This is the ninth episode of Power Rangers: Omega Force.


March 15, 2010 ~ Angel Bay: Boulevard

The next day, the rangers are in Angel Bay Boulevard already in mid combat. They have been surrounded by a large group of Strikers. The rangers handle themselves as always and when the numbers get too large they decided to morph. As the fighting continues, they see that as they knock one striker down another takes its place. It is as though when they turn to ash, their particles are reassembled by Loki. "OK, this is getting old fast," said Joe. "Guys stand back. Golden Radiance!!" Unfortunately, nothing happens. Joseph is shocked. He tries again, but still nothing. "I don't get it. I know that power would weaken with constant use in a short time, but I haven't used it since our last fight with Dom. What's going on?" Dom shrugged in mid battle. "Who knows to be honest?" asked Dom. He spun and slammed a kick to the strikers.

"Yeah, we'll have to find out later," said Joe as he roundhouse kicked some of the surrounding strikers. And whereas usually they would be destroyed by the radiation Joe's armor left behind, this time there was very little or none at all. Dom back-flipped and kicked some more strikers. Joseph managed to grab one of the Strikers arms and slash another in half. He then punched the other hard. As Joseph punched the other Striker, afterward, the gauntlet armor on his right arm disappeared. "Okay, now I'm thinking this is a problem." Dom then formed an orb of darkness in his hands. "Yea, uh, Joe, you might wanna move..." Joe dived out of the way and gave Dom the go ahead. But as Joe landed the other golden gauntlet disappeared as well. Elsewhere, Kent was fighting another group of the Strikers. He blasted one, and while two tried to run into him, he jumped over them and let them destroy each other.

Back at the command center, Sean finally talks to Zedren to talk about how he feels about what Zedren said to him yesterday. "Zedren, look," he began. "I will only take revenge on you if you become evil again, in a certain way." Sean sighed. "What I'm trying to say is that I forgive the good side of you, but the evil inside, I don't." Meanwhile, as Joseph got up he was pondering what was going on with his powers. He then heard a familiar voice. He turned around and saw Vile standing behind him. "Well, well, well, it looks like we've found the little ranger who couldn't let his little light shine," began Vile as he laughed with glee. "Tell me how does it feel? How does it feel to lose your powers bit by bit?" "What are you talking about?" asked Joe.

"Didn't I warn you about the last time we met? Those powers should be mine. I went through all the trouble of taking them from my miserable excuse for a son-in-law. I have no idea what my daughter saw in him. And now he's on the good side of all things. Anyway, I'm not gonna let a pestilent fool like you stand in the way of me taking the gold ranger powers back. So every time you morph, you will lose more and more of your powers and I will gain them. Of course you could always join me and keep the powers. You serve me as one of my envoys and you can keep the powers, not to mention I'll show you how to fully use them. How does that sound?" "Sounds like a lousy deal for everyone else," replied Joe. "Ahhhh, so stubborn to the very end. But either way I'll get your powers sooner or later." "Then how bout later? Power down!" Joe then demorphed. "You said it yourself. As long as I'm morphed you can rob me of my powers. So i guess I won't morph." "What nerve, 'your powers'! I already told you they belong to me. Let's see how long you can last without morphing." Vile then laughed and disappears. Joseph then resumed his fighter stance and fought the Strikers. They were significantly harder to fight normally, but he managed to take down 3 Strikers.

Kent pulled out his Stego-Staff and whacked 2 Strikers with no problem at all. Joe continued to fight off the Strikers as best he could, but without his armor and these now smarter Strikers, he could only hurt them but not destroy them. Kent flipped over a Striker, got it in the back, in the process knocked it into another one and both were destroyed. Joe couldn't use much strength so he used his agility and managed to lead 2 strikers up to one of the higher hills and then kicked them into each other and made them roll down the hill and hit the large rock hard. "Panther Ground Pound!" yelled Sean as he appeared out of nowhere and hit the ground with a giant stomping wave that launches the last 4 Strikers into the air and disappear once they land. "Sorry I'm late, guys."

