This article is about Wipeout's Episode 1x01.

List of episodes in Cheerleaders or Potatoes

Week Qualifier Sweeper Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Birdo' Sharpay Evans 4th (1.23:9)* 2nd 1st Winner (02:12:23)
2 'Music' Taylor McKessie 2nd (1:41.2)* 1st 3rd 2nd Place (03:43:19)
3 'Toad' Ronni Montez 6th (1:48.6) 6th 4th 3rd (5:04:20)

Sharpay Evans, Ryan Evans, Gabriella Montez, Taylor McKessie and Kelsi Nielson is one of the contestants who can pass Topple Towers.

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