitate, but not have been able to duplicate. Liopleurodon Colossus Megazord..." Nothing happened. "What's going on. The Lio zord should be able to be summoned and transform. Unless...oh no." He screamed to the others, "Guys, we can't summon our zords. They must be destroyed in this time and they can't come fro our time. We're at a huge disadvantage."

"Great, now when I choose to intervene with this fight," said Brandon. He kept watching as he put his thumb next to a red button on the device, waiting for the right time to morph and intervene. Brandon thought for some time. "Lets go." He he pressed the button and he started to glow bright blue. The morpher disappeared and Brandon gained a sapphire suit with spikes on the back.

He looked around and he snapped his fingers. Out of one of the craters was a vehicle shaped like a hedgehog. Brandon soon jumped to the top of it and got into the cockpit. "Let's see what this thing can really do." The hedgehog zord arrived to the scene of the fight. The spikes on its back aimed at Chronodox. "Oh man. I know this will get me pretty beat up for this." He was ready for any action. His hands were shaking in the controls. "I just realized. This is the first time I, using a zord. This could be pretty bad."Putria howled. "Aw, what a cute little zord!" she said as she picked up her sword. She drove it into the ground, causing an earthquake near the Hedgehog zord. Brandon used one of the Hedgehog Zord's defenses to the earthquake, rolling itself into a ball. He pushed a button as a spike shot out like a missile towards Putria. "So that's where the spike missiles are. I think I'm getting the hang of this." Putria staggered from the missiles. She looked at him in rage. "No more. I will not be humiliated at all!" She brought down her sword on the Hedgehog zord. Unfortunately, she missed and her sword got stuck. Brandon pushed the controls hard as the Hedgehog Zord spun in place and rammed Putria into a wall of a nearby building. The Zord then got out of the ball and returned to its normal form. "Okay then. Looks like I found some ways to play with you." He smirked.

"ANSWER ME!!!" Caoimhin shouted in anger by Chronodox's silence to his questions. Chronodox laughed. "I could have sworn you were told I was the anti-existence of Time?" he asked. "Meaning, I am as old as Time itself, and yet, I am also as young as the smallest and delicate flower. And I literally don't exist. I am a being outside of reality. Even you cannot sense things that don't exist!" "That maybe true but you did answer my last question. How far into the future is this place from when we got sucked into here?" "Oh that is but a trifling matter. But I suppose I could tell you. The time we traveled from is approximately 19 centuries from where we are now. This IS the 40th Century after all." "40th century, that's quite far away from the time frame we came from. And how many for them is there?" Caoimhin asked pointing at the gigantic Putria. "Oh she is the latest in a line of cyborgs designed after the one named Master Vile's DNA. She is quite the handful, but she is the only one, until the next model anyway." He noted Joe's arrival. "If it isn't the Gold Ranger! As I just told your ancient friend here, I am stronger than that Shakespearean fool Jesterix."

"Well, without my megazord, I guess I'll go help Caoimhin," said Joe. "I've faced these Deuteros things before. He may need some assistance." Joe ran towards Caoimhin and Chronodox. "Joseph you shouldn't be here," said Caoimhin at Joe. "You're certainly not strong enough to fight him right now. Go and help the others. I'm just having a discussion with Chronodox." "Well, none of us have our zords. So its either help you or drink a cup of coffee. And I don't see any Starbucks here, so this is the only option. Besides, I've faced a monster like this before. He can bend reality itself. We're gonna all have to work together to stop him." "Fine then, you attacking first or me?" he asked Joe. Star nodded. She took aim at Chronodox. He laughed. "Oh my, what am I to do?" he asked himself. "Ha." He floated away, near Joe. "Your ancient powers are irrelevant in this time frame." Star ran over to Joe and said quickly, "Point the Genesis blade at him, I'll do the rest." Chronodox looked at them with interest. "Whatever you say Star," said Joe. Joe clutched the blade and pointed it at Chronodox's face. "Let's see how irrelevant you find this." Caoimhin waited to see what Star and Joe had planned for Chronodox. Star held up her blaster. "Constellation Crusher, Blade Mode!" It scattered apart and rearranged itself as armor onto the Genesis Blade. "Ancient Inferno Crash!" She shouted as the blade was covered in red flames. Chronodox backed away in terror. "Of course, Time Fire. Your as smart as my lord says Ms. Park."

Meanwhile, Putria got up. "NO!!!!" she shouted. "I said no humiliation!" She brought her blade down, whacking the Hedgehog zord a few feet. Brandon reacted and fired two more missiles heading straight for Putria. "This is all I can do for now," he said as he looked for more controls. "I wonder if there is anything that could help in this situation." She was hit yet again. She looked down. "I wasn't planning on using this, but whatever..." She stuck out a hand and a second sword appeared. "This is my great ancestor's, Rita Repulsa's greatest heirloom, the Sword of Darkness, which lord Deos managed to recreate!" "So Star Park is your full name?" asked Caoimhin. "Not a common name I must say." He looked at the Genesis Blade. "Do you think I could help strengthen the Genesis Blade a bit more?" "I'll explain EVERYTHING once this is all over," said Star. "And yes, I actually don't mind that at all." She nodded. "Go for it."

"Oh man, if only I had the megazord capability," Brandon said as the Zord dug into the ground. About 20 seconds later it came out under Putria in it's spiked ball mode. "Looks like I'm really getting the hang of this." Putria grinned and blocked the Hedgehog zord with both of her blades. "Nice try," she said as she made her swords glow brightly and slashed in an 'X' shape. The Hedgehog zord flew away from the impact. Brandon hit his head against the controls of the zord as it got up again. "I don't think I can take another hit like that. I have to do the next best thing." He pushed a button as a spike moved up and a laser was fired at Putria.

Caoimhin nodded then chanted some words, creating ancient symbols on the ground. Caoimhin began to create a dark blue aura in his hands which was made by his powers and was gathering as much as he could before he forced his powers to slowly encircle the blade and empower it even more with the flames of Hades. "Ready to show the force of our combined powers?!" shouted Caoimhin. Joe held the pulsating blade in his hands. Star had one hand on Joe's right shoulder and Caoimhin had one hand on Joe's left shoulder. "Guys, let's do it." "Right!" Star nodded behind Joseph. "Right!" yelled Caoimhin. Joe raised the blade and slashed it at Chronodox. The blade slashed across Chronodox, who screamed in agony. "No! I mustn't displease Deos!" He fell to the floor, with a large crack, the mask broke. Putria stopped and suddenly screamed as well. "MASTER CHRONODOX!" Putria yelled. She spun and hit the floor, glowing until she disappeared. The now doll-like Chronodox became huge by dark energy. A mass of swirling black energy filled the sky. "Power Rangers! You have defeated 2 of my brethren. I must admit that is a marvelous feat. But you cannot fight against your ineminent demise." Star fell on her knees. "D-Deos..."

Brandon looked at the Omega Rangers from his Zord and laughed a bit. "It's great to meet the world's greatest Rangers," he said as he passed put on the cockpit. The Hedgehog Zord stayed on the ground and deactivated. Caoimhin suddenly started to punch the ground in anger. "I can't believe...I didn't remember...who that monster was!!!" he yells. "Here we go again," said Joe. "And we're still without megazords. What do we do now? Wait, Star, wouldn't this form be sufficiently weaker like last time? No altering abilities or control. You beat Jesterix with your bow, could the same be with this?" "Has he still got any intelligence left in him Joseph? I NEED to speak to him!" "I'm sure he still has some answers in him, but he's not gonna be in charge of his body. If I can judge a guess, perhaps that mask guards his mind from tampering, and when it breaks it allows this Deos thing to reveal full force into these pawns. The original personality must still remain inside, but its no longer calling the shots." "Is that true Star? Can I still get some answers from him?" "True enough anyway. You still need to beat him or something to the effect of. Once their mask is broken, a Kamen monster has a set time limit before it splits into two halves. Of course, I never saw it happen, but it does." She nodded towards the now groaning Chronodox. "If you beat him and contain him, you'll be able to talk to him." "How do I do that exactly?" "Sorry. I'm out of ideas. Unless someone knows something about our powers that we don't know. And its not like we can put this Kamen thing in a zip-lock bag." "This is the 40th century we're in so it's possible but do we really what to be told whats going to happen in the future?" "If there was a way to call a megazord, I could hook up Nova's programs into it. It would act as an absorber and there is nothing that can bust it out." She nodded towards the Fox and Hedgehog zords. "If those two can call a megazord, I can capture Chronodox." She smiled at Caoimhin. "Future events? I won't tell you that much, but you should have some understanding of the future and my background." "Lets hope they can help, I only need this one important question to ask."

