This is a 3-parter intro to Power Rangers: Omega Force. These episodes will introduce all of the primary rangers, Zords and the primary Megazord for the series.


Episode 1: The Alpha Before the Omega Part 1

March 13, 2010 ~ Angel Bay

The weather had been kind to the citizens of Angel Bay. In fact, it was sort of like the calm before the storm you could say. Inhaling some air and sighing, Star punched out from her shift and walked outside of the juice bar. There at the corner was a man with long, flowing hair. He was dressed in a red top and plain jeans. Normal attire. Star looked at him. "Funny. I've never seen you in civilian clothing Andros." said Star. Andros smirked at this. "Well I've been a little busy as you could tell." replied Andros. He was a good guy, he really was. "You know..." Star stopped, looked around said, "we really should consider finding more rangers, before something completely wrong happens." There was a glint of fear and worry in her eyes. Andros grew serious and replied, "True enough, but we've been searching around the clock. There's just no way to pinpoint an individual from this large of a population." Star simply performed a face-palm. "Well it's not like he's going to walk right up to us." said Star. Andros laughed again. "Maybe, let's get bac-"

At that moment, Star stopped abruptly, for suddenly, her internal instincts reacted sharply. She half-turned towards the street, and there she saw them. Creatures. Strange creatures, coming for her and Andros! They were hideous. No. Hideous was a kind word. But these creatures made their way to the pair. Star dropped her bag and took a stance. "See what I mean?" Andros took a similar stance next to her.

They (the creatures) charged at the pair. "Remember how to fight these?" Andros was talking, but still concentrating on the oncoming assault.

"Sure. Let's go" They both moved in motion, dodging the blades. They came to one who was closest. Andros threw a punch that made the creature spin. Star, closer to the next one, shoved it into another. The two creatures started to roared ferociously at each other away at each other.

Meanwhile Joseph was on his way to the beach when he saw a bunch of people running away from something. As he looked ahead he saw two people being attacked by some weird humanoid creatures. Joseph decided that they needed some help so he ran towards them. As he got closer he notices the decayed look of the creatures as well as the fact that their arms appear to be rusted blades. As well as the fact that half their bodies appeared to be fog.

He begins to regret not running away, but he’s already made his choice, and he's never been one to give up. He grabs a metallic chair from one of the outside sitting areas and runs towards to help the man who had just been knocked over.

The creatures swing their blades at the man on the floor, but he manages to avoid them. After five successful dodges, the man realizes he is corned and has nowhere else to move. Just as one of the creatures swings its blade, Joseph leaps in and attempts to block the attack with the chair he grabbed. The momentum of the missed swing throws the creature off balance, and Joseph performs a quick roundhouse kick to knock it away.

Sadly, Joseph quickly loses whatever confidence he might have had when he realizes that the chair he had just used to block the creature’s last attack was still in his hands, but perfectly sliced in half. He quickly throws both pieces at two of the nearby monsters and uses the diversion to help up the man. The man quickly thanks Joseph before pushing his head down to avoid one of the creature’s sneak attacks. The man then rolls over Joseph’s back and kicks the monster away.

Star notices the entrance of a new fighter. She was distracted for a moment and was touched slightly by the blade of one of the monsters. A small scratch appeared. "I forgot how sharp those things are." She knocked it back into another and another round of roaring began. She called out to the new fighter. "Knock them into each other!" She hoped he would get the message.

Joseph heard the girl scream something at him about knocking the monsters into each other. It was a good idea, it was a great idea, it was the only idea he had at the moment. So he decided to do just that. He saw one of the creatures bend down and start to charge like a rhino. He also noticed another creature right behind him. He waited for the last moment and than jumped out of the way, causing the two creatures to slam into each other. They were furious and each lifted its blade and slashed the other in half. However, instead of any blood or whatever coming out, the two creatures turned to ash. Joseph and his new comrades-via-battle manage to push the others back until finally they were all turned to ash.

After the mayhem, Star looked closely at the mysterious new entrant. She took out a small-star shaped receiver and aimed it at him. It glowed a vigorous gold. She put it away. "Thank you for your help," Star told Joseph. "Could you please come by this address? We really want to thank you properly." With that, she and Andros left, turned the corner and seemingly vanished.

Joseph is perplexed by the whole occurrence. The monsters, these two strange people who seemed to know about them, and this probably fake address on this card. Joseph then looks down at the card they had given him. He had so many questions, and this was his only lead. He was just going to forget about the whole thing and head to the beach to meet up with his girlfriend and his friends, but something troubled him. If those creatures came once, they could come again. He departed and decided to go to the address on the card.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to any of them, several other people were at the same time all heading towards that same location.

March 13, 2010 ~ Unknown Location

As they all arrived at the location, they began to suspect something was up. They looked around and noticed these other guys they had never met before and wondered what was their purpose. The first to talk was Kent. "What are you guys doing here?" he asked. "Me, I was in the city buying clothes when 5 creatures attacked me, then some guy, who called himself Tommy, fought them all off without breaking a sweat. He then told me to come here. What about you guys? By the way, my name's Kent, and you all? Sorry. I ramble when I get nervous and meeting new people makes me real nervous."

"No problem!" replied Joseph. Being the one to be okay with apologies at most times, he is an amazing guy. "Wait, you were attacked by those things as well? Were they about human size and have huge blades strapped to their arms? I was on my way to the beach when I noticed these 2 people being attacked. I decided to help out and they told me to meet them here. They also seemed to handle themselves well around the monsters. They knew how to fight them. But yet I don't see them here yet."

"Here Tommy comes," said Kent. He was right. Suddenly, a man with spiky hair, a white professor's uniform, and glasses entered the room. It was the best living Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver. "Do you know why you're here?" asked Tommy. "No, you wouldn't tell us yet," replied Kent. Tommy then remembered he kept his mouth shut when he first met Kent. "Oh, right!" he began. "I'm waiting for a couple people before I actually explain it to you all." The next person to speak was Vent. Awkward, right? His name rhymes with Kent. Seems more like a coincidence, though.

Vent was nonchalant about his new occupation. When he saw the other people, he merely thought it was a coincidence, much like his names rhymes with Vent. He didn't believe they had a purpose here. He had heard tales of the old Power Rangers, but he only believed them to be fairy tales. Though he did have a morpher, he still wasn't fully convinced. "Nice to meet you!" he began. "I'm Vent. I don't really know what we're all doing here. Though, I bet it's just a mere coincidence."

"It is no coincidence," began Tommy. He then notices the morpher on Vent's arm. "I never saw that! Where did you get it?" "This?" Vent asks as he points to the morpher. "I got it from some guy whose said I'm apparently a 'Power Ranger.' I wonder if he was on drugs." "Maybe," Kent told Vent. Still not believing the coincidence?

Joseph then continues where Tommy left off before he changed the subject. "Yeah. I'm slowly starting to be convinced this isn't a coincidence," he began. "Were you all attacked by those weird blade monsters as well? What in the world are they?" "They are beasts created by an evil mastermind from my past known as Master Vile," Tommy began. "These beasts are known as Shadow Strikers. Vile created these in hopes of eliminating us all."

Then another man known as Christopher arrived at the meeting point. As he stopped right next to Joseph he asked, "Is everyone here because of some letter? Am I late?" "Nope!" Tommy said. "We're still waiting on a few people. About 4, I believe." "Anyway, I'm going to go get lunch," Vent began. "Anyone want to come with?"

"Power Rangers?" Joseph began. "What are you guys talking about? And what's all this talk about letters, morphers. I'm so confused. I want some answers and then we can worry about lunch!" "Oh well, your loss!" said Vent as he points at Tommy. "This all just a bunch of blasphemy. Besides, even if we are who this man claims we are, we surely can't fight on an empty stomach." Then Vent began to walk out.

