This is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force and the first part of the Season 1 Finale. This episode introduces Sean from losing his powers to regaining them in a new form and Zord, along with an Omnizord Transformation from it and the Colossus Megazord.


Joe walked outside towards the forest. He came into a large open area and called out, "Come on out Wolfy! I know you're here. Or do I have to throw a Frisbee to get your attention?" "Yea, just throw your head this way." said Dominic. "I'll be sure to catch it." Dom continued to sit on his rock. Joe turned around and saw Dom sitting on a large rock. "I take it that you know something about me the others don't. How did that happen?" "My demigod specialty is in souls after all. I can tell." He then hopped down to a lower area of the rock. "Oh yeah, I keep forgetting about that. So I guess you peered into my soul like Auric did. Well, he's not complaining much anymore after I took care of him. And pretty soon neither will you. Now, there's just one thing left to do." Joe didn't even say the words, he just morphed automatically, with the Genesis Blade already in hand.

"You may have the powers of a demon demigod, but I have the Key of Auric and the Genesis Blade, and not to mention my fully awakened Gold Ranger powers." he began. "I think that should even the playing field a bit." He took a fighter's stance. "Let's make this a good show."

"Well then sorry Joe, it's been a good run." said Dom as he snapped his finger, and a blade appeared in his hand. It was a two-hander, but he wielded it in one hand. "Unfortunately, I can't fight fairly with you since you have that." He then began to motion to the Genesis Blade. He lifted the blade up with his right hand, making it point to Joe. The blade was right above Dom. "Rather ironic don't you think?" he asked. "It kinda all comes full circle. First you and I are enemies, then friends, now back to enemies. I wonder where the circle ends? And as far as you not fighting fair, that's fine. You really expect me to?" "Very well then, make a move." he replied, bringing his hand out in a forward motion.

Joe gripped the blade and blasted a wave of energy at Dom. Dom ruffed and brought his blade down, blocking the blast. Some energy went around it and got him. "Not bad I suppose." he said as he then dashed towards Joe, swinging his blade around. Joe tried to dodge the attack, but Dom was faster than he thought and the blade slashed his back. Joe rolled along the ground and got up immediately. "Hmph. Not bad yourself. Too bad it had to come to this." Joe then ran directly at Dom, but at the last second jumped over him and tried to roundhouse kick him. Dominic tired to block, but failed. He was shot back with the kick and got back up. He slashed the sword into the ground, causing a wave of energy to ripple towards Joe.

Joe was thrown off balance due to the shaking ground and the ground erupted beneath him, sending him flying backwards. Joe was passing a tree, so he grabbed on a branch with one of his hands, flipped around the branch and landed on top. Joe then used the tree as a spring board, launched himself at Dom and tried to tackle him. Dominic ducked quickly and got back up. He had no time for a counter attack, however. Joe missed Dom badly and tried to quickly get in an attack, but he lost his balance from he force of the dive. Dom swung his blade once more, barely missing Joe's head.

Brandon ran down the forest and noticed Joe and Dom in a fight. He thought if he should rather join the fight or wait until Joe was done to tell him what happened. He shrugged and started watching the fight.

March 17, 2010 ~ Sean's Dreams ~ Lightning DesertEdit

Sean looks around and sees he's in the middle of a vicious lightning storm. "Sean?" said a spooky voice from a distance. He turned his head and noticed a warrior in yellow armor. What he didn't know was that it was the Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger. "You have disappointed me and the powers of the felines. Now you must pay!" She took her fighting stance. Sean got ready to morph. But then..."My morpher, it's gone!" he yells in shock as he puts his head back up and saw the yellow warrior charging at him. She began to do a jump kick and Sean blocks it by crossing his arms. He was still pushed back though.

Back in the base, Ecliptor and Zedren spoke quietly. "Commander, I managed to find all our old files on Emerald Awakening." he told Zedren. "Well, how long will it take to get everything back together?" Zedren asked. "Well, if we're starting from scratch, possibly a day or two, but it could be much shorter if we have something to work with." Zedren turned to the other rangers and said, "We'll take things from here. You should all go get some rest. And acclimate yourselves to our time again. This especially goes for you future rangers."

"Morpher or not, I will not lose!" yelled Sean back in his dreams. The yellow warrior began to do another spinning jump kick, but Sean counters it and concentrates his energy. "Panther Punch!" Sean knocked the yellow warrior into one of the thunder clouds, the thunder shocks her and she falls to the ground. Very weakly, she said, "You are a powerful warrior, but your next challenge won't be so easy!" The yellow warrior then disappeared into yellow smoke. "Wait!" yelled Sean as she disappeared. "What are you talking about?" he asked himself. Sean was very confused. "What is going on here?"

Meanwhile, in the real world, Gargantia was still draining Sean's powers when he spied the fight between Joe and Dom. What's this? he asked himself. So it looks like my notions were certainly true. It looks like golden boy isn't so golden. But then again, it was Dom who was evil in the first place. Oh, how the tables turn! I'll keep watch on this in the meantime. I might just have to pay Joe a visit after this.

Meanwhile, in Vile's lair, he was still fuming over these Deuteros monsters. "Those annoyances are truly getting on my last nerve!" he began. "They are just as bad as those power brats. Speaking of which, I haven't checked up on them in a while." He opens a viewing portal and spies Joe and Dom fighting. "What in the world is this? Now this is truly interesting." He sits down in his thrown and watches the portal. He conjures up a bucket of foul looking slimy things and black cup of some equally foul liquid and begins to eat and drink as he watches the fight. "This could be my equivalent of what the earthlings call a sports game or something. I mean, the Lakers vs Magic was okay, but this is a real entertainment for me." He continued to watch and start to cheer at various points and start to root for different sides.

Kai woke up, and walked around the base, just looking for a quiet spot for himself. I need a nap... he thought, yawning from the long sleep he had.

Back in Sean's dreams, it appears that he now was in Aquitar. He was underwater in some sort of headquarters and then heard another voice. "Welcome, Panther Ranger." He turned and saw a warrior, just like the yellow warrior but very different. This one was blue. It turns out that it was the Jungle Fury Blue Ranger. The blue warrior took his stance. So did Sean.

The blue warrior charged at Sean and when he was about to attack, the area somehow changed. He was right next to a diving station. He looked to his right and saw the giant diving tank. He turned back to the blue warrior and he noticed he was gone. The blue warrior then appeared behind Sean. He had turned around, and got knocked into the water. The blue warrior jumped in the water as well. The two began to communicate telepathically.

"Give up! You have no chance of defeating me." "There is one thing I learned about being a ranger. And that is to never surrender to any evil no matter how powerful they are. I will NEVER give up!!" The blue warrior tried to punch Sean, but Sean stopped the attack and kicked the blue warrior out of the water. Sean jumped out of the water and looked down at the blue warrior. "Tell me what's going on!" he yelled. "The blue warrior looked up to Sean. "You shall find out soon enough. Other than that, your final challenge will not be so easy. HA HA HA!!!" The blue warrior then dissolved into the floor. "What?"

Back in real life, Brandon watched the fight between Joe and Dom. He instantly got bored and took out his morpher. He looked at Joe and got up from his spot. "Hey Joe, can I join this fight?" he asked as he spun his morpher on the palm of his hand.

Caoimhin was back at his island, in the cave he and Joseph fought in, he was seeing how Cerberus was. "I can't believe after all these years, I've finally found the ones responsible for kidnapping the citizens of the city!" he yelled. Cerberus growled in response. "I know, I just wish I was able to fight Deos again." sighed Caoimhin.

Joe was still battling Dom. They were exchanging blow for blow. In the middle of the fight, Joe blocked Dom, then threw him to the ground, turned to Brandon and yelled, "You pose no threat. So stay out of this! But if you really want, I'll take care of you later." Joe then got sneak attacked by Dom and got knocked down. The fight continued.

Just then, Sean then fell through a hole from out of nowhere. He then lands in what looks like the island of Felencia burning. "What happened here." Then suddenly, a pair of nunchaku appeared on the floor. Sean picked it up. "What's going on here?" Just then another warrior in red tried to kick Sean, but he dodged with uneasy timing. It was now the red Jungle Fury Ranger. "Impressive." said the warrior. "Who are you?" asked Sean. "Mind your business and fight!" The two then prepared a stance.

Dom grunted and jumped up, slashing at Joe. "Stay out of this Brandon!" he yelled. Joe was hit hard and fell backwards. He slightly got up. "Nice, but don't forget Dom, we're not fighting fair." said Joe. he then stood up. "Golden Radiance!!!!!!" The bright light didn't injure Dom as it usually would; however, Joe used the momentary blinding light to roundhouse kick Dom in the neck hard. Dom took the hit and backed up. "Ah!" He quickly countered with another sword slash.

Dom's blade might have not been as powerful as the Genesis blade, but the way Dom could wield it make both equal. Joe then tried to hit Dom with his blade, and Dom tried the same. When the blades collided they made such a powerful energy explosion that Dom, Joe, and Brandon were blasted backwards. The rubble was even felt throughout the city. When the dust settled Caoimhin appeared in the epicenter of the blast. "ENOUGH OF THIS!!!" he exclaimed with high annoyance. "YOU'RE ACTING LIKE A PAIR OF LITTLE KIDS!!!"