Then, unknown darkness surrounded Vent and got into his morpher. Then a mysterious but familiar voice said, "Dark Spino Zord, awaken!" The darkness attached to Vent like a symbiote. I know what you want, said a voice in Vent's mind. Dominic is a threat to us. Therefore, he must die! It was the darkness talking to Vent. It was merging with his emotions and his powers. You're right. Dominic is too strong. He must be destroyed. No matter what the cost. Hiya!

Vent then was morphed but his colors changed. His suit was now an ominous black. He felt stronger and more confident of his powers. His abilities increased. He then de-morphed and was transferred to a park in Angel Bay. Everything was normal except his wounds had healed. The morpher had also changed its color to black with a gold broader where Vent flipped it open to morph. In the center was a glass oval flashing a big pink light. Vent then walked off to try out his new upgrade. You're sticking with me for a long time.

Meanwhile, "Nice work guys," began Joe after the battle ended. "Sorry I couldn't have been much of a help." He pauses and looks solemn like he's about to give some really bad news, but then, "I think we should head back to base. By the way, where did Vent go?" "I don't really know, but I don't care right now," said Dom in pain. "You okay buddy? Let's get back to base. Vent will come when he wants."

Back at base, everyone recovered their wounds and relaxed a bit. Then Commander Zedren then entered the room. Dom kicked his feet up and laid back. He was sitting on a couch with his feet on a small coffee table in front. A TV was in front of the table. He flipped through the channels. "Man, it feels good to not have to fight any more strikers," he told himself. "Just because your a bit relaxed doesn't mean you can drop your manners," said Star to Dom as she plopped on the couch next to him. "Drop your feet okay?" Kent, out of curiosity, asked, "What happened to Rita Repulsa? Was she transformed like you or destroyed?" "She was also transformed," Zedren began. "And she's doing the same sort of thing I am, in a way. She has become the queen of all good magic. In fact it was her who helped me mask the Liopleurodon zord for so long from Vile. She also breathed magical life into the zords we made here. Thus making them life-like." "I believe she is referred to as the Mystic Mother?" asked Star. Recalling Rita's profile, it was hard to forget such a LONG history. "Though it is sort of ironic considering who her father is."

Meanwhile, Vent was atop a skyscraper. Okay, time to see what I've got! he thought. Vent then saw a monster, who might have been a test creation by Vile, robbing a bank. It appeared to be a two-headed Shadow Striker with about the same intelligence as Vile's previous monsters, except for the Globber monster who never spoke in the first place. "Halt!" yelled Vent as he jumped from the skyscraper. The monster laughed at the sight of Vent. "What are you gonna do if I don't?" asked the monster. "Don't test me! Shadow Spino Awaken!" Vent transformed into his new form. He then put a fist right through the monster and killed it. The monster then exploded. "I warned you." The only reason it was killed in one attack was because it was a fairly weak monster that had about the same fighting ability as any of the original Shadow Strikers, and was about as weak as them. Man, by the looks of that guy, he seemed strong. I just took him out in seconds. But what about Dominic? I know. I'll wait until everyone goes to bed. Then I'll sneak up and stab him. Wait, I can't kill him in his sleep. No. I shall confront him when everyone's awake. Then they'll see who the strongest really is. Then Vent traveled back to Ranger Base and went to the data room to research all of Dominic's weaknesses. It's too bad we don't have any weaknesses, said the darkness in vent's mind. I can cover up your weaknesses Vent, as long as you're my host, I shall always be here to serve you. Of course. Why would I want to get rid of you? You're the whole reason I can be stronger than that traitor Dominic. But what about the others? Don't worry. In time they shall see our power, and they shall kneel.

Meanwhile, Vile had just realized what had happened. "Hey that overgrown 2-headed striker I was messing around with got destroyed," he began. "Oh well. It wasn't my style anyway. I mean seriously, what kind of monster robs a bank? We want chaos, not capital. We want power, not pecuniary benefits. Oh well, but I wonder who did it. Hey, isn't that the navy ranger? But wait. What's...Is that...A Gargantile seed?" Vile laughed. "That fool. He has no idea that seed may be giving him added strength now, but soon enough it will start taking strength from him and giving it to Gargantia. I would say i should tell the rangers this and help them kill that thing, but who cares. Once I've finished recovering my Gold Ranger powers, I'll be strong enough to deal with all of them. And with my good pal Loki and his new and improved body, what can go wrong?"

