This is the fifth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode introduces the first evil ranger of the series.


March 14, 2010 ~ Master Vile's Lair

"That Dominic is really starting to get on my nerves!" began Vile. "He more trouble than he's worth. Ranchor was just about to get rid of the Gold Ranger and then he had to interrupt. He keeps interfering just to do things his way...wait, what's this?" Then Vile looked through the portal to see Dominic at the entrance of the base. "He's found the Omega Base! Maybe he does have some worth while skills. Fine, I'll let him slide for now, but if he keeps ruining my plans I'll 'cut him lose' or 'cut him in half', what ever seems better. I'll watch his movements for now. Then if need be I'll send a monster. Oh, what fun! I can't wait to see the look on the rangers' faces when they have to deal with Dominic's Ranger form." Back at the Omega base, the team is still unaware of Dominic's intent as well as his presence in the base.

March 14, 2010 ~ Omega Base

"I'm gonna go out," began Vent. "All this fighting is tiring me out. I need some fresh air. Anyone want to come?" "I'll come," replied Kent. "Even though all we did, pretty much, was stay in a zord." "True, but we did fight Gigant-Axe in his regular form. Plus it's nice to get out." Then Vent left the base with Kent. Coincidence? Yes. "Where do you want to go? On the way back, I want to bring the gang a pizza, so let's make wherever we're going close to a pizzeria." Meanwhile, back in Vile's lair, he realized something. "Hm, Dominic hasn't contacted me yet," he began. "He's truly trying my patience. Oh well. All good things in time, or rather bad things in time." He then laughed very evilly and maliciously.

"Let's go to the park," Kent began. "There's one across the street. Or we can go to my shop. There is one around the corner." Dominic chuckled as the rangers left. He headed to the control room and sat down. "Now lets just see what they got here..." he began searching through the files. "Well," began Vile back at his base. "So Dominic has broken into the control room. Perhaps I should give him more credit. Much like Dominic, I like to do things my way as well, but unlike him, my way will actually help. I'll send down a group of strikers to busy the rangers." Meanwhile back in Angel Bay, as Vent and some of the Rangers are hanging out, they are immediately ambushed by a "punch" of Strikers, 20 to be exact.

Kent took a swing and completely missed the Striker. The dodging striker then kicked Kent into a pile of trash cans. Another striker goes to attack Vent, but Vent quickly dives out of the way and the Striker slams head first into the street lamp. John went to attack the strikers but missed and got hit in the gut. He mumbled some thing under his breath as he stumbled backwards. Back at the base, Dominic continued to search through the files. "Alright, Zord weaknesses, check," he told himself. "Now for Ranger weaknesses." Meanwhile, Vile mentally communicates with Dominic again. "How is your search going?" he asked. "Any promising info that we can use?" Dominic used a special hand movement, made a magical copy of the Zord information, and sent it to Vile. "That's for the Zord information," he mentally replied to Vile. "I just have to search up the rangers."

"Excellent!" began Vile, cheerfully as he began to read the info. "Let's see what we got here. Ahh! So THAT explains why the panther zord can do what it does. It is Zordon's old weapon. I thought I recognized it. And lets see. The Spino, Stego, Raptor and Sabertooth are all man made so they will have their limits. The Dragon Zord, I'm not sure about. This could prove tricky. Better watch out for it. But it too shows signs of weakness. Lets see now...ah, here we go! Just as I feared. The Liopleurodon zord is very dangerous, but whats this? Could it be?" Vile cannot believe that he is viewing something so powerful. "Well there you have it. That explains why its so powerful. Oh, this will be quite delicious! I wonder if the Gold Ranger even knows about this. Oh, I can't wait. Great work Dominic. Keep it up. If you keep this up, when i take over the galaxy, I'll put you in charge of ruling earth."

Meanwhile, back in Angel Bay, 3 Strikers attacked. The first one head butted Vent, the second missed Vent, got hit with a trash can, and the 3rd tried to bite John, but missed. Dominic created a fake file about the ranger's weakness and sent it to Vile. He downloaded the real one. Vent did a twirl kick that knocked out 5 Strikers. "Okay, what's up?" he asked himself out loud. "They seem to be attacking mainly me and John." "I've noticed too," said John as he hit 3 Shadow Strikers. Vent then jumped and performed a split kick knocking out 2 more Strikers. John then Roundhouse-Kicked 5 strikers. "This is pretty fun you know!" said John.