Dominic quickly regained his footing. "ALL OF YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!" yelled Dom. Another round of energy blasted out from Dom, shooting everyone backwards. His eyes were glowing a fierce darkness, but he calmed down. "Forget it. If you guys want to get caught up with this, at least do it on your own time." He clashed blades with Joe once more. "That's right." said Joe. "This is between me and Dom. I'll deal with you later old man!"

Meanwhile as Vile was watching he noticed Caoimhin appear. "Oh no, not that guy again." he began. "He ruined my chances of getting the blade! He's not gonna get in the way of me watching 2 of the biggest pains in my side kill each other. I would send Valon, but his new training is almost over, better not interrupt it. I have a better idea. Blast from the past, literally." Vile summoned another dark portal. This time over in downtown Angel Bay. Just then 4 entities dropped out. A loud howl was heard throughout the city. Joe recognized it immediately, but he was focused on the task at hand.

WolfBane howled. "Where are we?" he asked. "The last thing I remember is getting beaten by the Golden dude. That's the second time I've had to say that in my lives." He howled again. "Cut it out." said Jaws of Destruction. "You sound like you have nail in your paw." "Although I do have to admit, This is peculiar." said Vampyris. "Hey guys chill out." said Piranhishead. "All that matters is we're back."

Vile then spoke to them. "You're much better than that. You are in this dimension, but are even more resilient that you were in the dark dimension. Now then, go forth and do damage. Lead the rangers into battle. They can't intervene in the fight between Dom and Joe." "Wait, isn't that the guy who we fought in the dark dimension?" asked WolfBane. "Why cant we beat him?" Vile then hit him with an energy blast from thin air. "OW! Yeah, OK. You the boss." The monsters then started causing a huge commotion. There were multiple explosions in the entire city. Vile then looked at all this. "I need a bit more." He made 2 more spirits emerge from the Dark Dimension. It was Gigant-Axe and Ranchor. They joined in on the destruction. Vile sat back in his chair and watched all that was occurring. "I'm gonna need a bigger screen. Perhaps I should look into this HD thing."

"You kids and your...STUPID...PETTY..FIGHTS!!!" Caoimhin yelled as he morphed into the Hades Ranger. "If you can't grow up from resorting to such actions then THIS OLD MAN is gonna teach you two a lesson!" Caoimhin raced at Joseph and Dom and did an upwards slash, as is sword formed in his right hand, in between the two clashing blades causing the blades to rise into the air. He quickly reacted by punching Dom in the chest quickly followed by a roundhouse at Joseph's neck.

Joe clashed blades with Caoimhin and said, "You're gonna ruin everything. Stay out of this. Why don't you go check out what ever is making all those explosions. Golden Radiance!!!!" The bright light blinded Caoimhin and Joe kicked him backwards. Joe then ran to continue the fight with Dom. "Fine, I'll let you continue your pathetic fight." said Caoimhin as he opened a portal to the city as he had already sensed other beings appear and walked through it an entered the city. "Now who to fight first..." Caoimhin said to himself.

Brandon ran to Caoimhin as he spun the morpher in his hand. "I'll take on Gigant-Axe." he told Caoimhin. "I'll try to take him down by myself if I can." He ran towards Gigant-Axe. "Here we go!" A sapphire glow surrounded him as he turned into his ranger form. "Looks like I'm your opponent for the time being." "Fine then so, who will be my opponent then?" Caoimhin asked the other five.

"Ah!" yelled Gigant-Axe. "Me no recognize you. You new ranger. Me no like change. Gigant-Axe crush you." He then stood over Brandon. Gigant-Axe was about 8 feet tall. He swung his giant ax and tried to crush Brandon with it. As Caoimhin was pondering who to fight a snake-like creepy voice was heard. "If you need someone to fight, I'll be of service." said Vampyris. "I'll deal with you just like I dealt with Ninjor years ago. Guardians are sort of my specialty." Vampyris then threw up his arms and a strange fabric-like cloth came from underneath Caoimhin and enveloped.

Caoimhin just smirked at Vampyris. "Seriously is that all you've got?" he asked as he engulfed his body in flames which made the fabric catch fire and burnt them to ciders, freeing himself. Caoimhin raised his sword ready for the next attack.

Dom continued to slice, until they both got to a stalemate. Both of them couldn't break the clash. "So, this is how it really ends?" he asked. "Two good friends fight each other to the death? Then again death comes easy for me." Joe then got up. "Yeah, as far as dying goes, you're beating me 2 to 0." he told Dom. "Allow me to make it a fair 3." Both were exhausted. Would the fight calm down, or only just get worse?

Brandon back-flipped out of the way of the attack, barely escaping the slash. "Whoa!" he yelled. "How did I see that coming? Anyway. Let's see what you've got." He charged at Gigant-Axe and butterfly kicked him in the head. It was the only attack he could think of at a time like this. Gigant-Axe missed Brandon so badly that he got his axe stuck in the ground, as he usually did. When Brandon kicked him in the face, Gigant-Axe was surprised and fell backwards with a thud. The ground shook with his fall. Gigant-Axe then got back up. Vampyris also suffered of the fire damage and got angry. He then blasted a barrage of energy blasts at Caoimhin.

Caoimhin was hit by a large amount of those lasers but was still easily able to stood up. He then summoned his rifle and fired multiple streams of lasers at Vampyris knocking to the ground. Vampyris quickly recovered and drawn his sword. Caoimhin drawn his Falcata as well as his rifle and took a stance waiting for Vampyris to make the first move. "I learned many new tricks in the Dark Dimension." said Vampyris. "Allow me to show you." Vampyris ran towards Caoimhin with a oddly shaped blade in one hand and his other hand concealed beneath his sleeve.

"This is awesome." said Brandon. "No wonder why I chose doing this job." He then charged at Gigant-Axe again. He jumped into the air and roundhouse kicked him right in the neck. Gigant-Axe's neck was really hard and even hurt Brandon's leg. "Ow. Never do that again." "AH!!" yelled Gigant-Axe. "Puny Ranger move too fast. Make Gigant-Axe dizzy. Me try different approach." Gigant axe started glowing red and then impaled his axe purposely in the ground, causing massive plumes of fire to burst from the ground.

Brandon jumped on to some street poles one by one and was constantly jumping on them at a fast pace. "Can you catch me?" he asked as he sped up the jumping enough to make a sapphire blur around Gigant-Axe. "Can you catch me?" He jumped towards Gigant-Axe and headbutted him in the stomach. "Didn't think so."

"Show me these new tricks then." Caoimhin shouted as he fired his rifle at Vampyris, sending a barrage of fire bullets at him. The blasts hit Vampyris dead on; however, only his cloak was left there. It was empty. Just then the real Vampyris slammed Caoimhin from behind. As Caoimhin stumbled forward the remaining cloak on the ground again wrapped itself around Caoimhin holding him still as Vampyris charged him and hit him with a flurry of sword attacks. Caoimhin appeared behind Vampyris, creating an illusion. "Nothing special if you ask me." he mocked as he raised his Falcata and sliced Vampyris across the back. Vampyris was hit hard. "How did you do that?" he asked. "I thought I was the one with illusion tricks?"

Meanwhile Gigant-Axe got up and tried to grab Brandon, but he was too slow and missed. Brandon stopped his attack and was really dizzy. "Whoa." he began. "What a rush." He then noticed that he saw 3 Gigant-Axes. He ran to the one on the right and kicked it, but it was only an illusion of him being dizzy. "That wasn't him?"

"My stuff is more actual magic compared to your cheap illusions." said Caoimhin as he lowered his rifle till the barrel was pointing at Vampyris' head "Any last words?" "Well I still have 1 illusion left." said Vampyris. "Let's go to my world shall we?" Caoimhin and Vampyris were encased in a strange energy bubble and their surroundings changed. The sky was red and there were mountains everywhere. "You may be stronger than me, but are you stronger than...US!?" Just then 7 Vampyris copies appeared. "Which of us is real and which is fake?"

Meanwhile Gigant-Axe used this opportunity on Brandon and threw him into a building. Brandon smashed through the glass and into some store displays in the clothing store he slammed into.

"Lets make it a little more fair then." Caoimhin replied then suddenly two copies of him appeared from behind him, each person only have one Cerberus head on their chest armor; one held the Falcata, another the rifle and the other had no weapons but the rings around his arms seemed a little bigger in size. "Who's gonna make the first move then?" All three of them said in unison, all three in a unique stance each. Brandon got out of the building as he held his right arm. "So you have the muscle to back up that small brain of yours, huh?" he asked as he started running around Gigant-Axe at high speed, which soon became a large sapphire ring surrounding Gigant-Axe. "Well I have the power of speed." He roundhouse kicked Gigant-Axe in the face and ran back into the ring. "Catch me if you can!"

