This is the seventh episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode takes place moments after the events of Episode 6: The Sky is Always Darkest Before Dawn, introduces a new ranger, a new type of villain and another evil Megazord.


Somewhere above Angel Bay, a chilly wind bit up through the streets. The people, or lack thereof, were not seen anywhere. A shrill laughter kicked up the sky. "~Teehee! Looks like I have a sold-out show on my hands!" He looked at the people directly below him. "Welcome my dear audience!" He snapped his fingers and a somewhat large tent warped around them. "To the frightening experience of the Masked Ensemble Circus!" The citizens merely nodded and took seats. A sudden chill ran up the figure's spine. He chuckled. "So Wolfy Boy failed eh?" He fell back onto the air and laughed hysterically. "Perfect, simply perfect." He floated to the end of the tent.

A ripple appeared over the town. Spreading the sky apart like a curtain, a clown-esque figure danced out. "~Teehee! Now that the audience has gathered, time to gather the star performers!" He laughed quickly, then took a small note out. "This should get there attention..." He blew into it, where a group of 20 Shadow Strikers came about. They looked up at him. "Now my dim-witted pawns, cause a lovely disturbance to get them here!" Shattered glass and buildings fell, causing more destruction than from the previous zord fight.

Meanwhile, Star, now sitting fresh in the AOU once again, flipped the alarm. "Attention Rangers, A group of Shadow Strikers are headed towards Angel Bay Beach," she announced. "This may lead to a clue to what happened to the people in the city, so hurry!" Meanwhile, hovering a little above the beach, sat the clown-esque figure. He chuckled again. "Looks like Wolfy Boy is the first act." He lowered himself down, in view of Dominic's vision. "~Teehee! Welcome Wolfy Boy, to my circus!" The beach faded from view and both were standing inside a large tent. On the beach, Shadow Strikers guarded the dimensional rift that lead to the "circus".

March 14, 2010 ~ Neo-Omega Base

When Joseph got the alert, he was on his way back from Izabel's place. He had gone there to try to explain his absence, but he couldn't find her anywhere. He tried calling but nothing. He was starting to worry that whatever happened to all the other people happened to Iza as well. He then got message. "Oh great, here we go again," said Joseph to himself. "Last time I fought strikers on the beach, it didn't turn out too well. Oh well." "Darn you, Star!" said Vent to himself, annoyed. He ignored the mission alert and rode off on his motorbike. I won't rest until Dominic is destroyed, no matter what the cost, Vent thought. Joe then made his way towards the beach and saw a vast amount of Shadow Strikers.

He leaped down from the boardwalk and landed in front of two Strikers taking them by surprise. He immediately dispatched with the two of them and then found the umbrella he had left there the previous day and again used it to fend them off, taking out another two. The Strikers seemed a little stronger though, or rather that they were actually thinking for once, or someone was doing the thinking for them. They no longer got into a fight with their fellow strikers. They were all determined on one mission, but what Joe was not sure of. Back to Dominic, he took a fighting stance. "Crud," he told himself. He circled the clown, not bothering to morph. "Just what do you want?! It's not like you can ruin my life anymore."

The figure paused. "Well, I suppose that is true. Your existence is your own sin though. Do you think anyone will ever accept you?" He disappeared and reappeared above him. "Besides, it's not YOUR life I'm interested in destroying." He snapped his fingers. A group of citizens got up from their seats. "Now for some volunteers from the audience!" He snapped again and the people were hurled into the air, caught by circular boards. "Are you acquainted with Darts?" He materialized several darts behind him. "Well then, let the first game begin!" The darts flew towards the people. Dominic thought about that for a moment. "No one will ever accept me? I suppose that's true..." He paused for a moment but shook himself. He ran towards the people stood in front of them. "You've forgotten one thing though." He smirked. A barrier of darkness sprouted from his morpher, blocking darts. "I've learned a few things from Fenrir."

Back to Joseph, he was still fighting off some Strikers. He couldn't believe how organized they were. But he found it weird that they didn't roar or even act up. It was still as though they had someone doing the thinking for them. He tried to fight them, but they were too uniformed and they actually blocked attacks for each other.