The twilight ranger was watching the whole thing, smirking. Star Park? That sounds like some kids play area. Suddenly he yelled out to the hedgehog ranger. "HOW YOU DOING SPIKY FOR YOUR FIRST GO?" He then smirked and pressed buttons on his morpher before slamming his fist against it in a + shape and morphing. "Twilight ranger power!" Maybe I should help them? And suddenly some force took over Kai to run forward and help them. "Brandon! Want a hand?" The twilight ranger pressed a few buttons and spoke into his morpher. "WHERE ARE YOU DAMIEN!?" He then activated his zord to come to him. Suddenly a fox zord bounced out of rocks and the new zord ran towards the hedgehog zord. Kai then jumped into his megazord, pressing remote access for the Anthropleura zord. "Brandon! I need you to help me get remote access over Damien's zord! Be thankful I actually am here at all. Brandon! Get the Anthropleura zord ready!" The twilight ranger then leaned back on his seat in the cockpit of the zord and relaxed, humming to himself. Should of brought a book to read...

Meanwhile, Dominic stood behind the rangers, and sighed quietly. "Oh great, there's newbies now," he told himself as he brought out his morpher, and put it on. He put his hand over it, and everything froze around him. As everything was still he drew a golden line in the shape of a sword in front of him. As soon as it was finished, it disappeared and a giant wormhole appears in space. Out of the ranger's sight. Dom walks up to the rangers, and starts to whistle. He isn't morphed and just looks up. "Any day now." "Why is he whistling?" Caoimhin asked Joe and Star pointing to Dom. Star looked puzzled and sent a glance towards Dom. "Oh..." She smiled. "It really does pay to have a demon god for a boyfriend." She walked up to him. "How long will it take then?" She said, giving Dom a knowing look. "How long will 'what' take, Star?" Dom grinned and glanced at Star. "Should be in a coup-" He was cut off as the Ranger's zords arrived. The Jormundgar dug into the earth, using it as if it were water. The Nidhog was the last, hovering in the sky. The only ones missing were Fenrir and the Pegasus. "Odd much?" Dom looked up and eyed the portal. "Okay, I can understand my Zord, but yours?" As soon as he finished that the Pegasus floated down, and the portal closed. "Even better." The zords appeared on the ground. She looked up at Chronodox. "I think its about time to show the newbies exactly what we could do." She smiled at Joe. "Would you like to do the honors Joseph?" "Just don't completely destroy Chronodox," noted Caoimhin. "Hmph. Fine. Then I'll save Collosus form for another time. Alright everyone, Super Primal Megazord arise." The megazord formed and let out a tremendous roar that shook the barren wasteland that is the future. It then took its battle stance. "OK Star, your turn." "Right." She held up her hand. "Celestial Formation; Angelus Purity Megazord!" The zords glowed brilliantly and rearranged themselves. Star boarded it and faced Chronodox. She clicked a few buttons and said, "Constellation Crusher, Extensive Mode." The blaster became much larger. The Angelus picked it up and aimed. "Joe, I'll set up the vacuum to contain him, just keep him stalled while I reprogram it." Star cut the transmission and was furiously tapping away at buttons. "You got it Star. I'll do my best. But I really wanted to try out my new zord form and eviscerate this guy. But we can do things your way." He laughed.

The twilight ranger leaned forward and held a button, looking through the Cockpit's glass watching the other rangers. "Hey Brandon, they like they can handle this," he said. "Hows for pizza?" Kai smirked under his helmet and leaned back, thinking to himself. Hopefully they can do this, cause can't really be bothered....wait... Kai suddenly leaned forward and pressed the button again. "Make that Italian." He smirked again and continued thinking in the cockpit selfishly.

The super primal megazord slammed its tail against the ground repeatedly and then it spun around and slammed into Chronodox, but it basically bounced off and caused no real damage. Caoimhin jumped on to the shoulder of Star's Megazord. "So what's the plan of capturing Chronodox?" he asked. The megazord fingers became claws and walked over to Chronodox and grappled with him. "Fine, don't answer me then. I'll just help you so i can get answers." Caoimhin then started firing spheres of fire at Chronodox's chest. The blaster was completely ready at this point. Star peeked at Caoimhin through the side of her eye and fired. "Vacuum Reversal." A golden beam of energy hit Chronodox, which dragged him closer and closer until he disappeared. Star held up a little cartridge. "Yes! It was a success. Now, what did you want to ask him Caoimhin?" "Chronodox, I said I was never able to sense your presence at all in my life time but I was wrong. I had sensed it almost 13000 years ago from now. My final question is did you and others of your kind kidnap all the civilians of the Island of Creation almost 13000 years ago?" Chronodox, amidst the swirling contents of the vacuum, smiled. "Alas, that was not my doing," he began. "It was done by a greater power than I. The right hand of lord Deos, and the anti-existence of Life, master Archux. I have no idea where he is however." Deos, listening to what they said, spoke, "Guardian, your people have been erased. Why bother? And Chronodox, you have served me well, however..." A black lightning bolt struck the Angelus megazord, making it burst into it's original zords. Chronodox came out and was completed disintegrated by the bolt. Star was thrown out and landed near the damaged Celestial zords. Seeing this, Joe was angered and he started to charge up the primal cannon and fire it at the swirling vortex where that lightning bolt came from. However another bolt struck the super primal megazord, as well separating the zords. Caoimhin landed not too far away from Star. "They can't be...they can't be erased. I vowed to find a way to free them if I found the one responsible for the kidnapping." Blue flames started to surround his whole body. "SHOW YOURSELF DEOS SO I CAN DESTROY YOU!!!!" A high laugh erupted from the vortex. "You jest. I do not contain a physical form, as I am omnipresent. I contain all of the chaos and uncertainty in the universe. I am more powerful than any of you, including you deity allies. For I am the anti-existence of Reality and Order. I am the deity to erase all those present in existence. And no one shall challenge my reign!" A bolt from the vortex shot out and hit Caoimhin hard.

Caoimhin was knocked hard to the ground but stood straight after, anger was flowing through his veins. He lost all control of himself through all the feelings he felt about the incident so many years ago and vengeance was the only thing on his mind. "Is that the best you've got?!" he yelled. "You don't seem as strong as you proclaim! LET'S SEE IF I CAN HIT YOU!!!" Caoimhin's fit of rage caused the flames surrounding his body to gather into his right hand. "TAKE THIS!!!" Caoimhin with all his might then fired a massive pillar of blue fire straight up into the sky but used so much energy he reverted back to his normal form after that attack. He hoped he managed to do some damage. "A valiant effort. Though futile I assure you." The flames entered the vortex. The entire sky flashed blue for a second and then went back to normal. A shadowy figure exited the vortex. He was somewhat like Caoimhin. "Thank you for the energy. I now have a body to move around in. But I need more!" He disappeared in black lightning and a wormhole opened, closing behind him. "You won't be having that body for long. That is something I'm sure of." Then Caoimhin collapsed, exhausted of energy. Joe laid on the ground after he was flung from the megazord. He got up and saw Star had also been thrown and he then saw Caoimhin attack the vortex and then collapses. "Caoimhin!!" he yells as he rushed over and helped him up. "You okay buddy? And did that thing just mirror you?" "I guess so," he said weakly then fainted.

