Evil is a Friends Fanfiction. Rachel and her friends go to an cabin in the woods. When Monica is bitten by a man, they relize that there is a zombie outbreak going on. When Monica turns, the friends hide and start to turn against each other.


Rachel and her friends are going to the cabin. Monica and Chandler go to the woods, and it is revealed that they are in love with each other. When they see a "man" walking up to them, he bites Monica in the arm. Chandler grabs Monica and the two start to run back to the cabin.

Meanwhile, Joey and Phoebe are talking and Phoebe says she was adopted. Just then, Chandler and Monica run in and they tell them. Ross and Rachel come in and say they are an couple. Later that night, Monica passes out and they take her to the bedroom.

Phoebe hears from an radio that cabin 6 was invaded by an drunken mob. Phoebe then sees a couple of men and woman walking up to cabin 7, their cabin. Phoebe tells them that Monica is going to turn into an zombie. Ross and Chandler defend Monica, but she turns and trys to bite Ross.

They all run out the room and lock the door. A zombie walks in and Joey kills it with a hammer. They run out the back and try to get to the car. They relize they left the keys out in the house. Chandler decides to get it and that that the others wait by the car.

When he gos in, a zombie attacks him and bites him, but he covers it up and gets the keys. When they drive, The car stops and a few zombies try to get in. They escape and run to cabin 8. They knock the door and a woman opens the door.

They get in and the woman reveals she is Stacey, Her Tim,Brother Garry and sister Laurie. When they hide, Chandler turns and Ross is forced to shoot him. Rachel finds an basement and finds an boy who is locked up. He says that his family tortured them and was going to turn him into an zombie.

Rachel tells Ross and Joey. Meanwhile, Phoebe is looking out the window when Stacey comes in. She strangles Phoebe and kills her. Ross bursts in and kills Stacey. Laurie and Garry try to kill Joey, but he kills Garry. Laurie runs up to Rachel and jumps on top of her.

Rachel falls and Laurie is slammed into the cabinet.Rachel grabs an knife and runs up to Laurie and kills her. Zombies burst in and kill Tim. Rachel and Joey are forced to go in the basement while Ross escapes.

The boy says his name is Harry. Harry reveals that the zombies were created by his family for their revenge against humanity. Just then, they see an hand bursting in the door. Meanwhile,Ross finds an shotgun and is shooting the zombies all over. He manages to get into cabin 6 and opens Monica's room. He smiles at her and she eats him.

Rachel and Harry try to find an way out while Joey kills the zombies who try ate get in. Rachel opens the window and lets Harry out. Joey runs up and helps her out. She helps him get out and they see Harry running away. Harry then gets cornered by zombies and gets a gruesome death.

Rachel and Joey try and find Ross and they hear screams coming from cabin 6.They

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