Sean was on the ground. The red warrior prepared to punch Sean. But before he does, the red warrior says, "Give up! You have no chance against me!" "That's the one thing I'll never do!" he yells with confidence. "Good." The red warrior picks up Sean. "You passed the test." "Test? What test?" Just then, the fire dims down and the blue and yellow warriors walk up to the two. "This was the test to prove that you could keep going on with or without your powers." "And since you passed it, you now understand the value of life." The 3 warriors then opened their fists and it shows the 3 separate pieces of his morpher. "Go now, Panther Ranger." Sean nodded as the screen turned white and went back to Sean in the medical room. Sean finally wakes up after all of the trouble he went through in his dreams.

Zedren saw that Sean woke up. "Sean, Sean, are you okay?" he asked as he walked up to him. "I hate to rush you but Ecliptor, Diabolico and I as well as many of the past rangers have come up with something. But we need you. It's called Project Emerald Awakening. It will restore your powers and more, but your morpher will have to be in working order so we have something to work with." Sean yawns and gets off of the bed. "Okay, what do you want me to do?" he asked. "I'll explain on the way, but it'll solve everything. We have to hurry. Time's running out. Joe's gone rogue and he and Dom are fighting to the death while Brandon and Caoimhin are fighting Gigant-Axe and Ranchor and 4 other monsters that Tommy and the past ranger fought. Things can't get much worse."

Meanwhile, in the park as Dom and Joe continued their fight they were absolutely exhausted and could barely stand. Their immediate surroundings as well as much of the park was battle scarred. The were massive craters and shattered trees. "Dom, what do you say we finish this?" he asked. Joe pointed his Genesis Blade towards the sky. ""Liopleurodon Zord: Collosus Megazord!!!" "My pleasure!" He pointed his sword to the air. "Kraken do my bidding! Come forth!" The ground shook as familiar tentacles flung lashed at everything around Dom. The Kraken head rose from the ground, and Dom pointed his blade at Joe. "Let's end this then!"

"Ready, set, go!!!" one of the 3 Caoimhins quickly shouted and the one with the rifle began firing a hailstorm of bullets at the 7 Vampyris as the other two ran towards then running between the bullets. The one with the Falcata was slashing about at the enemy when he reached them while the last Caoimhin was using he martial arts skill with the percussion force of the rings to help fight and defend himself. Soon they were all fighting a furious battle, each one of them combating with at least two Vampyris.

Back at the base, Ecliptor came running in and said, "Commander, Joe just summoned the Collosus Megazord." Zedren made a facepalm. "Why do things always get worse?" he asked himself, annoyed. "Sean, we have to hurry!"

The 10 of them was still continuing to fight, none of them was giving in until the Vampyris' managed to knock down all three of the Caoimhins down to the floor. "Dang it!" he yelled. "I need to sort the fight out quick!" The three of them stood up again and began to scan all of the Vampyris, trying to spot the odd one out of the group as he would be the original.

Brandon had to finish this fight as best as he can. He ran towards Gigant-Axe and had a blue blur behind him. "Take this!" he yelled as he punched Gigant-Axe in the chest which seemed weak at first, until the force from the high speed kicked it, making the punch harder than the first. He back-flipped away from Gigant-Axe and shook his hand in pain. "I don't think he's finished after that."

The Ragnarok Megazord appeared from behind the Kraken, and Dom jumped into it's center, a portal appearing. "I hope you don't mind." he told Joe. "My megazord is a bit old school." He swung his guillotine around his head, waiting for Joe to make a move. The Nidhog armor shone more brighter than Joe's ranger form, and the spiked helmet gave it an odd viking appearance.

Meanwhile, Gigant-Axe was actually hit hard in the ribs and with his rib shattered he couldn't pick up his axe any longer. Of the 7 Vampyris, Caoimhin's noticed that one of them had designs on its cloak opposite from the others, such as a crescent moon on the right instead of the left.

The Collosus Megazord drew it's two Collosus blades and charged at Ragnarok Megazord. It dived and rolled along the ground to avoid the guillotine and tried to slash at its legs. The Ragnarok Megazord managed to swing the guillotine at the Lio, hoping to slash it across the chest.

That's the one! Caoimhin thought to himself. The three of him soon rushed at him. The one with no weapons punched him in the chest and the rings clashed at his wrists causing a percussion force so strong he was punched in the air. The rifle wielder ran underneath the true Vampyris while the Falcata fighter jumped up high in the air and dropped down impaling the Vampyris in the chest. At the same time the rifle was building up power and fire a pillar of energy underneath Vampyris. Vampyris was completely obliterated as he was force down into the beam of energy coming at him. The three Caoimhin returned to being one as the surroundings turned back to normal.

Brandon smirked. He knew just what to do as a final move. Out of the back of his weapons pouch, he took out a blue spray can and started shaking it. "This is it." he told himself as he ran at Gigant-Axe and sprayed him with the spray paint on his chest until he had a blue target on the middle of his chest. Brandon jumped back and ran back at Gigant-Axe at high speed. He punched him dead in the target spot, this time all the force was at him at the same time. "It's over." Gigant-Axe had a hole punched through his chest and he then fell backwards and exploded. Brandon watched as Gigant-Axe exploded. "Good riddance." He ran deeper into the city and noticed Jaws of Destruction. "There you are." he said as he took a rock from the floor and threw it at the monster's head, averting his vision to the now empty spot.

The Collosus megazord took a heavy hit on the chest but then drove its blades into the Ragnarok megazord's left shoulder and torn a massive hole, making the arm unstable. The Nidhog's head separated with the arm, making a snake like robot. It curled around the back of the Ragnarok and opened it's mouth, firing golden beams at the Colossus Megazord. "Interesting what my zord can do huh?" he asked sarcastically. The Collosus zord took another fierce blast. It crossed its sabers and reflected what was left of the blast back at the Ragnarok zord and doing heavy damage as well; however, both Collosus blades shattered from the immense energy.

The rock bounced off his head effortlessly. "So, a little hard headed I see?" Jaws Of Destruction asked sarcastically. "No worry, I'll cut you down to size." The Jaws of Destruction threw a barrage of razor blades at him. Brandon jumped out of the way. "Your so quick to go into battle, Jaws." said Brandon. "Let's go then, shall we?" He charged at Jaws and picked his side. His tough hide was going to be a problem for fighting a long-term battle. "Gotta watch out for that."

Dom grunted and his zord stepped forward. He swung his guillotine around his head, throwing it at the Lio. The ends of the guillotine crashed forward, stabbing itself into the Lio. The mouth on the chest of the Ragnarok opened up, and a sphere of energy appeared, gaining size. The Colossus grabbed the chain attached to the Guillotine, dragged the Ragnarok megazord towards him, the grabbed its mouth and held it shut causing the energy to explode within the megazord. The Collosus megazord also took heavy damage and both Dom and Joe fell from their zords, but only Joe managed to get up.

Brandon looked around the area, looking anything he could use. He noticed next to a toy store, there was a paintball gun. "Well its my only shot." he said to himself as he ran over to the toy and grabbed it. "Lets hope this is good enough." He aimed it a Jaws of Destruction and started shooting at him. "I don't think they did anything." The Jaws weren't effected by the paintball. "Do you have any real fire power?" he asked. He then jumped at Brandon and turned his legs into buzz saws and slashed into Brandon.

Pirhanishead blew some blueish mist at the 2 Hades Ranger clones and they were frozen solid, but not in ice, more like in a weird stasis lock. "Well Ranger, it looks like you've been left out in the cold." he said in terms of a pun. WolfBane then stampeded and rammed hard into the remaining Caoimhin.

Meanwhile, Joe got up and saw Dom on his back, demorphed, and severely wounded. Joe demorphed as well, and could barely see straight. His clothes were ripped and his key of Auric showed. He then heard clapping. Very well done Gold Ranger. said the voice. Nice to see your true colors come out. Joe got up and saw a figure standing before him. It was Gargantia. I don't believe we've had the honor of meeting yet. I'm Gargantia. "'re Gargantia." said Joe. "Nice to finally meet you." You've certainly got a deceptive mind; hiding Auric from the others and then getting even more power and such; and now with Dom out of the way only that Caoimhin stands in your way. But if you killed a demon, you can kill him as well, with some help from me. "Why thank you, but don't be so modest. You used Sean's own idol against him; and you can drain his powers from it now."

Gargantia then holds up his hand and Sean's idol appears. Of course. he began. In fact hold on... Then the idol began to glow orange. At last, all his powers are gone. And I don't sense Sean anymore either. Hm. I guess he's still in a powerless-induced coma. Anyway, would you like to join me? You obviously don't need anymore power, but we would be a much better team than those pathetic rangers. What do you say?

"It'd be an honor; but I think I'll take over solo." he told Gargantia. "I turned down Vile before, so what makes you think I'd join a half whit like you? At least Vile had skin and the guts to make his own monsters." A sharp tongue I see. You are making a mistake. It'd be better for us to be an evil duo. "Hmph. You said it yourself, I don't need anymore power. With Auric, i don't need you or anyone. I'll get rid of the ranger and destroy you, Deos, and Vile, unless, maybe, I'll have you guys as servants and you serve me." What if I were to attack your little girlfriend Izabel? "So? I couldn't care less anymore." You fool, give me that key! Gargantia rushed Joseph and slammed him into the ground and then ripped into his shirt causing a massive scar and then Gargantia grabbed the key. Joe was on the ground and could barely move, he was still sore from his battle with Dom.