Brandon slowly opened his eyes as he regained consciousness. As he woke up, the Hedgehog Zord re-activated. "What did I miss?" he asked as he moved the Zord around looking to see if any enemies were still present. Brandon jumped out of the Hedgehog Zord and and ran to Caoimhin. He looked in his bag for anything that would help. After taking out multiple spray cans and some skate polish, he found a small medical kit. "You really never know when you need it."

Dominic walked up to Caoimhin. "Not in the best of mood eh?" he asked as he looked around before sighing. "Well, I'm off. If you guys need help, just call." He bowed quickly and turned around. He walked off a bit, and then stopped. He whistled and a pack of wolves ran over to him, barking madly, but friendly. Brandon's eye started to twitch a bit. "Somehow, it's gonna take a while to get used to him," he said as he put Caoimhin in some bandages. He then got up and put his things in the bag. "Where in the world is Kai and Damien?" Joe tried to call after Dom. "Wait, we're not staying here!!!!" he screamed. "We gotta get back to our time." He then said to himself, "Not sure how though?" "Eh? No I mean I'm gonna see if I can find some info on our new enemies. 'Course it's so much easier when your bi-species." Dominic transformed into his wolf form, and stepped up to the pack leader. Star smiled. "Getting back? Not a problem." She pointed to her morpher. "The Starlight has Time Force technology, thus it could open a wormhole, but I would need a GIANT amount of energy to open one big enough." Joe then tried to pick up Caoimhin and summon the Genesis Blade as a sort of walking stick, but he was too weak to maintain the concentration needed and almost fell himself. He then turned to Brandon. "Mind giving me a hand. BTW, I'm Joe. Thanks for the help back there." The twilight ranger snapped awake and jumped out his zord. He then walked up to the other rangers holding his shoulder. "What I miss?" he asked. "And I must of miss counted these rangers. Brandon!"

Sean, also having been throw from the Angelus megazord and wounded tried to get up. "A little help over here?" he said as he pushed a massive piece of wreckage off of him. Kent rushed to Sean and used his Staff to lift all the boulders and rubble off him. Brandon walked over to Joe and helped him up. "The name's Brandon," he said. He then noticed Kai come with his Zord. "Way to wake up too late Kai. The battle's over." He looked at Caoimhin and tried picking him up. "Oh man this guy's heavy." He fell to the ground face first. "Note to self: Do not wear skates when lifting someone." "Woohoo, I missed the fight," said Kai. The twilight ranger yawned and thumped Brandon on the back. "I guess I'll head back to the usual spot. You gonna come? Or do you need your nappy changed because the monster made you poo your pants?" He smirked and started to walk away. Kai changed his mind and turned around, walking towards the group of rangers, still fully morphed. He figured he should find out what he missed while he dozed off. "Why were you here anyway?" asked Kai.

"Nameless...Nameless, get up. We both know you're a lot stronger than that," a female voice said. Who said that? asked Caoimhin. Nobody has called me that for 2 millenia. "Seems like you're forgetting who your closest friend is. I'm not surprised though, it's been so long since I've last seen you." Wait it can't be? Is it you Euthalia? "You remember, I'm so glad you have. We are still alive trapped somewhere, you must get stronger to save us." I promise I will become stronger to save you. Caoimhin started to wake up to find Joe and someone else carrying him. "How much energy...are we talking about?" weakly asked Caoimhin, hearing Star at the last second. "Quite a bit," began Star. "When I first used it, I had to use Nova's energy, making him go dormant and deactivate. But transporting a group of people would require an enormous amount of it." Brandon scratched his head, as he was obviously confused about what was going on. "This is why I failed both English and science," he said. "I never got the points." He stopped at a bridge site. "This is where we stop for now." "Well, the Genesis Blade could help a bit, but first, I gotta rest a bit, I can barely remain conscious after that thing attacked. Oh wait, the new Lio form could do the trick, but it's also in pretty bad shape." "I'll see how much energy I have once I've rested enough. I'll do my best to supply the machine with the power you need." Then Caoimhin turned to the stranger carrying him with Joe. "So what's your name kid?" "My name is Brandon." Brandon stated as he looked at Kai. "I'll meet you over there in about an hour. Unlike you, I don't slack off on my work." "Whatever Brandon," said Kai. "Anyways, who's the boss around here? Seeing as Damien has vanished." Kai, the both of us that was remotely close to second in command was me. So, for now I'll take command of the Sigma Squad." Brandon then looked at Caoimhin. "So I'm guessing your one of the Omega Rangers?" "No I'm not one of them. I became a ranger before their descendants were even born." "So that would mean you were born since the dawn of time basically?" Kai then looked at all the rangers from the past and muttered under his breath. "OK, what about the rest of you?"

Joe set Caoimhin down against a rock to rest. Joe then walked a few paces and sat down as well to rest. He then looked at Kai. "Well judging from the fact that you actually came to help, I'm guessing you're one of the more competent future rangers," said Joe. Sean struggled to get up and then patted Kent on the shoulder. "Thanks buddy," he told Kent. He then stumbled over to Star and the others. "Well as far as power, I could as well help out with my Super Panther mode, but I gotta gather my thoughts first." Sean then sat down and appeared to go into a meditative state. You all know what I can offer." Kent said, showing off his shield and smiling. "Anyone know where we can hide out?" asked Joe. "What about their hideout?" Caoimhin asked as he pointed to Brandon and Kai. "That's if they don't mind. They seemed to be doing well for surviving in this time." "Well we do have a hideout. But, it's not what you would expect of one." He skated towards one side of the road. "Its through this ally." "That would be best I suppose," said Star. "Let's go." Star still had an uneasy feeling, but didn't push the issue. "What about the zords? Should we just leave them there? Is there any water for Lio?" "The Zords will be at the hideout before we get there due to auto pilot and yes there is water." "Let's get going then. The sooner I get some rest, the sooner I can recover." Caoimhin slowly got up and followed Brandon. He walked down the ally and revealed a boardwalk. He went down a ladder and into an abandoned sewer pipe. There was no trace of smell or garbage ever since his team used this as a shortcut to their hideout. "Its in here." Caoimhin followed Brandon down the ladder. "This is your hideout? It's a sewer pipe."

Meanwhile, in a crater mixed with debris and flames, a hand shot out and muffled shouts were heard. The figures face came next, revealing it to be Putria. She was beyond angered. "Curse them!" she began. "Destroying my master. I will tear them limb from limb and enjoy it!" She began to laugh maniacally.

"This is the entrance to the hideout," Brandon stated as he continued walking to the end of the pipe. At the end was a base with high tech equipment and the Zords coming out of the water to the storage garage. "This is the base, well part of it," said Brandon. Kent followed the both of them. "I like it..." he says. "I'm surprised you've managed to find enough room underground, Brandon," said Caoimhin. The Lio zord made its way to the water and dove down to the depths to recharge. "Wow, this place is big," said Joe. "Not bad you guys." "At least it will keep us safe for the time being from that shadowy wasteland that used to be earth. I sense there are many evil forces all around us, so we must rest quickly in case we have a repeat performance." "Agreed. That Deos thing appears to be the ruler or whatever, and we have no idea where that things human form went to." "Well you have plenty of room when you have a lot of time and an abandoned sewer system." A camera system looked at Kent and Caoimhin. "Don't worry about the camera. It's part of the defense system I installed." "Is there anywhere for us to rest and recover?" Caoimhin asked Brandon. Brandon pointed to the green door. "That door leads to some bedrooms. You can choose any one you want but don't go in room 432. That room has been evicted for a reason." He then scanned the area if there is any evil activity. Caoimhin went through the green door, went into a room and fell asleep on a bed.

