Eva in her high tech gear.

Height 5'8
Weight 128 Ib
Birth Date March 1st, 1984
Death N/A
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Occupation Spy
Martial Status Single
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive

Eva's an agent that had rebelled against her government. She works for nobody, her missions and objectives are all set up by her. She uses high-tech gear to carry out her missions. Eva's also created her own military fighting style that's extremly lethal.


Born on March 1st, 1984, Eva had been the product of a biological experiment to create the ultimate super soldier. She was the last child, the 4th one, to be created. Her birth mother has been kept a secret by the Republican Agency, who had funded the Super Soldier project. She's the youngest of the four children created by this experiment.

Eva had shown great physical strength at the young age of 8, when she was at school performing physical tests and passing them with ease. These where tests even healthy teenagers couldn't pass. The tests were given to her by the school nurse who's really a secret agent of the Republic. The whole point was to track her progress through her childhood and teenage years to determine if the Super Soldier project was sucessful.

In September 14th, 1997, Eva had met an orphan that went to her school. This orphan named Melany, wanted to make a friend at school, as this was her first year there. These two would later become best friends.

When first entering high school in 1999, Eva had gained interest in technology. It was then that Eva also took engineering classes to design gadgets. This was also the year that Melany began weakening due to an unknown disease. Later on in high school, Eva had also been constantly harassed by cheerleaders who were constantly mocking/insulting Eva. These same cheerleaders were publicy humiliated by Crimson Lance, the 2nd child of the Super Soldier Project.

In 2002, right after graduating from high school, Eva was abducted by Crimson Lance due to finding out about the Super Soldier project and wanted to extract her DNA for studying. Eva was soon returned to her home relatively safe and unharmed. Eva was unaware that Crimson Lance had actually injected her with a virus that was set to kill her at age 30.

In 2003, when visiting her doctor for an appointment, her doctor discovered that Eva had a virus. This virus was the same one Lance gave her, although the doctor didn't know this. The doctor believes that a vaccine shot given to her may have had some side effects. Eva was enraged by this and left the doctor's office. She had later began researching more into vaccine shots and discovered that the government (which actually turned out to be the Republican Agency) was accused of infecting people with a deadly disease that supposedly turned people into mindless creatures. The process starts out with a virus infecting the host. This' what caused Eva to speak out against the government. Later on that year, Melany died of unknown circumstances.

Eva was arrested due to her opinions toward the government. However, she escaped with the help of other prisoners. Due to the government's actions, Eva began a mission to expose the government's plan of infecting the population, and designed her own high-tech suit. She also began taking self defense classes. Due to being an experiment of the Republic, they wanted Eva to serve their interests and selected Adam Dolon, an Irish agent that would guide her through missions and tips for handling situations. This was done to ensure the situation ended in the agency's favor.

Derelict Gang Incident

In November 19th, 2004, Eva had researched information about a suspicous billion dollar transfer that was donated to the Derelict gang. Eva had thought this was strange but decided to investigate anyway. She infiltrated their hideout in Detroit, Michigan.

Eva was aware that the Derelict gang had numerous gang members, and thus armed herself with hi-tech gadgets and weaponry. As this was a stealth mission, Eva had worn a black mask to remain anonymous. Now ready to commence her mission, Eva had set off towards the sewers where she could gain easy access to the gang's basement.

After making her way past the sewers (which she hated due to the smell), Eva had found a door leading to the basement. She had searched for any incriminating evidence against the gang and stopped when the lights shut off. The light flickered back on, and standing in the center of the room was Adam Dolon, the agent sent to make sure Eva found no evidence linking the Republic with the Derelict gang. The building was really a front for biological experiments altough Eva was unaware of this at first.

Adam introduced himself as a friendly man who claimed to have been trying to kill the leader of the gang. Of course, Adam was lying but he had a natural talent for persuasion. He gave Eva a radio in which she could call him at anytime. Adam later left.

Eva had explored the building via vents and eventually landed in a library. This is where Ellis Voltis was at the time of exploring an unkown territory. Eva had thought Ellis as a gang member and attacked him. Unfortunately for Eva, Ellis had various elemental powers and possessed certain traits that helped him defeat her. Eva had given Ellis a short speech on how good his combat skills were and left quickly, as her armor was destroyed and clothes burned off, she was naked (and embarrased).

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