"Don't go anywhere!" said Tommy. "We need you all here so I can make an important announcement." By this time, Vent is half-way out the door of the meeting place. Chris, ignoring what was going on, looked around. Eric Meyers, also known as the Quantum Ranger of Time Force, didn't seem to be there. "Well it looks like the guy I am suppose to meet isn't here, so I'm out of here," said Chris. "See ya, nice meeting you all!" "Yeah, I'm done here!" said Joe as he began to walk beside Chris. I'm heading back to the beach."

Just then Vent, Kent, Chris, and Joe all feel a weird feeling, almost as if their spirits are leaving their bodies. Just then they are teleported to another place. They hit the ground hard and as the look around they notice they're in a black prison like cell. But very large. About 90 sq. ft. They see no signs of life nowhere.

Joseph began to look around, highly confused. "Now where in the world are we?" he asked. "This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder." Chris fell like he hit his head hard. "Ah, man, what was that?" he asked as he got up and looked around. "Where are we?" Then Tommy appeared before them. "No need to worry," said Tommy. "This was all planned. My friends Andros and Star should be here in a little while." "They better hurry!" yelled Kent. All of a sudden, Tommy disappears and 2 forms take his place.

"Well well, these are the new rangers," said the golden demon. "Tommy can't save you now." "Allow us to introduce ourselves," the green one speaks. "I am Ecliptor." "And I am Diabolico," said the golden demon. "And if Tommy thinks you can stand against Master Vile ... he's sadly mistaken. We'll see to it that you don't learn to use your powers. Or will you run like the little cowards you probably are?"

"What do you two want?" asked Joe. "We want to destroy you or will you fight and make it interesting?" replied Ecliptor. "I don't run!" Joe replied back. He then runs at Ecliptor and tries to kick him in the air. Ecliptor catches his foot and throws him forcefully into the wall.

Vent was somewhat glad Tommy was gone. The last thing he wanted to think about was the Power Rangers, but he wasn't so sure. He didn't pay attention to Diabolico and Ecliptor, though. When he saw them finally, he asked, "Who or what in the world are you?" "Do we have to go through the intros again?" asked Ecliptor. "Wow these new rangers are dense!" "Yes, please do perform your intros again," began Vent. "Hang on, let me get my camera! I could make millions here." "Oh we have a comedian!" began Diabolico. "I like this one." He flings Joseph again to the side. And walks towards Vent. "Let's see if you can defend yourself as good as you can crack jokes!"

Before Vent spoke like an idiot, Joseph tries another attack, and this time he hits Ecliptor, but Diabolico picks him up and slams him to the ground. "It's nice to see at least one of you have spunk!" Diabolico speaks. "I came to Angel Bay looking for a challenge and looks like I fell into a big one!" said Chris as he readies himself for a fight. Ecliptor notices the fighting spirit in Chris and says, "Looks like we got another hero on our hands!" He then runs toward Chris.

Now, Vent says, "Cool! Do you like magic tricks? Here, pick a flower!" He then pulls out a bouquet. "Really, I insist." Kent then runs to Diabolico, throws a punch, but misses, turns back around and hits Diabolico on the head with a wrench he carries around for emergency situations.

Diabolico is unconscious, but Ecliptor picks Kent up by his neck and laughs. "I am much stronger than my comrade ever was!" said Ecliptor. "Very well, then," said Chris as he charged at Ecliptor with a flurry of punches. Diabolico gets up and says, "Nice shot you little flea! You can improvise, I'll give you that." He then focuses back on Vent and grabs the entire batch of flowers.

Ecliptor focuses his attention on both Chris and Kent. "2 on 1!" he began. "Now things might get interesting." He dodges most of Chris's punches but the last one connects, knocking him back 2 steps. "Not bad at all!" As Diabolico grabs the bouquet, water squirts from the bouquet onto him. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" said Vent sarcastically. "Here, put 'er there!" Vent grabs Diabolico's arm and shocks him with his buzzer. "Sorry, I couldn't resist, but seriously, put 'er there!" Vent throws out the opposite arm.

Diabolico laughs and says, "Funny guy. Can you make something disappear as well. Cause I'm about to do that to you!" He grabs Vent and throws him at Joseph, who's still recovering from the last three vicious attacks. Kent jumps in the way of Joe to let him recover since, obviously, he is the strongest one there. But Diabolico is tricked as he grabbed a fake hand intended by Vent as a trick. "Mind over brutes, my friend." Then Vent roundhouse kicks Diabolico. "I may not be Chuck Norris, but I bet that'll leave a mark!" yelled Vent with anticipation.

Joe manages to stand up and thanks Vent for the intended assist. "I don't know what more weird, how we got here, or that guys fighting style?" he asked. "Anyway, what do you say to a little team up? We both attack that Ecliptor guy at the same time!" "Sure!" replied Vent in agreement. "I'll stay back here and throw these cards at him. It'll distract him from countering your attacks." "Got it!" said Joe. As Vent throws his cards, annoying Diabolico, Joseph runs to the side and drop-kicks him in the chest.

"Okay, now for the other dude!" said Vent as he looked around and finds a bulldozer. "Here, you distract Ecliptor, I'm going to go try and operate that bulldozer!" he said. With that, Vent ran towards the bulldozer, trying to avoid being noticed by Ecliptor. Just before Vent made it, though, Vent, Kent, Chris, and Joe, including Diabolico and Ecliptor, are all teleported to another location.

March 13, 2010 ~ Omega Base

Everybody looked around to see where they were. "Where are we now?" asked Joe. "You are in the Omega Base," replied Diabolico. "You all passed the test. Isn't that right everyone?" Just then, the 4 are greeted by Tommy, Katherine, Eric, Ryan, Andros, Star, and a new person who introduces himself as Sean that all nod at Diabolico one at a time. "Omega Base?" asked Chris, confused. "Whats that?" "It's where we are now," replied Katherine. Chris looked around and finally saw that Eric was among the people gathered. "Why have we been brought here?" he asked, still not convinced.

"You all have been chosen to fight the evil that is Master Vile," Tommy began. "Since you understand some type of combat, you all will not be trained in the art of combat as much as we thought you might need." "I'd say it's a matter of national security, but thats not a dire enough word," said Eric. "I've got a question that you two can answer me," said Joe as he motions towards Diabolico and Ecliptor. "What's with you guys beating the crud out of us and now you're with us? I'm so confused." "Sorry, but we had to test you all," said Ecliptor. "It was Tommy and Andros's idea." They then explain how they came to help here.

Mainly it was Tommy and the Commander who had contacted the rest of the group, except Sean, to come to the Omega Base for some reason. Tommy was first contacted via cell phone by the Commander when they both realized what had happened. Tommy contacted Katherine and Andros so they can contact Eric, Ryan, and Star. Sean just waited until everyone else was finished. "Then what are these?" interrupted Chris as he pointed to his wrist. "Those are your Omega morphers," began Tommy. "They are the key to your transforming abilities. Only some of you had already obtained them through the first encounters with those monsters." He then turned to Sean. "Are you ready to explain, Sean?" "Yes," said Sean.

Sean explains how he came here, what he comes for, and why his spirit told him to come here. Sean crash landed on Earth, believing that the spirit, Gargantia might be heading there, and looked at what surrounded him. He then changed into the appearance of an average human being. His panther spirit guided him to where he needed to go. Sean was guided to the same location as everyone else is at. Originally, his spirit originated from the great Island of Felencia, as did Gargantia, from the statue that the panther spirit was located.