Sean bowed his head and said, "Thank you for your kindness." He then went into one of the rooms to rest. Joe looked at Brandon. "We can finish introductions later," he said. Joe walked to a room as well and laid down. He checked under his shirt to be sure that the golden key was still there hidden. He then whispered to the key, If you would actually show up when I called you, you would of come in real handy today, but even if you did decide to show up, after what that thing did to Caoimhin, maybe its for the better. Kent looked around. He decided he liked room 536 and laid on the bed that was supported by a few metal beams and seemed very sturdy for home-made. "I like what you've done here!" he shouted out. "It's great when you have a lot of time on your hands besides skating around and tagging the city!" Brandon yelled as he repaired some of the Zords. "Even though it's fun." Kent saw him and said, "I thought that was my job. I AM he mechanic, am I not?" "Yeah you are. But, I thought I could fix my Zord. I'm actually trying to make it faster, to escape some attacks." He then found a spray can in the circuitry. He eye started to twitch uncontrollably.

Technically speaking, Dominic felt right at home. Compared to his human form, his natural form gave him more freedom. And besides, caribou tasted better when he actually killed it. He and the pack he joined had already covered a lot of ground. Although, he hadn't learned anything other than these new Strikers were destroying Mythological related objects. Must be my father. That could explain why none of these wolves know about me. Kai walked up to Brandon. "YOUR defense system?" he began. "How much you gonna take credit for? All you done was put up cameras, 'twas my idea to have 'proper' defenses." He then walked through a side door to the "lounge", or an untidy and badly lit room. We really need a new hang out. he thought. He opened a pizza box on the floor and took a piece of pizza, sitting down on a sofa to eat it.

Joe wandered into the lounge after taking a nap and resting. "Phew, now I'm feeling a bit better." Just then he slipped on one of the many discarded pizza boxes on the floor. "Ouch. Now I'm feeling bad again." He jumped up and walked over towards the sofa. "I guess you guys don't believe in butlers, or trash cans." "Thats MY defense system." said Kai. "What was your name?" "The name's Joe." Joe tried to find a seat among all the garbage. "You'd think that however many hundreds of years in the future this is, there would be some cooler gadgets to clean this place. So who are you?" "Kai. And we do have some gadgets. Brandon's in charge of that. Thing is we've had a deal, and I can't get in certain parts of the base." He sat and thought for a moment before leaning back on the sofa, making it creak. He proceeded to flick the chewing gum off the remote and turn on the TV, revealing a blue screen. "Well, as much as I'd love to sit in this grease filled vault, no offense, I wanna go check on my zord and stuff."

Brandon looked at the pizza boxes and took them off the floor. "Damien was supposed to bring the right parts for me to make a robotic butler, but he ended up bringing the wrong parts." he stated as he opened a door, which revealed a giant flame. He threw the empty pizza boxes in and closed the door. "Great. Now I need the parts, but from where?" He sat on a chair thinking of where he could find the parts he needed for the robotic butler. "Brandon, can you show me around?" asked Joe. Brandon brought his attention to Joe and replied, "Sure." He then skated to a door. He put his hand in the print and the door automatically opened. In the room was a garage with all the Zords being repaired and cleaned. "Here is the Zord Garage. Here, our repair and washing bots fix and clean our Zords. If you're thinking that we could use one of the wash bots for the base, that won't work." "And you said something about a connection to the ocean." "Yeah it is." "I want to go check on my Liopleurodon zord. He usually likes to heal his own wounds." "Liopleurodon is in a separate room thats covered with water for it to heal. Just this way." Brandon skated to a door. He opened the door to show a giant tank of water with the Liopleurodon Zord in it with more water dropping every couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, Sean woke up and wandered out into the mess. "This mess smells more putrid than any monster Vile could ever make up." he said to himself. "Where are the others?" He then began to look around.

"Whoa!" he yelled. "I have to say I'm pretty impressed with all this stuff." Joe walked up to the Liopleurodon and checked it out. It made some noises and movements that Joe seemed to understand. "May I see what you've done with Stego?" asked Kent, who now named his zord Stego. "Stego is in the Zord Garage getting repaired and cleaned." said Brandon. "I have yet to put it in a virtual environment, but if I had to chose, it would be with the Sigma Zords in the forest area. And if you guys want, you can use the training rooms downstairs. Just in mind, Rail City is pretty hard to get through." "Well, that's what teamwork is about!" "Thats true. But, you should try it. Its the hardest training session in this base. No one in the Sigma Squad has gotten through it without being hit by something. Its that hard." He skated towards another door that said To Training Rooms. "You coming?" "Sure." Kent said as he entered the room. He had his shield armed as a way of cheating in a sense. "Well, this could be a good time to see if my powers are fully recovered." said Joe. "This will be fun." He turns to Brandon. "Maybe you'll learn a thing or two from us 'old' rangers, and perhaps we'll learn a thing or two from you." Joe walked in the room. "Well, Kent, I see you're already armed, but now it's my turn." The morpher appeared on his arm. "Gold Ranger Power!!" Joe morphed. "OK, now part 2. Genesis Blade!!!!" The Genesis blade appeared in Joe's hands and created a crackling noise in the room. "Let's do this."

March 13, 3900 ~ Training Room: Rail City

Brandon smirked and opened the door to Rail City. The room was filled with rails going everywhere with a giant city at the bottom. There were some trains and aerial robots in the room to to stop the person from getting to the city. Brandon smirked as he looked at Joe and Kent. "Welcome to Rail City." He stated. "The only way into and out of the city is to grind. If you want to keep your balance in grinding, use the soap shoes next to the door." He jumped off the door edge and on a rail, grinding towards the city. "Been a while since I did this..." Star gulped. She was never much of a grinder. "Oh well..." She jumped onto the railing, sliding down faster and faster, trying to keep her balance. "I REMEMBER WHY I HATE THIS!" She shouted back as she nearly lost her balance. "Hm, let me see..." Joe looked around and found some scrap plates. He bent them to make them like shoes but left a 'rail shaped' cutout through them. He then jumped on the rails. It took him a couple of seconds to catch his balance, but he managed and used the blade as a sort of balancing pole.

Brandon continued grinding down the rails. Through all the twists and turns, he managed to keep his balance stable thanks to him being a skater. "The reason we had Rail City installed into the training systems is because since the city was destroyed, usually the only way to certain area is to grind there." he yelled as he jumped off of the current rail and moved to the one below, almost losing his balance in the process. "Watch out of the aerial bots and the train system. They will try to knock you off the rails." "What trains?" asked Joe. Just then a train came barreling at him. He screamed. Joe then swung the Genesis Blade and blasted through it. "Lucky for me these aren't full ton trains and just demos." Brandon looked at Joe as he destroyed the train. "I'm impressed. One person also took down a train in here, but not like that." An aerial robot then charged at him. He jumped on it and opened the back, showing massive amount of wires. He pulled a couple and jumped off onto the highest rail going downwards to the city. The aerial robot hit the wall and it exploded on impact.

Trying to get over her fear of heights, Star continued down the rails even faster, coming to a train, which was impossible to dodge at this point. On reflexes alone, she jumped the train, and began to grind on it until it passed. She hit the rails again with a thud. She shouted after Brandon, "I'm going to get you for this later!" She quickly regained her focus. "What?!" he asked in confusion. "Wasn't my idea to put the trains in? Blame Kai for those." He jumped and grinded on the hood of the train. He jumped over to the rail next to Star. "This focuses on speed alone, which is why I got faster both in ranger and normal form." Kai was standing in the door way, but not walking in the room for some reason. "Who switched off the decent practice equipment?" he asked. He took a ball out his pocket and threw at a button on the wall. The system then started to shake. Then he grabbed his skateboard and then skated across the rails, catching up with the others. Then he almost got hit by a train, falling off the rails.

Caoimhin woke up to find the others had disappeared. "Where have they gone now?" he asked. Kai skated out of the room, and out the base. After reaching outside he started skating in an old abandoned skate park, flipping and doing loop de loops without a care in the world. He pulled out a old mp3 player and played music while upside down. Whatever Brandon wanted me to do, whatever anyone wanted me for, I don't care right now. he thought. Caoimhin searched around the base but couldn't find the others at all. "I guess I'll go see if they are outside."

