This is the fourth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode acts as both a filler and a continuity.


March 13, 2010 ~ Omega Base: Conference Room

After resting and the pain went away, Sean focused himself back to the other rangers and Zedren. Seeing as Chris was unable to pilot the Omega Dragonzord as well during that battle, he returned to the command center. "I failed..." he said as he lowered his head, facing the ground. "The reason why you can't operate the Serpent Dragon zord is that you need to the remains of the first zord carrier, Titanus," explained Sean. He had heard about Titanus from years of history. As Sean went on, his head began to hurt again. He does not know why it's happening. Everyone else was wondering what's going on. Meanwhile, in the streets of Angel Bay, Dominic sighed. "One hot dog and make it snappy," He said to the hot dog guy. It was rainy day, and those power rangers had proved that they were weak. "Here you go sir," said the merchant as he handed Dominic his hot dog. He grabbed it and took a bite. "Aren't you gonna pay me?" The merchant asked. Dominic shot him a look. "You really think I would pay you?" he asked as he walked away. "Hey, I have kids to feed!" yelled the merchant. Dominic rolled his eyes and continued walking. After a few minutes, Dominic finished his hot dog and sighed. "Now if only I knew where these rangers were..." he said looking around.

Back at the base, Joseph noticed Sean clutching his head in pain. "Whoa, you okay buddy?" asked Joe in worry. "Yeah, I'm fine," he replied. The pain in Sean's head stopped. "The pain in my head is actually a warning of Vile's next move," he began. "I don't want this pain to interrupt one of our next battles." "What was Titanus?" asked Joe, remembering what was said earlier. "It sounds big." He then explains that Titanis was a zord carrier that the original Power Rangers used for their megazord to become the Ultrazord. It was powerful, but after the Shogun Zords used it for the last time, it was never seen again. "I'm going to the Training Room for a while," he said to the others as he walked away. "Yeah, sounds good," he said to Sean. I think I'll join you..." he then looked at his watch and remembered something important. "forgot I was supposed to meet my girlfriend and some of my friends at the beach. I'll meet up with you guys later." He then began to walk off. Before he left though, Zedren said, "Joe, take this." He hands him a black and gold watch. "This is your communicator. Should there be trouble we'll contact you. Or you contact us." Joe thanked the commander and headed off to the beach, but not the same one where Joe, Star, and Andros fought together for the first time.

Meanwhile, Vile looked at a viewing portal to see Joe by himself, running to the beach. He chuckled and said, "Perfect! Now let's see the 'Gold Wonder' handle things by himself." Just after Joe made it to the different beach, the alarm at the base sounded off. Sean had only begun training with simulated Shadow Strikers and he ran to the conference room along with some of the other rangers. It was the Shadow Strikers again, and this time, they're at the beach where Joe went to see his girlfriend. "Don't worry," began Sean. "When Joe sees them, he'll know what to do. He can handle himself." There were 4 Shadow Strikers after him. When they came after him, they first appeared to start out as a dark fog and then form their bodies, ready to attack. Dominic just happened to be at the beach that time and noticed the Shadow Strikers. "Ah, have we crawled out of our dark prison?" he said, mockingly. Back in Vile's lair, he looked through his dimensional mirror to see the city. "Ah, what's this?" he began. "The 'Gold Wonder' has a little friend with him. Very nice indeed. Well then lets make this an even more memorable day." He looks at the surrounding area. "Ah, what to do now? The boat show is in. Let's see now." He spies a large anchor on a 60 ft boat. "This will do quite well. Now arise...Ranchor!" Just then an elderly humanoid creature forms around the anchor. "Ranchor, one of the rangers and his lady friend are trying to have a romantic day at the beach. Go make this a day they'll never forget."

Meanwhile, Joseph and his girlfriend Izabel were relaxing at the beach after some swimming and a very intense game of volleyball. They both were in their bathing suits and their sunglasses and had their eyes closed. They heard some screams, but figured it was the usual playful screams of the beach. Just then they are hit with a bunch of sand from running people. They both cough and take of their sunglasses. Joseph looks behind him at the crowd of running people. "What in the world is their problem?" he asked himself. Just then Izabel frighteningly responds, "I think those are." Joseph turns back and sees several Shadow Strikers making their way up the beach. "Oh no, not them again!" he said in shock. "Izabel get behind me." He grabs for the umbrella and starts to knock the Strikers away. He trips one and then punches it hard in the chest. And then uses the umbrella to blind another, making it start attacking another.