Meanwhile, in Vile's lair, he tried to look at what was going on. "What in the name of all that is evil going on?" he began. "I can't control my Strikers anymore and my viewing portal seems to have interference. I bet this is all the fault of that bumbling clown. Where in the world did he come from? Perhaps I should send a monster to straighten him out!" He mentally looks at the city and finds a hawks nest. "Oh, this should be quite special..." Just as he tries to enchant one of the hawk eggs, he gets blocked and nothing happens. "I can't even create monsters now. This is really starting to get annoying. I would pay him a visit myself, but, well, I just don't want to. I hate to say it but this fool even scares me, slightly of course. Once I know what I'm dealing with, then I'll act. No one crosses Master Vile!" He laughs hysterically.

The clown figure chuckled creepily again. He danced along the air. "Nice tricks! But let's see..." He looked up. "Ah, it appears I have another act to put on, but for now..." He warped the space around Dominic. He then laughs very hysterically. "Say hi to the kitty for me!" A large lion was facing Dominic. It was misty and glowed a faded red. Star, meanwhile, was busy scanning the beach. "A dimension rift," she began. "That explains alot. But who..." She found a signature on the warped energy. It was very distinct, almost dwelling. "No! I thought..." She rushed out throwing the chair down. She opened communications. "Rangers, don't rush into the center of the beach. THAT'S AN ORDER!!!" She teleported the beach, running to the Strikers.

Dominic circled the lion and it charged at him. He sidestepped and dodged it, and countered, but the lion dodged as well. It lunged towards him and brought him down. It was now on top of him and he could feel it's breath. "Get off me you-" He kicked the creature in the stomach and managed to send it sprawling back. He checked his chest. It was scarred from the creature attacking him. Joseph heard Star's transmission, but it was too late. He started to find himself surrounded by the Strikers. The normal methods weren't working. He was doing all he could to just dodge them. Kent was asleep through all of this, and when he woke up, Zedren told him what Star said. He decided to go get a pizza. Why? I don't know. It was his choice .While eating his pizza, Kent decided to work on the zords. He then found something interesting.

Sean, still in the base, walked up to Kent and wondered what he discovered. "What did you find?" he asked Kent. "The zords look like they can combine in more than one way, but I'm not sure yet," he began. "And it looks like pieces are missing. Maybe Dom has the key to the missing link, no pun intended..." Meanwhile, Star managed to stumble upon Joe fighting the Strikers. But they were behaving differently. "I bet it's HIM," she told herself in a huff as she ran towards Joseph. "These aren't normal Strikers!" As she said this, a few, in a triangle formation, headed towards her. She already knew what to do. She jumped over them and bashed them together continuously. "These Strikers can think, but they're a bit slower. Take advantage of that."

The figure, now bored with Dominic, looked to the outside. "Oh! Goldy Boy." With a flick of his wrist, the portal at the beach opened wide, sucking everything in. The lion, still menacing, jumped at Dominic, narrowly missing him. Dominic managed to put all his strength in his right fist, and punched the lion in it's side, evaporating it with his morpher's darkness. "Ha!" he yelled with joy. "I lost Joe's signal!" yelled Sean back at the base. He then tried to remember where Joe was before. He was at the beach fighting some Shadow Strikers. Sean then teleported to the beach where Joe disappeared. He then saw some Shadow Strikers. He then noticed that they seemed different. Joe landed on the ground in a strange alternate dimension. There was a light mist along the ground. He got to his feet and said, "Now where in the world am I?" He looked at his communicator and tried to call the others. "Zedren, Kent, Sean, come in! Come in! Where is everyone?"

Star wasn't pulled in, but only because of her distance. "Shoot," she told herself. She dived down into the portal, landing somewhere near a pole. "Now where are you?" She walked along the hazy grounds. The figure appeared in front of Joe. "Hello Goldy Boy! I'm your ringmaster for this evening." He snapped his fingers. "And your performance is special!" Behind him was a vat, apparently full of acid. Hanging above it was a group of people. Iza was he one at the front. "Fun isn't it?!" He put a barrier around it. "But first, let's play!" He launched himself at Joseph, slightly aiming for his head, which was narrowly dodged.