Brandon back-flipped away from the attack, but his arm was still hit by the buzz-saw. "Ah!" he yelled. "Well that didn't work." He looked at his spray can bottle and then at Jaws of Destruction. He threw the spray can at one of the monster's spikes. The contents of the can sprayed in the monster's face. "There we go." He ran towards the monster and punched him hard in the face, the spikes on his arm also scratching into Jaws of Destruction's face. Jaws stumbled back and couldn't see a thing. He tried to clear his eyes, but he couldn't sine his fingers were claws and he was scratching his eyes and making it worse.

Meanwhile, Gargantia held up the key of Auric and said, Great and powerful Auric, I summon thee! There was a blinding gold light and Auric appeared. "Who asks for Auric the Conqueror?" asks Auric in a booming voice. "Speak your name and purpose. Wait, I know you. You are Gargantia, enemy of all that is good. What purpose do you have? You are not worthy to hold my key." Well neither is he. He points to Joe on the ground. "Ah yes, young Joseph. A very tricky and manipulative person it appears." You know? "Of course. Why do you think I never answered his calls anymore? I peered into his soul and saw his true objective. And I refused to be with him for that end." Yes! You see, I heard he was trying to overthrow the ranger and use you for evil. Thus why i intervened and stole the key back. Sadly, I was too late. He already killed one of the rangers. And drained the orange ranger, guardian of Zordon and his powers. I stole this idol from him before he could absorb it. I am trying to make up for some of my past deeds. I hope you can accept this.

"Don't listen to him Auric." said Joe weakly. Auric then electrocuted him with energy. "AHHHHHH!!!" "Silence you!" yelled Auric with his booming voice. "i know what you wanted from day one. I warned you that there were repercussions and that you were heading down a dangerous path. And you have arrived. You get what you deserve." He turns to Gargantia, "I thank you for not killing him. He violated the Rules and it is my right to even this." Thats why I left him. said Gargantia.

Joe tried to say something but Auric shocked him again. "This is what I warned you of young Joseph." he continued. "Auric raised his blade. It glowed bright gold and he then impaled Joseph with it. It went straight through him. Joseph was motionless. "There, it is done." Just then Dom started to slightly move and then Gargantia shouted, He's waking up. But his demon form is taking over. He has the evil demon spirit of Fenrir in him. "Fenrir! Demon! Oh my. Not on my watch." He then walked over to Dom and then impaled him with the Golden Blade. Now Dom was motionless.

Caoimhin slowly got up after getting knocked down by his clones. "I guess it's a two on one fight then." he said to the two. The clones dissolved to nothingness and two heads appeared on Caoimhin's chest armor with him wielding both the sword and the rifle and charged at the two of them firing his rifle in the process.

Thank you great Auric. said Gargantia. "Well my job isn't done yet." said Auric. "I think you should keep the panther idol safe in your possession." Really!? "Nope." Auric then blasted Gargantia with a massive blast and he flew back. What was that? Why would you do that? I hold your key so you serve me. How about I break this key and keep you locked away forever? Just then two familiar voices were heard. "Please, allow us." said the two. Just then an energy blade of black and gold energy sliced into Gargantia, throwing him back again. When he got up he saw the culprits. It was Joseph and Dominic, both fully morphed with their powers restored. What is this??? "A trick of course." said Joe. "You said it yourself, I have a tricky mind. Little did you know you were the one I was tricking." "Aren't Auric quite the actor? And instead of killing them, my gold blade restored them and their zords to full power and health. All what you just witness, was staged, and you Gargantia, were your own part in our grand scheme."

But what about the discussion you and Auric had undersea in the Lio, or why Auric never called, or why you and Dominic fought? Gargantia asked. "Well when I got back from Triforia, I figured one of you guys would be watching, so I hid it. And Zedren said one of you would do something big, so I figured if you thought I went bad, I'd have an ace up my sleeve and I could do that." He points to the panther idol and Gargantia realized it was smashed. "And Dom could peer into my soul as well, and he decided to help make it more believable."

No! he yells. Now I cant drain the power. You fools. Oh well at least Sean is gone and powerless. He then looked and noticed Auric's key was broken too. Ha! Auric will now be sealed away forever! Nothing happened. Joe looked at Auric, Auric at Joe, then at Dom. Auric pretended to quake. "Oh no, what should I do?" he asked sarcastically. He then laughed. "You bony fool. You really think that was the real key? It was a copy. The real key protects whoever holds the key." Then who has the key? "I think that's my cue." said a tall beautiful brunette girl, stepping out from behind a tree. It was Joe's girlfriend Izabel. But how? Why? Whats going on?

"Joseph knew that Izabel could be used against him like Vile originally tried, so he told Iza everything and gave her the key." he explained. "And yes even though he broke a few of the cardinal rules of being a ranger, the end here justifies the means." I don't believe you. Strikers attack! A group of strikers appeared and attacked Iza, but when they tried to grab her, they were vaporized by a golden light. "Key of Auric protects the holder from all, remember?" asked Joe. I don't care. I'll take all you on! "Well, as much as Auric, Dom and me would love to rip you to shreds, we're not your biggest problem." So then who is? "I am!" said a voice from a distance.

The figure was walking up the hill behind Gargantia and revealed himself. It was Sean, unmorphed, and with a strange reactor attached to his heart. What????!!!! Gargantia exclaimed in annoyance. But how??? I drained all your powers. Where did you get these from? How is this happening??? "There were times when I didn't understand what's going on. When I was in that coma, I was introduced to 3 warriors that resemble the spirits of the cheetah, jaguar, and tiger. The 3 tested me a to show that I could handle my powers. As soon as I woke up, Zedren took me to a deep part of the base. He showed me a special emerald that attached to a reactor belt and placed it against my heart. And now that I see the hidden powers of the panther spirit, I'd like to see your strongest move. I assure you, you will regret ever being created in the first place."

Dominic moved once more, this time a large blast of dark energy erupted from his body, and he got up. "YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME SO EASILY?!" yelled Dom out of random. "I'M IMMORTAL!" Dominic did not bother to morph, and an aura of darkness surrounded him, blasting around his hands. "YOU WILL DIE UNDER MY WATCH." He turned towards Joe and a wave of darkness blasted around him, wrecking the forest easily and causing a large crater. A large thunder cloud appeared above Dom a large figure with a claymore came crashing down, slashing through Dom. The figure evaporated when it was finished, and Dom fell to the ground knocked out.

Brandon started growing tired. All he was relying on was his will and speed, which against Jaws of Destruction, wasn't a good combination. He rushed at him once again and punched him in the face. It was a very weak punch, and against Jaws of Destruction's tough hide, probably didn't do anything.

Auric covered Dom in a gold veil and Dom was teleported back to base. "He'll be fine." said Auric. "His demon spirit just got out of hand. The human part of him knew the reason for the fight, but the demon part was still threatened. But he'll be fine." "Well thats good, but lets go help the others." said Joe. He turned to Sean. "Great to have you back buddy. And be sure to give Gargantia a nice punch for me." Joe Auric and Izabel ran off to the others.

I don't care how many new powers you get, I'll destroy you! yelled Gargantia as he then sent to black tentacles made of shadow from the ground heading towards Sean. "We shall see." said Sean. "Emerald Shine!!!" A giant shine from the emerald in Sean's chest obliterated the 2 tentacles and blinded Gargantia for a short time. Sean then placed the wrist with his morpher on the emerald, transforming the morpher. He then made an X. Then in slow motion, Sean said, "Omega Force: Emerald Panther Power!" He lowered the X, making the sun shine on the emerald, beginning the transformation.

Once the transformation was complete, his appearance was unlike his last. It was much like a crossover of Iron Man, due to the emerald resembling the Arc Reactor, a wolverine, due to the claws on hands and feet, an alien from Ben 10, due to the look of the chest overall, and a Power Ranger. It was unlike any of the other rangers' looks.

Meanwhile, the Jaws of Destruction was about to hit Brandon hard with a chain saw when Auric intervened and blocked with his sword. "It is not right to hurt the good while Auric is around." said Auric as he hen punched the Jaws of Destruction and sent him flying. Izabel then helped Brandon up. "I guess you're one of the other rangers." said Iza. "You okay?" Just then a familiar sailor voice was heard. "Aye, I remember thee." said Ranchor. "I attacked you and that boy. Allow me to finish the job." Auric then walked over and covered Brandon in a gold light and Brandon was back at full strength. "I suppose that should even the playing field a bit."

Pirhanishead and WolfBane took heavy hits from Caoimhin, but they were still coming. Pirhanishead had tied up Caoimhin and WolfBane was getting ready to charge, but then Joe came out of no where and slammed into WolfBane. "OW!!" yelled WolfBane. "You again?" "Hey, I was afraid they destroyed you already." said Joe. "Good. Cause I would of been upset if I didn't get to finish you off again." Joe's presence broke Pirhanishead's concentration and Caoimhin easily broke out of the chains. Joe then turned to Caoimhin "Sorry about before buddy. I had to pretend to go evil to stop Gargantia from absorbing the Panther powers. And super sorry about calling you know. I promise I'll make it up to you." "Whatever, just help me and Brandon out." said Caoimhin. "I would have finished them sooner but Vampyris took me into his dimension." Caoimhin struck Pirhanishead in the chest with his sword and rifle in an x shaped, slicing and firing into him. Joe charged his blade and made 7 slashes into WolfBane and the static charges that were left on WolfBane's wounds exploded. WolfBane and Pirhanishead head both fell backwards and were destroyed.

