Episodes 1- 16 Beginning Arc:

Episode 1: The Keyblade

Episode 2: The Choice of One Man

Episode 3: Under the Ocean

Episode 4: The fox and The Girl

Epsiode 5: Kitsune: The pet Nobody

Episode 6: My own Twin Sister?!

Episode 7: Akwardness of a sibling bond

Episode 8: Kitty and Persia: Allies or Enemies?

Episode 9: Meet your father

Episode 10: I hate perfection

Episode 11: Make me a soul reaper!

Episode 12: Family

Episode 13: Don't ever leave me again!

Episode 14: The creation of Knightmare

Episode 15: I am Zero

Episode 16: The extra battle

'Episode 17: 'My own side

Episode 18: The Black Knight reborned

Episode 19: Mother

Episode 20: Let's make a deal

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