While Joseph was in his room Ecliptor walked in. "Looks like the Strikers are back," he began. "We picked up the signal while...wait..." Ecliptor stopped due to hearing something. "Joe, do you hear a buzzing?" "No," Joe replied. "Why?" "It sounds like a transmitter and its coming from..." He looks at Joe's back as he is trying to put on his jacket to go help the Rangers. He then blasts Joe's back with a small energy burst. "What the...!?" he yells as he runs into the shower with all his clothes on and turns the cold water on his back. "What did you do that for? Didn't you get the memo that my back is slightly in a world of pain. I didn't need another hit to it." Ecliptor walks over to the charred portion of Joe's shirt that fell to the ground. "You didn't need this either." He held up the transmitter before crushing it. "What was that?" Joe asks. "Looks like a transmitter of sorts," Ecliptor replied. "Some one must of been tracking you." Just then Zedren runs in. "What going on here?" he asks, worried as can be. "I heard screams." He notices Joseph soaked and Ecliptor crushing something. "What happened?" "Someone was tracking Joseph," replied Ecliptor. "They planted a tracker in one of his wounds." "Then that means who ever did it was at the fight," he began. "Izabel wouldn't do it. And the Strikers weren't close enough. And I doubt there was a tracker just lying on the jetty that impaled me. WAIT!! Could it be that guy who helped us?" "I guess your 'Good Samaritan' wasn't so good," said Ecliptor in air quotes. "I knew it seemed too easy. Iza was right about him." "Wait, if he was tracking you, he knows the location of the base. Oh no," He presses his cuff-link. "Star, Diabolico, set a scan for the entire base. Scan for anything out of the ordinary." "Roger that!" replied Star.

Meanwhile, as Dominic was doing his recon, he was surprised by a punch to the face, knocking him down. As he looked up he saw Diabolico. "Invisibility doesn't work on demons, boy!" he yelled at Dominic. Star, having a bit of genius in her started to punch the keys rapidly. "This will be a bit of a mess to clean later, but I need to keep everything safe," she said as she quickly located an open line. "Aha! We have a little hacker, and a professional one at that." She cracked her knuckles. "Okay, your visit's done." She further typed faster and faster. All files and information transfers were halted and all outgoing messages were deleted. "Starting encryption... Password... ALPHA OMEGA." All computers and systems temporarily shut down in the base. "Zedren, I caught the hacker and cut the connection." "Excellent work Star," he began. "Hopefully too much didn't get sent out. After you finish protecting our files try to run a reverse scan. Let's see if we can even the playing field and find where these files were going to. Even if we don't head there right away, it's nice to know what we're dealing with."

Dominic chuckled and jumped in the air, spun, and kicked Diabolico's face. "Hilarious," Dominic began. "You aren't even close to a demon. If you want demon, I'll show you demon." As Dominic was about to attack Diabolico, Sean's mist appeared again. Sean came out of nowhere and began to fight Dominic. Meanwhile, "Can do!" Star replied to Zedren. Star busily tapped further on the board, tracing the files that were sent. 1 file, the newly opened Zord Schematics was listed. Star was horrified. "NO! That was decoded for the rangers use. It's my fault they got it." She hit the keyboard. Then she calmed down. "Just concentrate..." she told herself and scanned the file en route. "Okay, I managed to stop the personal information for the rangers getting out." She heard a ping. "Ah, so Vile is..." Before the triangulation was complete, the system crashed. A large Clown face erupted onto the screen. "~Teehee! No peeking at OUR base!" Laughing madly, it made it's leave and the systems came on. Star just sat there, in total shock. "Was that..." She snapped out of it. "No... just my imagination." She reached her com link. "Zedren, Vile has the zord information. I couldn't find his location due to a outside Trojan infiltrating our systems. Everything is fine otherwise."

Dominic back flipped and watched the new ranger enter. "Although I can take you guys on, I want to have some fun... Let's play... A game..." He jumped up, landing on the ceiling, upside down as he threw several small objects all around the area and disappeared. He reappeared next to Star. "Hello there! Like the computer? Hm? Yes? Okay. Now, we break your toy..." He threw some more of the objects to the computer. He disappeared yet again, this time appearing outside of the base. "Alright rangers, come on out now." The remaining rangers from inside the base exited, confused as to what Dominic's motives were. "Okay, that's the rangers, now for the others..." Dominic said as a yawn escaped his mouth. "Just got to wait for the computer girl and whatever else lives in there..." Star, perplexed at what just happened, looked at the screen. There was nothing wrong with it at first glance. However, she heard a ticking. "You can't be..." She knocked the chair down. "Evacuate the base! I repeat EVACUATE THE BASE!" She flipped the warning alarm and ran for the exit, along with Andros and the rest.

Joseph and Ecliptor helped Diabolico up as he, Joe, Ecliptor, and Zedren teleported outside the base. Joseph sees Dominic and shouts, "You're the one who pretended to save Izabel and me. I'm sure you were part of the plan to begin with, all to put that tracker in my wound. This has gone too far." He starts to run towards Dominic, but Diabolico stops him. "Wait!" he began. "He has an ancient power inside him, much like yours, Chris and Sean's, but very dangerous. I it be....the Demon King of Beasts?" Chris rushed out of the base and met up with Diabolico and Joe. "Is everything alright?" He then turned around to see Dominic. "YOU!!" he shouted with rage. "I knew you were no good!" Dominic bowed. "Very nice," he said calmly. Suddenly the base bursted into flames with debris being thrown in the air. His ebony hair blew in the breeze and he chuckled. "Shall we dance?" At that moment a black tornado enveloped him. A claw reached out of the twister and Dominic came out, clad in his suit. He seemed different, with a different sense about him. "He's a ranger, nonetheless," said Kent. "Oh, well. Let's GO!!! Omega Force Black!!!!" Kent once again morphed into the Black Ranger.