After finishing off the lion, Dominic looked around. A bit confused. "Where the heck am I?" Joe was horrified and angered when he saw Izabel hanging from there. He quickly dodged out of the way with a back flip. And just as the clown missed him, Joseph jump kicked him in the face. "Who are you?" he asked as he landed. "And what do you want?" Sensing the Lion's demise, the figure decided to make this an even better circus. "How's about...we let Wolfy Boy join my, I mean, OUR fun?" He snapped his fingers and the mist dissipated, showing Dom. "Okay! Now then, why don't you both try to hit me? I bet it'll be...difficult." He zipped and danced all over. "Come on now! Time is of the essence. ~Teehee!" "And to answer your inquires," the figure continued. "My name is Jesterix, Ringmaster Extraordinaire!"

"Dom, I know we got off to a bad start, but what do you say we put our differences behind and wipe the floor with Bozo over there?" asked Joe. Dominic was to busy running at Jesterix to bother answer. He jumped up and spun in midair, landing a kick at Jesterix's torso. Joe smirked. "I'd take that as a yes." He then ran up to Jesterix, flipped, morphed in mid air, then landed, wrapped his feet around Jesterix's head and threw him with his feet. Though he was being thrown about, Jesterix just let them. "You're both boring me..." He jumped up and drop kicked Joe hard to the ground. He twirled and punched Dom softly in the torso, enough to make him lose his balance. Meanwhile, no transmissions could reach Joe or Dom. Back with Joe and Dom, Joe struggled to get up. "This is not going well. Dom, can't you see he's just toying with us? Look, we have to work together on this."

As Dom started to twirl around, due to him losing his balance, he was soon shot up into the air, and an aquarium tank appeared under the platform he was standing on. The platform slowly started to shrink, and Dominic could spy razor sharp shark dorsal fins circling the platform. "Oh my God!" If you hadn't realized this, then Dom has a natural born fear of sharks. Also, Jesterix has the ability to make your deep-seated fears materialize. It is only rare due to him searching through the memories of his victims for a certain amount of time until he understands what to materialize. Unfortunately, "Hm, I don't recall calling for them." Jesterix did a somersault. "But I bet I know where." At this moment, Star came running towards them. Not noticing her, Jesterix was laughing at Dom. Taking a few more strides, she jumped up and kicked Jesterix. He stumbled back.

"Stop messing with their heads Kamen!" yelled Star. She stepped between him and the two behind her. "And how do you know my species Miss?" He was genuinely interested now. "Oh, I remember now. So you ran to this plane too." He smiled. "It's been a long time." The platform continued to shrink, but Dom was too scared to do anything else. One shark jumped out of the water and revealed it's incredibly big body. It ripped off a part of the platform. "Oh c-r-r-r-r-r-a-a-a-a-a-" Joe ran to Jesterix from behind, but he wrapped one of his hat tassels around his foot and flung him back about 25 feet. Not falling to these pitiful actors, Jesterix completely disappeared, and the tank of sharks also disappeared. The people disappeared, all except for Iza. She hung, and was still in danger. "I hate to leave so soon, but I just discovered quite the jewel of this plane." With a sudden whirlwind, the tent disappeared, with Iza falling down into the vat.

"IZABEL!!!" Joseph went running and leaped into the air and caught her. He then landed and rolled across the ground with her firmly in his arms. He stood up with Izabel's body cradled in his arms. The dimension then faded, returning them to the beach. "Star, you mind explaining what the heck was that thing? And why do I feel like its not done with us?" Meanwhile, Dominic fell down from the platform and landed face first. Star took a deep breath. "I knew this would come out eventually." She walked along the beach. "That monster is known as a Deuteros Kamen, or 'Double Mask'. They are the most corrupted pieces of reality that were ever created. Or more accurately, WILL be created..." She stopped there, not going down that road yet. "As for this particular one, it seems much more harmful than the ones I've seen. And that's saying something." Dominic was rubbing his head from the fall. He walked over to Star and Joseph. "What exactly do you mean by, 'will be created'?" he asked.

