Name: Erica Moa

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Grade: 10th


Erica is a very shy girl who was forced into the Kagami Club by Kira Ashford. She has a twin sister named Ena Moa who was always perfect in everything but Mrs. Moa thought Erica was always jealous of Ena, even to the point of attempting to kill her (Erica pushed Ena out a window) and sent Erica to Ashford to try and clean up. But in truth, Erica and Ena (Who were adopted by Mrs. Moa) are part of a species called Endless who were sent to earth to repopulate and stop the Nobodies from destroying the earth.

Endless Form:

Erica appeared out of the cacoon like this after direct contact from Roxas.

Eureka after sayuko
Erica's skin started peeling off, revealing this lovely form.

Erica turns into this while receving a message from space.

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