He shows his morpher to Tommy. "Did Zordon give you that?" asked Tommy. "Yes," replied Sean. "The day I obtained the panther spirit that my father once had, I was tested by Zordon's strongest warrior of the time. I passed and I obtained this morpher. Just to let this out, but when I was a child, my father was killed in battle by one of the most feared beings in the universe, Lord Zedd, when he had the panther spirit himself. Now his power runs through me, waiting for the time to awaken the sleep-" Then the alarm goes off, interrupting Sean and showing that those monsters that were fought off, they appeared again in the park. Sean says, "Let's go." "Wait!" Tommy said at the last minute. "Some of you need some extra power first before you go out there."

Just then a handsome man in a yellow shirt and blue sweater walks in arguing with another guy eating an apple. It was the Commander. He turns and faces the group. "Well I see all of them are here," he begins. "But as you know that's the alarm so i guess I'll explain later. Jadin, perhaps you should go with them, since your so eager to prove you can do this all on your own." He turns towards Tommy, "Tommy are they ready?" "They're as good as you and I used to be," replied Tommy. "Well, more of me than you."

There, of course, was another person in the base at the time. His name was John. He somehow is able to view what is going on in real in a dream at the same time. He then woke up after Tommy replied to the Commander. "Well what are you standing around here for?" asked the Commander in a cheerful mood. "Go stop those monsters! But first things first. Does everyone have a morpher just in case?" Joseph steps forward. "I don't know you mean by 'morpher', but aside from my beach bag, I don't have anything else with me," he replied to the Commander.

"Well then you hold back," said the Commander. "Star can hook you up with your personal one. Besides, I think Diabolico and Ecliptor went a little over board on you." "Technically, he attacked us first," said Diabolico. "Wait a sec!" said Joe, still confused. "You beat the crud out of me and then you have a sarcastic remark? I'm starting to like you guys. By the way, for the record you didn't say your sorry." "I'll tell you what," began Ecliptor. "We'll say it when you can beat us." Joe turns to the rest of the group, feeling a little happy. "Yeah, I'm really starting to like them!"

"I still..." Then Kent felt something bulky in his pocket that wasn't there before. "Wait, what's this?" He then points to the morpher. "When did this get in here?" "When we met, I slipped it in there," began Tommy. "I was surprised you didn't feel it before." Then, out of randomness, Star bowed respectively. "Joseph, if you'd be so kind to follow me," she said as she punched in a certain number on the board. A small chamber opened. It was extensively full of little lines and glowing patterns. She held up her star-shaped receiver again. "This is the Alpha Starlight," she explained. "It can sense the ranger power sleeping in your soul. The room we're in can amplify this power and make it tangible. Please step forward and touch the Starlight." The little device glowed gold as Joseph walked near it.

A gold entity stood in front of Kent. "I go next!" he yelled, impatiently. "Wait your turn," said Tommy. "Wait until the transformation is complete, and then you can go next, okay?" Kent nodded. Joseph steps forth in a golden light. All are blinded for the second he touched the Starlight, but as the light fades they see that Joseph has been replaced by man in black spandex with bright gold armor.

The armored man was Joe, of course. "This is incredible!" said Joseph in amazement. "I've never felt this good before." He then turns toward Ecliptor and Diabolico. "How 'bout that rematch now?" "Joseph, it appears your spirit is endowed with the ferocity and raw power of the Liopleurodon," the Commander began. "This spirit personally has a lot of significance for me." He smiles, but then gets a downcast look in his eyes, as if he knows something Joseph and the others do not.

"Okay, Kent, you're up!" said Tommy. Kent stepped forward and touched the crystal as Joe had and, just as before, he was now in a power suit. Except his suit was totally different. It was black and white with diamonds on it. It also had slight Stegosaurus spikes at the wrists including built in shoulder pads. He slightly resembles the Blue Tricera Ranger, but black with many different looks and an Omega symbol on the side of his chest.

"This feels awesome!" yelled Kent in excitement. "I feel overpowered." "All of us recruiting you guys are or were rangers," Tommy began. "I was black, like you." Tommy then smiled as he remembered what is was like to be a Power Ranger again. Joseph turns to Kent. "This is so awesome!" he said as they both exchange a quick high five. "I can't wait to try these new powers out against those Shadow Strikers again!" The Commander then looks at Tommy. "I always thought you were better as the Green or White Ranger, but you never really could make up your mind could you?" he asked. Tommy laughed and turned to Kent. "Kent, you have the resilience of the Stegosaurus," he told Kent.

"Really?" Kent asked. "I never expected..." He then stopped and thought for a moment. "I guess I DID recover pretty quick as a kid." "Wow, you guys actually look like you can do this," said Jadin, sarcastically. "Shut UP!!!" screamed Kent. He then throws a punch, but it was stopped by Tommy. "Calm down," he began. "He's your teammate. Although, you should stop saying things in that tone, Jadin." "Hmph, I bet your just jealous cause you didn't get your turn yet," began Joe. "Besides, I betcha my Liopleurodon powers are more beastly than whatever yours is gonna be." "Be careful what you wish for Joe," said the Commander. Now Jadin, stop wasting time! Morph and get down there to fight those monsters! You should be fighting them instead of each other."

"Yeah, get in there," said Tommy. Joseph looks at them. "They're right," he began. "Let's start over. Whether we like it or not, we're a team now. We can wait for the rest to morph later. We have to get down there and stop those Shadow Strikers. "That's the spirit!" began the Commander. "The others will catch up. You all head down there now and try to hold them off yourselves. Show them the meaning of Omega. You're the last line of defense as well as the ultimate defense." "Ok. Let's go!" yelled Kent as they both teleport to Angel Bay Mall and see it overrun with 150 Shadow Strikers. Very unlikely for that to had ever happened in the past right?

March 13, 2010 ~ Angel Bay Mall

"OK, there's 3 of us," began Joe. "Let's split up. Each of us will take a floor." Joseph runs to the top floor and starts plowing through the Shadow Strikers. He starts to slowly get over run but he uses his Liopleurodon strength to knock them off. He then moves into a more narrow corridor in one of the stores to fight them 2 at a time instead of all at once. "Remember, they're not too bright and will attack anything!" he yelled to Kent. Kent uses his Stego defense to guard against the Shadow Strikers' attacks on the middle floor of the mall until they got tired. He then turns around, attacks them once and some of them fell on the floor.

Back at the base, Jadin grabs his two morphers, which is strange. He is the only one to have two morphers and his own battle cry as well. It is possible that he might have used those morphers before, but it will be revealed soon enough. "Hyperspeed, Morph!" he yells as he slides both morphers together and transforms.

"I'm ready to go!" began Chris. "I just need help with these," He points at the morpher. "Or do I need to go into the area the other went into first?" "Go straight to the Mall," said Tommy. "Alright lets go!" Chris said with anticipation. Chris then used his morpher and was then teleported to the Mall.

"Sorry I'm late guys," said Chris. "No prob," replied Kent. "Take the 50 on the bottom floor." Back at the base, Star, still in the chamber, was slowly releasing the power. She grabbed hold of the door frame. "Unleashing ranger powers never gets any easier..." she said weakly. She was pale and had to sit. She looked at Sean. "Your a special case..." She weakly pointed to another corridor. "Down the hall is a room with a Panther's Seal. Open that door and you should be able to obtain your power." "Thank you," said Sean as he opened the door. When Sean walked up to the Panther's Seal and touched it, a bright orange glow emitted from it, blinding Star, Tommy, and the others, for the glow flowed through the entire base. When the glow faded completely, Sean had the appearance of an ancient Panther Knight.