"So who's left to destroy then?" Caoimhin asked Joe. "Well if Vile revived all the ones Andros and I fought in the Dark Dimension, I'm guessing Jaws of Destruction is somewhere here as well." said Joe as his earpiece rang. it was Izabel. "Joe that thing at the beach that attacked us that time is back." she said to Joe. Joe turned to Caoimhin. "And apparently Ranchor is back. He was one of Vile's earlier monsters. But Brandon and Auric are taking care of them. Oh, and Sean is fighting Gargantia." "So what should we do then, young Joseph?" Caoimhin asked "Who do we fight?"

Brandon returned to his full strength. He looked at Izabel and Auric. "Yes, I'm okay now." said Brandon. "Thanks for coming. If you didn't I would've been shredded ranger." He looked at Ranchor. He broke a spike from his suit and held it like a staff. "Let's see what you've got." He charged at Ranchor at full speed and hit him upwards with the spike, most of the force straight at his chin. Ranchor was hit hard and with the weight of his anchor on his back he snapped his neck. "What will you have me do fair maiden?" asked Auric. "I guess destroy that thing." said Iza. "With pleasure." Auric raised his blade and slashed Jaws in half. The two parts of Jaws and Ranchor fell backwards and exploded.

"Ah!" yelled Vile in anger. "This is getting annoying. Now powers of all that is evil and foul, make all my monsters grow." Just then, Vile used his wand and all 6 monsters grew to huge size.

Meanwhile, Joe and Caoimhin saw this and Joe remarked, "I guess thats what we fight." He then smirked. Joe and Caoimhin ran over to Brandon and Auric and Iza. "You all okay? I think it's time we take this fight up a notch as well. You all ready?" Caoimhin took off his helmet revealing his face to Izabel. "You must be young Joseph's girlfriend." said Caoimhin. "So nice to meet you." He then bowed to her like a gentleman then turned to Joe. "You need any help with them?" Izabel bowed as well very respectfully. "Very nice to meet you as well." She then turns to Joe and smiles sarcastically. "Perhaps you could learn a thing or two from your friend here about manners." Joe puts his hand to his helmet and shakes his head. "Here we go." said Joe. "Can we do this later?" Izabel giggled.

Joe then turns to Caoimhin and said, "I think we can use all the help we can get. Wait, you have a zord too. I've gotta see this. Wait, was it the big Cerberus thing that tried to eat me when we fought?" "Uh, yeah it was." began Caoimhin. "He apologizes for it though, you know the test an all that." He then put his helmet back on. "Ready Cerberus!?" Outside the city a massive gate appeared surrounded by a fiery aura, and the gate swung open as a large beast forced it was through. "Cerberus attack!" shouted Caoimhin again and Cerberus immediately responded by firing orbs of energy at the 6 monsters.

"I'm sorry for leaving so soon but as you can see Izabel, there is something that needs to be attended to." said Caoimhin as he bowed to Izabel again and jumped into Cerberus. "Cerberus transform to fighter mode!" Cerberus gave a mighty roar as he began to stand up, his tail detaching from his body while the two side heads folded backward against it's back with his front paws changing to hands. His main head folded forward to it's chest revealing the Megazord's head. "Now we're ready for a fight!" yelled Caoimhin as the Cerberus Megazord grabbed his detached tail which is now a extremely sharp blade.

Iza again looked at Joe and smiled. Joe walked away. "Show off." said Iza. Joe laughed. "Yeah, like I'm one to talk." said Joe. "Lets go Lio! Colossus Megazord activate!" The Collosus Megazord appeared, fully ready to fight.

The Cerberus Megazord charged at the six monsters at an immense speed slashing at everyone of them before stopping, turning around, and launching a wave of energy at the enemies. The six faltered back and forth under the surprisingly immense attack. For a lone megazord, the attack was incredibly forceful.

The Collosus megazord then dragged its two blades across the ground and made a cyclone that slammed into 3 of them. "We're not going down that easily again!" yells Jaws. Jaws disappeared into the ground, just then the sound of a buzz saw was heard. He then appeared as a massive buzz saw between the Cerberus and Collosus megazords. The attack was very strong and sent the two megazords to the ground.

"Well that was a bit of a underhanded move." stated Caoimhin as the Megazord stood back up. "I'll take him on." He was pointing at Jaws. Jaws just smiled as he went it to the ground again but Caoimhin and Cerberus was prepared this time as the chains on the Megazord's arms were glowing and extended into the ground. As the massive saw buzzed towards Cerberus, he was shocked by the surprise attack as chains wrapped around his body and lifted him into the air before slamming him back down to the earth.

Brandon looked around and couldn't find Kai or Damien anywhere. He sighed heavily. "Well, looks like I'm doing another solo attack for Sigma." said Brandon. He took out his morpher. "Send out Sigma Megazord and GREIF." After a couple seconds of waiting, the Sigma Megazord and GREIF flew into the fight. Brandon jumped and got into his respective cockpit in the Sigma Megazord. "Here comes Sigma and GREIF." "I guess thats even the odds a bit more now" smirked Caoimhin. The Cerberus slashed his sword, which was covered in fire, at Jaws.

Meanwhile, You impotent fool! yelled Gargantia in agony. You won't stand against me in my giant form. Gargantia grew huge and almost crushed Sean. "Oh yeah?" replied Sean. "We'll see." He calls Zedren. "Zedren, is my new zord ready?" "It's all ready Sean." said Zedren. "And due to the fact that this was many years in the making, it's even compatible with the Collosus megazord. You'll have all the fire power you need either way."

Jaws fell backwards, but got up. "Sadly for you we are all connected." said Jaws. "If 1 falls, the others can revive him. You must destroy us all at the same instant, and you don't have the kind of fire power for that." Izabel and Auric watched the fight. "Can't you help them?" she asked Auric. "Why of course I can." replied Auric. "I am Auric the Conqueror. Allow me to make this true and honorable. Stand Back." Auric then grew to super size and joined the others.

"Interesting. So how are we going to do this guys? You wanna count to 3 and fire at the same time?" asked Caoimhin. Brandon used the Sigma Megazord to charge at Ranchor and tackle him to the ground at full force. While The GREIF took out two weapons from it's pack, an automatic laser and a flare gun. It aimed both weapons at Gigant-Axe and fired everything it had in the weapons' clips at the axe wielding beast. "Brandon stop firing. We won't defeat them like that!" Caoimhin shouted.

"I'm not controlling the GREIF!" said Brandon. "It seems to be on auto-pilot." He then tried putting in the code to turn off the auto-pilot. It wasn't working. "What? Something must be wrong." He put in the code to stabilize GREIF's offensive system. This time, the code worked. The GRIEF lowered it's weapons and Brandon sighed. "That never happened before."

Meanwhile, "Great, thanks Zedren." said Sean as he took out the emerald in his chest and placed it up to the sun. "Emerald Panther, Awaken!" Suddenly, a giant part of the ground opened up. What was inside was a giant platform rising. What was on it was a lion-like zord ready to roar. It was the Emerald Panther Zord. For some reason, it had a strange appearance to Liger Zero from Zoids. "All right! Let's do this!"

oe received a transmission from Zedren. "Joe, Sean has a new zord that is compatible with your Collosus megazord." he explained. "He'll be on his way shortly after he deals with Gargantia. This new zord will have enough fire power to obliterate all the monsters you guys are facing now; however, weaken them first, don't destroy them though. They can only regenerate if a fatal blow is dealt. Once they are weakened and Sean arrives and combines with Collosus, have all the zords blast at once." "Will do." said Joe. "Sounds like a plan." Joe then radioed the others. "Guys, we have to keep fighting, but only to weaken them, not destroy. Any fatal blast will make the revive, but they can't revive if we don't kill them. We'll wait for Sean to finish up and then we'll go from there. Sound good?" "Excellent!" said Auric. "Auric likes this plan. Teamwork leading up to the kill and teamwork at the moment of the kill. Auric likes the sound of that. What say the rest of thee?""We just need to work together all of us to destroy all six of them at once." said Caoimhin as the Cerberus charged at the six of them slashing his sword into them. "That should weaken them a bit."

You fool! yelled Gargantia. It matters not how powerful you have gotten, nothing will defeat me! "Oh really?" asked Sean. "Emerald Claw Strike!" The zord jumped up and slashed Gargantia with its claw. "Caoimhin, wait for me. I'm almost done." "No you're not! I will make sure you won't succeed! "Ok Sean but do you need any help?" asked Caoimhin. "Don't worry, I got this. Emerald missiles, fire!" The Emerald zord blasted missiles from all of the missile launchers, weakening Gargantia very much. AHHH!! I'll get you next time you brat! Gargantia faded away and returned to his lair. "Okay guys. Here I come." The zord then ran to the other rangers.

The Cerberus Megazord continued to fight against the monsters, slowly weakening them while getting knocked down himself a few times in the process.