"I..." She wasn't sure exactly how to avoid the question. Thankfully, the radar on her wrist beeped and she quickly said, "I'll tell you later, when this matter is resolved." They first dropped off Iza at her place and then continued on. They then transported to the front of a large ruby tent, which was covered in a barrier. "Wait, you mean to tell me that thing is from the future?" he began. "I'm so lost. How did that think know about us? He knew Dom was afraid of sharks. He knew about me and Iza. Can he read our thoughts or is he just that intelligent?" Dominic shivered at the thought of sharks. "Never...say...that word...again." He then stared at the tent. Stopping short, she spun around. "He knows about each of you. Me especially." She looked hard at both of them. "He is from the future. However, he doesn't know everything about this plane, including exactly how strong you are." She took out her Starlight. "But now isn't the time for the story of their existence." She absorbed the barrier into the Starlight and calmly walked inside.

Joe was stunned to see Dom so shaken by something. He was gonna make a sarcastic comment but there were more important issues. He had so many questions. and he'd never seen Star so afraid of this, whatever it was. This was gonna be unlike any of their previous fights. "From the future?" asked Dom, interested with that comment. "Maybe..." Dominic looked around. Talking in barely a whisper she said, "Yes. But make sure Sean is here particularly..." With that, she took the first step inside. The tent was the same, hazy grounds and all. "~Teehee! When I report back to the Deos, I shall be rewarded beyond all recognition!" Jesterix then looked crazily at the intruders. He chuckled to himself. "Well. This has been a pleasure to have you as an audience, but I don't care about my show anymore. Now I shall collect my rightful dues!" He glowed a demonic blue and his eyes turned black behind the mask. He shot forward claws extended towards the rangers.

Joe quickly rolled out of the way. "Is it just me or is this thing getting stronger?" he asked Star. "Either that or its no longer toying with us." Dominic jumped the attack and landed by him. "Oi, I got some questions," he said. Although crazed out of his mind, Jesterix stopped suddenly. "It will be your last words, so what could you possibly want to know?" He eyed him for a moment. "If I didn't die in about a couple seconds, what would happen with my life?" he asked. Not rationally thinking, Jesterix stared at him and laughed. "Now that's certainly laughable. I could tell you, but what fun would that be? I mean, for all I know, you could become an evil one again." Star took the chance to run up and slam a kick in his face. He twirled around. "My, is the lovely lady angry at me?" He flared up and started to shot towards them again. Dominic stopped him before he could continue. "Fine, don't answer." He held his morpher to Jesterix's face. "Reversal!" The darkness that inhabited the morpher blasted out and hit Jesterix's face.

He flew backwards. He got up laughing. "Darkness, Light, it's all the same to me." He looked lazily around. A crack had formed at the bottom of his mask. He pointed towards Star. "~Teehee! It still doesn't react with you does it?!" Star knew what he was referring to. "Shut up! As long as I'm living, I won't believe it!" He smiled madly. "But my dear, if the Alpha Starlight doesn't show a power within you, your destined to be like me, or destroyed. Whichever you prefer." She threw a punch, which was easily dodged. He held her up. "But Deos said he wanted you alive to make sure." Dominic was confused. "Wait, you're saying Star is one of...?" He could not believe what he was hearing. "You're kidding me right?!" The only person he trusted so far was Star. If she could do what Jesterix did, he wasn't sure about her anymore. Joe then grabbed a hold of Jesterix and said, "If you want Star you have to go through us. And since you said light and dark is all the same to you then I guess you won't mind this. Golden Radiance". Since he was right on top of Jesterix the light from Joe's armor penetrated Jesterix from multiple angles at point-blank range.

Jesterix danced away in agonizing pain. "Yes. They are the same." The crack had deepened and multiplied. Star, now shivering from the encounter stood up. "It may be true, I may become one of you, but that isn't going to happen. Not now, and not ever. I have friends that support me now." The Starlight showed a small spark. No one but Jesterix seemed to notice. "Hm. Your right. I should destroy you all and get this over with!" Dominic paused for a second. "Fine. Let's combine darkness and light..." "Finally," Joe began. "The message got through. We are kinda opposites in more ways than one. The two of us together could work. Lets' do it." Jesterix was quickly deteriorating. "Let's see you try and up-stage me!" He ripped his own dimension into pieces and blew it towards the rangers. Dominic quickly formed a shadow sword from his hand. "Come on Joe!" "Let's do it...Chaos Pulse!!!" Joe and Dominic both created swords of light and dark energy and then slashed them at Jesterix. After the initial strike, pulses of gold and obsidian energy kept pulsing throughout Jesterix doing even more damage. Blown away, Jesterix's mask broke. It was a shadow and clear face. After a large scream, it was thrown back, motionless.

