Everything vs. Everything is a fighting game with theoretically every character. It is not MUGEN, because it will contain more characters than they have (Even though you can make a Screenpack that can hold 8,000 characters and stuff). It will be released for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and Wii U. Not much has been told, as it is being under hard development and the creators are trying to get the OK on all the characters they are going to use.


Development started during 2005, when one of the guys in the creative department of their company said: "How about we have a fighting game with every character? Our sales will go up the roof!" So, the game devs go to work on it (First, they asked permission to every game company for the characters and stages, and whatever got an OK, they were in). They also worked on graphics and gameplay. The game will be so big, that 3 departments are working on separate parts of the game! In Comic-Con, they announced it will probably take up 2GB in a Xbox, but that was during a beta test in 2007. They estimated the released version will be about 1GB instead of 2GB.


They announced the gameplay will be excellent, according to their beta testers. It will be like another Marvel vs. Capcom 2, only better and there are many specials and things like that. Not to mention, better graphics.


The game gained its popularity by how many characters they were going to introduce. So, it must be a lot if they want a lot of sales. They also mentioned a couple of Original characters will be in there.

Characters Confirmed

Characters Pending

Characters Rejected

  • Minecraft Guy (Minecraft Game)
  • Pheonix Wright (Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney Series)
  • Alyx Lance (Half-Life Series) Turned down because she might be a striker for Gordon Freeman.
  • Scout (Team Fortress 2 Series) Might be a striker for Spy or Heavy.
  • Waluigi (Wario Series) Might be a striker for Wario.
 ** = Permission was also asked by the manager of Michael Jackson.
 *** = the creators of Doom also gave permission to promote Doom 4.


The places weren't as important as the characters. Basically, they never got turned down because the companies were more focused on their characters they were giving permission of the EVE Team to use.


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