He then hears Izabel scream. He turns around to see Ranchor holding her. The monster says to Izabel, "Well, I be guessing that be your boyfriend. He's a pretty good fighter. I'd even say he's quite a catch. Speaking of which ..." He then throws Izabel towards the jagged jetties, meaning very large rocks in pirate speak. Joseph runs to go catch her and just makes it, but his back slams into the rocks, slicing him badly in the back. He falls to the ground.

Izabel helps him to his knees and put one of her hand on his back and the other on his chest to hold him up. He looks at Izabel and then at the monsters and last remaining Striker, who have Izabel and him cornered against these rocks, and thinks, This is very bad. Not only do i have to protect Izabel, but I have to do it without morphing. I can't reveal my identity. And with my back hurting like this, the two of us our sitting ducks. I hope the others are aware of all this. They're our only hope.' Dominic jumped out and landed on his palm, he used that as an opportunity and spun around, slamming his foot right in the face of a Shadow Striker. He then jumped in the air and landed on his feet. "Bah, too easy..." he said.

Meanwhile in the command center, Chris was in the ZHC, talking to the Serpent Dragon Zord. "No matter what they said I still failed buddy," he told his zord. The Dragon zord let out a disheartened cry. "I know I DID do well while Gigant-Axe was small." Back at the beach, Joseph looked shocked as this new combatant entered the fray. Izabel whispered to him, "Who's that?" Joseph responds, "I honestly have no idea." "Well if he's helping us I guess he's a good guy, but I have a bad feeling," she replies to Joe. Izabel's usually right with her "feelings", he thought. Who in the world is this guy? Zedren didn't tell us about anymore Rangers. And the way this guy is fighting, he certainly knows what he's doing. I hope Iza and I are both wrong and this guy is good. Dominic stretched his hands back. "Ahh, exercise like this is an amazing warm-up!" he yelled as he looked across the beach. "Now, where is the leader?" "Argh!" yelled Ranchor. "What be this? A scurvy dog who want to ruin plan. I'll keelhaul ye for this!" Meanwhile Vile who looks through his mirror says, "What in the world is Dominic doing? I had him. That Striker and Ranchor were just about to finish Joseph and his little girlfriend off. Why did he have to get in the way. He better have a good reason for this." "Ah there you are!" yelled Dominic back at the beach. "Now, ether you leave, or I defeat you." He stepped up to Ranchor. "You disrespectful knave!" yelled Ranchor. "I'll use you as shark bait!" He grabs a hold of Dominic in his bone encrusted hand and slams him into the sand and then tosses him a few feet.

Dominic landed on the ground and went silent. He picked himself up and looked at Ranchor straight in the eyes. "Oh, this is gonna be fun!" he yelled with a devious smile on his face. He jumped up and slammed his foot in Ranchor's face. Ranchor was feeling very full of himself. Being created by Vile, he was aware of Dominic's allegiance, but he didn't care. He would be glad to get rid of him. He was taken completely of guard by Dominic's resilience. Dominic's hit landed extremely hard. Ranchor tried to block with his bone blade on his right arm, but Dominic's kick actually partially shattered it and sent Ranchor flying back into one of the groups of beach chairs. Joseph was even more amazed. He again thought to him self, This guy means business. He has to have some sort of power. Izabel again whispers to Joseph, "This guys seems too good to be true." "That's what I'm afraid of Iza," he responds. Ranchor gets up and again charges at Dominic with the extremely sharp claws on his left hand, but quickly dodges and then knees him in the chest. Dominic quickly lowered himself and launched, punching Ranchor in the stomach.

Back in the command center, the Dragonzord roared. "Is something wrong Dragonzord?" he asked. It roared again. Chris rushed back into the main room. "Commander, is anything wrong?" "It appears that there is a person of sorts who is working for Vile, but he seems to have his own spirit as well," Zedren began. "A spirit from ancient Folklore. I do not know which one, but I know it contains the many powers of darkness and Vile is planning with him until he unleashes his power as well."

Just then Dominic gets a voice screaming in his head. "What in the name of all that is evil are you doing?" yelled Vile. "Ranchor was mere steps away from getting rid of that Joseph. With his girlfriend present he would sacrifice himself to save her. And also with her present he can't morph or call for help. He was a sitting duck. And you ruined it. You better have a good reason for this." Dominic grips his head, spits on the ground and says, "Why do I care? He'll be dead anyways..." Then Ranchor starts to head back towards Joseph, he[Joe] turns to Izabel and says "Iza, get out of here while you can!" "Are you crazy?" she began. "You're hurt. I'm not leaving you here." Joseph thinks to himself, Great! With her here my hands are tied. Unless... He unnoticeably hits the communicator button on his watch and says, "Izabel you have to go!" He quickly hides the wrist com while pressing the button and quickly, and quietly, saying, "We need help, quick!" He perfectly hid the call from Izabel. Hopefully the other Rangers got it.