He then teleported to the entrance of the mall. He saw 2 Shadow Strikers at the door. He thought this would be too easy. When the Shadow Strikers saw Sean, they began to attack. Sean then released the spirit of the panther and turned the stupid creatures into ash. When he was about to open the door, he was attacked, but his panther spirit warned him that something is coming after him. It was another Shadow Striker. "Panther Spear!" yelled Sean as he unleashed a special spear crafted from his Panther Spirit. In a flash, Sean slashed through the Shadow Striker very swiftly, turning the creature into ash.

Meanwhile, in space, the spirit of Gargantia was approaching earth. This all unknown to Sean. But this would become apparent in the days to come. Back at the mall, Joseph had his hand full with the Shadow Strikers. As he fought them, he noticed that sometimes as he hit the monsters their bodies were ravaged by a surge of electricity. And they land on the floor and turn to ash. He sees Sean enter and runs over to him. "Whoa, nice suit!" he complimented. "I'm glad you're here. Mind giving me a hand with these creeps?" Sean nodded. "How 'bout some Crimson Saber power?" asked Jadin as he takes out his Crimson Saber Sword. He then attacks one of the Shadow Strikers, turning it to ash. "How was that guys?" he asked. "Wow, Nice moves!" he told Jadin. He looks around. "Looks like their numbers are starting to dwindle." Because of how many Shadow Strikers that have been destroyed in a short amount of time, there are about 50 left.

"Crimson Tooth Blaster!" yelled Jadin as he summoned a small cannon in the appearance of a sabertooth tiger's head with forward pointing tooth spikes. He blasts three tooth spikes, destroying 9 Shadow Strikers in total. Kent then summons his Stego-Blaster, which fits on his hand and has the appearance of a black Stegosaurus head, and destroy 5 Strikers in 2 blasts. Back at the base, John was unsure whether or not to help the others. "Excuse me but, when can I morph Commander?" he asked. "I believe your friends may need you," began the Commander. "If I know Vile, the worst is yet to come. You have been endowed with the fury and agility of the Velociraptor. Go now, and show them the meaning of Omega!" Back at the mall, Joe takes out his Lio-Laser, makes a few shots and hits 4 Shadow Strikers. Just then one attack from each side. Joe back flips and makes both slam into each other. "Is it just me or does this seem a little too easy?" "Yeah, but these ARE just minions," began Kent. "There is NO way this fight is REALLY this easy!"

Meanwhile, in space, Gargantia mentally viewed Sean's physical ability and realizes he might need to be tested when going against giant monsters in the future. After his decision was made, he uses his special powers to make one of the Shadow Strikers outside of the mall grow into a giant. Sean heard shaking in the ground and went outside to see what's going on. When he saw the giant Shadow Striker, he then made a special body movement that summons the panther spirit itself to fight the Shadow Striker.

He then enters the panther zord and pounced at the Striker. He jumped back and prepared to do a ranged attack. All of the other rangers in the mall had defeated the remaining Shadow Strikers and left the mall to watch this powerful battle. They wondered how Sean was able to unleash his zord. As the giant Striker ran at the panther zord, Sean yelled, after his ranged attack was fully charged, "Panther Inferno!!" As he said it, a gigantic fireball blasted out of the panther's mouth at the Striker, obliterating it on contact. When the battle ended, they returned to the Command Center to figure out how Sean released his zord, even though they didn't know it WAS a zord.

Meanwhile, in his lair, Master Vile feels that one of his shadow strikers was corrupted even further. "That power," he began. "I haven't felt a spike of power like that in millenia. Could it be Gargantia? Yes. What a laugh. I love how Zordon never mentions his past nemeses until it's too late. If him and I were to work together..." he felt very excited. "Oh, think of the fun! I mean I won't like sharing the earth, but what the heck? He should be here in about a few weeks time. If I don't destroy the ranger by then , I'll send him an invite." He then realized something, "Speaking of which, how are there Power Rangers? No doubt Zordon's tenured rangers had something to do with this. I must watch them and determine their source of powers. The black one is strong, but I don't know his spirit, it's too new. The crimson one, I sense a powerful spirit in him. Very volatile. The orange one is that the ancient panther spirit Zordon kept in need of emergency. He could prove to be trouble. The gold one, he's most interesting. And his powers could come in most handy, but I'll know for sure only after he unleashes his zord. I'm willing to bet there's one or two left that I haven't seen yet. I'll deal with them all in due time. But who to send? So many choices, so little time. I'll let them celebrate their victory and then send a monster."

Episode 2: The Alpha Before the Omega Part 2

March 13, 2010 ~ Omega Base

Star, now re-energized, joined the returning rangers while standing on top of a small staircase in front of them. "I see you guys were good," she began. " do you like your powers?" She glanced over all of them, a bit proud of them. The rangers, all still morphed, all yelled together, "Power Down!!!" They all returned to their normal forms. "Totally awesome!" Jadin replied to Star. "That was amazing!!!" yelled Kent happily at Star. "Well I said I wanted a challenge, and I got one," Chris said to Star.

She laughed silently to herself. "You guys are a tiny bit hilarious," she began. You act like Christmas came early." She walked down the small steps. "So...I suppose you guys might want to hear more about the lovely little enemy we're facing?" she asked with predicting curiosity. "I think I heard about him in the news when I was a kid," began Kent, thinking really hard. "He was destroyed by the original Power Rangers, wasn't he?" "In a sense, but I suppose I should let you hear a first-hand account," replied Star.

At that moment, Andros walked out of a small doorway. "Perfect timing!" she said at Andros, cheerfully. "Andros, why don't you tell them about the great battle between good and evil?" Andros, calm and collected sat in a chair. "Of course," he replied to Star. Andros spun the tale of the invasion of the earth, which followed Zordon's sacrifice, which ultimately led to the destruction of evil. Or so we thought. "One day out of seemingly nowhere, a mass of dark energy zipped out of a worm hole," he said as he stopped for a moment. "Several days later, we identified it as Master Vile, one of the universe's most terrible threats."

Then the Commander steps out. "I'm very proud of all of you," he began. "You showed great bravery. I don't believe I've introduced myself yet. I am Commander Lucas Zedren. Leader and main founder of Omega. Omega was an off-shoot of Lightspeed and the Silver Guardians." If you are not sure who Lucas Zedren is, then think about what original villain his last name reminds you of. Zed-Ren. Zed, as in the original Lord Zedd, turned good by Zordon's sacrifice on that very day. Although he has all of his memories as a super villain and has become a complete human being, Zedren has the feelings of relief like he was possessed by evil and can now use his info as a villain to take down evil.

He then turns to sit in his big chair. "As far a what you just faced, don't get full of yourselves," he began again. "Those strikers were numerous, but purposefully weak. That Master Vile's MO. He always likes to judge what he's dealing with first. Those were merely a weak test. The rest will be much stronger. But I realize this is all new to you and you must have a lot of questions. So feel free to address me." "Why did you pick me?" began Jadin. "I have less experience than anyone here." "Well my friend, you seemed very Gun-Ho about fighting," began Zedren. "As if to avenge something. I figured your rage could be put to better use and controlled with us. If not, you could very easily have been led astray." "Least experience?" Joe asked Jadin. "You handled yourself amazingly out there. Besides, you had that cool saber tooth gun. When do we get personalized weapons like that?"