Vile quickly regained his vision. "Well, this is certainly irritating!" Vile yelled. He reached out with his power to make the motionless doll move. "But still good. Arise Jesterix!" With some more magic, the doll now flipped over and grew to a large size. "Here we go. Primal Megazord Arise!" "Whoa wait!" reminded Dom to Joe. "If you don't remember, my Zords can't fuse with yours." Joe looked at Dominic. "My Liopleurodon Zord can control the others. You make your zord and I make mine. The team up worked good before. Let's do it again." "Hm..." Star wondered. "Who said they had too?" Star stared at the large Kamen. "You just need to overpower it now. With its mask broken, it doesn't have so much power left. Or a mind for that matter." She then saw a glitter form in front of her. It was the Starlight. It glowed a new color, a somewhat pale lavender. Although she couldn't release it, she knew that it was hers. She glanced at them. "You just need to destroy him. Simple as that." Dominic shrugged. "Alright then..." He brought his morpher up and the two Zords appeared, forming the Fimbulvetr Megazord. He was teleported inside. "You ready Joe?" "Sure. I wish Kent and Sean and the others were here. Anyway, let's do it."

The Primal megazord took out its drill saber and slashed Jesterix across the chest with a vicious attack. Jesterix flipped over and looked at them. He jumped up and slammed the ground, creating a shock wave that made the zords somewhat off balance. Dom's Megazord slashed at Jesterix, creating a deep gash in his chest. Jesterix fell back and hurtled himself towards them both. He threw a punch and missed completely. Dominic in his megazord, who was closer, took the chance to slash again heavily at him. Seeing Jesterix weakening and Sean's apparent absence, Star held up the Starlight. Powerful rays of light and a warm sensation emanated from it. She focused her whole mind onto it. "Omega Star Power! Shine!" She was covered in the light and emerged, in a new ranger form.

She looked up and moved her hand towards Jesterix. "Dreamer's Arrow!" she yelled as a bow, in the shape of wings appeared on her arm. It shot a bullet of light, which crashed through Jesterix, causing him to crumble. As Jesterix fell Vile laughed. "Oh well," he began. "That should teach that fool not to go behind my back. Now then, it’s time to remind the Rangers who’s in charge. I think they should be quite intrigued with this. And the number one person I have to thank is my old lackey for bringing me this info." He then laughed. "Oh Dominic, even though you aren’t aware of it, you actually provided me with the best information of all. Its time to show them who they are really dealing with. Isn’t that right my old friend, Liopleurodon Zord? It's time for you to once again show your true colors."

As the battle was over the Primal megazord stopped and started thrashing around violently like it had a mind of its own. It then threw Joesph out of it, landing by Star, and then the Liopleurodon head stuck out straight and the zord turned dark. Vile then appeared where Joseph and Star were. "So Gold Ranger, we finally meet. And I see we have another new ranger as well. I’ll deal with you later, now back to the matter at hand." He turns back to Joseph. "You have something that belongs to my family and I wish to take it back. Since my son no longer has a use for it I’ll use it. Turn around and meet the Primevil Megazord."

"Now Primevil Megazord, rip the Fimbulvetr Megazord to shreds!" yelled Vile. The zord reattached the drill saber as its tail and then swung it and wrapped it around the Fimbulvetr Megazord. Looking in horror, she helped Joe up. "This isn't good," she began. "I should've gotten rid of that portion of the Liopleurodon's memory bank. Especially after the incident at the base..." She shook it off. "Anyway, we have to get Vile's control off it." Exactly how though... She thought. The Liopleurodon zord slammed the Fimbulvetr Megazord to the ground very hard. It's Lio mouth at the center of the zord roared violently, shattering the glass of the buildings surrounding it. Vile then laughed. "My dear," he began. "Erasing the memory banks won't help. Not all this zord has seen. Oh the destruction it has caused. And besides, its not merely the zord my family used to control, but the powers as a whole."

