Escape from the Dead 2 is a horror-zombie apocalypse-slasher-comedy-drama film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Mason Cook, Devon Sawa, Bobby Campo, Mackenzie Foy, Chelan Simmons, Addy Miller, Shantel VanSanten, Thomas Dekker, Ryan Merriman, Tiffany Hines, Steven Yeun, Sophia Bush, Jessica Lucas, Kyle Gallner, Jesse Metcalfe, Danielle Panabaker, Skyler Samuels, Aaron Yoo, Arlen Escarpreta, Travis Van Winkle, Sarah Roemer, Ellen Wroe, Nicholas D'Agosto, Krista Allen and Brooke Nevin


Lori and the survivors along new survivors come along more zombies will they survive.


Milligan FamilyEdit

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Lori Milligan

Mason Cook as Carlo Milligan

Cooper FamilyEdit

Bobby Campo as George Cooper

Mackenzie Foy as Jess Cooper

Kobayashi FamilyEdit

Chelan Simmons as Olivia Kobayashi

Addy Miller as Cassidy Kobayashi

Shantel VanSanten as Joan Kobayashi

Thomas Dekker as Jesse Kobayashi

Ryan Merriman as Smith Kobayashi

Parker FamilyEdit

Danielle Panabaker as Jenna Parker

Krista Allen as Stephanie Parker

Brooke Nevin as Amber Parker


Devon Sawa as John Luther

Tiffany Hines as Tamara Jones

Steven Yeun as Glen Hooper

Sophia Bush as Ashley York

Jessica Lucas as Cassandra Cassidy

Kyle Gallner as Chris Daniels

Jesse Metcalfe as Danny Rodriquez

Skyler Samuels as Michelle Michaels

Aaron Yoo as Ronnie Chang

Arlen Escarpreta as James Washington

Travis Van Winkle as Trent Anderson

Sarah Roemer as Jessica Sanders

Ellen Wroe as Carly Patterson

Nicholas D'Agosto as Mike Tanner


Lori Milligan

Carlo Milligan

John Luther

George Cooper

Jess Cooper

Olivia Kobayashi

Cassidy Kobayashi

Joan Kobayashi

Jesse Kobayashi

Glen Hooper

Tamara Jones

Ashley York

Cassandra Cassidy

Jenna Parker

Danny Rodriquez

Michelle Michaels


Carly- She is bitten on her arm, turned into the undead

Stephanie- She is torn apart by the undead

Ronnie- He is bitten on his foot, turned into the undead

James- He is eaten by the undead

Mike- He is bitten in his leg, turned into the undead

Jessica- She is attacked by a group of little zombie

Trent- He is attacked and grabbed by zombies

Chris- He is eaten alive by a group of zombies

Amber- She is bitten in her neck, turned into the undead

Smith- He blows himself up for the others


Stephanie Parker

James Washington

Jessica Sanders

Trent Anderson

Chris Daniels

Smith Kobayashi


Carly Patterson

Ronnie Chang

Mike Tanner

Amber Parker

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