The Sigma Megazord and The GREIF both wield their long ranged weapons in front of the monsters. "FIRE!" commanded Brandon as both machines started firing their weapons on the monster present until they ran out of ammo in their clips. "I hate having to reload in battle." Both of their weapons were being reloaded, which seemed like a long time, at least to Brandon it does.

As Brandon was reloading, which was in fact longer than he expected, the Emerald Panther Zord began slashing at Ranchor and Gigant-Axe, knocking them back by a small amount. The zord landed in front of the others. "Sorry about that guys." said Sean. "He slowed me down." He then turned to Joe. "You ready?" "Always." said Joe. "Okay then!" Then the two yelled out, "Omnizord: Emerald Missile Mode!"

The Emerald Panther's eyes and the Colossus's eyes glowed in unison. The legs came off the panther zord and attached to the chest of the Colossus. The Colossus Megazord's arms moved out and the hind legs of the panther moved in between. The front legs attached to the abdominal section of the zord. The zord then crackled with immense powers. From what it is shown, it seems the dark green areas are concealed missile launchers.

Sean appeared in the Colossus cockpit at his own control station. "You know it's kinda nice having others in here." said Joe. "You know, too big for one." He laughed and then radioed the others. "OK. Everyone ready? Prepare your weapons and fire on Sean's command." He then turned back to Sean. "I'll give you the honors." "Ok Joseph." said Caoimhin. "Cerberus, you know what to do." The Cerberus Megazord roared as the two side heads flipped onto the megazords shoulders, mouths wide open with energy gathering inside it while the middle head raises it's upwards with it's mouth open and gathering energy as well. "Just give me the signal guys."

"Ready, Joe?" asked Sean. "Ready." replied Joseph. "Just say when to fire, guys." said Caoimhin. "Okay. Emerald Shine Fury!" The missile launchers blasted gold and green lasers at all 6 monsters, leaving them barely clinging to life. It drained their strength and reduced their defenses, leaving emerald colored statues. "Come my friends, Sean has nearly wiped them out." said Auric. "Let us finish this auspicious occasion of teamwork." Auric, the Cerberus Megazord, GRIEF, and the Sigma megazord all unleashed their attacks which shattered the frozen remains of the monsters. Auric turned to all the rangers and said, "You see, that is the power of teamwork. When you work together, nothing can stop you. These words Auric speaks are truth." "Nice work everyone." said Joe. "Let's get back to base. I'm sure you all have a lot of questions." Caoimhin jumped out of Cerberus as he changed back to his beast form and went back through the portal back to the Island of Creation. Caoimhin landed near to Izabel.

Brandon typed in the program in both of his machines to go back to base. The Sigma Megazord complied and walked towards the base, but the GREIF was still there. "Something is definitely wrong with GREIF." he stated as he put in the code again. It didn't work. "Oh no. Don't tell me it expired." The Emerald Panther's legs broke apart from the Omnizord, turning it back in the Collosus Megazord, and reattaching to the Emerald Panther Zord. The Collosus Megazord returned to its latent form and returned to base. Joe jumped out as well and when he hit the ground he demorphed. Izabel ran over and they embraced each other. She then smiled at him. "You know, you being a ranger and all kinda explains a REAL lot." she told Joe. Auric shrunk back to normal size. "Well, Auric has done his work here." he began. "Shall you ever need me Izabel, just call." He then disappeared in a bright golden flash. The key around Izabel's neck then glowed equally gold. "So I guess Izabel is allowed in the base then." stated Caoimhin. Izabel turns to Caoimhin and smiles. "Well whether I'm allowed or not, I'm coming."

Brandon kicked the GREIF, and the code finally activated. It flew back to base. Brandon sighed heavily. "Something tells me that the worse has yet to come." he said as he looked at the group. "Well I guess that takes care of them. But, something doesn't feel right." He then noticed what was a computer chip. "What's this?" He examined the chip carefully. Joe noticed Brandon looking at some piece of equipment oddly. "Hey buddy, whats up?" Brandon looked at Joe. "There was a reason why most of them had been tougher than they already were, as I could tell from there records." He showed Joe a computer chip. "This chip. A L.E.E.C.H computer chip. It sends giant shock-waves to the user's applied area and enhances the function about 10 times the normal level." He got up. "But, how is it in this time?" "Wait, what do you mean 'this time'?"

Caoimhin powers down back to himself smiling at Izabel. "Well if nobody would let you in, you could always call for me to help." he told her. "Well I'm very flattered, but I can handle myself." she replied. "Ask Joe, he'll tell ya. Right Joe?" Joe looks towards Caoimhin. "Yeah." he began. "Caoimhin, you may the strongest being I've ever met, but what Iza wants, Iza gets." "Well if she does need me for anything, I don't mind answering her calls." remarked Caoimhin. "I guess I should head back to my planet soon."

Meanwhile, Vile noticed this disturbance as well. "I don't remember them being that strong." he began. "What happened?" He scanned the area and noticed a strange energy signature. "Hm. This isn't a magical aura. So it's not Gargantia or me. But what? What could it possibly be? I must look further into this!"

"Is something wrong Brandon?" Caoimhin asked, finally paying attention to Brandon. Brandon then showed the chip. "It was made in 2043 for military use on extra agonizing missions." he began. "It continued it's use in my time line for the world army." He then gave the chip to Joe. "It seems we may have an enemy from the Sigma's time line." He demorphed and picked up the remaining chips on the ground. "Well there was that Deos character and his minions at that time period." stated Caoimhin. Brandon got up and looked at everyone. "I don't have the slightest idea. But, I think it could be someone from the world army." He looked at the chips. "They could have tracked these chips, so we have to be ready." Sean demorphed and walked over to everyone. "I'm already ready with my new powers." he said. "Great...more people to fight." sighed Caoimhin. "I usually have stuff like this sorted out by now." "Great." said Joe. "That's just what we need, another enemy. And this one seems to be smart. At least Vile and Gargantia seem to be dimwitted." "Like the time Vile tried to fool me back on my planet." added Caoimhin.

Meanwhile in Vile's Lair, Vile had just heard of what Joe had said about him and Gargantia. "DIMWITTED?!?" he screamed in anger. "How dare he call me dimwitted! He will pay dearly! I'll make sure of it!" He then continued to research the strange power signature.

Izabel laughed. "Vile tried to trick you guys?" she asked. "Oh I've got to hear this story sometime. I just remember when he attacked us with that anchor thing. Wait, future? Joe, you said there was one person from the future. How many exactly are there?" "Well, Star was the original." he began. "You'll meet her later. And now there's Brandon, as well as Damien and Kai." "Okay, so 4 people from the future. And 2043 doesn't seem that bad. You mean we have time travel technology in like 35 years? Or are you guys from a later time period?" "It was a later time period Iza, but it doesn't mean it will still happen like this. We may have caused a time paradox."

"40th century, if I may correct." said Brandon. "And trust me, it's not what the media thinks the future will be like. It's a lot worse. A barren wasteland due to world wars starting in 2045 and still continuing." He put the chips in his pocket. He opened his bag and placed some rocks inside it. "Gee." she added. "Thanks for the hopeful outlook on the future. Wait, 40th century? Time paradox? Okay. Now you all officially lost me. Monsters, Ranger powers, demons. All of that I'm okay with getting. But time is very confusing to me. Thus why I can't stand the movie Back to the Future. Its funny, but SO confusing!" "Well if you've lived for a long as I have, there isn't many things that might surprise or confuse you."

Brandon looked at Iza. "It would seem confusing at first, but, in due time, it will seem simple." he said as he checked his pocket and found a small device. "I wondered where this would be."

Then, out of nowhere, a cloaked man came in. "Not really, if you watch enough Science Fiction you'll get it!" said the man. He then removed his hood to reveal his natural red hair. "What they are saying Izabel, is that nothing is set in stone and time is always changing. Even now it is, yet we will never know what changes occur because we are all set on one path and we can never see what lies in front of us, only what lies behind." Sean looked at the red-haired man. "You seem very familiar." he said to the man, beginning to think. Izabel was shocked by this new visitor. "And who are you, and how do you know my name?" she adds. Joe looked for a second very hard and realized something. "Wait, Chris?" he asks. "Is that you?" "Chris? Oh yeah, I remember. What kind of ranger was he? Never mind. I remember." Who'd to think that Chris would return after a long absence from everyone? The White Serpent Dragon Ranger has returned.

"How have you been? And where have you been? Actually, you can fill us in later. Let's all go back to base." "I remember seeing him in my glass orb." noted Caoimhin. "Anyway, I think it's best if you guys returned to your base now." "Maybe we should return, if now only to catch up." said Chris. "I agree. Let's go." The rangers return to base, and the zords back to their proper areas. The rangers, Zedren, and other various members all meet in the briefing room. "Well I now I have some explaining to do, but Chris, you first. Where were you and what happened?"

"I'd prefer to hear what Joseph's actions were all about." added Caoimhin. "Well as I said, I was pretending to go bad." said Joe. "It was Zedren's idea." "Thanks for passing the buck." replied Zedren. "Actually we both did. I told Joseph that he'd have to stay vigilant since Vile and Gargantia were getting desperate. But I didn't know how he'd do it."