Back at the base, Zedren replied to Star, "You call it ironic, I call it Karma. Maybe thats my retribution for being evil. Having him as a father-in-law. Even when I was bad I couldn't stand him." He laughs. "Anyway, speaking of which, Joe I noticed you demorphed mid battle. What happened?" Joe looks down and said, "I kept noticing some of my powers and armor was disappearing, and then Vile appeared to me. He gave me an ultimatum. I can either join him and bring back my powers at full strength, or he continues to drain my powers." "This is not good." "There's no way I'm gonna join him, but I can't let him have the Gold Ranger powers." "Great, not only are we short a megazord, but we're also now short a ranger. Not to mention we apparently have rangers who like to fight each other, but I'll deal with that later. Right now we have to find a way to stop Vile from getting those powers." "Wait, what if Zordon had these powers. Would Vile be able to take them?" "Well he had them originally in lock-down, and then thats when I took them." "No I mean what if the power actually flowed through Zordon's body, would Vile be able to take them?" "Well in that case, I doubt he would be able to, but Zordon's no longer around." "I know, but his guardian is. What if I temporarily gave my powers Sean? Could that stall for time?" "Well its the best idea we got for now. But there's no telling how long it will last. I wish we had an idea where the Blade of Genesis was being held." Joe then found Sean and told him to morph. Joe then concentrated and put his hand on Sean's shoulder. Joe's chest and leg armor then appeared over Sean's suit. "I figure you're the best one here to trust with my powers."

Dom shrugged. "Fine," he replied to Star about earlier. He dropped his feet, but had his hands behind his back. Meanwhile, Vent was able to obtain everything he needed to defeat Dominic. Now I just need to wait, he thought. Vent went outside the base to wait for the right moment to attack Dominic. Star then said, "Oh, speaking of which Zedren, I actually found that place you were looking for." She jumped up. She quickly punched in a few numbers. "This my friends, is the Island of Creation." A picture of a beautiful perpetual sunset overshadowing an island with a dim glow. It implied a place of power. It contained a temple whose age is timeless and whose splendor could not be matched. Outside were various statues, eerily motionless, yet alive at the same time. Complementing this was a vast forest of trees and creatures unknown to mankind. "Whoa," Dom said, transfixed by the image. He bent over Star to take a closer look. "Now, that's amazing." "So that's the Island of Creation," began Joe. "I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that the reason it looks so untouched by in-habitation is because they've probably been killed. But if we have to go there we'll go there."

Meanwhile, Vent came from behind Dominic and stroke him in the back. "Shouldn't have let your guard down," he said. Fully morphed, Vent also attacked Star. "Two traitors with the same blade." Vent then laughed. Dom got down, but quickly pulled himself backup. Seeing him strike Star filled him with rage, and his morpher cracked. He grabbed Vent by the scruff of his neck and threw him against a wall. Darkness started seeping through the cracks of the morpher, teleporting the two outside to the surface, and a familiar voice was heard. "Hm?" said the voice. "Trying to kill Dominic here? You forgot about me!" It was Fenrir. Fenrir's voice boomed through the base. "Fool!" yelled Vent as bounced off the tree and stabbed Dominic. The stab pierced Dominic, but he was already controlled by Fenrir. He easily grabbed Vent's weapon and crushed it with his bare hands. He grabbed Vent once more and smashed him into the ground. Before they teleported out, Star created a tracker on both Dom and Vent so that she would know where they end up if they were teleported by something else. Star then teleports out to Dom and Vent's location, seeing exactly what happens.

Star, noticing Vent went crazy, didn't have a second thought. "Oh no no no!" she began. "No one goes bad ranger on us now." She morphed. "And here's why!" She fired dozens of arrows, actually aiming to knock the sanity back into him. Vent's suit popped out two tentacles and grabbed Dominic's wrists. It then lifted him and then two more tentacles grabbed the other free limbs. Then black gunk surrounded Vent's broken blade and within seconds the blade was reformed made even stronger than before. "Aw, did I touch a nerve?" said Vent, sarcastically. "It's too bad you and Star are going to have to die. You were such a cute couple." Vent then slammed Dominic mercilessly into the ground using his tentacles. Dom appeared lifeless, as if he was dead. Vent then laughed. "What's wrong, wolf-boy?" Dominic remained silent. "Answer me!" Vent slammed him even harder. "Fine, if you won't talk, maybe your girlfriend will." Vent popped another tentacle and wrapped it around Star. Then it began to constrict her. "You have about 1 minute before I suck the life out of her!"

