This is the sixteenth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force and the Season 1 Finale. This episode closes up all of the plotholes that were mentioned during the first few episodes and also opens up new ones that will slowly be closed as Season 2's episodes keep going. Also, the SIGMA Rangers depart for good.


The giant machine roared as the Collosus Megazord, with it's new armaments, took interest in slamming it's mighty blades against the cold metallic armor. At first, it appeared to do nothing, but because of the speed and strength of the zords, the armor began to steadily weaken, as it became covered in dents and scratches the size of fully loaded minivans. Joe shouted out in glee,

"Alright! Let's bring this bad boy home! Ready Kent?"

"You know it!" replied the black ranger as they continued to fight the machine. It raised it's mighty claws and swiped downwards, aiming for a fatal blow. Sean pushed the controls forward as he cried out,

"Not on my watch you pile of scrap!" as the Panther lurched forward, knocking the machine down. The moment it hit the ground, a sizable earthquake shook the surronding area. Joe gave Sean a thumbs up and said almost amusingly,

"Nice hit! But we could've handled it." Sean rolled his eyes as he replied.

"Can't have you have all the fun right?" In their musings, the machine was back on its feet, ready for round two. Rising to the challenge, the two zords stood ready to fight again. However... something wasn't quite right. lightning started to trail the sky as it glow red. A fierce vortex ripped open from the sky, revealing a powerful hurricane. It's winds projected the machine into the sky, disippating into the vortex. Joe, Sean and Kent all had the same reaction as they shouted,

"Whoa, what is that?!" "Don't look at me, I don't know!" "Hey Brandon, you got any idea what this is?!"

Brnadon, although half way through the second encyrption file, saw what was going on. He shook his head, but was clearly worried. "It reminds me of a time hole, but it doesn't look right." A new transmission came in, this time it was Star.

"Rangers, especially SIGMA rangers, please listen!" Star was obviously worried as she spoke swiftly and almost gibberishly. Brandon answered the transmission first.

"It's Brandon here. What's the problem Star?" Joe snapped his fingers,

"Of course, Star knows about the time stream more than anyone. So Star, you got any idea what we're dealing with here?" There was a brief pause before she answered,

"A temporal reset." From the silence, she deduced that they had no idea what she meant. So, she clarified.

"I mean there have been to many temporal anamolies. Too much time traveling and messing with the time stream. Chronodox was the anti-existence of time, so, while he was around, it didn't matter how many times you changed the past or future, since he always could balance it out. But since he's gone, the time stream is on the verge of collapsing on itself." THAT got some reactions. Particularly from Brandon.

"You mean we're all goners?!" Star replied quickly,

"No. It drained my ranger power temporarily, but I used all of the Starlight's power to reset the time line... but the thing is... if you don't return to the future now, you and the other SIGMA rangers will be gone forever. You have to return to your own time, as fast as you can." Auric, who was still accompanying him, directed his response to Brandon.

"Go. Auric shall finish here. Now hurry! Time is of the essence young Brandon!" Brandon nodded as the third encryption file opened and finished, leaving the core to shut down. Brandon, satisfied that his mission was complete, morphed and exited the base. Looking up into the sky, he said,

"Okay, I'm ready." Star nodded on the other end as she said slowly,

"The other SIGMA rangers are being transported already, since I managed to get to them first. All you have to do is point your morpher to the vortex. The time hole will do the rest." Brandon nodded as he looked up to his new friends.

"...See ya guys. We'll try to stop the world army on our side... but if you ever need us..." Kent stopped him.

"Yeah, we'll give you a call. Although I wonder if millenia long transmissions count as long distance calls?" That got a good chuckle out of Brandon as it did Joe. Speaking of which, Joe in turn said,

"Don't worry about it... you're part of the team now. Time and space don't mean a thing." Brandon smiled under his helmet.

"Thanks guys... it means alot." Without further delay, Brandon brace himself as he pointed his morpher towards the eyes of the time vortex. In a few moments, he disappeared in a bolt of sapphire lightning as the entire base disappated into the vortex. The sky then went blue again, as if nothing had happened. Calling off their zords, Sean, Joe and Kent teleported back to the Omega Base, with Auric in tow. Although losing the SIGMA rangers was a blow to the team again, the rangers felt a bitter sweet victory. They had succeeded in thwarting the world army's attempts to fiddle with the past. Although, once he heard the story, Zedren was curious about one small detail.

"Say, Star?"


"If the time line reset itself, then wouldn't you have to also return to the future?" Star shook her head.

"There's two reasons why that isn't a problem for me..." Zedren was now curious. He inquired further,

"Oh... and they are?" Star spoke lowly,

"The first reason is that... well... THIS keeps me out of the time stream. So time doesn't affect me." She held up the Starlight. She continued, "The second reason... is that my connection to this time's morphing grid. I'm binded to it. So, unlike the SIGMA rangers, who established their powers in my time, I recieved my ranger powers in this time. In essence, time doesn't affect me as it would you or the other rangers." Meanwhile, the other rangers were still wondering about the result of today's battle. Although it was a success... they still had a sense of diminishing self-confidence.

Outside of the Omega Base, a partially opaque figure, who resembled a fluid Caoimhin, smiled. "Ah... nice to see the rangers made it back safely. But they are of no concern to me now... I must find my dear knight... he should be in this time as I can recall..." With that ominous statement, Deos disappeared, literally evaporting where he stood.

To Be Continued Next Season:

Power Rangers: Omega Force Season 2!

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