Hearing this distress call, Kent morphed and rushed to the beach, only to see Ranchor fighting Dominic. "Who are you??!!" asked Kent. "None of your business," Dominic replied. "Oh my God!" yelled Iza. "The news was right. There really are Power Rangers." "Well there goes the plan I guess," began Ranchor. "Well it be only 2. I can still finish you off and then finish of your beach friend over there." He starts walking towards Kent. Dominic spat once more and cracked his fists and said, "As long as I'm here, you won't get far." Star, at the time, was still in the ZHC. "I swear, Zedren has a way with his programming!" she said, annoyed. "Every line is like a new language or something!" She was working hard to decipher all the files on the zords and their combinations. She sighed and said, "No luck." She was about to get up until the distress call hit her com link. "Joseph?" She locked onto his coordinates. "Oh my!" She flicked the alarm. "Attention Rangers! Monster Attack at Angel Bay Beach! Joseph is currently in mortal danger!"

Chris heard the call and morphed. "Time to go!" he yelled as he teleported to the beach. He landed near Joe and Izabel and told them, "You two should get out of here!" Then Chris charged Ranchor and landed a devastating blow. Kent jumped over Ranchor, wound up behind him, and slashed him with his Stego Staff. Dominic then sidestepped Ranchor and punched him in the back. Meanwhile, Joseph and Izabel thanked the White Ranger, and Joseph nodded his head in sort of a way to say an extra thanks to his friend. Joseph was gonna lead Iza to safety and then morph, but his back was still badly injured and still bleeding. He looks back and thinks, Good luck guys! Meanwhile Ranchor was taking some serious damage from Chris and Kent. Chris shattered part of his chest and Kent ripped open his back. "Ahh!!" he screamed in agony. "Ye both be paying for that." He struggled to maintain upright and then made his beard grow to an extremely long length as the further it stretched the grayer and harder it got until it became a bunch of chains and wrapped around Cris and Kent. Dominic jumped back. "Maybe I should morph?" he asked himself out loud. Dominic then chuckled, "Nah, I'll let these rangers suffer." He then watched with excitement.

Chris and barely got out. "You are not getting away with that you Halloween reject!" he yelled. "I've got ye now!" he began. "Master Vile might of sent me to destroy your friend, but I think he'll be happy if he hears I destroyed both the Black and White Rang-" Then Ranchor was surprised by Chris's escape. Chris rushes Ranchor but Ranchor see him, dodges, kick him in the back and then stomps on him while he is down. When Ranchor dodged Chris, he dropped Kent and on the floor, Kent rebounded and sweep-kicked Ranchor after stomping Chris. Ranchor was surprised by Kent's attack and landed on his back. He is slightly restrained due to the massive anchor on his back. Dominic took his chance. "Nah, I can't miss this opportunity," he said as he umped and spun in midair, kicking Ranchor straight in the back. Chris thanked Dominic and rushed Ranchor again and this time landed a decent blow.

Kent then noticed Ranchor's weakness. "Get him to the water!!" he yelled. Ranchor then stood up. "Good luck getting that to happen," he regarded. He then let out a blast of steam which hit Chris, Kent, and Dominic. They flew back and all hit the ground. Dominic landed but got back up again. Then, for some reason, his morpher, yes, Dominic has his own morpher, started to shake. "Ah man, not now!" he yelled. John, of course, was there at the time, but watched, while morphed, hoping to have him jump in. He did hit Ranchor hard, but not really, REALLY hard.

"Spirit of the Panther!" yelled Sean as Ranchor missed the attack and smashed the panther spirit into a hundred pieces. Sean came out of nowhere again with teleportation mist and went at Ranchor. "Panther Punch!" he yelled as he knocked Ranchor way back and stunned him. "Panther Spear, Final Strike!" he yelled as he summoned his Panther Spear, covered in a white aura. With the aura, Sean used his spear to rapidly slash Ranchor until he fell, destroying him.

Meanwhile, in Vile's lair, he laughed with anticipation. "I've waited long enough!" he said happily. "Now it's time for things to get bigger!" Vile then made a movement of his wand to make Ranchor giant. "You guys ready?" he asked the others. "Unleash the Panther!" Sean's panther zord came out of the clouds. "Guys, I can sense something possessed in Ranchor," he said. He then realized something. "Ranchor rhymes with anchor. Vile created an evil monster from one of the anchors of one of those boats." He pointed to the boats on the dock. "Are you ready? Primal Megazord, Power Up!" Dominic sighed. "Looks like my work is done here," he said as he stretched his hands up and sat down. "I'll just wait here for them to thank me."

