This is the eight episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force. This episode takes place hours after the events of the last episode and explains more of the main storyline about the main antagonist and Commander Zedren.


March 14, 2010 ~ Angel Bay City

Dom was soon in the center of the city. His morpher glowed once and a sword appeared in his hand. Several people stared in awe. He suddenly slashed at them. Then a thick purple haze erupted out of their bodies and manifesting into the sword. He was basically stealing souls. Why was he stealing souls, it's unclear, but it's what Loki has involved with his plan.

March 14, 2010 ~ Neo-Omega Base

Joe and Star got to the command center and approached Zedren. Sean, Kent and the others were also with them. "Let's see..." began Joe. "First, I want to know about that Jesterix thing a bit more. Second, what in the world happened with Dom? But my most pressing question is WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED WITH MY ZORD?!? Vile said it belonged to his family and started to say something about a 'bumbling' I don't know. Sounded like he was gonna mention a relative, but then he mentioned you, Zedren. I want some answers! I think I deserve them."

Zedren sat down in his chair. "I had a feeling this would eventually be revealed," Zedren began. "About 10 years ago there was a massive attack on earth from the Alliance of Evil. The only way it was stopped was by destroying the containment tube of Zordon. Most of the monsters and villains were eradicated. Some were transformed. I am one of those. I used to be Lord Zedd, terror of the universe. Master Vile is my father-in-law." "What!?!" yelled Joe in shock. "Do the others know about this. Tommy? Andros?" "Yes, they all knew. I had told Tommy when I first founded Omega." "But what about my Zord? What's the story with that?"

"Before I came to try to conquer Earth, I had done so to countless other planets," began Zedren again. "The weapon I had used was the Liopleurodon zord. I had taken control of it many years prior when I defeated Sean's father. I then used the zord and the gold ranger powers do decimate and enslave world after world. While on Aquitar, I hit a snare. And the Alien Rangers managed to temporarily slow it down, but it was no matter, since I had already used the Liopleurodon's power and design to create an equal zord of my own design. I used the Liopleurodon to create Serpentera. A battle zord unlike anything anyone had ever known. Unlike the Lio Zord, this monster could travel through space easily, but it didn't have the same core power as the Lio zord so it needed constant recharging."

"So what happened to Serpentera?" asked Joe. ""It had crashed landed on the moon and years later the remnants of the Machine empire tried to revive it ,but they didn't realize I had left the core unstable and a tiny energy blast from Cole, the Wild Force Red Ranger caused it to implode. But Vile had always wanted to control it and the Lio zord. I one day caught Vile trying to steal the Lio Zord away from me, so I went to find the Genesis Blade to control the zord and the powers fully. While on my way there I realized that Vile was trying as well, so I instead decided to come to earth. I could never let him gain control of my weapon. Thus from there I kicked out Rita Repulsa and later married her, but then turned out that she was his daughter. And well, he was still sore about the whole Liopleurodon thing, thus why he never likes me. This just goes to show you can't pick your family. When I later turned good and was asked to head Omega, we decided the Lio Zord would be a good zord to base our new zord components on. Even though it was ancient and ours were man-made, we tried our best. We figured there would be no risk of it going bad since Vile was disintegrated, but he's back and the threat is as well. He was gone for so long he must of figured that our Lio zord was just a copy,never thinking it was the original. But now he knows and we have to do something."

"Perhaps it'd be best if you all would be careful," said Star. "Without the barrier, the Lio zord is defenseless and that means your megazord is also crippled now." She didn't want to admit it, but they were pushed against a wall. "And with the appearance of Loki, that's just another problem that's going to have to be addressed." Meanwhile, Dom was tearing apart buildings with his sword, which actually had a built in chainsaw. Slowly, the city started to crumble, and Dom stood there with his sword over his shoulder, waiting for something important to happen.

"I agree," began Zedren back at the base. "We have to be really careful with the megazord now. With Dom gone, we now have no full megazord. And not to mention many of the other rangers haven't been around lately. i guess this wasn't what they signed up for. This could be dangerous." Just then the alarms sounded and they saw Dom tearing apart the city. "I thought he was dead!" exclaimed Joe. "He is, but I guess Vile and Loki can still use him to serve their purpose. Be careful. It could be a trap." "Be careful," began Star. "I can't exactly do anything without a zord, but I'm going with you." The Starlight glowed and attached itself to her wrist, folding it's wings and becoming a morpher. "Okay then. All rangers move out!" After morphing and transporting to the scene, it was clear Dominic had no sanity in him.

Dom continued to hack and slash at buildings, and occasionally cut cars or trucks in half. Inside of him, in his head, sat Dominic holding his head and staring blankly. A small, cute gold dragon hatchling hovered over him. It had short little antler prongs, still growing, and had small brown wings. It had gold scales and nudged Dominic constantly. Star made sure there was no innocent's around. She shot an arrow at Dominic, which was a little weak due to distance. It stroke his chest softly. Although, the arrow pierced deep enough to fatally kill him, but he was already dead. He pulled the arrow out, and trudged towards the rangers, dragging his sword/chainsaw in the dirt.