Brandon noticed the end of the rail heading to the city. "Okay, this is the final stretch." he shouted. "Let's see how far you can make it." He crouched on the rail, giving him more speed and jumped as he reached the end of the rail. He made 3 complete spins while holding his skates. He landed right into the middle of the city. His eyes were wide as he noticed it. He just did a 1080 off of the main rail. "YES! Finally after so long of trying and failing!" Joe was common to the final stretch of his track which cork-screwed downward, but Joe instead just jumped it and managed to land on every other rail again and again until he landed by Brandon. "Hmph, not bad." he said.

Meanwhile, Sean watched the guys until he couldn't see them anymore. "This is getting boring." he told himself. "I'll go outside." He went outside and saw Caoimhin. "Hello again Caoimhin. It has come to my conclusion that earlier today, you've obtained your ranger powers." "Your conclusion was wrong." said Caoimhin. "I've had this power long before you were born. I just haven't used them for a millenia." "I see. My mistake. I have never realized you had it in the first place. Well, now I know. Thank you." He turned around and went back inside. "Let's see if my powers are working. Omega Force! Panther Power!" Nothing happened. "Huh? Panther Power!" Again nothing happens. "What happened? Maybe Star can find the problem." He began to look for Star. I guess i should go hunting for the scum of the multiverse who copied my body. Caoimhin thought as he saw Sean go back to the base. When Sean was out of sight Caoimhin ran off into the desert to find Deos.

Brandon threw Joe a can of spray paint and skated towards the city wall. "Place your mark Joe." he said. "You and Star have just became the first Omega Rangers to grind in Rail City. I'm actually impressed you did it on your first try. It took me and Kai several attempts." He started spraying the paint on the wall. After a couple of minutes, he was done. His mark was a skull wearing headphones. "Another personal record for me." Joe put the can of spray paint down. "Thanks Brandon, but hopefully we can make it so that this miserable result of a future doesn't exist." he said. He turned to Star. "We need to try to get back to our own time and soon. I have a really bad suspicion that that thing we fought didn't run to another place, but to another time. Our time most likely. Think about it, he seems really good at manipulating things around his will, and the past is the best time to do it."

Kai skated off to the usual spot at the beach. He sat down on the rock and lent his skateboard on the rock. Maybe I should head back. he thought. He watched the waves come up on the beach and down again. As Kai sat on the beach, a few hundred feet away, a small condensed cartridge of something hit the ground. The old rusted pipes beneath the ground and piles of cement twisted around the cartridge, and then 10 misshapen mechanical behemoths came out of the ground. These were the same strikers as before and the ones that were quite common in this twisted future. Their arms were made up from however the rubble could be manipulated. They usually had elongated skinny arms that resemble a spinal cord and another arm that looks like a tail. They had spouts on their backs which spewed murky black fog.

One sneaked up on Kai, grabbed a hold of him, and then threw him about 10 feet. The other 9 slowly made their way towards the Sigma Base. Kai was thrown onto the ground and was dazed, but he charged at the striker, missing it and hitting his head on the rock. Kai rolled over and then was whacked again by the striker into the rock, knocking him out cold. The striker then advanced towards HQ.

Star finished the grinding course, so she landed next to Joe. She nodded. "Deos isn't prone to destruction." she began. "He's a mystery even to me, since each Deuteros loves to eradicate life. But I suppose we should get back to our time." She held up her morpher, and the crystal starlight inside shined. The other morphers glowed their respective colors and shot into the it. A large blue portal, radiating light, appeared. "It'll stay open for a few minutes at be-" she started but the alarms went off. The screen showed the ever closer futuristic strikers. An alarm sounded in the sigma base as Brandon skated to the control room. He saw on the camera a Shadow Striker in the pipes. "Oh, man!" he yelled. "Why now?" He grabbed his morpher and skated towards the pipe. He noticed the Striker as it screeched. "Okay then. Show me what you've got."

Joe followed after Brandon. And the approaching striker as well as 8 others on their way. "Not good. Can things get any worse?" Joe morphed and ran at the striker. It threw its whip arm at Joe and wrapped around his leg. It dragged Joe towards him and then lifted him off the ground. Joe was staring at it face to face while upside down. "Ok, problem, but not too bad. I call upon the Genesis Blade!" The blade formed in his right hand and Joe severed the strikers arm that was holding him. Joe dropped to the ground and the striker made a metallic scream in pain.

Meanwhile, "Deos, show yourself so I can fight you again!" Caoimhin shouted in the middle of a desert. A crater nearby glowed ominously, until it exploded ina blaze of fire. Out of it came a metallic, yet more human looking Putria. Her eyes were noticeably redder and brighter. She eyed Joe. Pointing her sword at him, she said, "You and me!" she shouted. "A fight to the death." She glowed crimson. "FOR MY REVENGE!!!" She grew large yet again, stomping on half of the Strikers in her outburst. "I sense another source of power near the Sigma base." Caoimhin then looked out into the distance. "I'll deal with you later, Deos." He then started running towards the base.

Caoimhin soon got near the base and saw Putria and some of them different looking Strikers. "FLAMES OF HADES, RELEASE!" Engulfed in fire he transformed to the Hades Ranger and jumped up into the air and punched Putria in the back of her right leg. She didn't seem to really care. "AWAY YOU PEST! I ONLY WANT THE GOLD!" She howled into the sky, which parted, revealing a dark blue underneath. She looked down at Caoimhin and out of her eyes shot a blue laser, which narrowly missed him. "Hey, big and ugly, if your gonna fire a laser at someone-" Caoimhin put his right hand up into the air and a rifle appeared in his hand. "At least make sure you hit them." Caoimhin then fired his rifle sending a stream of fire at Putria's left eye.

She blew upwards, which reflected the fire. She then laughed. She fired a weaker laser, taking care to aim this time. Caoimhin withdrew is rifle and summoned his most trusted weapon, his Falcata, and used it to block the laser then deflect back at Putria, unfortunately, he had one of his rare off days he hadn't had in an millenia and totally missed her.

Farther away from the battle. A figure was laying against the ground with binoculars. His thick black hair hid his face from view. He smirked as Caoimhin pulled out a rifle. Guns happen to be reliable, too bad reloading is a pain.. he thought as he grimaced at the laser that was just fired, and pulled the binoculars behind him.

Putria grinned with satisfaction. "KARMA IS HORRIBLE ISN'T IT!?" she yelled as she took a breath and blew intense fire from her innermost regions of her mouth. Caoimhin was blasted into the ground at a very fast and intense speed along with rubble covering him on impact of the rocks.

Caoimhin laid on the ground in some considerable pain, the rubble slightly crushing him. "Good thing I'm a master of fire, or that could have gone a lot worse." he said to himself. He raised his hands in front of his face, pushing rocks out of the way, and just began staring at them. "How come i feel a lot weaker than usual? It can't be that this power is rejecting me, can it?"

A loud bang was heard, as a familiar figure appeared from Putria's flank. It was Dominic, with a rifle of some sort in his hands. He had a neutral expression on his face, but it turned to a grin and the bullet shot exploded into shrapnel. While it didn't do much, it at least caused a smoke cloud to appear. "Anyone miss me?" he asked aloud, with his rifle against his right shoulder.

"Come on you stupid morpher, work!" yelled Sean, ignoring all that is going on and making an X on his chest. "Panther Power!" Still nothing happened. Suddenly, he turned around and saw Putria and said, "I'm having the worst day ever." He then placed his morpher up to his face, activating the com link on his most trustful ranger of the team. "Star, are you there? Come in! I need your help now!"

Star glanced at Putria, and was in the midst of running. Her communicator went off and to her surprise, it was Sean. "What's wrong?" she asked. "What's the matter? Are you alright? You sound desperate." She noted his voice. She never knew that Sean would actually call her in a time of need, especially when she didn't know what exactly that need actually is. "My powers aren't working! Do you have any reason why this could be happening?" There was no answer back. I hate this! he thought.