"Well each of your powers have different base sources," began Zedren again. "Some were awakened in you with Star's help. Others such as yours and the panther are more primordial. We can't even lock onto their base signatures. But I'm sure you'll find corresponding weapons in due time." "True, but I have to quit," said Jadin. "I can't protect people! I couldn't even protect my parents." "Don't talk like that!" yelled Zedren, with worry in his eyes. "I promise you that you'll see them again. If they were here they'd want you to make the best of their sacrifice. Stay, and make them proud." Jadin sighs. "Fine," he says as he sits down and relaxes. Then Zedren goes off topic for a moment and explains, "Since some of you are from far off places, accommodations will be made here for you to stay. If you wish to accept them."

"What about me?" asked Chris. "Why me?" Zedren turns back to Chris. "Your power derives from an ancient source as well," he began. "Not as ancient as the Liopleurodon powers, but still pretty ancient. The serpent dragon is to inhibit those who possess great rationality as well as wisdom and heart. You are a teacher, thus care for the welfare of others." "I already got my own place," interrupted Joe. "But I'll be sure to check back and forth. However i definitely want to get used to these powers some more. I'm gonna go find Diabolico or Ecliptor and see if either want to help me in one-on-one." He then walks off to find Diabolico and/or Ecliptor.

"Why me?" asked Kent. "I'm only a mechanic." "We needed someone to fix our dishwasher," he said as he laughs. "I'm only joking. Tommy saw your dedication and strength. And I see discipline in you. Besides, the Power Rangers always need a brainy one." He then turns to Tommy. "Wasn't ... oh what was his name? My memory fails me. That's right! Billy. Wasn't he the brainy one of the original group? And he handled himself exceptionally well." Kent then laughed sarcastically. "I've never heard of a Billy," he began. "Although the Power Rangers always WERE exceptional at staying hidden." "And you must all do the same as well," began Zedren. "The rules are few, but unbreakable."

  1. Never use your power for your own personal gain.
  1. Never escalate a battle unless Vile or the forces of evil force you to do so.
  1. Keep your identity secret.

"Why the 3rd one?" asked Jadin. "Well for one, you don't want that kind of press," he began. "Two, if you're in the limelight, you might be tempted to break rule number one. And most importantly, not to put your loved ones at risk. Vile most likely will know who you are. He's deviously sneaky and knowing in that sense, but this is more to protect them from other people. Regular criminals might try to influence you by using them. Vile is everything but passive aggressive. He'll go right for you. He won't need someone to control you when he could do it himself." "Fine," replied Jadin. Chris nodded and said, "Understood."

"Commander, Why was I chosen?" asked John. "John, you came highly recommended by Tommy," he began. "You were chosen because you show the tenacity of the Velociraptor. And if I remember correctly you were taught martial arts by him right? So, you are just as deadly as a Velociraptor as well." "I found out what I can do with my job as mechanic," began Kent. "Can you guess?" "Well I'd say you could work on the Zords, but you haven't seen them yet," he explained to Kent. "How about we go there now?"

"Well, I guess they do need a cook," began Vent. "And after all, I'm probably the only one who knows how to cook here, and they have supplied me with a good kitchen. Plus, they do have comfortable beds. And the do have a 64 inch television with X-Box, Wii, and PlayStation 3. I'll stay. But I'm still not sure about this thing." He looks at his morpher. "All will be revealed soon. I just know it." He then looks at the other rangers. "I'm going to the store to buy some groceries. Anyone want to come?" Star looked indifferent. "Beg your pardon?" she asked Vent. "The kitchen is already stocked. I usually cook, but if you want to cook as well, do as you like." She headed towards a dark-lined door. "If any one needs me, I'll be in the AOU." With that, see was out of sight. The AOU is pronounced, in full, as the Astronomic Observation Unit. It shows all that is happening in the Earth via satellite.

Meanwhile in Vile's lair, "Perhaps I should give the Rangers a well-deserved welcome," began Vile. "But who should lead the party?" He motions his staff and creates a circular hole in thin air which shows to him various locations. He scans through them until he comes upon a Angel Bay Metropolitan Museum and he spies a huge barbarian axe on exhibit. "Ah, this should do quite well." He casts a spell on the axe and a huge body, which is 8 feet tall, appears behind it and picks it up. People scatter out of the museum screaming. "YES!!!" the beast screams. "Run you tiny ants! Fear the might of Gigant-Axe!" He is accompanied by 10 Shadow Strikers. It is also noticed is that his axe blade is radiating red energy.

Back at the Omega Base, the alarm sounds. All the rangers report back to the main conference hall. There is a large screen which shows the events happening in real time. "Well I guess I'll show you the zords later," said Zedren. Joseph returns from training with Diabolico and turns to look at the screen. "Wow!" he responds. "It looks like we found Goliath! Too bad David's not around." "Rangers, this is the beginning," began Zedren. "These Strikers will not be like any of the strikers. They now mean business so it won't be as easy to destroy them. And this monster will be even harder. Do not drop your guard for even a second. Be careful. And show them the meaning of Omega!" "Thanks for the compliment, Zedren," said Tommy. "You deserve it," began Zedren. "Let's just hope the rangers are prepared to fight this monster." "Aw man!" Vent complained. "Oh well. The kitchen's already stocked. Let's go!" Vent ran alongside everyone else, even though he hadn't even the slightest idea what he was doing. He'd only been in 1 fight and he didn't even know how to use the morpher. He doesn't even know what weapon(s) he has. "I guess I'll have to learn as I go along." He said to himself.

March 13, 2010 ~ Angel Bay Metropolitan Museum

The Rangers get to the museum and see the place is trashed. They spy the 10 Shadow Strikers as well as the Gigant-Axe. "Well, so your the new rangers!" began Gigant-Axe. He then laughed and said, "So puny! You look like teeny tiny action figures!" Joseph lets out a slight laugh, then holds up his right arm to show his morpher. "How's this for action?" said Joseph he crosses his arms in an x-shape and shouts "Omega Force Activate! Gold Ranger Power!" He then is covered in a radiating golden light and is transformed back into the Gold Ranger. He takes a forward stance facing Gigant-Axe and says to his fellow rangers, "Some of us should focus on the strikers and some on Gigant-Axe," he began as he looked at Kent and Sean. "You two mind helping me with Gigant-Axe?"

Vent watched and decided to mimic Joseph's actions. He took out his morpher put it on his wrist, then made an X with his arms. Then shouted, "Omega...Force...activate?" Then all of a sudden, his mouth moved before his brain could think about saying anything. "Omega Force! Navy Ranger Power!" Then Vent morphed without even knowing he had. "Whoa, what is this?" he asks himself. Then Vent realized his duty. He searched his belt for a weapon and pulled out a blade. "Spino Blade activate!" he shouted Once again, Vent spoke without thinking. "Okay, what now?" he began as he acted like a Human Checklist. "Transform? Check. Weapon? Check. What now? Oh yeah, defeat crazy bad guy." Vent twirled his blade in a fancy fashion to intimidate the enemy without harming himself.

"Sure!" Kent yelled as he followed Joe's moves exactly. Kent made an "X" with his arms and shouted, "Omega Force Activate! Black Ranger Power!!!" He suddenly came into the form he had grown to love. Joe and Kent pull off some great teamwork against the monster but he's very muscular. Gigant-Axe swings his massive axe and barely misses Joe, but gets his axe stuck in the ground, opening him for an attack of opportunity. Back at the base, inside the AOU, Star was busy trying to find Vile's lair. "That sudden bolt of energy..." she said and stopped for a second. "Where did it come from?" She was tapping the keys hard and fast, trying to determine the exact trajectory and origin of the energy. She was almost there, until a strange radiance blocked the sensors. The data was lost. Star hit the keyboard. "I'll find you, you villainous snake!" she almost screamed, but held it back.

