The Evilifier Virus is a virus meant to turn anything(including mechanical and organic things) to the dark side and turn them evil. It is created by the dark side by evil sith lords from many centuries and it also boast a corrupted victims evil side thus making him more eviler than before. Darth Grievous has large use of the virus and corrupted many creatures into becoming monsters.
Evilifier Virus

The Evilifier virus agent

Here is the effects the virus does to its victims:

  • Causes fingers to turn into sharp claws
  • Make eyes glowing red
  • Causes the victim to be souless killers
  • Turns the victim evil
  • Alters the Personality of the victim
  • The Virus does not kill anything or anyone it infects
  • The virus revives the dead
  • Makes the victim a monster by various ways like Almec, Serpentor and Cobra Commander into Demon Generals
  • Turns transformers into dark side using Sith Transformers
  • Turns plants into evil Mutated Sith Plants
  • Mutate things into monsters
  • Boasts the infected victims evil side
  • Makes the victim it infected very stronger, faster, smarter and more aggressive
  • There is no way to cure or reverse the effects of the virus so the only way to not get it is by not getting infected in the first place

Victims of the VirusEdit

  • Various droids
  • Various Jedi
  • Various Sith Lords
  • Various aliens
  • Various Humans
  • Various sith transformers
  • Evil Sith plants
  • Darth Darkblade
  • Many hybrid creatures that serve the sith


The Evilifier Virus is similar to the Zerg Hyper-evolutionary virus from Starcraft games.

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