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Eryon is the Feral Supreme Commander, and second in command of the armies of the Zodiac Peacemakers.

Total Assault 3 Edit

Eryon never fights alongside the player as an AI like Avisto does, however, he does play a part in 2 cutscenes. The first being after they jump to Earth, where Avisto is planning on attacking Atlantis directly when it appears, Eryon decides against this. Avisto is higher in rank, so he over-rides his decision, but instead changes his mind, saying that they do and should get the final shard before Bogart, but first orders them to clear and LZ...

The second, and last major appearance is of him arguing angrily with Avisto about how he deliberately let Dark Energy go. Avisto then explained about his insanity and that he was completely out of it, he had no combat or mental abilities after his traumatic encounter with The Metatron...

His final appearance is during the last cutscene of the game. He is seen in the background (most fans have suggested it may be another random Feral, but this has been proven otherwise as Eryon was the only Feral who wore red garment instead of green) conversing with a random Scorpion after the Zodiac have been reformed...

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