The alarm then sounded. Placing her head gear on, she searched the database. She flipped communications on and spoke into her receiver. "Careful guys," she began. "Vile's sent you a welcome wagon. And he's a BIG problem." The data base sounded. It showed the monster on screen. "The monster is named..." she looked at the name and became confused. "Gigant-Axe. What?" She stared hard at the screen. "There's no information on him or his weakness" John then went to the museum and morphed to fight the Shadow Strikers. He crossed his arms into an X form and said, with complete confidence, "OMEGA Force Activate! Red Ranger POWER!" "I found his weakness," said Kent as he slashed Gigant-Axe's back with his newly found Stego Staff. It breaks through his flesh, but not by much. "You puny black dot!" he began screaming in rage. "I'll crush you!" He then his axe out of the ground a swings it at Kent.

Wow, thought Kent. I really DID find his weakness. His back has absolutely no armor and his skin is frail. Noticing the swinging axe, Kent back-flipped and avoided the axe entirely. Close one, he thought again with relief. Back at the base, Star backed up the information and contacted Joe and Kent. "Guys, the back maybe his weakness, but look!" Then the skin on Gigant-Axe's back regenerated. "I'll try to analyze him, but for now, keep him busy." Vent ran up to the monster and started swinging his blade randomly at the creature. He even closed his eyes at one point. But then he figured a strategy that could work. He then jumped back, pulled out his blaster, and started shooting at Gigant-Axe's feet. "Yes, dance my puppet!" said Vent with anticipation. "Quickly, get him while he's distracted!" shouted Vent to his fellow rangers.

However, the giant 8 foot, megaton monster, jumping back and forth, started to rock the ground throwing the Rangers and Strikers off balance and falling on the floor. He walks towards Joseph who's lying on the ground, grabs him by his feet, picks him up and slams him to the ground. Joseph manages to get his right leg free and reverse kicks Gigant-Axe in the face, but he's still hanging. "Somebody help me!" he called out. "I'm getting airsick up here!" Finally, after extensive scanning, something interesting came on the screen. "His axe," she told the rangers. "Try getting the axe away from him!" She then sees that the humongous beast was holding Joseph. "And quick!" Vent gets up and grabs his blaster. He jumps and shoots Gigant-Axe in the hand holding Joseph. He then attempts to slice Gigant-Axe in the same jump while avoiding the beast.

Gigant-Axe misses Vent, but also moves out of the way from the attack. "I'll try one of the new powers Diabolico showed me," said Joe. "Golden Radiance!" he shouts as his chest shield and armor glow brightly, blinding the monster momentarily. "Someone hurry!" he yelled at whoever can hear him. Kent jumped for the axe, but the monster moved too quick and very luckily, due to blindness, he fell to the floor with a painful thud. "OW!" yelled Gigant-Axe in agony. Then Vent ran up to stab the beast. "Spino-saber, Spino-Stab!" he yells as a blue and gold aura surrounded the blade, jumped up and charged down toward the monster in a drill-like fashion putting his blade in front. Kent tried again and this time used his own special power and made his body hard as stone and headed for the creature's back. The attack by Vent managed to impale Gigant-Axe in the shoulder, and then the crushing force of Kent's attack caused Gigant-Axe to let go of the great axe. But then grabs Vent and Kent and threw them into one of the T-Rex skeletons, trapping them under the rubble. He then turns and starts walking towards his axe.

Back at the base, Star did another quick scan. "Okay, his skin is a bit harder than before, but he can't regenerate," she explained. "Now's your chance!" Before she could say anymore, the communications link was severed. "What now?" Nothing but static was heard on both ends. "Ahh! Help!" Vent called. He was hurting and wasn't sure he could make it. He tried with all his might. Then he pulled out his blade and sliced the artificial bone. But it was so hard, not even his blade could slice it. It wasn't artificial! It was pure bone! "Quick, help me get this bone out! We can use it against Gigant-Axe!" Then Vent pulled out his blaster and started shooting at Gigant-Axe's Back as he bent over to pick up his axe. With the other hand, Vent started slicing the bone to set himself free and make a weapon. Joe used Vent's distraction and ran in front of Gigant-Axe and used his Liopleurodon strength to lift the axe and fling it out of the building. "Oh I'm sorry," he says to Gigant-Axe, sarcastically. "Were you playing with that?"

"You little annoyance, I'll crush you!" he yells as he runs towards Joseph. "I'm starting to think that wasn't the best idea I could of..." Then he was slammed into the wall. He manages to use his strength to keep the beast from crushing him, but the wall behind his back is slowly breaking from the pressure. Meanwhile, Kent found an easy way out, which was hardening his skin and just punching the bone into bits. He then used his rock-hard skin to punch Gigant-Axe's hand so Joe could get free. Vent then shoots at the ancient dinosaur teeth above Gigant-Axe to try and trap him in dinosaur bone. After setting himself free from the T-Rex statue, he takes his blade and runs to stab Gigant-Axe in the back before imprisoning him. Then Tommy came up on a separate communication system. "Nice job you guys," he began. "That was really quick thinking, especially since the 8-foot beast you faced you did so without your zords." Gigant-Axe then disappears along with his axe and says "We'll finish this later Rangers!" as he fades away, he laughs with anticipation. "I think we should head back to the command center to see what our next move is," said Joe. "Let's go!" yells Kent.

After a bit, the com link was back online. "Guys, are you okay?" she asked with worry. She was stressed beyond compare. She got out of her seat and ran out of the room, bumping into Andros along the way. "Calm yourself Star," he began. "They're fine." She slowly sighed and said, "That's good to hear." She walked with Andros to the ZHC, which stands for Zord Habitatual Chamber. Vent then sees the dinosaur teeth come loose. "Look out!" he yells as he pushes Joe out of the way. He then transports back to the command center and starts cooking some noodles for the team. Star seems busy, he thought. I don't see her. Maybe I should cook to make it easier for her. Besides, the team can discuss the fight over lunch. Vent served the team at their directed seating place at the Ranger table and then waited while thinking about the battle. After lunch all the Rangers meet up back in the conference hall. Zedren has the back of his chair turned to them, but their entrance makes him turn around. "Excellent work, all of you!" he began. "That was teamwork. But I have the feeling he'll be back sooner or later." "But I have to wonder," began Vent. "What would Vile want with a museum? I have to know. Whatever we're dealing with has to have a reason for attacking a museum." Anyway, I think next time will be a bit more involved, so I think there is something you should see." He gets out of his chair and begins to walk down the hall. "Follow me," he says.

At the end of the hall, Star opens the door to the large chamber. A very spacious expansion laid before their eyes. She smiled. "I knew my habitat simulator would work," she began. "Look how happy the zords are!" She turned to see the others and continued speaking. "Welcome. This is the Zord Habitatual Chamber." "Vile uses what ever he wishes to make a monster," Zedren began. "He always has a deeper reason, but he didn't take anything from the museum so i doubt he wanted something, yet. But don't worry yet. Learn about your new zords now." The rangers look into a huge expansive habitat. It looks exactly like the prehistoric era and modern era perfectly combined. The technology is amazing. They then see massive zords surrounding them.