"Not good," said Star as she Star backed away, with the others following her lead. "Sean, Joseph, try to blast out the dark in him..." Dom was still trudging towards them, not bothering to speed up. Meanwhile, Vent went back to ranger base. He was mad at Dominic and at Star. "Darn it!" he yelled out loud. If only I could be stronger, thought Vent. Then no one could stand in my way. Vent rode off on his motorbike away from the ranger base, close to Angel Bay City Limits. He stared at the sea, looking for answers, and not responding to any calls sent to him by ranger base. What do they know? From now on, I'm my own Power Ranger. I no longer work with them. They're too blinded by their emotions, especially Star.

Back to the others, Dom eventually made it to them. He paused and pulled his sword up in a zombie like fashion. As Dom drove his sword down Joe jumped in front of Star as just before the saber hit Joe's chest he shouted, "Golden Radiance!!" Just then, his armor shown brightly and evaporated the dark sword. But what effect would it have on Dom? Meanwhile, Vent checked his e-mails. He saw one warning of Dominic. Perfect... Vent rode off to where the battle was taking place. When he arrived, he hid behind buildings as to not alert Dominic and to morph. He then sneaked up from behind Dominic. "Spino Blade, Spino Strike!" he yelled as he jumped and slashed Dom. Dom felt no pain from these attacks and formed another sword.

"Spirit of the Panther!" yelled Sean as the Panther Spirit hit Dom and appeared out of nowhere once again.The attack hit Dom so hard, he went against one of the building walls. Dom still did not feel any pain and so continued attacking. "Glad you could make it buddy," said Joe at Sean as he ran up to kick Dom while he was against the wall, but Dom ducked to the side and Joe's foot dented the wall as he missed. Dom slashed at Joe with his sword. Star flipped over and kicked Dominic away from Joseph. "Hm..." she told herself. She formed another arrow. "Maybe this will wake you up." She fired it, and it disappeared. A bright light appeared and engulfed the small gold dragon hatchling next to the dormant Dominic in his mind.

The hatchling grew slightly larger, in it's teen stage. It used it's horns to nudge Dominic more, and Dominic shuddered. Star unlatched her Starlight and pressed it against Dominic. They both demorphed and were encompassed by a sphere of light. Looking into his soulless face, she whispered, [size=x-small]Come back... At that moment, she pressed a kiss against his lips, causing an intense light, stronger than before to surround the mental hatchling. The dragon, now known as the Nidhog, turned adult, and it's antlers grew to full size. It pierced Dominic's heart, and he was sent back into the world. Dom stood there, lips pressed against Star's. The Nidhog landed gently beside them, and shone a brilliant gold. A bit embarrassed, Star pushed back and said, "Um...uh...Nice to have you back Dominic..." She blushed. The sphere of light dissolved and they were in view. She looked at the Nidhog and watched its splendor in awe. Dom was blushing violently, and he looked away. "Yeah, it's nice to be back..." The Nidhog let out a small roar and turned towards Dominic.

Sean, completely stunned in awe by the Nidhog, quickly said, "It's the Nidhog! I thought it was just a myth. Dominic, do you think you can control it? By the way, welcome back." The Nidhog turned towards Sean and let out a small gruff. "Well, he's a gentle creature, but by the looks of it, don't get him angry," Dom said, chuckling. Everyone teleported back the Neo-Omega Base. Zedren is glad Dominic is back to our side.

Joe looks at Dom and gives him a friendly punch in the arm. "Oh, how cute," said Joe sarcastically. "The big bad demon has a soft side. Hey maybe you two can go on a double date with Izabel and me." "Joe, behave yourself," said Sean. "Let's just have another victory feast." He then turns towards Zedren. "What do you think, Zedren?"

Then out of nowhere, Chris returned from long absence. Why he was gone, I'm not sure. "Sorry I haven't been around Zedren," said Chris. "Don't worry Chris," began Zedren. "I have a lot more to be sorry for than you. We all contribute what we can. Even in unseen ways." He then turned to Sean and replied, "I think that is an excellent idea, but we must remain vigilant. As well as figure out how we can protect the Lio zord." He then walked up to Sean. "Can I speak to you privately a moment?" Zedren pulls Sean to the side. "Sean, I know my identity must of come as a shock to you. Just know that I am very sorry. I know words can never pardon me from the evil I've committed, or the fact that I killed your father. I know you must want vengeance. But I ask you. No. I beg you. Please. Give me a second chance. I don't expect you to forgive me all at once, but at least try to forgive me some day. Please." Sean put his head down. "I'll let you know when I made up my mind," said Sean.

Dom punched Joe lightly in the arm and laughed. "Joe..." Dom blushed violently. Star gave Joe a glaring look as if to say, Okay, you can shut up now! She regained her composure and started to say, "Well, regardless of how, at least Dom is back with us." Meanwhile, the Nidhog clumsily walked over to where the Fenrir Zord and Jormundgar zord stood. "Dom, can you tell us anything about this Loki character?" asked Joe. "How about you Diabolico? You seem pretty good on Demon knowledge." "Well from what I've heard, he was the one who awoke the demons," began Dom. "Which ended up killing my father. So he's basically a demon god. Somewhere along those lines." "Sorry, I can't be much of a help with this one," began Diabolico. "Loki was always a behind the scenes character. Always let his trickery do the talking for him. If he's playing an active part now, it can't be good." "Great," began Joe. "So now we're dealing with Vile, a malevolent demon god, and these double mask monsters, and all with my zord and powers fading and uncertain." Dom shrugged. "We just keep getting new enemies..."

To Be Continued...

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