Height 6'3
Born Uncertain
Parents None/He exists thanks to Kairi
Conception Left Behind by Epyon, Given form by Kairi
Species/Job Keyblade Master, Lingering Sentiment
Purpose Reincarnation
Status Active
Weapon Keyblade

Exo is the main protagonist in the action-RPG games Kingdom Hearts: History of A Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts: Legacy of A Keyblade, Kingdom Hearts: Dynasty of A Keyblade, and finally, Kingdom Hearts: Destiny of A Keyblade. He also stars in the prequel game, Kindom Hearts: Origin of A Keyblade, even if indrectly. He is a mysterious Keyblade Wielder whom quite non-sensically, demonstrates a Mark of Mastery. He is the complete and perfect reincarnation of Lord Epyon, and exists because of Kairi's heart, aswell as the original persona of Noctis. He is the second only known person to have a nobody who's name is not an anagram of his own, aswell as lacks an X to it. Exo originates from a small seaside town called Quarry Fields and is the champion Struggle Battler within his hometown and region. Throughout much of the first set of games, he was assumed to be orphaned by his parents as a mere infant, though Riku speculated that he was an existance similar to, if not that of a Nobody , or even a Heartless. This is because of the way that he could interact and converse with a strange anonymous woman that only he could see, alas, his proof of existance remained an enigma for a long while. He has had many adventures in many different realms, accomplishing his lifes goal of wanting to explore the worlds and dimensions which lay beyond his own, aswell as vanquished many evils and darknessess, aswell as slaying a vast roster of powerful opponents who wanted to utilize Kingdom Hearts to aid them in their own dark deeds against reality.




Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Attacks & TechniquesEdit



  • (To Vanitas) "We all wear masks... even if none of us are able to realize it. But the question i ask is, what defines a person, and the mask they hide behind... is it the mask that hides their face?... or the mask that IS their face?".
  • (About Kairi) "I now see... it all makes sense to me. When i was left behind, thrust into the end of the world as nothing more than a smouldering mass of faint memories and supressed emotions, when all i had was the darkness to encompass me as home, where the skies and the ground became one, and it was earth against earth, i was convinced that i would never break the never ending cycle of darkness... then she came. Her light, the strength of her heart shone over me like a beacon within a sea of treachery, filth and decay, her voice embraced me and the darkness melted away. The fog which clouded my mind receded, and i came to life... it's because of her, because of kairi that i exist, that i was finally able to break the cycle of darkness and decay, and become the person which stands before you all today. Mark my words... i will do anything to protect her, even if i must throw away this body and doom myself to an eternity of what i had experienced tenfold!!".
  • (Xehanort to Exo about Kairi) "Your a tool, a lifeless object, with no meaning or purpose to its existance, you dont have a heart, your a weapon, an abomination, more presence than flesh, so what exactly does she mean to y-" (Exo replying in rage) "EVERYTHING!!!!~".

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • Exo is the final product of Rai, the original name of the protagonist of my Kingdom Hearts Fan-game series.

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