The full grown Ranchor had regrown his broken blades and was back to full strength. As Sean summoned his Panther spirit, it was also able to contact the Liopleurodon zord who also left the Zord holding bay. The Panther Zord took the place of the Spino Zord as a Purifying Claw.

During the transformation, though, Ranchor tried to ensnare the Serpent Dragon zord in its chains, but the serpent dragon zord countered by sending a huge surge of electricity through the chains and electrocuting Ranchor. Dominic was getting impatient. "Any day now!" he yelled out. Just then Sean remembered that Joe is on his way to the hospital after being severely injured. However, his panther zord is again able to communicate with the Liopleurodon zord. The Megazord activates its tail attack. And once again slices through Ranchor, but Ranchor still lives. He is just about to counter attack when the serpent dragon zord returns and causes a huge storm and strikes Ranchor with a tremendous bolt of lightning, causing him to blow up, leaving the possessed anchor with a black aura around it, floating in front of the Megazord. "Panther Purification!" yelled Sean as a ray of light blasted out of the Panther mouth at the anchor, removing the evil from the anchor and landed where it originated. The rangers all demorph and return their zords to the ZHC.

March 13, 2010 ~ Angel Bay Emergency Medical Facility

After Ranchor was destroyed, Sean, John, Chris and Kent walked into the hospital. Joseph walked out with Izabel. His back was bandaged up, but he looked pretty much back to his former self. "I think you should take it easy," Iza told Joe. "Whether you listen to me or not is a different story." Joseph looked at her. "Are you kidding?" he asked Iza. "If I took things easy, i wouldn't be me, but I'll try to be a little more careful." He then notices the others and says to Iza," Can you get me something to drink?" Izabel replies sarcastically, "So you'll take it easy when its good for you? Sure." She walks away. And Joseph approaches to others. "Hey guys!" he began. "Thanks for the help before. First off, what was that? Was it just me or did it seem like that attack was meant for me? I doubt it was coincidence. And speaking of coincidences, who was that other guy?" "Talk to Star about it," Sean replied. "Even we aren't sure."

March 13, 2010 ~ Omega Base

When they made it back in the Command Center, Sean told Joe to rest. "You'll be better tomorrow," said Sean, promising what he means. Luckily, Dominic managed to plant a tracer in Joseph's wounds. "Man, I have to do this more often," he said as he was in front of the command center, but made no motion. Chris had already began the conversation about Dominic and how he got involved. "Whether he is friend or foe we should keep an eye out for him when he next shows up," he told the others. As Joe tried to sleep in his room all he could think about was how close he was to not only losing Izabel, but also being killed himself.

Just then Zedren walked in and asked, "How are you doing?" "Lousy," Joe mumbled. Then Zedren said, "Come on. Look at the bright side. You risked life and limb to protect your girlfriend. And you did it all without breaking one of the main rules. Not too shabby I'd say." "Zedren..." Joe began as he sighed. "...with all do respect, I don't want to seem like I'm egocentric or anything, but I don't think Iza and I were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Is it possible that Vile actually planned all this." Then Zedren explained, "If there's one thing I know about Vile, it's that nothing he does is by chance. I do have to say, he seems to be scared of something. Whether it's particularly you, or us as a group, or something else, or maybe all those things, he's certainly a lot more straight forward than he usually is. I wouldn't have expected him to pull something like this until much later." "You seem to know a lot about Vile," said Joe. "Can I ask why?" Zedren laughs and says, "Maybe another day. Get some rest. And don't worry about Izabel. I'll have Andros or someone talk to her and make up some reason for your disappearance. And maybe next time you and her plan to go out, maybe you should have a double date with Tom and Kat, or Andros and Ashley." "Good idea," said Joe as he laid down. "Good night Zedren." Zedren nodded as he turned the light off and closed the door.

All of the other rangers were exhausted and went to sleep that night. That is, except for Sean, who practiced his martial arts in silence. You will soon regret the day you came into existence, Gargantia! he thought. Gargantia, of course, was closing into Earth. He would be entering Earth's atmosphere within 3-5 days, maybe even longer. Meanwhile, in Vile lair, he laughed with much anticipation. "Don't think you could beat me, Rangers!" he began. "I still have a few more things up my sleeve. You think you could beat me, you have another thing coming. Just wait until tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"

To Be Continued...

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