Dominic chuckled. "Let's fight then..." His voice sounded strange. It sounded like two voices, not one. "Is Vile speaking with you?" he asked. "You know what? I don't care." Kent then rushed Dominic with the Stego-Staff and knocked him down to the ground. "Another black Ranger," said Diabolico. "More like Obsidian," replied Joe. The glare of Dominic's ranger suit is not even a glare. It seems as though it cancels out the light around it. Its as though his suit is made out of the dark reaches of the darkest abyss.

"Let's see..." he began to list the things that Dominic caused. "You put my girlfriend and me in danger, you used me as a navigation system, you sabotaged the base, and now you blew it up. I've had just about enough of you." He takes his stance "Omega Force, Gold Ranger Power!!" Joe's Gold armors shines with as the complete opposite of Dominic's suit. "Let's dance, Bozo." As Dominic gets up Joseph runs up towards him and with the full force of the Liopleurodon spirit behind him jump kicks Dominic into one of the nearby benches, breaking it in half at the moment of the crash. Dominic jumped upward from the crash, feeling very little damage, and materialized dark obsidian spears. Without flexing a muscle he telekinetically threw them at the rangers. "Dodge this!" he yells. "I don't think so!" he says with anticipation. Joseph struggles to his feet. "Guys cover your eyes. Golden Radiance!!" Just then a blinding light is illuminated from Joe's armor obliterating some of the dark spears as well as evaporating the shadows.

Dominic landed on the ground, and held his head in pain. A voice boomed from the remaining shadows. "Get up fool! You must kill these annoying pests!" "Quick while he's down." Joseph ran to flip and then slam Dominic with his foot, but Dominic quickly moved and drop kicked Joe in his back, quickly aggravating his injury. "You don't have to do this!" yelled Chris. "You could join us and help us!" "I find more joy in causing you pain." Dominic replied evilly. He then jumped up once more in the air, creating dark orbs in his hands. He combined the orbs making a large one. "Die!" He threw them down to the ground, creating a huge explosion, and severely injuring anyone who didn't dodge. Joe tried to move, but was too stunned for the moment. Before the orb hit the ground, though, Star threw the Alpha Starlight into the air. "NOVA!" she yelled. The Starlight radiated energy and sucked the orb into it, then blasting it back at Dominic. Dominic was thrown back from the blast. A shard of his helmet was blown away, revealing his face. "M-man!" he yelled in agony. He then grabbed his head in pain once more. "DESTROY THEM NOW!!" yelled the voice inside his head. Dominic gasped for air.

Joe struggles to his feet and notices Dominic gasping for air. "What's with you?" he asks Dominic. "Looks like your having a little trouble. I would be more sympathetic, that is if you hadn't had done all that you did." He grabs Dominic and throws him about 15 feet. Dominic rebounds and punches Joe in the guts. Black claws formed at impact, cutting in to Joe. He pulled the claws out. "Happy now?" he asks Joe. Joseph falls to Dominic's feet clutching the ground. He coughs a bit while struggling to maintain his morphed form. "Well, I'm certainly a glutton of punishment today," he says weakly. He laughs a little. "Now then, since I have your attention, Golden Radiance!!" Another surge of golden light shines from Joe's armor, this time enveloping Dominic and hitting him at point blank range. Dominic's suit slowly disintegrated from the light, and Dominic fell headfirst to the ground, knocked out. In his mind, he was trapped in a steel cage, with wolves wandering around it. A large dark being appeared in front of him. "You have failed me..." said the dark being.

Due to taking many brutal attacks today, 2 seconds after Joe's last attack, he demorphed and laid flat on the ground, unconscious. "Joseph!" Star yelled as she ran to his side. "This is bad. He was weak in the first place." She took out her Starlight and ran it over his battered body." "Hm. You're tough, that's a good thing I suppose, but for now, let's get you away from here." She held her Starlight up. "Initiate BETA Base Structure! Transport Now!" All of the rangers were transported several miles away and all the way down to the Earth's surface. She looked around. "Okay, everything is functioning, but I still have to supply enough power for the zords to transport here." She placed Joseph on the healing dock. "Now then..." She further scanned the area and transported the zords to the new base, within the Neo-ZHC. She found Dominic still in the same position. She muttered ominously. "This story hasn't reached the climax yet dear wolf..."

To Be Continued...

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