When Vent saw his Zord, the Spinosaurus, he exclaimed, "Whoa!" He ran to his zord and awed at its glory. "Pardon my french but..." said John as he took a short breath. "This if freaking AWESOME!!!" He then ran to his Raptor Zord. "Wow, huge!" he yelled. Other than that, Kent was completely speechless. She walked over to the group. "Yes, this is where the zords "live" I suppose," she began. "Just make sure you take the time to get to know your zords. It's a treasure to be bonded to them." She hid the little bit of sadness in her voice. "Anyway, how about I leave you guys to bond with them? I'll be at the arctic region, which is past that mountain range." She pointed to the snow capped mountains. "If you want to know exactly how this runs, I can tell you later. See you guys." Chris looked a bit disheartened but knew that he would simply wait for his Zord. Sean was amazed to see his own zord without using it in battle. "I heard that many years ago, 5 teenagers combined with their own zords to create, what they call, a megazord," he began. "Is that true? Can all of these zord combine into one, including mine? I guess this planet isn't so bad after all. Same thing goes for my home planet."

Episode 3: The Alpha Before the Omega Part 3

March 13, 2010 ~ Omega Base: ZHC

"Yes it is true," began Zedren. "Several times in fact. The had their original megazord and the upgraded to the Thunder Megazord, which used the raw power of the Dino zords to change. And finally the had the Ninja megazord which relied on skill and speed rather than brute force. My personal favorites were the Shogun zords, which were adapted from the Ninja zords. There been numerous zords since then but those are probably the ones to which you refer. Anyway i digress. Yes, these zords can indeed combine to form a megazord. We have enough to make more than one, but for some reason we are missing essential parts. Luckily the Liopleurodon zord is able to accommodate them all at some point or another, but we won't show you the megazord formation now. It is only to be used in extreme matters. Your zords are all outfitted with battle abilities meaning that even if the essential pieces for the megazord are not present. They can all battle on their own."

Meanwhile, at the other side of the ZHC, Star fiddled around in the Arctic Zone, where the main control system was located. "Hm..." she began, confused. "The primal areas are a bit off in topography, yet the jungle areas are being heated too frequently." She kept tapping the keyboard, leading to several changes in scenery. She popped out her communicator and set it to loudspeaker. The entire chamber was filled with her voice. "Due to some 'technical problems', I'm going to have to update the ZHC," she began. "This is a tad dangerous for people because of extreme climate changes, so please exit. I'll be done hopefully soon." "Well that's our cue to leave, say farewell to your zords for now," said Zedren as he exits the chamber and starts walking back to the conference room with the rangers following him. Zedren sits down in his chair, turns around to face the rangers and says "So, any other questions?" "What can my zord do?" Kent asked. "You said they could fight on their own. How can mine?" Zedren laughs with joy. "You certainly love your zord my friend," he began. "Good., good. Your Stego Zord can take a brutal hit and keep on fighting. And not only that, but it's tail is like a spiked wreaking ball, knocking away almost anything in its path." "Awesome," Kent replied. "It almost makes me WANT a 20-foot tall monster to attack the city. Just kidding." He then began laughing.

"If you excuse me, I might want to test out the Training Room," began Vent. "If what we're up against is really that big, I need to be tougher. Gigant-Axe wiped the floor with us last time, literally. Anyone else want to come?" Vent then walked out and searched for the training room and entered. "Uh, boss, how do I operate the Training Room?" he asked the commander through his communicator to the main computer of the conference hall. "I can probably work it out, since I work with machines," Kent told Vent through the main computer. "I'll be right there." With that Kent stood up and began walking to the training room. "Yeah, sounds good," said Joe. "I think I'll go train as well." The Rangers went to the training room to practice and learn some more of their abilities. "Okay, how do we do this?" Vent asked Joe. The others wanted to know, too. "We need to train for fighting Gigant-Axe." Joe showed them how the systems worked and how to simulate monsters. "Ecliptor showed me how this worked before," said Joe. They managed to create a monster similar to Gigant-Axe, but not as powerful. But they were able to notice some attack patterns. Such as the fact that before an attack with his axe he will first swing it once before a slam, and swing it twice before a slash. As well as what appears to be underdeveloped Achilles Tendons.

After about an hour or so the alarm sounds. The rangers make their way back to the conference room. "Guess who's back?" asked Zedren. "But this time he's at the park. The good news, there will be less immediate bystanders. The bad news is there will be a lot of things he can use as projectiles. Go rangers and show them the meaning of Omega." The rangers morph and head towards the park where they are immediately attacked by another group of Shadow Strikers, 10 to be exact.

March 13, 2010 ~ Angel Bay Park

Vent decides to de-morph and fight the Shadow Strikers in human form. I need to save my energy for Gigant-Axe, he thought. These guys are a piece of Vent spun his legs in the air as to do a double-roundhouse kick as to clear 4 Shadow Strikers. "Joe, follow me," he began. "We'll take out the Strikers and everyone else can gang up on Gigant-Axe." Kent proceeds to take out his Stego-Staff and whacked a Shadow Striker to the ground. Joe engages the Shadow Strikers and manages to avoid their blades and kick one away momentarily. "These guys mean business this time," said Joe. "Kent, what about some team work on this?" Kent and Joe stand back to back waiting for 2 shadow strikers to charge them. They then flip out of the way causing the Strikers to impale each other. They then perform a double reverse roundhouse taking out 2 more. Chris smacked out two Shadow Strikers and saw them twitching on the ground and turning to ash. "Nice!" he yelled at Chris. "Glad you could make it buddy! I figured you'd be a little late cause you wanted to see your zord." Joe then attempts to kick a striker but just misses.

"Don't worry, I may be a little late to a battle but I'll always be ready," says Chris. Kent dodges an attack, dodge rolls, sneaks up behind a Striker and hits full force. It falls to the floor and turns to ash. Joseph leaps in mid-air and wraps his legs around the neck of a Striker, lands on his back and then catapults it into the last Striker. They both turn to ash. Just then the ground starts shaking and Joseph turns around just in time to miss a sneak attack from Gigant-Axe. "You miserable little annoyances keep coming back!" yelled Gigant-Axe. Joe smirks and responds "The same could be said for the big annoyances." "That was too easy!" yelled Chris. Kent went for Gigant-Axe's back as he had done before, and this time he hit so hard, Gigant-Axe couldn't regenerate. He was still fighting, just more clumsy due to pain. "Awesome!" yelled Joe. "We must be weakening him!" Just then he regenerates the wound, but still suffers from the pain. He raises his head and then spits out a huge fireball at the rangers. Kent and Joe get hit and get knocked off their feet. Chris charged Gigant-Axe landing several blows. "This IS too easy!" he yelled out

Gigant-Axe swings his axe violently trying to hit Chris but misses so badly he throws himself off balance and leaves himself exposed to an attack of opportunity. Taking this opportunity, Chris lands a devastating straight punch at Gigant-Axe's chest. "Man, your ugly!" he said with disgust. Joseph sees Gigant-Axe grasping his chest in pain. He runs to drop kick him, but he blocks Josephs hit, so the strain on his chest from that last attack really weakens his abilities. As he lowers his arm a crater is in his chest howling where Chris landed the devastating blow. "Crimson Tooth Blaster!" yelled Jadin as he summoned his blaster. He then shoots a tooth at Gigant-Axe. "Take that you overgrown idiot!" "Panther Spear!" yelled an echoed voice of Sean. The others were confused that the panther spear attacked Gigant-Axe when Sean isn't even here. Then, once again, Sean's orange teleportation mist came out of nowhere. Sean came out and flash-blinded Gigant-Axe so the others can now attack Gigant-Axe since they have the chance to. As Joe fell when Gigant-Axe defected his attack, the saber tooth bullet strikes Gigant-Axe, then the Panther Spear hits him hard. Gigant-Axe falls and explodes.