I'm not going to be overpowered by anyone ever again since that day I promised myself that! thought Caoimhin as he stood up and flames started to cover his body, burning brighter than ever before. His Falcata started to glow and hovered in the air in front of him. Caoimhin started to form a sequence of hand signs causing the Falcata to spin very fast, Caoimhin then spread out his arms in a diagonal direction which shot the Falcata straight at Putria. The sword started cutting into every part Putria's body as it encircled her body. Caoimhin appeared on Putria shoulder with his Falcata in his right hand and stabbed Putria right in the neck.

Putria screamed and flew high into the air, grabbing and throwing Caoimhin into the ground. "NO ONE DOES THAT TO ME AND LIVES!" she screams as she held up her sword and began to flip around in her hands, encircling it with fire. After a few moments, the entire sky was ablaze with fire. Above her, Putria held a giant flame saw. Looking at Caoimhin, she smiled insanely. "NOW ALL OF YOU WILL PERISH!" She threw it forcefully, heading straight for the rangers. "Wait for the right moment to strike." Caoimhin said to himself as he watched the weapon fall closer and closer to them. Dom covered his eyes from the blast. "Jeez, that's way to bright for me." he told himself. He grinned though.

Joe looked at the massive Putria and this flame wheel blade. "Now's as good a time as any." he began. "Sorry for the delay guys. Nice work Caoimhin, but you should fight fire with fire, or in my case, a raging inferno. Liopleurodon zord, time to show off you new abilities. Now, return to your original form. Arise, Liopleurodon!"

The Liopleurodon zord jumped out of the water and grew twice as big. It's blackish armor appeared to melt off of it and was replaced by a glowing golden armor, almost as bright as a sun.

"Putria, word on the street is that you're a clone from Vile's DNA. Well, he worked his butt off to either control or copy this zord, so it's only fitting that you're annihilated by it. Liopleurodon Zord, activate Collosus Formation. Collosus Megazord, activate!"

The back flipper folded in half then flipped up to make knee blades. The front flippers retracted to form shoulder blades. The head folded down and became body and torso armor. The tail divided in half and became two twin blades. The Megazord was massive. It was only 1 zord, but was one and a half times bigger than any of the previous Zords.

The massive megazord withdrew its two blades and unleashed a horrific number of attacks on Putria. Each attack was mirroring how Joseph wielded the blade inside the zord. After striking Putria 37 times within 30 seconds, Putria fell backwards and exploded. The sky then back returned to normal.

The Megazord looked at the other rangers down below. "Sorry for the delay guys." Joe's voice said. The Zord then bent down and removed Caoimhin from the rubble and lifted him up in the palm of his hand. "Thanks for holding her off. You got to be the bravest guy I know for taking on a full blown monster in ranger-size form." "It's fine." said Caoimhin. "She wasn't that tough anyway." "Yeah, the massive death sky was probably a bark that was worse than her bite. Probably overcompensating for notions of her own inferiority." He laughed. "So guys... shall we head back home?" "Home as in the Sigma base or home as in our time?"

"Nice entrance Joe, and sick new Zord." said Dom, stunned at what had happened. Joe then heard Dom and turned the Megazord towards him. "Dom, your back." he said, realizing that he was long gone. "Hey, where were you? Did you have fun answering the call of the wild, or Norse mythical beast, I guess in your case?" He then laughed. "It was all good, but I kinda had to jet since it was wolf mating season. Other than that, I think the Strikers might have a weak point. An easy one to exploit. Not to sure about it though." The rifle disappeared from his hands. "I'm not even gonna delve into more detail of what he did." sighed Caoimhin.

Joe jumped down from the Collosus megazord. "I never figured you as a gun person, but it kinda suits you." said Joe. You planning on focusing your demon energy to make that into an out of this world weapon?" "That may be because of the shift in reality has caused the power drain." said Caoimhin. "I felt it as well in the battle just then."

Star, finally catching her breath, pointed at them. "Figures..." she began, panting. "Now, hurry up...WE HAVE ONLY FIVE MINUTES!!!" She took a deep breath and pointed to her morpher. The Starlight was going out. "If that goes out, we'll be stuck here forever, you understand?!?" "What do we do though?" asked Caoimhin. Joe turned to Star. "Star, Collosus Megazord could hold the portal for us, but I suggest we hurry it up before anything decides to take a trip back to our time." he said.

"Aw crud." Dom said. He looked around. I might be a demigod, but I can't manipulate time. he thought. "I thought Nidhog does control time though." said Caoimhin. "Can't you summon her to help or something?" Dominic coughed uneasily and dragged Cao away from prying ears and eyes. "" he whispered. "She's not the cooperative type." "Oh ok. Next time, though, don't drag me like that. I'm still in ranger form and my punches could seriously hurt you." Then Caoimhin powered down to his normal form. "Hm, I don't need to morph to punch as strong as you ya know." Dominic replied hastily. "Whatever. Let's just see what your girlfriend needs us to do now to get back to our time." Dom shot a look at Cao. "You know, Demigod/human matching isn't too good in the god world. Believe me, if some gods knew, they would skin me." "Seeing as that has already happened, I think your safe for the time being." "Point taken, but let's just get back home." "Yeah. Well we better follow Star's orders then."

Brandon skated down the pipe to the base and noticed on the main computer some files opened. He checked the files and noticed they were all about the Omega Rangers. "Who hacked into the computer?" he asked himself. "These files are password protected. Only the other Sigma Rangers know about it, and they never check the files." He began to type very quickly on the keyboard searching for the hacker.

"Uh, guys, you do realize that my powers stopped working, right?" asked Sean with annoyance, also ignoring Joe's new Zord, even though he already saw it. He then turned to Star. "Star, I already told you." "Sean, we can figure out to return your powers when we get back." said Joe. "Perhaps, since this is the future, your panther idol doesn't exist. Thus your powers won't work without it since you draw your power from it. Or am I misinterpreting the whole transaction?"

Brandon walked into the room and heard Joe talking about going back. "Well maybe I can help with that." he began. "I mean, there is a possibility that even if you step into the portal, you might get sent into a different time." He then shrugged. "But I don't know. I read the theory in a book." "That would be a big help Brandon." said Joe. "In fact, would it be possible for you guys to come back with us? You could be put to good use and stop this horrible future." "Well that will be a great idea. I mean this city is now only used for army operations with new machines they constructed to fight off terror if there ever is one. This could stop all this destruction and demise from ever happening." "Yeah, okay, Brandon." said Sean. "Let's just get back to our time before we get stuck here forever!"

"Great, we could use the help." Joe began. "Lets round up whatever we have to fast. Power down." Joe demorphed, but the Collosus megazord remained still fully functional making sure the Starlight didn't go out. Joe then checked his key around his neck, seeing if it was still there. It was, but it wasn't glowing. Not that he really expected it to be glowing after what he had done and still planned to do. "Sure, I can gather all of the zords and place them into a mechanical pod for them and us to go into the portal unharmed." Brandon stated as he pressed a large red button on the main computer.

Meanwhile, in Gargantia's lair, back in the present time, he was looking for the rangers, mostly Sean. Where are those rangers? he asked. It's like they were wiped off the face of the earth. He had been searching for them since they left the Island of Creation, which was a few hours ago. He still searches for them.

Back in the future, "I can't believe my powers stopped working!" yelled Sean. His morpher then began to short out. "What's going on? When we go back to our time, I'm going back to the Panther Idol to see what's happening!" Soon loud sounds of metal were heard and soon stopped. "Its all set up. We are ready to launch it any minute." "Well, hurry! The portal's closing fast."

"I'll help you guys carry some of your tech stuff." said Joe. "I'll carry it in the Lio." Joe grabbed some boxes and started walking to the Lio zord. And he thought to himself, So Sean's powers aren't working. Huh. Looks like the opportunity is presenting itself sooner rather than later. I better watch this closely. It is not sure what he is thinking, but it seems more related to Sean than he actually thinks.