"You're not too bad with the buck pass yourself." said Joe. "Well when I got back from Triforia, I had a feeling someone would be watching me, which they were. So I had a strong conversation with Auric, thus forcing him into reading my soul and thus he learned what I really had in mind. I then went to have a romantic dinner with Iza where I told her everything. I figured vile and such would be too bored to listen into our date, so I told her and gave her the real key of Auric. And I didn't see her since then as to not create any idea that I may have given anything to her. And then we fought Chronodox and the rest is history. Then I saw that Dom read my soul as well, and that could make things a little more believable with a fight. Make sense now or is there any other question?" "Well I would like you speak to you privately somewhere." "You're gonna kick my but for calling you an old man aren't you?" He laughs. "Sure, let's go." He turns to Iza. "If I'm not back in 20 minutes, send Auric. And if its too late just know that I love you." He smirks and then walks out.

Caoimhin and Joseph stepped into a separate room and Caoimhin closed the door behind him. Suddenly Joe could be heard screaming. And then...SMASH. "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME 'OLD MAN'!!!!" he screamed. And then...BANG.

30 Minutes Later...Edit

Joe was holding an ice pack to his head. "I'm sorry for my actions Izabel." he began. "I feel terrible for acting that way especially as you thought i was a gentleman before." He then bowed to Izabel in a note of apology. Izabel went over to Joe and helped him. "You okay?" she asked. "I'm fine." Joe replied. "I would of fought back but...1. that would of made it worse, and 2. I kinda did deserve it. And after dating you I'm used to getting knocked around." Izabel then back-slapped Joe. "Excuse me Caoimhin, but I think you missed a spot on Joe." WHAT!?!" Izabel puts her hands against Joe and another towards Caoimhin. Kidding, I was just kidding." Caoimhin patted Izabel on the shoulder. "I wouldn't of hit him again anyway. I guess I better head off to my planet now. It was nice to meet you Izabel and Joseph. Next time I won't be so easy on you if you call me that again." Caoimhin opened a portal and walked into it.

Chris seemingly stepped back during the whole incident. He knew the newcomer was a good guy but didn't know if he could be fully trusted. "Well, who was that?" he asked. "That was Caoimhin." replied Joe. "Oh yeah, you really missed a lot while you were gone. I'll tell you the full story later, but a while ago Vile was taking my powers since the Lio zord used to be used for evil. he even turned the megazord against us. So Zedren told us to head to the Island of Creation, an island on a planet on the furthest end of the galaxy. And there I met Caoimhin who was the temple guardian. He helps us out from time to time should we need him." "Don't forget what you obtained to regain your powers." added Sean. Christopher looked at his morpher. Maybe I'm no longer needed. he thought. Maybe I did all that work for nothing. No, a Ranger must not think those things. "Ah, another Ranger. Always good to get some backup every once and awhile."

"Oh yeah, what Sean meant was this." said Joe as he extended his hand and the Genesis Blade appeared in it. "This is the Genesis Blade. It links me to my powers and is quite the powerful weapon. And as far as other ranger, we've had some definite changes in personal. Sean as you see has new ranger powers. Star is now a ranger. Brandon, Kai, and Damien are from the future. John is MIA, being a ranger wasn't his thing. And Jaden returned, but he's MIA again. And Vent turned evil and is now no where to be found, but I don't think he's around anymore since he hasn't been with Gargantia. And we have a new evil ranger with Vile named Valon, and he's quite a handful." "There's still more you know." said Sean. "I don't remember what they are but I know you left some things out. Like, how we got to the future." Joe then filled in all that happened.

Brandon was using a microscope as he looked at two computer chips, one which he 'borrowed' from the emerald panther's unused parts and the L.E.E.C.H computer chip. He looked at Joe. "Hey Joe, did Zedren make Emerald Panther or was it re-molded?" he asked as he continued looking at the computer chips. "Not sure." Joe replied. Zedren overheard.

"Well it was a bunch of combined technology, but yeah, in total it was all home made." he began. "The emerald panther however is an ancient zord and held the power of an ancient animal. Actually believe it or not, the panther spirit Sean originally had was like a subsidy of the emerald panther. So, the technology was all us, but since the spirit was already around, it was slightly remolded i guess. It's like how, back when I was Lord Zedd, I made the ninja spirits into the Shogun zords. The technology was mine, but the spirits and thus power was preexisting. Why do you ask?"

Brandon looked at Zedren. "I wanted to know since it still had some existing parts of the original, but I wanted to know if you used current existing technology because I don't want Vile and Gargantia to get a hold of the L.E.E.C.H chips." he explained. "If it's possible, I could find who has been dealing them to the 'devious duo'. "If it's from the 40th century, we may have a problem." May I take a look?" asked Zedren. "Sure." replied Brandon. Zedren looked at the piece. "Wait, I recognize this, well slightly anyway. This has a certain type of alloy in it. It appears as though, besides power, it admits the quality of this alloy. This is Machine Empire technology. But they would never create something like this since it's only compatible with biological components. Tell me, in the 40th century, was any technology used from them, or at least imitated? I know this isn't the Machine Empire, Mondo's been gone for years, but who ever did certainly have an intellect superior to their...this is very bad indeed."

"Well the L.E.E.C.H chips have the same components as this one from the Machine Empire." he began. "That must mean that the world army must have either recreated it or used the exact same ones." As Brandon said that his eyes widen. "Oh no. Those chips must have been tracked. We have to be ready. The world army may bring machines into this time to take the chips at all cost. To them, its more valuable than human life itself."

Chris looked at Zedren. "So your Zedren!?" he began. "I was told that by a source that you might be able help me with something. It is an artifact that I found in a place called the Temple of Power. The person I got this from said you destroyed it." Chris unattached the object from his morpher and handed it to Zedren. It was a round gold coin-like object with a bird depicted on it. "The person also gave me the other five. I don't know how useful they will be, but he to take them nonetheless." "Wait. Are those Ninjetti Power Coins? They've been gone for years. I doubt they still have their Ninjetti powers since the powers come from within; however, there should be enough strength in them left to merge them and make a new power coin. Is that what you had in mind?" "Ninjetti?" asked Sean. 'What is that?"

"The Ninjetti animal spirits were some of the strongest spirits around." began Zedren. "I tried many times to be rid of them when I was evil. Those are the same spirits I turned into the Shogun zords and planned to use against the rangers. Eventually they were destroyed, I assumed, in an explosion at the old command center, but I guess they somewhat survived. Morphing with them would be too dangerous. If you can't have an outlet for the power it can cause severe pains and almost kill you. I'm pretty sure I should be able to transfer what power is left in there and create a new Ninjetti power coin. However, I must be honest, I don't know if that'll transfer into a new zord or not. Or if there will even be one."

Brandon continued tinkering with the two computer chips and used an electrical pulse on the L.E.E.C.H chip, but it wouldn't shut off. "What?" he asked himself. "That was 16,000 volts! How come it didn't overload and shut down?" He shacked it again and still it wouldn't overload. Diabolico walked up to Brandon. "If you're afraid of them tracking it, I can place it in a demon hole." he told Brandon. "It's sort of like a dimensional tear that only a certain level of demon can make. It has one way in and one way out." Brandon looked at Diabolico. "That will be a good idea. Though I'm not sure if they already tracked us. Diabolico, are you able to find out if there any physical disturbances around this town?" He then gave the computer chips to Diabolico. "Never underestimate the power of a demon general." He laughed. Diabolico disappeared and then reappeared over the city in a giant astral form of himself. His body from the shoulders up appears in a spirit form over the city. Brandon put the equipment away and looked at Diabolico's solid body still in the base. "Is there anything unusual there or are we safe?" he asked as he took out his morpher, ready to morph if there was an enemy near.

Zedren then spoke to Chris. "Chris, it may be possible to infuse your dragon spirit with the Ninjetti. There were legends that the Falcon spirit would be passed on, but in a different form. Perhaps, thats why your zord was always slightly different. Perhaps, your spirit was meant to be Ninjetti. The other power coins could awaken it. It's worth a shot." Chris looked at Zedren. He knew of the Ninjetti and the Ninja Zords. The Ape, Bear, Frog, Wolf, Crane, Falcon. It could be possible that considering the cultural influence of the Ninja Zords, Ninjor could have designed a seventh 'Dragon Ninja Zord'. "Would it help if we fused the coins with the Omega Force Morphing Grid?" he asked. "I mean, if the Omega Dragonzord is a former Ninja Zord wouldn't the coins react with the Dragons own energy and repair themselves?" "I believe so. Let's go try that."

Diabolico watched over the city. He sensed nothing of interest. But then he got a massive power reading from the park. It sent shivers down his spine he was about to go check it out when the sky went dark. "Hmph, just an eclipse." he told himself as he gave it a second look. "WAIT! There's no eclipse planned for today, or even this year." He looked up and saw a massive ship approaching the ranger base. Diabolico returned to his body and immediately went to the outside screens to show everyone what he had seen.