Star, fully aware that both guys were insane, went fuming with rage. "One, and this one's goes to you Vent, why don't we have a nice chat?" she asked as she flipped and slammed a kick square into his face. "Two, oh Dom, I already had to pull you out of the gutter already!" Fully mad by now, she just slapped him across the face. "Why do you insist on always losing your sanity! It's getting old, REAL old!" Fenrir ripped out of Dom's lifeless body and struck at Vent. He was standing behind him now, with the symbiote in his jaws. "What shall I do with you?" Fenrir asked himself. "Hm?"

Meanwhile, Vile was waiting patiently on the egg he plans to have a monster as when he saw something out of the ordinary. "What's this?" he began. "So the rangers are fighting amongst each other. That Vent must be strong, usually the gargantile seed overwhelms its victim, but he's actually controlling it. He's mad, but he's controlling it. Loki, come sit down and bring the pop corn. This should be good." Loki then comes over and begins to watch the battle as it progresses.

Too easy! Vent thought. He then allowed himself to be consumed by the Fenrir. Then while inside, he popped tentacles from every direction and struck at the Fenrir's stomach. He eventually ripped himself out, dividing the Fenrir in two. "You actually think that would work?" he asked Vent as he turned towards Star and shot out some black gunk that attached itself to Star's neck. "You're not getting away that easy." The black broach started constricting Star's neck. It became too attached to her neck. She couldn't take it off. "And now for wolf-boy." He turned towards Dominic and grabbed his four limbs. He then threw him at the base and then an avalanche of rocks fell from the base's material, collapsing on top of Dominic. Just as Star was being constricted by the tentacle glob, the broach was sliced in half and fell to the ground, evaporated, and disappeared. Ecliptor ran over and helped her up. As Vent held Fenrir to the ground, Diabolico shoved his blade deep into Vent's black extensions and slammed him into the tree. "What in the world has gotten into you?" asked Ecliptor. "You seem untrustworthy of Dom, but if you keep up like this you're gonna become what you so hate."

"Don't stand in my way or I shall have to destroy you!" yelled Vent as he then shot another blob of black gunk at Ecliptor's neck. "This is why I'm here. To end the treachery. To make sure no one stands in my way. To be the best! I don't care who gets hurt." He then grabbed Ecliptor and Star with tentacles and began to constrict them. "Not even if it means you! Not even if it means Zedren! Not even if it means destroying the Ranger Base! I shall always remain superior!" Diabolico then punched him in the chest. "Did you forget about me?" asked Diabolico. "You're just proving how week you are by doing this. You're so pathetic. You let your rage and this thing consume you. A true warrior lives by the strength of his spirit and not physical strength. Even a demon's got more honor then you." Fenrir just duplicated. He shot back through the rubble and Dominic was awake. "Man, what happened?" he asked. He was in a small cavern.

When Sean realized what was happening outside and what had happened to both Dom and Vent, he morphed and teleported outside the base. Sean then tightened a grip on his fist, after looking at the damage. "Golden Lio Armor, Activate!" he yelled as the Liopleurodon Armor combined with Sean. "Golden Radiance!" The giant light evaporated the darkness from Vent, for a limited time, and grabbed him by his neck. "For all the darkness in your heart, and for all of the ones that helped you in the past, you try to kill everyone? Pull it together, man!" The shadows then surrounded Vent and sent a shock-wave that sent Sean, Diabolico, and Star flying. When the smoke cleared, Vent and the symbiote were gone. Vent was then taken to an unknown location. Then Vent heard a mysterious voice call out to him. I saw your fight. And I must say I am impressed. No one has ever been able to control my seed. However, you still have much to learn. Fortunately, I can train you to not only control that seed, but extend its limits! You can be stronger! "What?!?" asked Vent in confusion. "Who are you?" I am Gargantia! And you are my new apprentice! Then Vent unwillingly knelled and heard himself say, "What is thy master?"

To Be Continued...

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