Brandon pressed a button on the computer and the floor in the room moved and started to descend, showing the lower levels of the base. They stopped in front of a giant robot. It was massive enough to carry zords, and it had its own upper body on top of a hover pad. "This is our ride back in time: the GREIF." Brandon stated as he skated to the robot and got into the cockpit which surprisingly had a one-person flying system. "You can get inside the GREIF and find your Zord. All of the ones that have been in the base the whole time are stored in here." Sean entered the GREIF and asked Brandon, "What does GREIF mean?" he asked. It means 'Seize' in German. A German scientist made this model along with many other machines like this for the army."

He started up the GREIF as it started floating. The hangar doors slowly started to open and the GREIF was ready to launch. Brandon slowly activated the upper body. "We are now ready for launch." he began. "Everyone please be advised this is the first time piloting this machine, so there may be problems on the way." Joe regained control of Collosus, turned it back to normal Lio form and put it on the ship. "Ok, everyone here?" he asked. Dom stepped into the GRIEF as well. "Looks like my people made some goods things in the future." he said. "Good thing too."

"Impressive..." Star said as she walked into the GREIF as well. She turned to Sean, now having thought of his predicament. "I seem to recall a certain other time that happened. But that was years ago. I think Tommy could tell you more about it when we get back." She gave him a smile to ensure him everything would be fine.

Brandon checked the people on board. Everyone was accounted for and the hangar doors opened. "Okay everyone, prepare for launch." he said as the GREIF's jets started to activate and soon the magnetic locking pads started to unlock. "Three...Two...One...Ignition!" The GREIF launched out of the Sigma base at high speed and launched out of the destroyed city. "The portal is about 5 miles from here. Let's hope they don't know the Sigma Rangers don't have The GRIEF." He he began to fly towards the portal's direction.

"I just don't get it." said Sean, still pondering on how his powers are not working. "Wait. Let me see if I still can talk to my panther spirit." Sean closes his eyes and speaks in his mind. "Oh, great panther spirit, heed my call!" There was no answer. "Oh my God. My powers. They're not just working, they're gone!" Star was in shock. "But how?" she asked. "I mean, the Panther zord itself is still here. What could have happened?" Sean then turns to the Panther Zord and suddenly it began to fade away. "What? How is this possible?"

Meanwhile, in present time, Gargantia sat in his lair pondering on what had occurred in the rangers' absence. Vent tried to back-stab me and use my additional powers against me, but he was gravely mistaken. he began. By time he decided to do this, his powers were already drained. He may have set me back a bit, but its no matter. He is now without powers and is now I don't care where. At least he is out of my sight.

He then felt the rangers presence again. Ah, so the rangers are finally back on the grid. he began. Where could they have been? It's no matter, for I have been quite busy. With my latest plan I will end all this run around. Vile, that fool, he had a good idea in trying to steal the gold rangers powers; however, a true master shall show him how its done. I've already stolen whatever powers I need from the navy ranger's, but now, I will rob the Orange Ranger of his powers once and for all. But time is still needed.

It is no matter. he began. Perhaps I should give him a call and explain the situation to him fully. I mean, I should give him a chance to keep his powers. After all, I'm not really a bad guy. Gargantia then began to laugh psychotically. I'm the worse kind actually. Then he began to speak in a ghost-like voice. Oh Panther Ranger. Paaaaaannnnnther Rannnnngerrrrrrrr... The voice crept into Sean's head like a piercing headache.

Back in the future, Brandon moved the GREIF into the vicinity of the portal. As he looked around, he couldn't see the portal anywhere. He turned on the PA System and continued looking around. "Hey Joe, what does the portal look like and where did it come from?" he asked. "I'm looking at the sky and I can't see it at all." "Try looking for any magnetic changes." replied Joe. "And triangulate it to Star's power signal. Yeah, that sounds good."

Just then, the voice of Gargantia began to severely injure Sean's mind. "Get out of my head." he said to himself, feeling the piercing headache more and more. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD DEMON!" Sean begins to bang his head against a wall as Gargantia continues to torture him in his mind, nowhere near stopping at all.

So, little panther cub... began Gargantia telepathically. Wondering about you sudden missing powers? Well believe it or not, your spirit isn't the only one who left a mark on the other. I left a mark on your spirit as well. You see, we truly are like the cobra and the mongoose. Two halves in constant struggle, but I've have seniority. And am much smarter and have no restraints. See I've been using the seal your spirit placed on me in reverse. Our spirits are linked so I'm draining mine to drain yours. But since Vent was such a dear and was tricked and since I absorbed that army of strikers from Vile, I have more than enough power to compensate the loss. Here's the deal, your powers will fluctuate from time to time within the next 3 days. And then, you'll lose them forever. join me.

Caoimhin wasn't paying any attention to what happened to Sean, he was too busy thinking about Deos and how he was going to kill him. I hope he returns soon enough. he thought.

Brandon looked around as the GREIF started to deactivate then reactivate a second later. He checked the radar and found the portal's signal in the river side. "There we go." he began. "Now we can go back to your time." He activated the booster jets and moved towards the portal.

Sean then stopped banging his head up against one of the walls. I'll never join you! he screamed in his mind at Gargantia. The day I join you is the day everyone betrays me! It doesn't really matter what you do. Gargantia began again. Cause one way or another I'll have your powers. And... He then stopped. The conversation link was broken.

Gargantia thought to himself, What is this? I sense an ancient presence lately. Is it...could it be...Auric the Conqueror? But how is he here, Striker, come to me. A striker appeared before him. Go to Triforia and see what you can learn. The striker disappeared.

Brandon piloted the GREIF into the portal, but as it made it inside, The GREIF was shaking heavily. The alarm signal was on the main computer signaling major core damage. "Oh no." he began. "This can't be happening. This model was supposed to be built for this kind of travel." He pressed his hands hard on the control trying to stabilize the giant machine. The rickety GREIF then made it through the portal and back to the year, 2010. Dom rolled his eyes. "This is so cliche." he said, looking at the ceiling of the GRIEF.

March 17, 2010 ~ Angel Bay

Brandon looked at the beautiful city before him. He couldn't believe a city like this was the city that was to be destroyed in the future. "So this is what the city was like before it's destruction." he began. "It's better than I expected." He put the coordinates to the Omega base, or anything that was big enough to hide the giant machine. "Why is it that every vehicle at some point brakes down somehow?" he asked. "All these years I've helped the rangers and this seems to always happen, as well as some other stuff." "Murphy's Law my friend, Murphy's law." said Joe. "If something can go wrong, it usually will." "But every time though." sighed Caoimhin.

Brandon landed the GREIF on the river side and deactivated it. He walked out of the cockpit and into the Zord storage station. "Okay then, the ship is landed on the river." Brandon explained. "Joe I need your help with finding your base, if you have one that is." He heard some of the zords screech and shriek. "Wonder what that's about." "Can this thing go under water?" he asked. "I'll have Lio zord lead you down there." The Lio zord jumped out and waited in the water. "Well I better go check on my 'pet' since I haven't seen him in a while." said Caoimhin as he disappeared in a pillar of fire.

"AHH!" screamed Sean as he came to his knees. He began to be in so much pain that he can't speak very easily. "What' Ah, my arm! It's force!" As he lowered his head, he raised it, facing at the ceiling. "AHHHHHH!" With that a spark hit his brain, blurring his vision. Sean fell to the ground, unconscious and still shaking.

Joe thought to himself, Looks like I couldn't have picked a better time to set this all up. But I still can't let anyone suspect anything. He ran over to Sean and saw he was out cold. He picked him up and carried him into the base.

Meanwhile, Gargantia got a report back from his striker. The striker screeched at him in an unrecognizable dialect. Gargantia listened intently. "Ah, so young Joesph traveled to Triforia to unlock the rest of his powers. he began. Interesting. And it would appear that Trey kept with tradition and gave the key of Auric to Joe. But why hasn't he used them? Hm. Gargantia turned and ripped into the thin air with his claws, creating a dimensional viewing hole through time. Replay to me what has transpired in the ranger base with young Joseph.