Brandon went outside and noticed the ship. The ship stopped close to the ranger base and the three jet boosters stop. As the ship was falling to Earth, the back two jets became legs and the front boaster became a giant claw. As it landed, the machine was visible. The metal on the main part of the tripod machine was blue with cameo designs and sported '09' on the side of the machine. "Oh no." said Brandon. "It's one of the world army's destruction robots." He then took out his morpher. The machine raised its claw up in the sky and the bottom of the claw glowed a purple tint. It dropped the claw hard on the ground, cracking the surface it hit. "GREAT GALAXIES!" yelled Auric. "I am getting annoyed with these interruptions. I'm going inside that ship and rip it apart from the inside." Zedren then turns to the others. "While we do the procedure, go help Auric and destroy that machine out there." Zedren informed Chris and the other rangers. "Right." said Sean. He made an X and yelled, "Shards of Emerald, Spark!" Sean morphed, went outside, and prepared for what comes out of the ship.

Brandon noticed the tripod-like machine. He was in dead shock at what he saw. The armor was new and polished and the claw had enough power to crush the city in an earthquake. "This must be a new model." he said to himself. "I don't have any information on this." He looked at Sean and Auric. "Sean, Auric. We have to stop this thing from terrorizing the city. That claw itself could cause major damage to this town's bedrock." "Alright, let's do this!" yelled Sean. "Ready Auric?" "Of course." replied Auric. "Auric is always ready to deal out justice. Let's make it so that these cretins will never return. Let us go inside and destroy their data things, so that they can't trace it to our location or time again. Some of you hold it off while some go inside. I will go inside. The rest just attack its outsides and keep it busy." "No. I'm coming with you, Auric. I'm the one that knows about the world army's technology. I can try to hack into their transmission and tell them that they have recovered the L.E.E.C.H chips. It's time they need the learn not to mess with the past." "Very well my intelligence-gifted friend. You shall come with me. Everyone else, stall that behemoth." Auric thrusted his sword into the ground and he and Brandon disappeared.

As Brandon and Auric got into the ship. There were walkways, lots and lots of walkways. Brandon could see the central core. As he saw it there were a couple of guards surrounding it. "Auric, for a machine this big, there are maybe three central cores." he explained. "We need to find all of them and take them out. After that, the machine is as good as destroyed." Auric saw those guards and said, Well if there's more cores than there are more guards." he began. "And we wouldn't want them to spoil the surprise for us. BEHOLD THE MIGHT OF AURIC!!!" The guards were then surrounded by a gold bubble and were thrown up and down repeatedly to shake them up. Then Auric and Brandon stepped into the bubble as well. "Here you may scream like the little cowards you are, for no one can here you. And neither can you reach the control screen. Brandon, after you. Show them who they are messing with."

Brandon smirked deviously as he looked at the guards. "Gladly." he replied as he broke off two spikes from his suit and they combined together to become a staff. At rapid speed, Brandon continuously started beating the guards with the staff into the point they would be knocked out for about the rest of the day. "That takes care of them." "Good, good." he told Brandon. "Job well done my speedy friend. Now, I'll keep watch while you do whatever it is you are going to do to the machine. Then we shall move onto the others." Auric turned his back and kept watch. Brandon did a salute then ran to the first central core. He hacked into the system and started putting in codes. In less than five minutes, he finished. "This one's offline. Lets go to the other." He then ran down the walkway. Auric puffed out his cape and then followed after Brandon.

Meanwhile, back outside the mech, it tried to slam its claw onto the city, but the Collosus Megazord caught it and was trying to grapple with the machine. "I could use some help over here!" yelled Joe. "I'm coming Joe!" yelled Sean. "Emerald Panther, arise!" The emerald panther zord appeared and slashed the mech with its claw. The Collosus stumbled back a little bit. "Thanks a lot buddy. The servers were starting to overheat. We have to stall for more time for Auric and Brandon. After that, we'll merge and finish this thing off. They have to dismantle it from the inside so it can't be traced." "Right. By the way, if you remember when my old panther zord blasted fireballs, watch this. Emerald Panther, Sonic Roar!" The emerald panther roars in a shining sonic wave that stuns the mech. "That ought to take care of it for a while." "Nice shot Sean." Joe then activated the com link to Brandon. "Brandon, we've got things covered here. We'll roll with the punches. You two just get things done on your end."

Brandon continued running down the walkway and noticed the second central core under them. "Auric, the second core is directly below us, so there will probably be alot of guards there." he said as he called in Joe. "Joe. Were at the second core. Be advised that when we actually shut that one down, it may go into danger mode." "Brandon, I have a very fun idea." he told Brandon. He then turned into his tiki statue form and landed in Brandon's hands. "Ok. Now throw me down there. i wanna have some fun with them." Brandon nodded and threw Auric down to the guards. One guards picked up the tiki Auric and looked at the others. "Who do you think dropped this?" he asked the others. They just shrugged.

As the guard turned around holding the tiki, Auric spoke. "He's such an idiot and he sleeps with stuffed bears." The guard turned around. "What did you say?" he asked. The other guards looked at him and said they didn't say anything. The guard turned around again and the Auric spoke again. "W"hat an idiot. Not only is he ugly, but he is also apparently deaf and stupid." The guard turned around again. "That's it." He attacked the other guards and they quickly subdued him. Then 2 guards took him to a prison cell, leaving only 4 guards.

A female guard picked up Auric and then he spoke again. "Hey, how you doing?" The guard then smacked the other guard and walked off. The male guard tried to follow to apologize. He handed Auric to one of the two remaining guards. The two guards looked at all that had happened and then looked at each other. "What was that all about?" one of the guards asked. Just then Auric spoke again. "I don't know, but you have very cold hands." The two guards looked at each other and then at the tiki. Auric then became his human size again and said, "Do you know who I am? Do you know how many evil beings I have destroyed? Do you know how powerful I am? You two honestly think you can do anything to stop me. You don't even have name tags. Why don't you just fall down?" The two guards then did what Auric said and played dead like the cowards they are. "You're up Brandon."

Brandon appeared next to the second central core. He hacked into the machine's files and shut down this core. "Okay this one's done." he told Auric. "Let's hope there's only one core left to shut down."

On the outside, Joe and Sean could see the machine's claw come off. With a screech it moved the head over to the back. A small laser cannon took its place as the machine was walking backwards, shooting at the two enemy mechs. The Colossus Megazord took a heavy hit and fell to the ground. "This thing is really starting to get on my nerves." he told himself. "It has crazy fire power and its armor is insane. Wait, I have an idea. Kent where are you? I have an idea."

Brandon ran down the walkway and found the last central core, but was heavily guarded. "Man, I should've known about that." he said to himself. Then Brandon had an idea. "Hey Auric, can you transform other people?" he asked. "Do my powers not impress you yet?" he asked. "Do you test me? Auric does not like to be pushed." He was poking Brandon's chest and seemed angry. "But I'll ask, what do you have in mind?" "Okay. If I know the world army, they are suckers for little kids, especially babies. So, I need you to turn me into a baby to distract the guards. They won't resist it." "This is a very strange request. But as you insist." Auric waved his hands slowly in a circle and then pointed both palms at Brandon. He was covered in a god light and became about a 2 year old. He wore gold and blue ancient looking clothes. "You merely look like one, but you aren't 2 again. If you are attacked or make an attack the disguise will evaporate." "Well they won't attack me since I'm a toddler." Brandon said as he quickly moved to the other walkway.

He put on the toddler act by making himself lose balance at times when he was walking. A female guard noticed him and picked him up. "He's so cute." she said. "How did this little guy get in here?" Brandon then started to fake cry, making the guards panic and find something to calm the baby down. When it was all clear, Brandon hit himself in the head, wearing off the cloak. "All clear." he said. Auric walked up behind him and back-slapped him. "You could of just made an attack yourself instead of hitting yourself." he told him. "But it was most entertaining. Now then, go shut down the final generator."

Meanwhile, "Kent, can you hear me?" asked Joe. "I have an idea but I need the Stego Zord." "Ok sure." said Kent. "No problem. Stego Zord. Arise!" The Stego zord came out in its usual manner. "Ok. Let's see if this will work. Zedren said the true Lio has inspired and can inspire many weapons, so maybe, it can be sued on one of our own. The old form was able to control other zords, so hopefully this can do the same." The Colossus Megazord blasted the Stego zord and it changed. It became black and red and seemed a lot stronger.

"OK, here we go!" yelled Joe. Then Kent and Joe yelled at the same time, "Omnizord: Blade Mode!" The Colossus Megazord's eyes glowed and the Stego's glowed as well. The Stego broke in half side ways. The spike on the tail stood horizontally straight. The front leg moved up and then backwards to be paired with the hind leg. It then attached to the Colossus's arms.

"Okay, I'll step back and let you handle this." said Sean as the Emerald panther zord moved back from the mech. Sean put his morpher up to his face. "Brandon, are you almost done?" "Don't go too far Sean." said Joe. "After Kent and I slash this things armor apart, you'll combine with us and then we'll blast all its weak spots with everything we've got." "I know, Joe. I'm just going to wait until you're ready for me."

Inside the mech, "Give it time Sean." said Brandon. "There are three files for this thing." He was hacking into the first file. After ten minutes of hacking, he shut down the first part. The machine started to go into danger mode. It moved his head to its normal position and opened hatches on his head. Some lasers were being fired.

To Be Continued...

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