Meanwhile, Vile watched as Gigant-Axe was defeated and chuckled. "Well, well, well," he began. "Those rangers think their problems are over? Well, they're actually about to get a lot bigger." He points his wand at the vision portal and suddenly Gigant-Axe starts to grow to the height of a building. The Super Gigant-Axe laughs. "Now you really are tiny rangers!" yelled Gigant-Axe. He tries to step on the rangers, but they roll to the side. Vent then, finally, morphed and launched his Spino Blade. Star said the zords weren't ready, he thought. Even if they are, it'll take some time for the others to summon they're zords. I'll distract Gigant-Axe while they summon their zords. "Now, come forth Spino-Whip!" he yelled as he pushed a button on his blade and it turned into an electric whip. "Extend!" Vent ran around Gigant-Axe's feet as his Spino whip extended in length. Using my Star Wars knowledge, I should be able to trip this guy if I loop around his feet long enough, he thought again.

"Release the panther!" yelled Sean as he summoned his panther zord, jumped in, and prepared for battle. He sorta wondered when Star can figure out why the others' zords aren't ready yet. Gigant-Axe tries to attack Sean, but misses. Sean began to avoid every attack Gigant-Axe threw at him as a second distraction until Vent finally trips Gigant-Axe. Star heard the alarm back in the ZHC. "Perfect timing!" yelled Star as she dispatched the locks and opened the roof. She activated the com link. "Summon your zords now!" Vent nodded. "Omega Dragonzord, arise!" he yelled. As he said this, the Serpent Dragon flew off into the distance. She punched in a couple of keys and said, "Hm...okay...and a couple of more seconds...Gotcha!" She flipped her com link back on. "Weapons online! Good luck guys." "Awesome news Star!" replied Joe. "Liopleurodon, rise from the depths." The Liopleurodon zord leaves the sea in the zord area and goes into the ocean of the coast of Angel Bay. "Guys maybe if we can lead him to the water my zord can drag him down to the depths." "Stego, come forth!" yelled Kent as the Stego zord crushed rocks near a dead end part of Angel Bay and awaited commands.

"Raptor, rush from the past!" yelled John as the Raptor zord speeds through the bottom of a mountain and arrives at the battle scene. Then he heard Joe's plan. "I think thats a good idea, Joe!" he replied as he jumped into the Raptor. "Alright guys, let's push him towards the beach area," he told the others. "It's not far." The Liopleurodon Zord lowers itself below the waves as it lies in wait for Gigant-Axe to come closer. "Ill try ramming him in the legs!" John said into his wrist com as he had his zord running at the monsters legs. Gigant-Axe leaps in the air, rolls into a ball and collides into it. Gigant-Axe stumbles backwards and landed on the sandy part of the beach. He swings his axe at the raptor zord, but its too swift and dodges. "Come on guys, almost there!" he says in his wrist com. "Just a bit further." Gigant-Axe stands up again. The panther zord blasted a fireball at him, and is knocked back very far. He falls into the sea depths. "He's all yours, Joe," says Sean. Gigant-Axe starts to make his way towards shore after he breeches the surface. Just as he's just about to get out of the deep water, the Liopleurodon, with incredible strength, leaps out of the water and grabs Gigant-Axe in its immense jaws and drags it down to the depths. Gigant-Axe's dense weight further helps the effort, but he starts to swing the axe around and flings it out of the water back onto the beach. After that the Liopleurodon zord crushes the giant between its teeth, the bubbles on the surface where the giant was dragged down are shown and stop. A few moments pass. The team thinks its over. Just then red energy starts to radiate from the axe and Gigant-Axe reforms. He laughs and says, "You can't wound what you can't kill." "The Liopleurodon zord and I crushed Gigant-Axe, and he is all ok on the surface?" "Sure," said Kent. "If you call a 20-foot tall version of Gigant-Axe all right."

"Guys what should we do?" "Star, are the zords able to combine yet?" asked Sean, communicating Star. "I believe it's the only way to defeat this thing." Star was fiddling at the controls when the transmission came in. "Give me a couple of seconds," she replied as she blew her hair out of her face. Zedren and his encryption keys... she thought. Walls of data crawled across the screen, which for a while didn't show signs of stopping. Star looked closely at it. "Of course," she began to herself. "That figures." She typed in the password, ALPHA SEQUENCE. The text cleared up and megazord schematics came up. "Okay... installing... and done!" She hit the keys fast. "Your zords can combine now, so try it out." "Let's do this!!!!" yelled Kent. "Primal Megazord, power up!" he yelled as the Liopleurodon zord jumped out of the water, and in mid air its hind flippers folded in half and stretched straight down. The head then folded onto its chest. The Raptor Zord's arms and legs folded in and its head folded in to reveal a hand. The Spino Zord legs also folded in and its mouth and front claws made up the hand. The Stego zord split in half and hooked on to the back of the Liopleurodon base, making wings.

"Awesome!" yelled Kent. "The zords work together so well!" Meanwhile, a boy by the name of Dominic was watching this whole scene. He sighed to himself. "This will be a little difficult," he said to himself. He quickly choose a bench and sat down. "Let's just see how this plays out." "Spino Saber Activate!" called Vent. Then a giant Sword appeared and then attached itself into the right hand of the megazord. "Okay, everybody, Saber Strike!" The megazord lifted its awesome blade and struck Gigant-Axe with a mighty blow. Dominic continued watching the fight. "Bah, a megazord, so what?" he asked himself. Gigant-Axe was struck by the saber attack and stumbles back. He then swings his great axe and tries to hit the megazord but misses badly, making an opening for an Attack of Opportunity. The wings of the megazord hit Gigant-Axe, but not enough to do a lot of damage. "Guys, I have an idea, but I'm afraid if we destroy it again it will just reform," he began. "I wish there was a way we could break Master Vile's control over the axe itself, so we could be certain the monster doesn't just reform." Dominic smirked at the sight of the Power Rangers losing. Although the monster itself was not strong, it's regeneration abilities made it a force to be reckoned with.

"Before you attack, I need to say that I can purify the evil in the axe," Sean explained. "Awesome!" replied Joe to Sean. "Let's do it buddy." "Here he comes. ATTACK!!!" yells Sean. "Get ready!" Joe began. "Primal Megazord, Lio Tail Attack!" The massive zord jumps in the air curls partially into a ball and slams into Gigant-Axe like a buzz saw. The combined might of the Liopleurodon Tail as well as the Stego spikes rip Gigant-Axe to pieces. His axe falls and lands on the ground like last time. "Sean, you're up!" Joe yelled. "Panther Purification!" Sean yells as the Panther Zord blasts a ball of light at the axe and removes and destroys the evil inside it. Sean then came out of the zord and brought the axe back to the museum. Dominic sighed as the creature was destroyed. "Bah, boring!" He told himself as he got up and left. "Great teamwork guys!" he yelled with excitement. "Let's head back to base." The Megazord splits back into its original pieces, the rangers come out and de-morph. The Liopleurodon Zord goes back to the depths where an entrance to Omega base ZHC is hidden. The rangers then teleported back to the base.

March 13, 2010 ~ Omega Base: Conference Hall

The rangers all sit down when they make it back to the base. Zedren turned towards the rangers in his chair. "Nice work everyone!" he began. "You handled your zords quite well. I'm very pleased with all of you. I propose a banquet to celebrate your first victory." Meanwhile, in space, Master Vile watched the end of the battle and said, "I hate those POWER RANGERS!!! But I must say, they found a way to get rid of my first monster. I would have to think of something harder to fight and stronger in power next time." Back in the command center, Sean sensed that Master Vile is planning something bigger. It was hurting his head. He put his head down and rested for a moment, though he knows something will happen, he just relaxes after the banquet. Whatever Vile's planning, I know it's not good whatsoever, Sean thought.

To Be Continued...

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