He saw how Joseph was hiding the key from the others, how he secretly used Auric, how he and Auric got into an argument in the Lio zord, and how Joseph is recently intrigued by Sean's loss of power. It would appear that our little gold ranger isn't so golden after all. he began again. Looks like he's getting quite consumed with lust for power. I'll have to keep an eye on this. He could prove most useful to me.

Meanwhile back in the base, Joe brought Sean to the medical facility. He placed Sean's body on the table and thought to himself. He remembered Aurics words to him. "You are heading down a dangerous path Joseph." Joe didn't care. It was his choice, and no one could tell him otherwise.

Meanwhile, a shout from a distance is heard. "ROYAL RANGER POWER!" yelled Damien as he morphed. He jumped and landed next to the other rangers. "Ion cannons!" He summoned two cannons, ready to blast when needed. A demon materializes before Damien. It is Diabolico. "You realize there's no need for that." he began. "There's no monsters or danger at all. Or are you just trying to show off? And where in the world did you come from? Are you supposed to be another one of these future rangers?"

Brandon bashed Damien in the back of his head. "Don't use your powers just for show!" he yelled at Damien. He then looked at Diabolico. "Yes we are from the future. We came to this time to stop whatever caused our future to be a wasteland. You must be Diabolico, correct?" "Yes, I am Diabolico." he began. "I'm sure you must be confused as to why I am here, seeing as that I'm a demon and probably am not remembered too kindly. B

Damien takes off his helmet. "Gosh!" he yelled. "Sorry about that. Power down!" Damien powered down. "I'm a future ranger, yeah." He then got a glimpse of Angel Bay of the present. "What...happened to our planet?" But as you already said, the future is at stake. And us demons aren't that different from you humans. You've got your good ones and your bad ones. Well it is an honor to meet both of you. The other rangers are inside the base, come with me." Diabolico put a hand on each of their shoulders and teleported them inside the base.

"So this is where the demons of legend live, huh?" Brandon asked. "This is really cool." He looked at the room they were in. "I'm glad that we actually went back in time to do this." "I'm am going to go inform Commander Zedren of your arrival. By the way, should you see another 'remembered villain', Ecliptor, roaming the halls. No worries, he is on our side as well." Diabolico bows and makes his way towards the commander's chamber.

Just then a shallow voice spoke from behind them. "So you want a fight huh?" The figure was Ecliptor. "We have a training room down the hall on the left. You're all welcome to test your strength in there. It creates a virtual simulation of our past fights. But I think we should all wait for the commander and see what is happening with Sean." "Ok then." said Damien, thanking Ecliptor. "I've been needing to train for a while. Brandon, what happened to Kai?" He put his helmet back on and began to search for Kai on his morpher. "Ranger: Kai. Location: Missing" Damien growled in anger. "Where is he? And what happened to this Sean? May I see him?"

Meanwhile, Sean was still in the medical facility, unconscious, and looking like he's in a dream that he can't get out. In Sean's mind was like an alternate dimension where his thoughts and nightmares are coming to life, in a way of speaking.

As everyone was in the medical bay, Tommy and Katherine walked out of one of the adjacent rooms. Katherine was helping Tommy, while he was clutching his side. He had a slight look of discomfort on his face. He then noticed the others. "Hey guys." she began. "Welcome back. Where were you?" He then noticed Sean on one of the beds. "And what happened to Sean?"

Brandon looked at Tommy and Katherine. "First thing that happened was that he couldn't morph. Then as we were coming back to this time, he fainted. I don't think thats an effect of time travel." He then noticed Tommy clutching his side. "But what happened to you?" "Whoa!" said Tommy. "That's weird. Zedren will probably be able to figure this out. As far as me...AHHH!!" He then clutched his heart and sat down on one of the near chairs.

Katherine helped him and then answered, "To be quite honest, we actually don't what's wrong with Tommy. These strange pains started all of a sudden. They sort of come and go, yet we can't identify a source for them yet. He appears perfectly healthy, but yet, he still has the inexplicable sharp pains." Tommy then looked up at Joe and tried to smile. "Seems like I haven't been right ever since I got back from Triforia with you." he said.

Brandon looked at Tommy and remembered those signs. "I know what that is!" he began. "Tommy looks fine but he has a virus in his body. It's a really dangerous virus if it isn't treated. We have to give him anti-viral medicine." He then began to go to the medicine cabinet looking for anything he could use. "This feels like no virus I've ever had." said Tommy. "You sure?"

Just then the door opened, and the Commander stepped in. He walked over towards Tommy. "Still got the pains?" Zedren asked. "Yeah." replied Tommy. "We were just talking about it." "Well, since we can't do anything physically wrong, I called in a favor to see if there's anything spiritually wrong." Tommy laughed. "I still can't get use to the fact that Zed and Rita are helping us. Sorry." "No problem. It's still a little weird for us too. But you're right. I called my wife and she's gonna see what she can do." He then noticed Sean.

"Sean on the other hand, well, that's where things get complicated." he began. "Apparently, Gargantia is robbing Sean of his powers. Both the orange panther spirit and Gargantia are linked. So by weakening himself, Gargantia is draining Sean of his powers. And Gargantia has drained an immense amount of other strength, so once Sean hits rock bottom, Gargantia will still have enough strength to be a very serious threat. But it doesn't end there. Remember that Flayer monster? Well it placed a curse on Sean, and as far as we can tell, one of those effects is making the his spirit energy like a Mist-of-Life effect."

"A what?" asked Joe. "Meaning that Sean's aura becomes more apparent. This usually has absolutely no effect; however, if you are controlling someone's spirit, which the Flayer does, or drain it, like Gargantia's doing, it allows the possessor to literally 'breath in' that spirit. Meaning, that once Sean is drained of his powers, Gargantia will then absorb Sean's powers, thus reclaiming any powers he may have lost trying to drain Sean. It's not exactly the desired effect the Flayer had, but Gargantia is of course using it to his advantage. I hope I didn't lose anyone. This all makes some sense right?" Dom sighed impatiently. He eyed both Joe, and the new rookie. He shrugged slightly at himself and walked to his room, deep in thought.

Meanwhile, in Sean's dreams, he is in some kind of illusion. It appears that he is in an unknown desert. There are answers that Sean needs, but he will have to wait. "Where am I?" he asked to himself, looking at his surroundings.

Back at the base, Joe noticed Dom staring at him before he left. He thought to himself, Hmph. That was strange. Does Dom know? This could prove to be a problem. I better deal with all this soon.

Meanwhile Zedren continued to talk, "Sean will continue to lose his powers and remain in the coma state, unless..." He stopped and thought of something. "It may be possible to bring Sean back with his powers, but first he'll have to wake up out of his coma on his own accord. When he does, he will be able to use his ranger powers again; however, he will burn through them, like a fire burns through air in a concealed case. He will eventually snuff himself out. When Sean wakes up he'll have about 2 more fights left in him. Probably less depending on how much energy he uses. Then Gargantia will drain him of his powers. We'll see what Sean thinks when he wakes up. But for now..." He turns to Ecliptor. "Ecliptor, gather any information we had concerning plan Emerald Awakening." "Yes sir." said Ecliptor as he then leaves.

"So then if he wakes up, he would only have about a couple of fights left, then he officially loses his ranger abilities?" he asked. "That's kinda weird since he was fine when he was at our...oh no! I need to find Joe!" He then ran out of the medical room.

Dominic actually didn't go to his room. Instead, he went outside. He ran towards a forest and made his way deep into the core. He slowed down as he neared a large field. He jumped upwards and landed on a large rock. "Now to wait..." he told himself. Brandon ran down the forest and noticed Dom. "If Dom's here, then Joe must be close." he said as he continued running down the forest. He has to know what happened. he thought. If he doesn't, it could be catastrophic.

To Be Continued...

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