"Wait, do you mean that you-" Vile cut Joe off and explained. "Ah, you finally pieced it together. Yes. I can control you too Gold Ranger, but not at the moment. I can see why my pathetic waste of a...never mind. Anyway i can see why you were chosen to wield those powers. Your seal is quite admirable. But don't you worry, in a short time I should be able to control you as well." Vile turned back to the megazords. "Primevil Megazord, continue the assault!" Inside the zord, Dom was struggling. The system was getting crushed. "Can't...give...up!" All at once the core of his megazord was shot out and imploded, along with Dom. A new figure, clad in a suit of armor, with a dark horse with six legs. It had it's arms crossed. "Now that he is out of the way..." said the figure. He stepped forward. "Vile? It is Loki..." As you might know, Loki is the Norse God of Mischief. Star ran to where Dominic fell. "Okay, this is seriously not good," she began. "I don't remember Loki ever having contact with Vile." She touched the side of her helmet. "Zedren, did you know about this?" Her voice was abrasive and strained.

"I never knew he did," began Zedren. "But his reaches were the stuff of legends. There's no telling what this could bring. Joe, try to regain control with you morpher." "Okay Zedren." Joe concentrated and suddenly the Lio eyes glowed gold and the Megazord separated. The Liopleurodon Zord retreated beneath the waves into the base, where the force field protected it from any of Vile's control. "Hmph, you're no fun. I'll get you yet. But..." Vile then noticed Loki. "Ah, Loki! You look good. How long's it been?" "Hm, about 4000 years," began Loki. "But, enough of that." Loki stepped into Vile's realm, with him following.

"4000 thousand years my friend?" he began. "Wow! Time truly does fly. We have so much to do and very little time." he leans in and whispers, [size=x-small]I think that Gargantia creature in legends is coming and these new breed of creatures Dueteros Kamen are driving me crazy. It'd be nice to have some back up on my side. I mean after Dom betrayed, I only had one evil ranger left. But he'll be ready soon enough. Enough talk. We can talk later. Let's go my friend. By the way, I love the new look. Did you have to kill him you know who to get it from? Vile and Loki then disappear. Back to the rangers, it is realized now that Dom is gone by some unknown reason. Joseph turns to Star and says, "I'm so confused. I think we should get back to base and get some of the questions answered. And what should we do about Dom's damaged zords?" "Kill?" began Loki in a different dimension at Vile. "The man is too strong to kill. Possess, though, is an entirely different story." "Oh, that's too much. This is amazing. Perfect. The rangers must be shocked right now. I mean lets sum this up. Me controlling the Liopleurodon and eventually the Gold ranger powers, then you showing up, and I'm guessing they won't like another certain revelation about one of their comrades." Vile laughed hard. "And Valon should be ready soon. He should certainly make the rangers sweat. Oh! I just remembered while Jesterix was entertaining the rangers, I created a monster in the park. Oh, yes! He should truly take the idea of monsters to new heights." Vile laughed again. Loki nodded. "Very well. I am quite pleased how this is going, though Dominic should prove no threat anymore."

Star nodded. "Let's get back to base," she said to Joe as they both transported back to the Secondary Base. She powered down and went straight to the ZHC. "Hm, the Lio zord..." she then looked at the info given to her. "It's true! Take a look at this." She sent the image to the screen in the Command Center. "Vile's insignia. And the best part is that it can't be broken by normal means..." She shuddered. "In any case, I think Zedren should explain everything, right here and now." She, along with Joe, walked towards the command center. Meanwhile, Loki held his hand out and a portal opened. Inside there were several bodies floating. "This, is the Realm of the Dead." If you're not sure what he means, it's the Underworld, plain and simple. Then Vile saw something familiar inside the portal. "What is that little insignificant speck? Oh wait, that's Dominic." Vile laughed. "So is there a purpose to showing me this. Or did you just want to give me a laugh?" Loki flicked his wrist and one body floated towards them. It stood up, and had a blank expression on it's face. It was Dom. "I command you to terrorize the city," Loki commanded in a authorizing tone. Dom nodded and soon disappeared.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to anyone, Vile's magic did take hold on that hawk egg, but it still hasn't hatched yet. In the time to come, its purpose will finally become clear soon enough.

To Be Continued...

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